As ever, the complaint is that I do not recognise that others have the right to own successful businesses but we all know itís an intellectual property administration business and that the problems range from counterfeiting and black markets to holding whole establishments to ransom for being a customer, which I have to find administrative and design solutions for; so if people arenot here to buy Books, they are here for the problems and I should take such a view of their involvement with my concerns.

I know it is said I am a perfect example of what happens when you do not get a good qualification and therefore cannot get a good job; you dance all over the place and justify it Ė the reality is rather that I got a Royal commission that their parents and grandparents got in their lifetimes at 20 years of age and since then because they have a media and a Parliament and money to be seen in several countries around the world, it has been impossible to finish the legal studies and provide the service of renewal that I was selected to provide for the Monarchy; it has also however been impossible to get used to these stupidities, so all that is left is the question of why I am always an example for these fucking idiots and of course the answer to that is that they want to make use of it and yes with that sort of behaviour they will too somewhere in hell.

I understand what they mean when they say I am actually HM concubine; the reality of course is that a Head of State who has a culture idiots follow around to copy things and do for themselves and have it as well which then affects the finances of those that are more important than they are and gives them anonymity to make some starting wealth with by which stage their importance cannot be denied, will always have their imagination beaten by such incredible stupidities and hence have need of concubines that are responsible for it, which is not what I am doing. I for my part am clear about the assumption that when they run from the UK back to North and West Africa and the Caribbean to talk of their hearts being broken on the premise they will be missed, they need to understand no such thing will happen; it is the same old story of the Industry ones thinking insults while they handle your possessions which is concerned with their problems will never be punished and they themselves tend to think that people are always going to get used to those silliness about whose possession is up for everybody's partaking and then speak of free society and those that are trying to prevent others from making use of what they see and is publicly available on account they are committed to violence. The reality of course is that not everybody is vulnerable to it in the first place and it is the reason people still exist in this world whether or not fools like them can kill a human being who stirs their envy and nobody can do their academic work in this condition especially when supported by Politicians and they need me to do my academic work and my job so they can steal these things otherwise they need to accept it will become pure attrition so we can put their commitment to violence to the test and we are not talking about media insults and insults at Parliament for it either - they need to stop following me around to insert their products into my Empire, after all itís only the fall out of wrecking my finances to make my ideas available to everybody because they need it and have to prepare it for theft within conditions where there are no rules over claims of freedom and free society - I for my part am clear about each copy of my books being sold to the effect of the disappearance of their stupid culture and they can continue following me around to make it that way too if they wanted.

Itís never a matter of where Americans fit into the picture - itís an old case of agreeing to be afraid of Americans because you want deviant idiots to pillage your finances and once you have done that now have to wait for something wonderful, an open show of incredible measure or stupidity beyond belief and then you are their plaything for life or the media can just make you one anyway - we hear the talk of GCHQ reading online polls about people being a problem of course but before then when it is said you have to be angry at something in order to make it successfully, they chose The Queen to be angry at and it becomes something they get away with depending on what as a society we give them or are forced to give them by their Politicians; like the old case of my problem with important black people which is still the matter of the gaps in their route to success leaving the problems of society with mobility and having realised that they had turned it into social and Political and economic capital and turned out to wreck the lives of those who do not play their stupid games with them and to seek respect from the same victims as well: I have been clear about the matter for my part, with every book sold is that culture gone and as for the Americans, they are struggling with their commitments too, just like the number of times a media idiot shows what America stands for by pillaging my books along the lines of making a mess of it at war zones and using it as ticket to have things he should never have had and of course the number of times government idiots and White House fools who attacked my book sales to give them that upper hand on that media in the first place approve it and then say something else in public which I always think is meant to make me complacent.

Of course they do say I continue to pick out other peopleís journalists and use them for my own purposes but it is a matter of how it feels to live with it too; we have toured the world at this stage where those who cannot get better off than I am on what they do with my income take my work and go off to China to satisfy that need and if not to India and so on and so on and continue to get increasingly violent - if the books have been published and patented they had long decided they will have a copy in their minds where I cannot protect it and then make sure they do not buy a copy and stifle my business to deploy my Markets to get rich, so I have no idea why they think I should explain what that stands for either being the freedom idiots that they are as it were and cannot leave people alone: I mean how do you study in that condition anyway, considering you have certain matters of State to attend to at intervals as well? Itís like the story of how I think GCHQ is friendly to me when it is not but of course the idiots there got rid of the ladies that handle my security and put themselves in with a big mouth and said they did because I am out of control on account I need a father figure or a manly handler with that big mouth, so here we are - I mean people can just change my security if they wanted and I can get punished for what I have not done so that the punishment causes me enough destress to prevent me from ever remembering what I should not have forgotten and we never see them pay attention to their own problems anyway, we know they hate their parents and siblings because of that: they think it is a walk in the park here and cannot even control me as well as the Ladies did, have not got a clue what they are doing and never do what they are told, will very likely say I refer to myself when I say so of course but I am not the one digging the Office Talents of those I am supposed to protect, which such things their Employers and even colleagues rarely notice as it were - hence we are not at all the same thing like they would love to suppose.

Itís not just a case of trying to be as happy as you can be since life is short and some people want to be miserable on account of what others have got and see you as a tool for that 24/7, which you need to do lest you turn out living their stupid dreams. Itís a case of them regularly thinking that access to my possessions means handling something valuable with which to conduct little wickedness and get away with it and there isnít a group of people any less provocative than these freedom idiots and their American friends, so yes I do get accused to setting out I do not want black people around my concerns in public but in terms of theirs their little wickedness is to do with colonialism and world order and various other injustices Ė so these guys know how to make you very angry, how to look for trouble every single second of their lives and it never really does to act in anyway which saves them from it and for me personally I have to detach from them and keep all my concerns away from them too but obviously it is not enough. There is that case where they say that my activities are the reasons leaders around the world especially the EU are all up against the UK and it is utter nonsense; these are a group of people need a need and greed that will be rewarded through terrible insults, so they are fundamentally in a perpetual state of wanting to climb up my public image to glorify themselves as well as show up at the other end of the spectrum to secure themselves some peace of appeasement as well; since nobody really can locate what kinds of idiots want these sort of things from an Arch Prince, knowing they will only get it somewhere in their stupid dreams, I love to indulge the whole thing and let lose a state of a affairs that is also an incredibly good use of their stupid time Ė so at any given time we find the idiots are stuck with a process of securing such things from me for up to 12 months which takes a toll on their finances for the damage they have done here to seek it in the first place. We see these stupidities all the time where they claim they are living on measly salaries to create a Country where it is safe for me to get rich and yet all the bloody idiots have to do to own a business as well is to provide a product or service that supports others while people are at work, so that they can employ themselves and get paid by somebody who is earning the money to pay them with Ė sounds like a piece of cake to many obviously: what we have instead is the same stupidities that are the reasons young people live in hell today basically, the same stupidities where they did not do as well as their age mates because the system needed changing and young people had opportunity and time that had to be confiscated, the same stupidities that talk about a republic every single moment because it cannot catch up with its mates and can see younger people have a whole life ahead to live, which Politicians then claim amounts to good people who need money, to show up here at a later date for a means by which to confiscate public image from their mates when it gets heated up, the same stupidities that are the reasons for all their problems and the reasons they want to change the country all the time, not because they do not think about the probability that if they had the benefit of hindsight they would have done things differently but it is the same stupidities that mean that even when there is a lack of hindsight, the best decisions are never reached in the current circumstances. It leaves me wondering how they hope to grab my public image to get rich with and destroy inequality and elitism and institutions that fight against democracy whether or not the UK becomes a republic, if they are not planning to grab it over my dead body or something. Time and again I create these hypothetical circumstances in which they take advantage of me and make money anyway Ė for the politicians the result is always that after making the money we are still in the same fucking place as when we started out, for these idiots it is largely a realisation that they have come to understand that there is nothing standing in the way of their habits and that they will get rewarded by it one way or another, as long as scum who tell lies all the time continue to hold government Office; it makes me wonder if they expect to show up around my concerns the way we see them do from all over the world, without a consequences that may have involved a process where I think about what makes them behave the way that we see them do as well. The reality here is that people have a habit of being complicit with the stupidities that Politicians invent and I have found out that indulging them wastes their time and gets them complaining about inequality after their maters had become more successful, while where it affects the general public, indulging them makes a great big fool of us all Ė most other times itís a matter of when they realise I am not necessarily their toy. Like when I have to scale past political fools who need my public image for their personal issues, just so that I might get into a place where I can then work with Clients on the fact they have no time to read my Books and that if they are not reading then I will have no income Ė very, very, very stupid collections scumbags who have an opinion of themselves that does not reflect any aspects of it that is actually fact. They always say when I talk the way I do, I will get myself into trouble i.e. supposing somebody wanted to chase a news story as a result of a preview of a Book I have written that they came across, I did not have an Office to sit around protecting that while he does it and returns to buy the Books that is and if push came to shove I couldnít then find out if the pens and papers and paper clips in it will not be cutting up the Politicians so they can let me see how much their own can cut me up as well. It simply expects its stupidities to be rewarded while it continues until it finds itself in a position where it can pick up a phone and call its friend and then I will be without a job or livelihood but does not expect to be punished for the destruction of my property that it would have wrought in order to get to such a place, pretending it is what the tax payer pays for in this Country as it were, as far as its stupidities are concerned, doing so will cause the country to become volatile (threatening me ever so frequently and showing those idiocy that suggests if it makes its madness amusing it will get away with the whole thing and its local community fools will claim I have ended up as some spirit temperament at their backyard again and then there will be some real wealth inequality to worry about on this planet as it were). I mean unless people wake up on their 18th Birthday with parents standing by the door, to realise they have not worked out how to pay their way in the world, then all people need in a routine and a learning process not a need to extract money and job roles from my Estate and threaten me all the time with that big mouth, then blabbing about living in a state that suggests they are at war which will get me into trouble yap yapping all over the place Ė whereby they have been doing it for the last decade and a half and do not feel there is something wrong with them when the problem of how I am paying my way in the world is not a thought that has crossed their really stupid minds once. They say I am always deserving but we all know that if I broker equity with Mercedes for instance I will have to consolidate it otherwise their stupidities paying attention to it will mean I am unable to spend time selling my Books Ė so when their involvement with it means I am unable to spend time selling my Books it is a stupidity that is beyond human comprehension all together to be honest. We hear itís the way I track down everything and take it back as though I have a problem with peoples existence but itís known around here that while they had decided how they want to make money I have only the three rules where none gets to peddle my personal life or public image or faith and if a Royal Estate is important to anybody in this world, none will want to do it to an Arch Prince anyway Ė so testing me usually means those stupid women of theirs who have an insolent problem just like they do finding it impossible to feel safe and secure and then I will put it up on the internet and find out what they can do about it, which will be followed by anus and penis chasing scum that they play stupid games with and end with a process where I write a lot of blogs. They speak of how I think what I say and do is the final word but we all know itís what happens with public life and media and civil rights in the UK; when you do not know who people are and do not know who their parents are and are not related to them, itís still possible for a level of disrespect that can only improve by violence to mean they can show up and get involved with you in such ways, especially those who need to on grounds of sharing a skin colour Ė so if it pushes me once beyond this stage I will give them something to complain about in an agreeable period of time as it were. I do get told I am helpless without my preparations which is utter nonsense Ė there is none; what happens is that the time to finger your bum is usually when you have put on your best suit and are off looking for employment because they understand that as long as you have not got the job, you do not have the disposition with which to say that what they are doing is wrong and that you have the right not to experience it, hopefully they think, what will happen is that they will get used to it and translate the whole thing into violence with that big mouth and that is what does not make any sense out of it all together Ė i.e. if they push me beyond this point, politicians cannot think properly on my account ADHD characters that are not actually ill but a collection of very disobedient scum I will leave them something to complain about a big culture and society arrogance for a very long period of time. they speak of respect but have none for those they deploy to boost their income, if they can make excuses and think it amusing unless suffering I am inflicting is musing to me as well and they want Politicians to do something about it all day long Ė so itís a simple case of what it is doing to others and if they are lacking in this respect can always show a limit as well but will rather chose to get involved with me like I either know them or am related to them because their white friends will then be able to blab about what ethnic minority clinginess does to others which completely contracts the fact all that stupid picking on weakest link to improve your losers disposition thing we see them do is a form of gang talk. It can always either be as simple as the fact I go off to the worst possible neighbourhoods and rent myself a flat there, due to the kind of Books I write and the need to be in the sort of place where I can write it, meaning that the part of my bedroom that is right next to ex-convicts flat will basically be a part of his life because he is really full of himself, so itís not that I cannot handle these things if I want to, just the way self-seeking idiots with a need to be famous and their stupid celebrities get involved with my concerns, handle my property, issue threats and distract me from doing so, which is why I indulge these goons and that need to damage or destroy my property all the time, considering it makes such a grand fool of us all and I have seen what they can do about it save insults about clearing a space on the left and swallowing all the problems there with that big mouth that means I will soon become their nightmare as well, leaving people thinking I am of the opinion there is a part of my work that is actually wrong. They always say I keep boasting about things I have never done but we know its rich coming from people who rip up other persons lives because they want to be free and once they are return to talk about those who challenge ex-convicts when they do not stand a chance on account they had become drug addicts as well and when asked why they do it always respond by expressing the fact they had become fucking famous; so itís an old case where itís about time they started thinking that talking nonsense about what I have never done has reached its peak, as it is tough locating how they would know when they are villains. Mostly a case where we keep our filth to ourselves lest we find ourselves in a scruff under a big fist, complaining about me in my elements would have been one that didnít tolerate the bad smells people make whereas truth is that the more you bother them about it is the more nervous they become and the worse it gets. They say I am caught up with media and this is why I am never free of these matters on one hand while on the other I am stuck standing up for women and both have no basis on reality Ė I am not caught up with media I am monitoring a state of affairs that suggests it is becoming a more diverse and inclusive place for people to work and I want to see the time when cameras are trained on Court members by people who have our interests at heart, not people to talk about me being caught up with the media so I might want to play around with their salaries as well: the case with the ladies is an old one I.e. if I play these single mums that want to take me out to the beech games with women and it does not help to control domestic abuse, then the men are tackling us to preserve their interests by the way I have been doing it, the part however that they will never be able to handle is the bit where I trust the habits of the ladies than I trust that of the Politicians as a means of running matters at the Office: so all they have to do is what we see at present i.e. that peoples are not having painful bottoms and it means their habit hurts me and I will not detach from it for my part while their habits mean they get up to all sorts on the other but of course which we know they cannot stand the bad smell studios all together as well, so itís now resorted to chasing my bottom claiming I am not hurting womenís bottoms all together. As for the standing up for women for a living part of the story, I am doing no such thing; naked women are usually all the problems you can think of and more Ė the easier bits should have been when they got naked because it concerned an Arch Prince, the difficult bit was when they did it and somebody had to resolve the problem by politics or media and popular culture which is what they are complaining about Ė they always say the women are abusive of course and that I have no right to decide but this Office is for writing Books and it cannot be that difficult for their convenience seeking stupidities to stop fucking it if they have not paid for Books. They always say people have hurting bottoms because I am nobody but love to claim positions of importance which is utter nonsense; the reality is that I get into trouble regularly if I did take the National symbols off my websites so I do not take them off anymore, the whole business is to do with people who want to be able to punish me telling tales and manipulating matters into such a position but it never really works as it is the old tale of the middle classes being really good at getting off their own concerns to show up at upper class business where they can grab peopleís lives and just show up at Politics and media to shut it down and I love to indulge them because it makes such a fool of them as well; take the celebrities for instance, where it has a criminal record, cannot run its life without shutting down other peopleís own, is a better human being than I am thus I need to shut up and go along with its needs, all it needed was a routine and a learning process, what it wants to do is extract an income from this Estate and cling to my public image for its whole life, then we hear them claim I need them when they are just goons that are stuck with deviance, nice ways of helping them would be having sex with them, worse ways would be hurting yourself by hurting another human being. I understand it is thought that I am unable to be a happy person which is not actually the case; reality is more a matter of the fact that if these guys deployed their own happiness to get things done it will not last five minutes, so they need to deploy mine to make the sales happen and this is something I must stop by controlling the public perceptions of my own happiness Ė they always think they will use it as a trap to make the Royal Family rigid but it will never work, I am here because I am caught up with some things security operatives will not let me do just like the Royal ladies are usually caught up with the popular culture abuses. In the end they say I make it all very difficult for others which is not true as well, the truth being that it is not in any way difficult for people to stop getting involved if they have not paid for the Books, considering it is impossible to work for those who want it but have not actually got the time to read, so as to facilitate time for them to read it when those who have no business with me run my concerns with media the whole time; claiming I am finding out what it is like to be a woman whereas that was an old case where they never stop showing up to play around with the fact state business has some issues involved that are a problem that evolve every time you handle it such as security matters, so that other idiots can show up here to grab my finances Ė which American secret service scum lead from the front for all the time and so we find them bragging because they wish to know what I want to do about it while imagination already states it would make sense if I had their own shafted too. They speak of the marriages I have wrecked which is an old story of what really happens being manager especially on media playing up some I am your husband routine, which then means the husband shows up to fill in the blanks presenting wife which the choice of career or family but it is an old story that is rather similar to that case where they claim I get involved with people who want nothing to do with me Ė while reality is rather that they will not stop making money from claiming they are better human beings than I am with their 3 to five bedroom flat neighbourhoods, since it means that I become the character people can hate while rubbing shoulders with the wealthy, I become a character whose life people mess up when getting involved with celebrities and the list will have continued endlessly. Itís when somebody drops out of University that it begins to get really serious; considering what it means is that when you attend school that gets taken from you by an organised society that wants you to sit around reacting to their stupidities which reaction they find exhilarating, seeing that what they will do with the qualifications when they do not drop out as well, will be to hop onto popular culture which they never actually did need it for Ė hence I wait for them at the jobs market the whole time too. I mean we have not even begun talking about the evil nature of journalists anyway and itís not wickedness we are looking at here, that would have rather involved a process whereby they feel as though they want to grab somebodyís property and that another was on standby to beat the person up for not co-operating, this would have been the one that means they want to talk about what I fear all the time when it is obvious that while you have done nothing to prepare to tackle culture and society trouble makers with a tendency to kill, there is an amount of fear associated with realising they want to get involved with you all the time, we are talking about being seen in public places dreaming of a process where I was possessed by demons and they were the reason for it while having conversations with Politicians. So eventually we find that what they do is go off to Africa and Asia to gather all the cultural power they can get their hands on, when they return to the UK itís a gimmick that involves which Political party will play their games, such that it will no longer be able to lose elections if it wanted to and which Royalty had an Estate to lose that will then ensure a position exists which is beneficial to the media should they have occupied it, such that when I defend myself I get those accusation that western Christians destroy cultures and then ask the owners to rebuild at a later date when it is convenient for industry and so I have to explain the reasons I defended myself from it and why people should not be giving that culture and society stuff to the Media but immediately after the Media will get some more. Then there is talk of this case where they claim I am the most stupid thing they have ever seen and no other underlying message will do for their popularity and celebrity culture, which is nothing new; we all know itís the anus and penis insults that got us to this point where they believe we think that the reasons they got beaten up by that gang they met is a mystery Ė besides which itís an old story where I start a fight with people and win it by tricks and games, which tricks and games must be their own as per they are the ones messing with people to get beaten up for a cause that benefits everybody and it carries on like an insult that keeps giving until they are more deserving and state provided security and so on, blabbing about being fucking famous and therefore cannot keep their mouths shut. I mean I do not think that gangs beating up people in fun but one has to respond when saying that an Arch Prince is the stupidest thing they have ever met each time there is frustration with respect to cashing into his life is unprecedented insolence we know they will need a new human rights rule for protection as a result pretty soon.

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