I am told the main problem was to do with the way we think we can resolve these problems but were unable to which does not make any sense to me either – first of all the fact there was a time that I did nothing about being tackled by them is both the greatest source of stress for them as much as it is an addiction, does not necessarily mean that I am trying to solve a problem, considering also that the Celebrities that have drafted people I am supposed to be afraid of, to take an interest in me everyday were paid to go about running off those gimmicks where I am a low life that criminals had bested in career challenges until they crashed my career, were paid to do so last we checked. I am not as afraid of them as they believed I am, it is the old story of a bunch of people who seek safety in media because they wrecked peoples lives and career so badly people wanted to hurt them all the time, falling in love with public service hospitality but will not cease channelling abuses at the Office of those from whom they were getting it, if I felt I faced I threat I would retrieve it and attack the famous, such that it becomes clear the reasons some of us open up the Office considering that most really famous people spend a lot of time campaigning against bullying and it would not make sense if those campaigns were repetitive. What they mean problems from my point of view specifically however relates to me working with industries to help build creative equity that I broker with them – so there are usually three aspects as far as I know of what most people are happy with; the product appearance which bears in mind social and public matters, the functional aesthetics which tries to solve public matters associated with product use for the clients and the aesthetics itself which sets out evolutionary processes associated with identity to provide service, so if people have made a mess of it and built publicity for the mess, it does not mean I had a problem to solve, besides which they believed they had legitimised their position at Industry but have done nothing more than express and show their talent for chasing big salaries backed by their abusive communities. So what we are left with is the idea my career was a lot of trouble for many people which it is not; there is simply nothing I can see wrong with thinking for a long period of time, as to warrant this painful processes of dealing with broken thought patterns all day and everyday – so it seems that when I hand it over to them having secured access to their society for the purpose, they love it but it hurts them because it was the thought pattern that they broke – it has developed into a matter of whether others were bigger than I am, certainly not to do with my career being the problem.

Overall the matter always goes all the way to the top - so from my point of view I should be attacking the financial well being of the men which I already have but not yet to my satisfaction, I have caused the trouble maker youth desperation and should not stop doing so, the Celebrities are seeing my hand with respect to abuses and humiliation that gets prostitutes serving me while my finances are trashed at their behest, the leadership that makes a mess of my finances will sort out their violent orthodoxy and end up asking me questions about the reasons I thought it was best for them to pick up something associated with the country in their heads and pursue an activity they had to consider with urgency and on a schedule. It is the amount of time these goons spend making a mess for others which eventually turns up behind them like a screen, showing the good areas of their lives they could have spent time on instead, so I could lay waste to it as well, those who have suggested I am the one behaving dangerously complained everyday because they have not yet figured out what to do with the results of stopping me, contrary to the prevalent sense that I am a victim of bullying.

There is a resulting sense that I had a tendency to find ways by which I could get myself into trouble and require rescuing which is not really the case as what happens is people telling lies all the time on the way I am being targeted by some well dressed hoodlums with a media presence devising ideas upon ideas for the stupid things they can do with my career and social life, whenever they were trying to make money. The big results at this stage is that they were fighting communists after I dropped out of University because I had to chose between democracy and communism as matter of a sense that their understanding of my career was a disposition which they had adopted before I did. The ugliness never stops until it really does, especially now that it begins suggesting that I never ran out of ideas on how superior I was, which is rich coming from people who trash everything here disobediently running my life with the social activities of criminals, having forgotten their place as a bunch of traders who perhaps believed we lived in the 1950s and they were looking forward to one of their market trouble maker minded big wigs making a speech from a hotel balcony about political matters and nothing like a Royal Hermit or an Arch Prince – such that I cannot be free of the insults and abuses from their doxy that needed to be reassured that they could bully anybody of their choice into doing violent things from them, running me down, calling me names, putting the labels on etc. The point here being that they were the only people doing the fighting around here with those incredibly stupid ‘I was the main bully in American teenage schools’ nonsense that had since developed into a matter of Italians that married into the Royal family to bring the activities of their well dressed hoodlums into mainstream living. They do claim saying so suggested I did not like Italians very much which is utter nonsense as it is a matter of somebody believing in the endless number of stupid things they can do with my career when they were making money, being told off, only for them to seek out their friends in the security services that will make me comply with their wishes, if they had none of those, they employed rogue landlords who shared my privacy with hoodlums to build communities that fingered my bum, shows up here shooting off the big mouth if I was originally concerned with crime control publicity and it needed to take up a personality that meant if I did something to get it spending some time in A and E, I would have been making a lot of sense, when it makes such a mess of security services work that we ended up facing a crisis, then set about making money by labelling me a coward. We are naturally informed that Americans facilitated it which they do; an old story about Americans who have never taken anything in their lives seriously, being convinced they had the ability to run other peoples lives on a global stage, so we have since ended up with instances where an academy system is tasked with turning civilians into military operatives and there was a clash but Public leadership operatives naturally did not have time for it and those that did not such as myself were the main target for the bum fingering insults, naturally which nothing ugly ever stops until it really did.

They do claim I am an example of persons who never learn not to cross the line with Scorpios and Virgos which I do believe also means that the next time they show up here reading my birth sign to let people into areas of a Libra personal life for feel good sensibilities they want to sell to get rich fast, I will take them up on the Scorpio Virgo duo gimmick backed by all the other star signs who always had a thousand and one ideas on the stupid things they wanted to do with other peoples lives when trying to make their own money and I will be on the other side punching back as well. The details however are that what I say about these two groups of people is not as much of a bad PR as people claim it is up to a point of discrimination – it never stops attacking women over things it knows it brought upon itself because of what it failed to do with its own career, never stops showing up here to round me up like sheep and lip flap of things I am meant to be afraid of, pushing up stress levels on the basis that it disobediently will not cease the abusive behaviour of building its stupid career so closely linked to what the prison services was doing. I mean they are right to be afraid that if I took up the matter of their perverted interest in my career and finances, up to the stage where I wanted to figure out what their problem was, through to the civil services and the tax man, it would end badly for them but these abuses will not end it seems unless I had done it to such an extent I got my hands on their jobs and made my own historical contributions to their wealth and social inequality problems, working with fat cats that they give a bad name all the time but are just people who helped to decide which persons at a company made the most profit at the markets, due to the fact they spent the most money to create the investment – compared to the fat cats which we know for all their abuses and insults, their brains had gone on holiday a long time ago. They do raise the question of the fundamental core issue behind this matter naturally: which is the simple fact that security services operatives doing their jobs was not good enough for politicians who claimed that the power from it was being diverted somewhere else, so they enlisted their idiots to do some security services work as well and had since decided the way I stood up for myself when attack belonged to dead beat Scorpio Virgo duo, so we can see I need not say more, except draw inferences to the prospect that it will stop the way that I want them to stop instead. It is never mentioned how much of a mess it makes of my career naturally, whilst they picked up issues associated with some up, down round and round gimmicks that are performed by boardroom trouble makers that did not mind hurting people for profit at the markets but does nothing about the problems, hangs about shooting off the insults about fighting my wars, associated with the way that a career built on the activities of prison service workers meant that I could deduce what was likely to happen if I failed to co-operate with their needs, indicating it was fed up with its own career and will not keep its mouth shut to show up here and read a Book until it had to make sense of the manner in which it will end up in the prison service all together – it does nothing about the main problems, only run off misogynistic self-improvement seminars for the male population to pick up my earnings for a pension abusively, try to get rich fast wrecking my finances, by taking advantage of instances where I paid a price due to the fact a companies I am associated with was engaged in talks with other businesses and persons, as its famous fools understood my career and their fame to mean that they got to swoop in on my public work to serve a crowd of their own, as disobediently as possible, claiming they were too famous and wealthy for any consequences I had in mind to take effect. Point being that it clearly will not stop until it really does in terms of how I got to decide that they wasted their own funds, careers and energy, fooling around somewhere else.

They do suggest I am gradually meeting my doom at the Monarchy which is utter nonsense, it does need to stop threatening me as such anyway since doing so does not tend to bring about any good results – the suggestion is that it was too risky to take up these nefarious activities at the well off neighbourhoods from which it calls me names, puts labels on and teaches stupid children to cling to my public image and finances following the insults, therefore it waited for me to pick up a bad neighbourhood that would help me write some Books, in order to run my life with the social activities of criminals. It is the story that has gone on for the best part of half a decade where the then Prince of Wales would not desist from a certain abusive activity that was so intense the victims were completely distracted from career and financial success, which would have been impossible to achieve if he was not the first son of a Monarch, as for others it would mean that there was danger associated with spending a huge amount of time on such activity. The crisis that beset his coming coronation are entirely linked to the things that his late mother never stopped reprimanding him for and he would never stop doing in defiance, those who threaten me around here have for their part failed to show at any point that there was prove that what they were doing was the correct thing to do, so it does rather seem that the ugly bits never stop until they really did. We are talking about the top end of executive government here: as it speaks of questions on the way I am a nobody of which I never claimed to be somebody, just a small thing I was required to do with the violent orthodoxy of society gits and some support for the Church, where the messy activities are to suggest that the executive government is now in league with a bunch of idiots who made such a mess of other peoples daily affairs, that they ended up in a situation where they lived in a different country and therefore once the violence of it had set in, needed to sell sex and immorality in a profitable way, hence on realising retirement and pensions was something human beings did, the career vandalism of other peoples concerns had begun, it needs to stop threatening as its inability to predict what I am capable of as well is a danger on either side. They do claim I should assist if I knew what to do but it was the work that I did so well and did all of the time, as a matter of their stupidities drawing public problems to my door step for the purpose of bullying i.e. that when these goons were done getting the government to spend money on crime prevention and security, they realised retirement and pensions was something human beings did, ended up in a country that existed in their heads and had to sell sex and immorality on other peoples career publicity, thus the idea people have been fighting my wars were not to be encouraged but I am said to be the one doing the wrong thing because they had come to harm over it, I am therefore doing the wrong thing because the gimmicks at the Monarchy was to do with Celebrity involvement, the message had not gone through at any stage that the involvement of celebrities makes the work much more difficult for the security services as no policy is ever clear where Celebrity activity was involved.

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