It is never really true either way of claims I snub allies and friends. That comes from a collection of idiots that need to be put in order; for the Democrats in the US, it seems their stupidities can only be settled if they are glorified with my achievements, which is something I manage by making sure the adults that support them are paying in full. For the republicans it is the matter of their cultural and violent insults that run along the lines of being in possession of the toughest and most insolent probably criminal feminists and the way to settle it has been paying off very well too with region connections in the area, so we can see them exchange lives with me which will likely get me to handle them like the insolent savages they are as well. Here in the UK, it has more to do with popular culture and the fact the idiots want to ruin my finances in order to have sex with me and so the basis by which their back stage insolent media idiots that like to play with their ability to handle me violently getting into a habit of boys and their toys as well, which means my diplomatic office and its front must be kept spotless otherwise I will get into a habit of handling peoples stupid children that come from villages I do not want to hear mentioned around me like they want to be, the way they deserve it and the Muslim ones do not see anything wrong with threatening others with violence and death so they lose out and miss out on everything. While idiots with royal responsibilities of some kind whoever gives one to them pretend the way to glory and connection with powerful bases is some form of paedophilia on me which tends to mean I always have a part to play in their affairs and that of their political idiots to ignore absolutely everything they think and feel about it, as that would undo the function of all the things that they will do like they suggest which has its violent purpose too, hence become more vicious with intensity of their insults for it is never enough - nothing is. That I am excessively nice to the media which blinds me to the daily wanton and absolute destruction of my property alongside the desire to be known for a personality that any business idiot that wants to get along with them has that they can find, is not something which is actually true; the truth is that it is called persecuted however it happens and not a process where I am excessively close to the media i.e. I hit you and what are you going to do about it when Mr that hit you and then another hit you and then everybody has hit you and they all have a story about how you try to be nice to them when they do not want it. The issue behind it is that it is not my pressure to look into, not my pain and not my burden but that of those who do not believe in God and you see them like that all the time through the generations and so in my case not only is the media this invincible point where they have everything, it is also the place where I cannot make out if what they are saying is that I would get into trouble if I did not comply and take those problems into my life or they are saying that I have quite had my God given blessing and peace for long enough and need to share with their big mouth but I also do something about it because I never see them address any of their Politicians like that and therefore find it insulting. Their powers seem to grow all the time too as they expect something to happen to me at the hands of extremists, especially the racial ones. Which again I say they want it so all the time so they can be powerful with a big mouth; so mentioning it is therefore indicative of an insolent civil rights lazy bully's battle won, completely with an insatiable desire to make others think about their needs as violently as possible with it and of course experiences left behind of the under table of facts about wickedness people perform with respect to their greed. The US conundrum is not as complicated is considered from the point of what is actually truth i.e. that the U.S. has been the biggest economic vandal in the last decade but now the landscape of the global economy has completely changed too and so has the attitude of the American government gone from managing competition with China at the Economic front and Political influence with Russia on the diplomatic front, to claims that everything anybody else does with respect to Economy administration is directly linked with usurping things that US Governments should do, when in actual fact they have recently preferred State Sponsored health care instead of Trust managed health dispensation for those who cannot afford it, bearing in mind the nature of the Country; hence less power for law enforcement and less security in the ownership of personal and private property. With respect to China on the other hand is the issue of what a Superpower is, which of course simply a name attributed to the Countries that had to decide what kind of a world that will want to live in after the second world (global) war; what we have in China is same as we have in Russia with respect to economy i.e. an economy run by the state with its own frontiers not opportunities for the creation of a superpower. The end product therefore with respect to the commercial decision is a tendency for me to take my Office systems out for maintenance and the resulting effect being of course that some people have access to the contents of my Office Library and personal Library and will certainly (especially along the lines of evils that never sleep so I might have to deal with a Satanist all the time with their media), show themselves on media to have done so. I am very well aware of destructive dangers that never sleep on Media run by men and the basis on which it is founded being that nobody understands what I am doing or what kind of business this is because it has never been done before and hence they have bastardised it and made a mess of it and I am now in a place where I will be better off packing it up - it is utter nonsense too since in reality it is all based on the notion the general public is so stupid they do not know what Royal Property Equity, or general property equity is, so that the men and their Politicians are so clever that they know what all these things are, all the way to legal equity and social equity, so that once it is clear nobody but them know what the value of the property of this company and more so of this website is, then they will deploy it and be rich using media, which makes me want to get somebody to do something about them foolish British Men especially for me but apparently its all just media and nothing else. The challenge is of course to end a process where they can have discussions about the properties of this company especially those displayed on this site for the customer which is something they have gotten used to doing and will cause them a lot of pain and distress to detach them from which will also be a good thing to do as well, with respect to this I implore customers to bear with me. I have never protested against or attacked the Asians and Clubbing and Partying and making a killing and driving super cars story, the reality is that they sing the Intellectual property of my company and ravage my book sales everyday to get by and make noise that please their girls regularly with it and if they do not do that they will be alright, it cannot continue as it stands and I have never before rubber stamped or approved anything they do which actions suggest each time I warn them about their activities and it is much the same with the other idiots on the left as well. Typical sensibility is that they want to be famous but wrecking my finances is not a good reputation so we will find out how big their dirty mouth really stretches as well, provided they continue to hang around my books and continue to remain as stubborn as they are. I know people sometimes think it is okay for them to do the Pimping and I have had enough of it for my part as well and will not tolerate any of it anymore and they need to stay off my company and my books to avoid any further trouble as it were. They normally want to know the length and width of my threats and this is it; reality is that the Queen is leader of the Common Wealth and I do not like them in anyway the truth is that it is not how to make a living first of all and it is not that they do not know that people are aware the only form of orientation they want to have with others is a violent wickedness each time they see people that ends in fame for them that will never happen while I am around and hence can continue to be made up and will disappear as well provided it continues to wind me up too. That big mouth and violent insults and especially getting on media to throw around arguments at me, claiming I am mentally ill when they know they all want to attack and harm me and then they do it and cover it with a media story - the Bus Drivers are having a go and the Car drivers as well and every scum including Football idiots that cannot shut their gob looking for self improvements for their stupid families as well, so that each time I set out my products, somebody uses it to serve themselves and it is much the same with all I own and even my personality, so that when you hear them complain you think it will be the end of the world soon when there will be no such thing: This is the length and Width of my threats and warnings. Always such a hand full apparently; retarded violent idiots and their foolish lucky women. The story of how I am responsible for their actions is a familiar one, I mean regardless of Mr Sunshades who is really stubborn about his plans to earn money from my purse from Africa and really likes things like real estate business for example, there is an example in the form of the Working Court, where while they claim I have located peoples wives and peoples employees and used them and the fact they appear on TV to my own ends and pat them a very well done on the back so to speak, the reality is that I have been sleeping with these women for some years now on TV while their community idiots claim I am mad and detach me from the gospel as well as a job on grounds I am controllable if I am penniless using the same media but it gets worse because I have been stealing the beauties of these women to get rich with too and it gets even worse as well because these women have been forced into societies they own where they plan how to pay off big mortgages with my income and book sales, where they never ever rise above the wasted girl status, now they have been released by the employers on media of course to make sure that I am sexually wasted as well otherwise there will be a war half the story told because the other half is that of the fact the world that these women belong to i.e. me and the fact we are kindred is a good place to be and that does not sit well with a big mouth. In the end reality is that I have made my money they love to ravage in the cleanest way known to man, gotten a royal estate from it, a title that will go down in history for it, still alive and kicking and performing day to day tasks of serving a Government and the ego and vanity of industry idiots and business buffoons and Company scum has kicked in and there must be an outcome - remarkable after all those insults and boasting as it were in the first place around my Assets of Temperamental Colours, now they are convinced I need to let them have financial advantages over me as though we are talking about their own finances and it will not end well as well. I mean their stupid customers have jumped onto my income every day for the last 12 years in order to do politics and fame and importance and get on Television, especially for the women and I will tolerate none of it anymore, especially for their Pop stars concerning whom they need to wait for them to sing their own so they can buy the CDs and not wind me up doing otherwise one more time, I have had enough of them and am not bluffing especially over those insolent media appearance challenges of theirs and enough is enough, no joking (in retrospect this is the kind of competition they want and understand and it is important they get off my books and keep their foul insults and media appearances for it to themselves so it does not become any worse than it already is).

I. Uno I

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland