They do claim I am an apology for a Man, but this is because I am not interested in them, I have been under the impression that if I were pathetic enough, they would move on but apparently it does not work and if they will not stop bashing my earnings and the Books that I make it by, I will burn their Celebrity culture. The idea is that I am way out of their league as such but they do raise a valid point i.e. the issue at the heart of it is their perverted interest in me, hell had since broken lose because of people who think it provocative for others to expect that I should get into a fight with others to make them feel safe and special, so I thought they ought to have their wish granted and they have seen me get into a fight, which outcome is that it is never enough for the trouble makers who then ensure they could not carry on with their daily concerns for reasons that it was better to get fun chasing their bottoms etc. So, if people are complaining about the real problems, they need stop handling me. The problem is a very simple one contrary to claims that I found myself in deep trouble i.e. everybody else secures energy to chase their careers by working on a job and getting better at it, these idiots secure theirs by being me, taking drugs or working on me to make money, so now that my career is impeded by the violent lasciviousness they back it up with, they believe any action I would take is likely to infringe their civil rights but the insults are still hampering my Bookshop because their stupidities considered themselves to be very important people. The other part of this story is that I have been stopped which is utter nonsense, it is much the same as the idea I deny that I use them to hurt myself all the time which is not necessarily the case i.e. I need to ensure each time they showed up here to handle or peddle my public image for money, they ended up getting a real job, which they are determined to punish me over the rest of my life for and every attempt results in me stuffing them with what I am thinking so they bore it like some PR that I did not have to pay for. The other idiots need lay off my Books and sort out their problems with people who get imagination up their bums and stop using it to wreck my social life by lumbering me each time I step out of my door alongside stupid Celebrities and help from media twats, failure to do so will progress this matter from a process where I had a Public image, wrote a Book on it and since they are the reasons the Books were not getting sold, I thought that the fact their bottoms were being chased is not an urgent social, personal or public matter, into an outcome where they got stuck in with it as it were. The current problem is that each time the work is done, the income is lost because others were engaging the world around them with my personality, public image and social life. The summary of their civil rights gimmicks is that five years of my time were spent building up to a process where they could always insert their practical jokes into the best parts of career work that I had done and now another five has been spent developing stupidities associated with other black people who were bigger and more deserving of my career showing up on their media and celebrity stupidities all the time, achievement being the black lives matter movements and the petty Gender Equality stupidities because they fought my wars and I could not make them do what I wanted, eventually now settling up on the stupid threats to get whatever they desire to get from my this Hermitage everyday, next time they get on my nerves because they are paying their bills well at my expense and now felt like dominating me, I will get myself through another mile stone concerning the systems that support most of their social madness too.

I. Uno I

United Kingdom of Great Britian and Northern Ireland