I hear the talk all of the time of how my life is in danger; I could never understand what does put it in danger      and why those who are useless enough to be made to depart this world so human beings can exist are not in such mortal danger either – what we all know being that Politicians support their whims because it is assumed they will not make idiots financially well off in the lands of opportunity and get about expressing stupid insults they cannot really back up thereafter for it too. It has always been a matter of the fact they are seriously useless people who make it a point to get involved with people’s lives, call a crowd and set out reasons they think they deserve the property of those they assault in such ways but of which one must keep one’s self away from copying behaviour such as sexual assault and so on – reference to which nobody knows why they are so fond of claiming I sleep with peoples wives, then have such trouble working out what they want to do when I show them I might but that they could have done anything about it only if I wanted them to; all this talk of my life being is danger is because I am spending time with my finances at present therefore it should be noted and if this time period of doing runs out while their stupidities are still here there is going to be fresh trouble for it too. as for the things I do to provoke people; it’s largely a matter first of all of celebrity meaning a process of getting to know somebody in the military or secret service who cleans up the mess I make by using my Royal order to kill people, in order to spend my public life and property on themselves and so if they and the terrorists have access to it and kill each other off I will get some peace of mind as well and yet I do get told this is an assumption on my part that it is safer to work outside of State provided security but so do people have to see that this has gone on long enough  especially concerning the Americans – the other part is an actions I take because I am in charge and they are not; so they need to keep off my finances and my Books and my Body and go be off my league while cracked somewhere else, otherwise it is a case of seeing that somebody had tools and facility to rule them properly if he wanted to and getting off to mess around with him looking for privileges of injustice and damage is not competition either. 

Of course the question does come through a bit as such, as per what I suppose the problem is - whereas there is none; only the same old tale of Media People and Popularity people and get rich quick people wanting to see religious people scream their needs on the streets and beg for money, while people pick holes in their belief system to feel convenience and secure a sense they can be successful with plans to get rich if they tried. So what their Politicians do for them is rip up peoples finances and keep it up to a stage where One spends so much time on it that one does not have time to pay attention to what they are doing around me and the result becomes a condition where they have built up enough of that nonsense to tell me they want me to move over to the left while they move into my right hand to feel comfortable and blow off their big mouth about some new found right that will be defended with a sense of mortal danger.

The blabbing is never uncommon that if people do provoke them, I being the object of affection will get into trouble but they know where I live and where I work and that their idea of what people are doing when they make money or get rich is to ensure others are unable to be selfish and the loss they suffer will be the gain that those who get rich make and they have never been prevented from showing up anywhere to blab where it really matters too.

I do not believe the matter to be a crisis; mostly it’s a case of the fact that they are in love with their ruffian image and their bullying because they have this theory they love to display on Media as one of their poorer idiots stupidities to rival the rich idiots ones, which is largely meant to make them rich  but have a problem working on it all together like the Civil rights idiots problem they have with everything else all round. My point is that it sets me out as this character that likes to play around with Politicians and get himself all torn up etc whereas there is no link with such a thing and this Company, meaning a solution could lie in an action taken to ensure everybody finds out amidst all the public place insults, which are the real Bums; hence it thus tend to constitute a game I want to indulge all of the time as well - long before it translates into Fashion and into sucking up to People’s Money and perverted Media leadership in other aspects, for the purpose of hurting others.

I. Uno I

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland