Naturally for a larger sense of things I only have an obligation to ensure that this Company runs to be the benefit of my wife and Children and the future I will build with such a spouse, bearing in the mind the only two other parameters I must consider due to my Office is that of The Royal Court I have given a Public Presence like I have the Working Court and the Consortium which should both naturally have one and my Coven. The implication of this and relations I have to maintain at the Office with Communist Governments and any British Interests at my Office in the region is of course clear especially with respect to the matter of fanatics whom I have also given a public presence at the Company Book shop website. As with everything I do there is the ever present danger that others will take it over and make it their own of course and such a fact and the evil women behind it should explain why I have so many arrangements involving women too as a result of my Global Influence, bearing in mind which the most outstanding concern is that people have concerning the activities of other negroes like myself, racial profiling not the intention considered a fact, the reality remains that I do not pay much attention to what they do since everything they claim to have done to me would have been done only by through the fact that they are and because they are block heads, hence block heads Africans all over the place with their insults is hardly something that a people should pay attention to in order to rise above the evils of the world and get closer to God. Especially due to the fact that since everything anybody else does which is likely to be considered to be light in a dark world that then gives them credit for their stupidities is likely to be applicable with respect to the same which is practiced by their white counterparts in that it is not about One’s leadership but rather about ones energy and what people do with it which means that every beneficial act of leadership is going to bring about pain to those who have provided it and therefore offer them prospects of power immeasurably, provided that is, that it is not the responsibility of the insolent sections of the media; they love to claim it is all about creating equality but not long after that we hear stories of Nationalism and racial extremism which does indicate they must have reached a point where their criminal activities can no longer be controlled; hence worth noting that just like we grow up to be better people this is what they grow up to become and not an ideology therefore that people should explore unless they have the professional capacity to do so, all other corrupt arguments of all kinds considered for good measure of personal choice. Now I wish to deploy this opportunity to allay fears of instability that emanate from my office; the fact about it is that the fame and fortune and even sexual violence based vandalisms are all my property and will never be free of me and so since media is very irresponsible it has become their major preoccupation thereof which in any case will change nothing never the less and in this way I can ensure that My Interest in the Pornography Industry remains intact for things I do to make people more upstanding and moral and descent individuals as members of the worlds citizens – yes they have latched onto this and spend a lot of time peddling me sexually, in the circumstances of which it is easy for anybody to see that being it is an industry they make money with, is entirely expected – this same prognosis applies to the insulting politicians and their lazy quest for leadership of convenience chief among which is the Current US President Barrack Obama whose delusion leads him to think regularly that I have on many occasions set out to do things he has planned to but have not yet gotten down to doing, the rest of which are just thieves, info from whom about how much they are I am not interested in and continued supply will create tensions.

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United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland