I will always remain enemy of the freedom of those who are enemies of mine and any woman can round me up and trap me and any politician can help with that too if they want the rule here is in or out no middle ground and the drip, drip playful but steady online attacks on my business will by the way come to noughts as well, we all know I am more than capable of making that happen too. Now I should veer off from here and make it very clear that the talk of keeping children safe and the story of Child Pornography does not make any sense to me; there is no such thing as Child Pornography, such nonsense will suggest Children get together and have sex and make art out of it which is not what happens when Children are being sexually exploited, however the assumption they can be educated into protection is utter nonsense too both the paedophiles and the children need to be protected from each other because of the nature content of the society they come from and the antagonism that exists naturally and then without their knowledge all at the same time between them. I am aware it is said we need to develop into a stage where we can prosecute top bankers if their actions lead to bail outs; now we know bailouts are not gifts in the first place, however it should also be recognised we have not yet reached such a stage in law making and law enforcement and it will take some time to do so and it should also be seen that when we had done so the realities are that we will be running the banks for the bankers and then there will be no more bail outs because there will be no more bankers improprieties unless they are clear cut criminal activities which of course are still criminal activities in the current system. Hence what we are talking about here is what tweaks we need to ensure that they do not do those things anymore and rob it on our faces I have a few ideas of my own because I have been hard at work for some time now making sure they never get off and grab to deploy my public work in order to make their trading happen anymore; it leads them to make up their own values on house prices and then get stupid socialist mayors to introduce congestion charges in the Capital at the same time because everybody has come to fall in love with the decadence of their cars, which they claimed will raise money to pay for the Police as well. Thus it is a once beaten twice shy story; I mean they are all hoodlums and do not get treated that way when they brandish the money and that is why their lives depend on the fact there is never enough of those no normal person would take a gamble with billions of currency belonging to others and sit around holding his head and running in and out of the toilet to check demographics because he is under so much pressure, such that if he loses he is sorry it was a financial crash but if he wins then congratulations and he is terribly rich etc and I have a problem with the idea that when I do my public work they can always pick it up and run off to do their trading with it and when they realise it has harmed me or my business hammer my finances so I have no means of chasing them up but will never stop either provided there is as much as a perception that there is more. So it appears that unless my plans of making government put their austerity in the right places on account I have a trust system that I run with the general public when and if they opt in, which will then give me the range to be able to ensure they cannot just pick up public work or equities anywhere and run off to the stock market or investment banking to waste and get rich, from which I can then apply enough consequences for enough times to see that they regard their stock market business as a professional activity and leave me alone, their behaviour I am certain will never take a turn for the better; I would have done these things without having to declare them and a lot more successful at this stage if only Americans allowed my books to get sold, to provide me funds and yes what they get they always entirely deserve too; because of course the monies of these fools and menaces has effects on those who have hard work and poverty grind away at them all their lives and not people like me with royal privilege to play with concerning which it was when they decided to deploy my public work that their doom were spelt and they have continued to make good with the treachery of Politicians and American citizens. Yes they always say there is really nothing that I can do in any case but of course the reality for the most part is rather the contrary; favourite is scouting the world very quickly to collect stock market equities which I then deploy to pay for the damages they cause the little people they love to pick on, bearing in mind they pick on me as well not just because they have no respect for anybody or anything but also because they know that the poorer people are limited and sooner or later they will reach the bottom and there will be no more; hence pay for damages writing low brow blogs on my websites in the most lower class manner imaginable and then if they want to recover those equities can recover them from such points as well, whatever would have been left over anyway. The other would have been to set out an alternative stock market which is run by those who are so poor that their lives determine what the state of the general economy is and the only problem I would have had to deal with would be maintenance i.e. ensure politicians always see the benefits of being on the side of my stock market, which will then imply that whenever the other city centre and bankers roll industrial side decides to create financial crash, one stock market here can get up and swallow up the other to curb the problem (has a real ring to it when I put it that way).

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