I do get told I am none the wiser about what the problem with the Media really is while reality is that I can explain it in more detail than they can i.e. they feel there is an invisible state of affairs that hampers their jobs and the question is whether it was before or after I dropped out of University in order for the process of keeping a Christian off his job and career so he can look like he has years of unused faith and inspiration that can be stolen for popular culture fame and fortune sweetly might continue? So, it becomes serious enough when it must be reinstated that their jobs involve appearing of my media equipment that they didnít pay for all together as it were. They do say I speak about it in ways that will get me into trouble which is utter nonsense; I can only likely get into trouble with shop managers who grab my career when I go to a shop to spend my own money, I can only get into trouble with shop managers who ensure products I normally buy are out of stock on the day I am likely to shop whenever another shop nearby is doing badly in order to redirect me so that the shops can make use of me to make profit, all of which have been made possible after years and years of abuse that led to an outcome where I shop with people and improve their shops, only to think I will one day get a job from them which is not in their interest to give, as my career and finances are laid to waste already Ė their own being a simple case of when people are nice at the checkout and managerial positions change hands as a result in order to handle me further, where what I will do will lead all the way to how they feel when they arrive at the annual general meetings and show up at the revenge of the public transport operative and CCTV security fool Ė so I have had enough of them as it were, especially the stupid big mouthed journalists who behave as though I owe them a debt for a job that pays more than a Parliamentary Minister's Salary when they didnít actually help to fun the television that I watch it on. They always say that when I say such things I risk the careers of everybody that is affiliated with me and it is because they think that playing stupid games with my Court and standing to lose the Camera Man and back stage media positions are just a scare but we all know the stupid and abusive irregular heart beat TV like we see them give their own to the frugal the last time we 'checked them out' as well never ceases to invent its own excuses for playing itself out on peopleís lives every day. I mean we are talking about a case where a Female Journalist they train a Camera on for a living has had a friend outside of the studio and we are talking about deciding whom I should be getting involved with as well, choosing my friends for me when it is done choosing the ones the ladies get involved with that is; so I like to play along with this process where it has now affected my career and finances and plays out as per every time the ladies are on the Job, it feels as though the Husbands are watching backstage unless they are being extra stupid that is, then itís time to take over their own too and cause some destruction in my wake as a result of it (it has gone on for years as a basic process of bullying where they make connections with Industry people I have stood up against by blackmailing me using the jobs and careers of the Women I have at the Company Court - now they think they are part of it all together, in fact they think that they are running it and can decide who ends up there if they wanted, blowing off their big mouthed threats at such a regular basis every day). The Politicians claim I subvert their power all the time while I am just a seller of Books I write Ė the truth of course is that they are a collection of very stupid people who just want to play up personality competitions with me that they get to win and so I am left wondering if the story of getting into trouble if I told them they are stupid was a defence mechanism or an escalation of threat. Itís usually not a problem save when they utter it too much. It does not mean I do not have control of what happens with this Business, that control now wholly hinges on the need to ensure all I do in the form of the days wisdom that gets people interested, is not absorbed by a Journalist and a Celebrity idiot and a Television personality goon and a Politician and all their fans, to look after their own arse, telling me their whole lives were developed around taking advantage of my career and finances and I have gone off to do all these things that ensure I am having it which makes the processes of doing so impossible yap yapping - no idea how difficult it could possibly be to keep their comments where their money is located. Itís the need to secure a cut of other peopleís business and market that causes the most trouble - the whole idea that you are providing a service that helps another optimise their earning potential and therefore have that bit more money to pay you for it is completely taken out of the equation with their media stupidities and so itís the economic separatism that they will have somewhere in hell. They say I am some lazy man that will never step out of my door to make things happen for me and itís an old story where we find them speak to Politicians in Europe, Africa and the US about my market place all the time; they have no wish to pay the price for the economic crisis they helped create and the Celebrities now have enough money to avoid wealth inequality issues like a plague, while the wealth inequality preaching Politicians are no longer able to deny that a process where others who have nothing look the part of those that can pay the price for the crisis is created by them; we see it all the time Ė walk down the streets and somebody will decide that based on your personality, you do have a home business but that their own was the bees knees and it is the community that performs the most abusive destruction of my writing career with ageist idiots trying to become celebrities in the Book writing world themselves; so it will yap about a lazy man that will not go out and make something happen for him when finished making sure I can never feel right about my health and will have trouble keeping a job over their practical jokes that serves to make them feel good enough to function 100% and improve their chances of idiots being able to work hard enough to make themselves financially comfortable, knowing that the outcome will not do its stupidities any favours but we all know it hopes to threaten me with civil rights money loving goons again and that the worst case will be American democrats running another global campaign over their right to be stupid. They always claim that I do not believe in capitalism but itís a simple process of looking after the means by which one identifies with a community that will help him avoid bad crowds while providing a service and providing a service that will help others optimise their income to end up with enough money to pay for it and thereby share the wealth Ė so when there is considerable certainty the business moves from trial process to customer maintenance and then it can start to employ people including the person who set it up Ė what these fools do as I have mentioned earlier it take out of the picture the work that helps people optimise their income and show up to gain a slice of other people market as insulting and abusively as possible in order to get away with the practice of very evil activities by making money with it and being above reprimand for it and then tell me I think my model is the only one but I am talking about the model for a Book seller and not one that will massage an idiot that needs to go fuck himself Ė they can always transfer some of their problems onto me with their insults of course to make use of that head if they want, see what becomes of that too all together. I am aware all these difficulties are caused by Politicians Ė they are the people who failed at the personality competition all the time and so always want to have somebody to conduct one such with in which they won etc Ė so we can see that even when they address crowds on a regular basis they are so ugly they could never get counted among the Celebrities. However yap yapping lazy man that will not go out and do something for himself is that they should be aware has no prospects of ending well since they are perfectly aware of the reasons that so called lazy man isnít doing anything for himself and that what this Country needs is more of their stupid practical jokes and none of the complain about gangs and violent discrimination in order for them to behave Ė knows what will happen if it threatens me with civil rights money loving scum again.

So, do I think that I am good enough to be counted among the Celebrities? Itís never about being counted among the Celebrities for me, itís about my lives work and all the publicity I have built for my concerns being replaced by an interest in my body type Ė so if somebody wanted to set out a stage in which what I was selling was sex instead of Books, it had to be that violent, now they do not want to be cracked up and out of my league and so all they do with the mess they make here is make statements about getting whatever they want because they are celebrities and I will tear it up for them before it stops obviously. I am perfectly alright; itís just realities such as when a celebrity is not paying for your products but enjoys handling your business as a passage that allows access to members of the Royal Family for example, considering the fame aspects of their activities which then apply as per I am known as the person through whom people reach the Royal family, if they have a business by the way side, those who run it start to think they own me and own what I do and so there is always the sense that you cannot stop them, you cannot tell them off, you cannot ensure there is clarity about your products if you have a business on social media, until when you decide it will not be happening anymore and they expect you to be sanctioned by social media people who cannot do it because you were not that stupid. They always say whatever I say and do has no effect as the media controls me basically and will be the only ones that can help me out so they can demand anything they wish Ė it is utter nonsense of course; the provocation is that when you build an empire the media will cordon off your market and wait for you to crawl on your knees to demand that help and then they will deploy your property to cut a deal with the world but the way it will end is what we are looking at presently; I have a problem with their Politicians showing up at diplomacy to seek international development roles, I am starting to control their staff, their third world fans hate my guts for a reason and itís all progressing really well Ė otherwise they can leave my information where I have placed it in order to run this business and stop messing up my mind the whole time on account their salary has better certainty than a self-employment, which is my excuse as I am unable to see another reason for their behaviour. They always claim my sexual habits are the reason for it and so if we have come full circle they might want to keep their stupid girls off my public image, cease all access to me and my Court and stop talking nonsense about an Arch Prince sleeping with peoples wives. There is talk of this sense that I appear to be doing the wrong thing no matter what I do but I am not doing the wrong thing; the truth of it all is that all these things are completely avoidable 100% - the reason that they are not is that when these goons had gotten themselves entangled with another personís concerns, they do not back off because their ego will be hurt, especially when itís a ďharmless cuntĒ Ė now I have written Books I intend to sell on it and it does not matter if they did back off either way even though I am decided on making them anyway, so I do not just set out 15 years of my time and waste it on other peopleís ignorant stupidities that makes use of those who know what they do not in such abusive ways. I have done everything to ensure it is as easy as can be; I have made it clear I am not intolerant of people who have a certain view of the outside world and would cheat to be successful if they have to but I am a Book seller and they need show up here only if they want a Book, it cannot be that difficult to comply with this anyway Ė apparently they would rather that their stupid money I can account for better than they can rules over me because it was extracted from my public image with the help of Political and popularity fools, so the idea that I am stuck with them is the big idea that is not progressing well enough for their liking too. They are always clowning around and the one hindrance to the fact that itís a matter of a deal between me and somebody else who sits at the other side of the desk, to get dressed and attend a job interview or sign a contract which has nothing to do with them, is my public image that they want to own but I have blocked them from and means I have denied them something that society has agreed actually belongs to them and this is a really bad point at which to make such a statement at me all together as well - of course I am an embarrassment but those who have caused it are in such suffering itís almost addictive to be.

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