I have been told that I never actually talk about these matters like it really is i.e. that I introduced myself to people as Royalty and they have been targeting me to grab all I have since, while reality is that they have been doing it the entire time i.e. ideas on what my personality and Public image should be used for, National Politics on what they would do if it belonged to them, it has even now produced Brexit black people who were here first but the difficult bits is when they follow me around committing crimes everywhere I go. It cannot be that difficult to understand that I set out a Bookshop for my Books and reading it was the way to make use of the shop, what these goons have found easier instead is to establish relations with my Publishers which leaves me with years of disruption and misery and an outcome where the Publisher runs a Business and they must show up only to do business Ė the result of years of insults they claimed is what their Civil rights allowed. They say the result here is that they have had me wrapped round their little finger to handle as they pleased and it is utter nonsense Ė what happens is the usual process of showing up with very abusive and insulting nonsense that put people behind bars because people reacted to it by committing crimes, while the whites are rather good at forgetting their place to claim I will end up in difficulty if I said I was Royalty, very good at making a mess and then claiming those who want them to clear it out had instigated a war because they were famous, the Americans being rather good at gathering influence to facilitate how criminals can support people who are chasing money in the fame Industry, the purpose being to test how I am likely to react when people planned a life on my wallet and to set about devising counter measures Ė the putting me in a box bits is their stupidities ranging from foolish women who wreck the academic work following me around with it because they can never have enough and teaching their equally silly Children to do the same, holding down Jobs and building their communities of bottom feeders who jump up my arse for fun every time, leaving little choice but outcomes where I faced it down as well bearing in mind my mum is pretty much the same thing and I have lived with her all my life, to the part where their Public and Political leaders supported it to claim its civil rights and wealth equality issues, but now do not fancy people testing them to find how they are likely to respond by hitting back or committing crimes in order to plan a life on their wallets safely, wrecking everything in their lives for them. The Prince of Wales appears to be the One that insists he needs to build a Government with it and so I too need to ensure I donít feel like vomiting everything I have eaten because his goons were working social cohesion and Unity which then gives them more work to do, same story where you never take sides or else you end up taking everybodyís side and take no sides at all at the end. They do say itís my problem with the Royal Highness that constitutes the biggest issue but it isnít Ė this started in 2004 when HRH insisted he wanted to continue trying to build a Government with the help of gits who spend their time testing others to find out how people are likely to respond if others planned a life on their wallets and eventually it wrecked the academic work for me and tackled my mental health; since I have ended up with a reputation for being the go to character for the misogyny people need to practice on others if they want somebody to abandon a Career so they might get ahead and I have really had enough of them, especially the Muslim and Asian ones. They claim I have done something to provoke them to a point of no return due to the idiots on Media fooling around with the effects of their stupidities at my expense and I have not; what they do is send out their silly Children to get the imagination up my bum as they drive cars around insultingly demanding that I protect them while they grabbed my career and I have not yet found out what the new reason for me to be the person they go to whenever they want to get ahead of somebody is yet for the time being, I only know the Baby, Baby protect me while I grab your Public image or you will be homeless bits requires a response and they are not done complaining to Politicians about my attitude yet. The idea that I will never get out of it is the continued business of the misogyny of Media idiots which is what we are really dealing with here so far but for their own, I will and whatever is left of that stupid society will probably come with me on my way out as well Ė there isnít really enough disobedience in the world as such. I donít think it is a crisis as an issue; the first problem was mainly about my academic pursuits and their mental health suffered to a point where the Politicians were always being serenated with stories about my attitude, so this new one involving Celebrities that gets right down to my diet, is in their stupid opinion how to improve the situation but if we think about their social status, we can see they have nothing to lose in a real sense as such until it is given to them probably at my expense, which is how they hope to make an exit from this. The fact there are powers greater than mine backing them is precisely the reason they should try not to make it into a conversation; that I cannot get out of it will be their new career as a handful of comedians I suppose.

I am now told that it is the way I respond to people who monger power which causes the most reason for me to be hated but the effects is just the same as spending tax payer funds to wreck my finances and get me stuck in the Civil service so idiots may get accustomed to telling me what to do while I am on benefits Ė the bigger issue is still the question of who started first and whether we may get past that problem or not, if they were complaining about it, bearing in mind more so that they are not spending their own private funds on it. I mean an example is facing a community of criminal gits who say they donít see me face the same public and social problems as they do and therefore set about making trouble for me in order to get me responding to the world around me like they do and we still have not been able to explain the exact incentive that gets the media interested in helping them with this on a National media stage and they do say I ought to be afraid of them while all they know is the business of building up insults they get accustomed to over a period of years, just like we see them show up here to wreck my finances and academic work while relying on me to do nothing about it until their nepotism offered them an opportunity to work oppression that applies at my financial bottom lines and if I ask them to shut it down unless their bosses were paying for it, so I might take it up with their bosses instead, they say I need to shut down the intellectual property administration business that gets in the way of their get rich quick strategy which has nothing to do with the money that they did actually work, talking nonsense about my mental health, concerning which I am rather happy with the thousand and one communities that spend their time running me down naturally, unless it is the basis of a misogynistic media career that interrupts what I am actually doing to pay my way in the world, where the lies and truth are the same thing and they have known where my Books are located since 2009, like they knew where I attended University the first time their idiocy began Ė further enforcing the need to move it to a tit for tart kind of career management as well. Itís all very well blabbing and wishing I was afraid of their ability to build up insults and target those they think are unlikely to harm anybody but I am not afraid of them and the stupidities need to shut it down, especially when it thinks exploring if I have a capacity to hate as well is worthwhile. They do claim that whatever I try to justify, the statements I make concerning very powerful people in the armed services goes too far and itís not clear exactly what this means, as I am aware they go too far for a purpose Ė these guys are aware I am not involved in the Armed Forces, only caught up with a bunch of local idiots perpetually in a state of threatening vengeance because of my association with the Armed Services due to Royal Office and itís never clear what those endless cynicism are meant to accomplish, all we know is that they set out a stage for Men to hate women and for security to be built up for a bunch of incredibly stupid well of villains that they git have claimed are superior to me and more worthy to be involved with the Royal Family, while they do this, the work at the Armed Services becomes counterproductive, they have seen effects of this in general public living but have no wish to stop doing it, so itís my statements due to their stupidities dragging me to a stage that leaves me dropping out of University over and over again which has gone to fucking far as though it was never quite clear their foolishness was trying to kill someone. They do always boast that this is a matter of dragging me into the armed services as well, to ensure my work and property had been set out as a tool for making women and girls comfortable and one more blabbing on how this nonsense adds up to their civil rights and then they will kick it off again. The Americans are rather quite clear the main problem is the way that my intellectual property administration services plays into the hands of the devils they know which then affects their career, before then they were happy to complain about women while getting me stuck with feminists who want a man that will suffer for the rest of his life just to make sense of the way that penises treat women and for what I say about the way they should not be handling women, my career must be suspended until they had built a publicity for their own which ensured that I was never more important than their stupidities like we see them give their own to the frugal Ė now we are just thinking about Intellectual Property services where a Client does not want one to be provided and how those who provide it do not get to when that is case, then thinking about what kind of Client would deploy peoples intellectual property administration services without paying for it and how Liberal idiots get involved with such clients to blame those who provided the service for the way it has affected their career and then point out that it was pretty much the unacceptable way that the service set out what constitutes theft in terms of their plans and dreams to get rich and famous; so I think I have made myself clear on the matter, one more time I have to deal with their stupidities telling me I must get into a situation to be a real man while women got comfortable with my property and their stupidities will drag peoples career into all the wars in the world, to blow off that big mouth in public places while kicking it off all over again as it were. I understand people would like me to make the process where they had stopped handling my concerns easier for them and yes I understand that too: itís a Bookshop apparently and the fact I may have built a wealth equity structure around it that allows young people engage with industry property owners or just run off popular culture to support other young people and their parents does not make it any less of a Bookshop Officially at the Office Ė it is sickening and tiresome of idiots enjoying the misogyny of showing up here to spend all their time on my concerns while they had no respect for it, feeding more so into The Prince of Wales providing this leadership that suggests the main problem in the Country is people who have no regard for those who can do what they cannot, whereby the way it puts me at a disadvantage beats the imagination.

They claim I think HM supports what I do while this was not the case but I donít see that these gits know anything about what HM does with me to make the decisions like we see them do all the time and the number of times they have in the last week alone, made HM decisions on my account with detrimental consequences to show cannot be counted already Ė adds to the other part where they say I am always untidy and it affects them adversely as well which is much the same as Celebrity idiots making a mess all the time to blow off the big mouth about a war when asked to tidy it up, saying if I walked into the City and introduced myself as Royalty I would get into trouble for it, every time they forget where their jobs and social class is located; so I am always untidy and wondering if it has not yet made it easier for their stupidities to stop bothering me. They always love to make those stupid statements that I am a threat to the Government due to my position on how the Heir to the Throne handles his concerns Ė the truth of it naturally was that if the Prince of Wales wanted to run the Government as a matter of an alliance with Celebrities, the rest of us will follow and see how it turned out not try to stop him, they are complaining about me for something that is not related to it even though their stupidities believe their completely insane selves to have worked it out and that it was a worthy use of my time; thus for my part, as long as I stop everything associated with Celebrities I donít want getting anywhere near my concerns, picking it to make show business products, which the Media can play at the precise time I have secured some stability for my concerns by removing them from it completely, so my whole life looks like straw they have lit with flames, and then got about making statements on all the bits they have done over the last 16 years or so, I should have the matter under control and stem every problems that Celebrities might create for me around here. They have maintained that they donít want access to me and my concerns to be stopped because their stupid hearts will bebroken especially the Americans and I think they can make me if they want to progress those low life insults they throw at an Arch Prince before they think twice about, a little bit further and find out how important they really are thereof, find out what the results will be. The crux of this matter is still the same as it had ever been; when they build communities that get the imagination up my bum and turn out to run me down because daddy character at fame and fortune business is not happy with my attitude, that stupid big mouth everywhere, is it largely the case that what is happening is a process where a group of people have decided what to do with other peopleís bodies while those who own the bodies have ideas about how none of those things should happen or is the smell being caused by the fact that somebody is lazy, a lay about and farts in public places? The lies are their own to tell but if they handle me over the smell issue, this business of expressing myself through their stupidities by acting like wild child all the time, will progress to the next level of denying their stupid selves everything with intent on trying to hurt them very seriously as well. One becomes complacent on the money matters because it usually highlights the cruel, twisted and corrupted world of men coming up with strange and nefarious plans on how other people should be handled all the time and the blacks can never stop putting the muscle into the bullying and abuses on the streets by setting their stupid selves out as character who got to whip my anus over my attitude with a big mouth while we know if the worst came to it, none here is afraid of them and we would be beating each other up with sticks in the suits we wore to get to the Office for the day but it is usually better to approach it in terms of the idiots wanting their victims to pay more attention to the racists, while their stupidities were the immediate threat as if they would do such a thing for others. I for my part need to continue the business of progressing it towards a tit for tart career protection process, which happens to be the only way that their stupidities can be made to listen to what others are saying to them as well. Some people say itís not perfectly fine to say that if the Prince of Wales wanted to run a Government with Celebrities the rest of us would follow it but on the ground that is precisely what will happen Ė the problem usually comes about when the Parliament has a problem with it, so it is usually the duty of the Head of State who sets out leadership and vision that the rest of us follow to find out if it clashes with Parliament or not and has nothing whatsoever to do with me, save the relationship with Celebrities gives them power to beat me down all day on media and run me down at society all the time, then stand up at the other end blowing off the big mouth at me too.

They say that trouble is brewing for me at the Monarchy and it isnít Ė itís a matter of how I should get about making a Public statement on Royal Family members continuing with a business of talking to the Media in a way that facilitates very stupid Celebrities showing up here to patent more of my life to their stupid names Ė especially in terms of the happy feud Royals. It feeds into the other part where they my confidence is at an all-time low and yes it should be when the academic work and finances were pillaged by Politicians to see if people can do whatever they like with me when I had no money, the same are now unable to handle the consequences of the civil service idiots building statements that make people important by doing so at Parliament and have in turn developed their own statement to suggest that I am responsible for looking into the matter and I now have to measure my self confidence in terms of the fact that I dither when it comes to attacking Celebrities if I needed to do so in order to secure my safety and wellbeing and the complacency gets worse when culture and society idiots have picked up the financial success bullying thing, which causes me to draft their stupidities in to buy me time until I decided what to do with the Celebrities, which I should have been able to do instantly without involving them, if my self-confidence was at 100%. The most problematic is the way they run the advertisement on Television and the radio waves pick out the music tracks and this has been going on like that since my return to the UK in 2001, making me smell at work all day long in order to force people to sell products via their nepotism and its stupid ideas about whom they are superior to, telling me there is nothing I can do about Celebrities which is all good, save the fact if they have between for instance 2012 and 2016 patented a part of my life to their names via show business products, what they then do with other show business products they have created is to beat people down while people are at work, following on from what their stupidities had gotten accustomed to when they got no responses for those breadwinner insults and how after 5 years I have now been left to look like a character that does not get paid when he does work over the publicity they run off for my Bookshop while their families are blissfully unaware of the nonsense I have to put up with each time they got to work but the one they have created from my life is their exit whenever they think they are in danger Ė so of course it is very stressful and causes the smell they say shows there is nothing I can do about them and itís a real dilemma to settle up on what I am supposed to do when telling them what they cannot play on the radio waves or comments they cannot make with respect to my person would add up to what they claimed was an abuse of their civil rights, while none of that was necessary if they had not set about ripping up my Bookshop and forging the alliance with society idiots that indicate they have found the right idiots that can take my career from me, which has taken the insults onto the bullying stage Ė the Hollywood gits being the ones who were most vicious with claims I have no respect for peoples civil rights, immediately giving way to facilitating a means by which to tell me they have their hands on my Royal Estate if I wanted to rip up their Celebrity culture as well and since their bottom hurt due to the fact these characters I do not respect have been tackling them as well because it was all criminal activity, I am the one who gets tackled to kiss it, which will end very well in my view as well. It all feeds into the misconceptions about Police work, where itís as simple as Police checking peoples jobs and when we last checked, we knew that it was not the Police that had the authority to check peoples jobs, hence those whose jobs are being checked by the Police have been engaged in a serious reason for this to have happened and every time that they got into danger with the Police it was largely a matter of Police facing personal threats from them while doing that but Obama has now successfully moved the part where Police checked jobs and made statements on it for the Community where it made me safe being eliminated by people from my race who are my brothers and sisters but I do not know what their names are, to a game of idiots who believe me to be a character they can bully and therefore want to handle all the time, while he had done next to nothing about racism in the USA where he lived and his people are still getting into trouble with the Police as a Community, talking nonsense about the existence of a person whose life must be used to save everybody. I do get told itís not just the Celebrities and yes itís not just the Celebrities, the others have gotten another misogynistic gimmick to play at my expense, that involves making my social media toxic and it generally leaves them in a condition where they are violent beggars that suffer the most when I do not get the Bookshop running and we are running Bookshop without money because they deter people from reading Books in order to get to that corner where we will hear them whimper for some reason.

The summary is a simple case of the fact that I have been moved into a condition where the Police checking the jobs people do does not help me feel safe anymore, cut off thereof by my brothers and sisters whose names I donít know, the Celebrities then stifle my Book sales for six years running off all sorts of nonsense on how I do not respect the civil rights of those who get into trouble with the Police as a Community and hung around somewhere immediately after issuing stupid threats at me all the time because their bottom hurt, which is what is going to end very well now as it were. They do say that I never talk about the oppression practiced at the Monarchy which is as clear as daylight Ė how they abuse and attack and become more and more important until they got close enough to the Monarchy to find out how people were fighting for their Celebrity lifestyle, as they spent time criticising the way other peopleís jobs affected the world; for the blacks however, I have been doing my best to keep my position without getting to compromised with matters as such, but I do feel as if there are few choices left now, save the part where everything that I am being relied upon to do will be done, in the face of their communities sending out twats to get imagination up my bum and run me down all the time, claiming the Daddies are unhappy with my attitude, when it kicks off, I believe black people and their communities will get the imagination off my bum the way they want as it were.

They claim I would do anything for money and yes I might have bought into it at some stage I suppose but if I am to make money by providing a service and getting paid for it, it is as clear as daylight that they are wrong. What really happens is that these people and their Celebrities and Media operatives and their children and their youth have a certain behaviour and I have now reached a stage where there are so few options that I have to face them down on the matter of smelling of what I ate while they ran around town talking nonsense of the ownership of my Public image and blabbing that I fart in Public places. So especially when we think of it is in terms of the fact that a Bookshop I had created has a purpose and they are the ones who handle it more than any other group but never do according to its purpose, then the fact that I am now fighting to preserve some bedrock causes associated with the Books I have written and the shop set up for it, which builds up the question of how much insolence exactly a person need to express at others to achieve such disposition, then it becomes quite clear when they hear me say I donít care what their situation will become and that they needed to keep away from the Books and stop following me around, they knew exactly what it meant. Personally, I donít know why they do it Ė they wrecked my academic work and passed exams in school before I did, so they got the dream jobs after all; however they spend most of their time getting hoodlums into the academic system to hang around looking like they exist to keep me out so I never finish mine, while people showed up to disobediently chase money around my public image and personal life i.e. they wrecked the academic work and got the jobs, so I cannot explain why they are still doing it but they have said that power sharing is a legitimate issue when they are not writhing in pain because their incompetence puts me on medication all the time. Itís still the same as ever Ė they need to keep away from the Books and stop following me around, shut down the stupid comments as we are clearly running out of alternative options save the part where I faced it down. They rather do prefer boasting that they are just small people who have successfully handled me but we know that between 2003 and 2011, those who could beat up would not stop lapping it and those who couldnít wouldnít stop hurting themselves and the reason was that I had gone and eliminated everything that people might gain from getting into a fight with or harming me Ė now they have found the new one their politicians built for them by wrecking the academic work to get me stuck in the job centre getting told what to do in order to build their stupid self-confidence, now played into society idiots that have the ability to take my career finding allies in Celebrities culture, hence the twats are off on a second run, the threats are back again with a big mouth. We now hear them speak of the powerful Royal Allies who really set me out as target for bullying Ė reality naturally is that they are always blabbing about vengeance against security services because of its association with me and vengeance on me because of my association with the security services and so when I handle such matters it plays into the duties of other Royals who handle municipal issues; I could never work how difficult they found it anyway Ė that she does not fancy people screwing with me or my concerns and showing up to work on her premises as very important security guards, is something that is too difficult for people to comply with and then they say that what they got from it will get me into trouble again as it were. Itís more like when we hear them complain all the time Ė it may know that it shares accommodation with me but invents a bullying activity to go with it too, soon enough it cannot beat me up but its stress levels go through the roof every time it sees me, so it wants to be able to issue threats every time it sees me where I live, as stupidly as possible. They claim I make a mess of everything and then I set about making sure others were to blame for it but itís now not clear exactly what I am meant to have made a mess of Ė clearly I have not made a mess of culture, I have not made a mess of Media, I am not made a mess of Politics, I have not made a mess of sport, they have just started showing some regard for my personal and thinking space since the last time they could do whatever they liked because if push came to shove, they would be better off.

The result naturally is that in every 24 hours 60% of my time is spent on this nonsense where the idiots get on Media to dream constantly of me having a bad reputation with no prospect of reprieve. What really happens instead is that I provide an Intellectual Property Administration service through my Bookshop and what we find I write in my Books are social, political and personal matters extricated from anomies I have exposed myself to and which I bind and sell as Books providing people with necessary equity Ė since these fools found it, the need to get close to the Royals in order to gain permission for the purpose of taking advantage of me has transformed the anomies I wrote in my Books into something that the Heir to the Throne has built his life and future on, as a matter of disrespect coming from this Office, so the general complaint is that I am capable of working Public instability as well. Apart from this, we find that it does nothing else with its time on Media save talking nonsense about getting its hand on my Royal Commission while clinging to my Public image on Media, about what it will do if I stopped it trying to get rich with my Public image and the fact it also knows where my Books are located as well; I have warned about the ideas on what to do with radio waves and TV Media to beat me down all day resulting in outcomes that add up to a tit for tart career protection regime that works between myself and their stupid selves but they believe that my financial capabilities being the main determinant of what I am capable of will likely have failed as compared to their own, so there is no need to comply with the business of staying away from my Books and shutting down the stupid Media comments, if they can push it one step further by issuing threats in order to continue with a big mouth. Hence I have assumed that a Bookshop has a purpose and they have seen that they are the only people handling the Bookshop for the purposes it was not built, while I have ended up fighting for the protection of associated causes due to their insults as well Ė so it cannot be that difficult, if people are complaining of the consequences of being stuck in a part of another personís livelihood after years of abusing it, where each time he failed to get the job done, they suffered the most and built him publicity for the job in that way, to keep off my Books and shut down the stupid Media comments that take up most of my day and detract from the Academic work and the Bookshop management of which the last time we checked neither two of these property 60% of my time every day is spent on this nonsense, blowing off that big mouth all over the place, looking for a response. I have been pushed towards pointing out the fundamental reasons they do this but what people must recognise is that it will be the part where we talk about a Hermit on one hand and Media idiots on the other, with Media idiots spending all day working out insulting and very abusive ways of handling him in a hope that people who want to spend money on decadence and social corruption will become interested and thereby make them rich and we have seen the same stupidities exhibited by the Celebrities who erect show business products around the operation of my Bookshop as the safe sort of products they put out to get them off trouble when they had spent the day beating down other people at the work place, which Industry trouble makers spend money on, thereby allowing them look like they had grabbed my career but only achieving this process of discourse on the fact people are usually worried about criminals getting involved and putting labels on others which suggest their victims were the people through whom others may stay away from crime because of what they were being used for, leaving such persons to look like characters who hang around somewhere showing mercy until it becomes a habit while they did whatever they wanted Ė but as we can see, once the public threats are cleared off, it is the Media and the Celebrities and the good looking twats we should be worried about.

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