They speak of me getting myself stuck with violent issues and then blaming others for it all the time and it is usually so annoying since the reality of it is more a case of the fact that whether or not that was the case, there was still a need to decide where they spend most of their practical jokes. We see there is always one if I have a Royal Office, there is one if I have State provided security, there is one if I have a Court of Journalists and Celebrities, there is a practical joke for everything I do and now I drop out of University and create problems for myself that I blame other for over it, I am sure they have located the huge big convenience of a lifetime they were after all along. The constituted insistence on playing stupid practical jokes on me, right down to NHS staff talking nonsense about how I am a siren and they are the ones that have to stitch people together while I continue to exceed my limits and so on, tends to suggest I am having fun with what they might be looking at as amusing here while I am not – I want them to spend their practical jokes somewhere else, stop talking nonsense about beating up anything as they mostly already have a history; they have nothing to do with time except spend other people’s own telling the stories of how one person suggested by the way he exists that he beat up a thousand enemies, another suggests that they won a great battle all by themselves and one sat somewhere and shot off some power that affected the world according to them and somebody always has a difficult situation they have come through which allows them shoot arrows into the ceiling making out it is amusing considering they were the ultimate warriors themselves, yap, yap, yap all the time, everywhere and anywhere and it is annoying me that they think I am tolerating it because I am enjoying the fun being had at my expense of which I have mentioned enough times by now that I plan to take the Celebrity culture and the Media and the Journalism and the Politics away from them as well and then I am going to completely ruin it too without looking as though a Royal Commission was not enough for me all together. I mean speaking of Royal Commission, the start of the hurting bottoms stuff had to do with the parent of any Royal Lady I have gotten myself involved with in some way, now we know they have taken over and just like the abusive and destructive practical jokes are about building up my public image for somebody else to claim, we can all guess why I am having hurting bottoms over this issue all together anyway. We hear them blab about the fact people want convenience should not amount to a process where I have adverse opinions about them but we know their convenience does nothing except drag other people out of their academic work and finances to sit around responding to the stupidities of society getting groomed for fascism and misogyny because others have built up a Public image that does not belong to them and wish to own it at a later date. The insistence on playing it up with me suggests when I tell them off I am enjoying the fun, reality of course is that I am not enjoying it all – definitely not playing with them and so am I aware their Politicians say it’s a matter of making me work for the Country which leads me to explore the question of why they are always at the very least pushing people out of step with the temperature of the country for insistence when they claim to be such cultural people all together. So I do get asked what the heart of the issues are and there is not heart to it, the central point is that it is all a matter of pure evil, a process where there is always some new test every time something good has been accomplished. Then we hear the talk of conscientious objection to an involvement with National service thereafter when they had made enough of a mess of other people’s lives like when that Couple of which one is a Journalist likes to play with me because they are naďve of the world in some way and the female one has just been shown how to be herself and enjoy life as a Woman, thereby courting a stalker who either kills her or has behaved in a way that gets Police officers shutting down the Public image of a known criminal – I mean when you have seen bad things happening and there are women and children around, without your head hurting by scum who have always planned to see a dedicated holy person get involved with violence to build up their own special evil convenience with, you put them first considering cowardice is learned and does not come by birth; the overall point is that they need to play up their tests and practical jokes somewhere else, keep their insults off my case. I hear people are confused about how to perceive what I do naturally but it’s an old story where equity broker with Aston Martin or Mercedes was never an external affair; if they get involved they need to snoop around people’s lives and take responsibility to be human beings that are honest enough to buy a Mercedes Benz or an Aston Martin without bothering me – as we can see one of the many outcomes could be that I dropped out of University and their celebrity culture and media will pay the bills before it over as well; the bits about talking with Politicians and Monarchy of how bad I have been is just one of those very insulting instances where they exceed themselves naturally. As for the bits where I mention each time I put them down, the insults with which to groom me and hurt my bottom translates to spending time on the academics while making statements of the bigger one that will come and get me if I go too far – that usually gives way to a statement about how my people play up practical jokes on others as well; reality of which that usually happens when peoples parents work in the secret services and they have somebody they have employed in the private security industry who has been spying on me, gained access to my computer and has seen me play video games – the rest is something history bears witness to, when Muslims consistently fight on the side of racists right from world war one to this day and when I speak of their stupidities as a whole including other ethnic minorities, grooming me for misogyny and fascism I have no idea why they continue to conceive that I am playing around with them anyway, when I am not at all – they need to move their practical jokes out of my concerns before I do move it out for them (it is already looking like the old gimmick where larger people are more deserving of respect than smaller people if they were of the same age and station and not the Politicians or the Royalty or the Media or the Celebrities can detach them from it, except I am the one complaining all together as it were). They do claim saying these things do not necessarily make me successful but it was rather as simple as returning to academic work to secure qualification that will ensure I have enough money to provide for what I am doing and to fund my Books considering their convenience Politicians think that will be the end of their problems or I can get it out of them so that practical jokes being played on somebody can be the reason the Business has not made a profit even though people are interested for the best part of a decade due to the intensity and daily frequency of it. When I put it like this is sounds high; when I say it is a matter of picking up problems my Books have resolved, building one of themselves on media and when they cannot make use of my Books without payment they ensure what is happening to them happens to me as well, then people understand that the practical jokes have no intellectual value whatsoever like we love to say when we watch them beat out their stupidities and get comfortable with the foolishness that besets them on people’s public life. They say I first did the damage when they tried to make money with my work and I did not think it was a good idea in such a way that I took a step that caused somebody to lose money and black listed myself – reality being that this is an intellectual property administration business and they have never explained to anybody whether or not such a business is recognised with that big mouth, why they are always a threat to other people’s intellectual property, why they are always in an existence located between a person and the patent income margins that belong to the grooming and insults victims, why they are always hunting other people’s academic work as though nobody can hunt their own and that it will always suffice when I speak of it and they covered up some history and showed they knew what was important to them after doing the damage that they can do relentlessly for years on end without compunction while their cracked up out of my league idiots secure the safety of stupid women who show up to decide that between me and them I need to be sharing what I know, making out it means they are famous. The Politicians problem being the one where the guy who did not think everybody needed an education now wants to get one – which is technically the case but what I really said was that if they will not stop ripping up my finances, getting one will be the way to have it topped up but for them, it seems that their gimmicks will only improve the day they end up with an education system comprising of Doctorate Degree Holders who are Hotel Cleaners, while another person gets to tell them what the corruption really needs to look like all together. What I have said in the past concerned a process where people do not need an education to stop others building up somebody else's property for a crowd, so that when they deploy it without signing a contract, they would have been too big to stop because they have gone through anyway – what they need is when a collection of fools that are mad about the practical jokes had stopped making it impossible for them to protect themselves with their own pocket money. It’s like when they say the Trump Administration takes advantage of me while reality is that it was never unusual for the US to have a Presidency that does not fancy the Media; so even after they have seen what has become of the Obama ones, they are still chasing me over what higher powers have provided them as tools to oppress me with; some being more forth coming when blabbing about the nature of terrorism, which does not scare me in any way since we know they said they went to the Middle East to ensure everybody felt safe buy we now know they are terrorists and it has become a question of whether since they want the fighting to end and the victims want it to end as well, if they have agreed to die. It’s the image of kids from the hood have taken Dads car and driven it around to shoot somebody, now they are racing from the government and have been doing so for 3000 miles now with a drone on their tail full of rockets – you need to see the look on their faces as opposed to when they are blabbing at you. They always say these activities are a function of somebody makes them feel as though they are wrong and need to apologise all the time which churns their tummy and is not good for career and lifestyle but when there is nothing between me and them, I am either being hunted because I attended a Church by the women who want to handle me and have a man they can do whatever they like with or it has walked up to me to tell flesh man to do a fart for him. We hear talk of me contributing to the deaths caused by Police action all the time if they are not blabbing career criminal stuff that lets me know how they do it when people do not allow themselves to be used but I have cleared this matter up before, so I will just set out the fact here and let people make their own judgements; the reasons these goons do not get recruited into a workforce or an industrial community is because they have some money put aside for them by parents who allow them to around doing peoples career and family life at Popular culture claiming be it true or not, that the victims wanted to take from them either an inheritance or something they were born with – it soon spirals out of control and we find it ends in murder and it had killed an elderly Man or it had killed a Girl or it had killed a Family Man or killed that Guy who is always right; so it’s always playing this games where I lose an empire because a criminal got killed in action or by the state because it is of the opinion that it is itself a good person all together. Ultimately I have to deal with this story of how all I have developed and built was a process of cowardly hurting people while they were not looking and it is annoying but gets worse as this generally means that they have made it quite clear they have no plans to make money by recruiting themselves into a Workforce or an Industrial Community and therefore need remember I made the conditions that have provided them this sort of access necessary - the next time I look at it, we will be talking about a derivative war where they will no longer be building up my public image and property at the global stage until it becomes an issue so that when they got from successful people who discipline others because they claim they have the morally upstanding position as successful members of society to these people who are the hardest to deal with over intellectual property proliferation and illegal handling of people’s property that is usually so insignificant but maddeningly damaging and destructive, they can deploy my property without signing a contract or paying for it and then I would not be able to do anything about it because they have built it too big, will then come to an end; I suppose that for the time being, it has not come to that yet.

Those who claim I need not place emphasis on people’s criminal past have heard it themselves, heard these goons boast about a plan they have to make a scapegoat out of me and cause me to lose everything I have; we all know it is the same way they set out other people’s women for sexual abuse and sexual assaults - in my case they do mine and want some of mine as well when they see me walk into Church and start public campaigns on having apparently located a Man that will be homosexual so that women may acquire Public power - the question of the stage at which this sort of nonsense ceases to be a career and big picture matter and therefore becomes a damage of property issue that needs to be pursued like one as it were; never signed a Contract with them that they could handle my person and public image or Books in such ways, no idea what it means to them when they see possessions in Public that is not legally their own, no idea why they have such a bloated opinion of themselves, blabbing about a lot of times in which I am dependent on women. So they say what they mean if they point out that I am dependent on women is that women endure sexual abuse on my behalf, which is utter nonsense; the story about sexual abuse they want to talk about all the time is usually one of a person supposedly being raised all their lives to be good in Bed and whether the person who took it from them forcibly enjoyed it thereof or the victim will ever be good in bed thereafter or if the assault itself did not go through, the experienced has left the victim unable to be good in bed – I am using this analogy because that noise making about me suffering sexual assault at their hands once they are done with various other forms of abusiveness that is supposed to make them money stems from the idea that people are good in bed but unwilling to share it, thus it got stolen, therefore no chance women are enduring sexual abuse to save me and any scum that wants to do one on me better bear in mind it may just be the last one too. I mean we can see how it has turned out; from a simple process of attending school, passing some exams and getting the job that gives you the original financial footing you needed to a life long struggle with Celebrity and popular culture which is full of practical jokes, makes a mess of your whole life and is not going anywhere, now they are blabbing about sexual assault as well and it’s another case made, that they have a problem keeping their big mouths where it is appreciated. It’s the assumption I do not know what I am doing that propels these idiots who think that not reacting to being provoked and abused by them means a licence to do it for the rest of my life but I am not here to stop them from practicing popular culture canopy narcissism at Industry where they organise rich children to share the feelings of the abuses they throw at me, I am here to stop them practicing it as a process of handling my property. The female ones claim I did mention that women who have endured sexual assault loved it but yes I did and it was concerned with a process where women deserve it when while they were scrubbing the floor of the matrimonial home they were kicked by the husband who asked them to co-operate with processes that involve taking advantage of young people sexually in order to grab those things the young believe is linked to career and livelihood, by which to get rich, they said women like that deserved it because they were people who did not amount to much but are usually later seen looking for love in the hands of a younger Man. In their case however of which they got sexually assaulted because they were getting along with criminals that they knew were unpredictable, never mind tackling me for standing up to Men who want to leave fat wife at home and rip up my life sleeping with girls that fancy me, after which they cannot have enough talking nonsense at me about teaching me lessons. We are here not because I bring it on myself as they claim; such claim of which simply make me laugh since it becomes a matter of the fact I am done with football people, hence free of lessons on betrayal supported by sons of perdition that want to be famous while they have criminal history and will not stop messing with government operatives because they want to use state provided security to take care of their personal needs until it actually kills somebody to make them stop, nor is there the risk of climbing political ropes while others were here before me – I am done with Public transportation operatives at this stage as well and they understand if I am cracked they will be cracked up out of my league a queer culture and society to live in a community with as well – so I am now left with Media and Celebrities, who spend their time supporting every idiot that wants to pick on me from a distance while spending anything I do to stand up for myself on their needs because these goons have the publicity to play around with. It does all come down to that old tale of how they stood up to being abused by women and I took it from them, likewise the women who stood up to being abused by the men but we can see I dropped out of University in 2008 because of them, while these nonsense have persisted every day for the last decade since – current year 2018. It’s not a matter of making a name of myself through revenge as such, it’s a matter of the simplicity by which others can let alone my Bookshop Library to serve people with Books and the egoistic nonsense from a tribalism they cannot afford which will not let that be the case, mostly because they find my reaction exhilarating and amusing. I do not care what they think as first of all it’s not the end of the world if others lead and they follow, what has happened then being a case of me being stuck with this process of being the guy who knows what to do while others have the right to lead and need to be made to understand the bad things that will happen if I trifled with their feelings to such an effect and will never stand up for themselves in peace as well. In the end the threat of sexual assault is born out of a process where attending Church stops the drug dealing and certain behaviour in society especially with respect to people beating spouse over my Public image that they want to extract matrimonial services from like that is what it is, never mind building stupid popular culture and celebrity culture on it, so when I stand up for myself and other members of society have something to say it will hurt terribly, causing loss of identity and an inability to concentrate on my academics while their stupid children think they have the right to be famous which they do not and continue these activities to acquire it from my public image never mind that they had passed their exams and gotten themselves well off jobs by doing so, continuing when their lives are a physical evidence of the fact it is the wrong thing to do, talking nonsense about rights. I have made it quite clear that not keeping away from my Books will be the undoing for these big neighbourhood boys sitting on the finance to claim my public image is a product of sleeping with peoples wives, take matrimonial services from it like they do women at random, run off some popular culture idiots on my Public image and deploy my property equities on media, so each time I find out they had it is too late to do anything about it, destroying everything around here, especially my finances to keep up this process where we are in trouble because the stupid ones are doing well hence the salaries they have thus becomes a problem for others, even when they know that if I start practicing the same on those children they believe they have raised to be insulting it would be their turn to drop out of University and sit about reacting to the stupidities of society as well – I have informed them their inability and that of their Media and Celebrities to keep off my Books, will be their undoing. I cannot now get anywhere without smelling like my Toilet, so they might blow off their big mouth and build communities of business idiots with tribalism they have not got money to support conducting raids with Media and Celebrity around here, reason being I need watch my behaviour as the Police Gunshot flesh wounds look cheap to me but is actually a very painful affair, hence I need co-operate as if I am responsible I will get into more trouble with that big mouth, which is just the sort of rubbish their Politicians hunt you down to create weaknesses in your life for blabbing about rights and freedom the whole time for it. Like they say I acknowledge that my activities causes people to lose money and so I am wondering if that was the money they saved up which of course is where the equity they have worked for and actually own is really located; I have made it clear that I have had enough of it, made it clear it is very easy for them to avoid handling my Books and my Public image for any of those stupid reasons we see them make up endlessly; it’s never about making people lose money and being proud of it, we all know they either spend their time talking about what they should take from aspects of my life and possessions they have access to because people who look like me show up to seek employment in establishments they either own or control, in the same way they have been spending a lot of time wrecking my finances in order to find which companies will make me do what they want to buy shares from - they have to have what you have refused to give them at any cost you see and it’s an old problem that they simply cannot let people be.

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