So we hear those tales ever so frequently that I play around with the spirit of the USA which is utter rubbish – it’s the Spirit of my Royal order we see Americans play around with all the time; the interesting fact is that the Military personnel do not say such things, it’s the secret service idiots who have been spying on me and selling what they find of me playing video games on my computer that have been doing so, along with their media fools naturally – we know it’s the same idiots that organise socialites to raid peoples warehouses at the market place and make money by being stupid in that way. What happens is that video games industry people make use of what they know about me and my behaviour and fighting ability to make games whenever they think that some service personnel might become a problem when they return from service and these days some of them have been making enemies all together because of the number of young people who deploy a Royal order to play games and start to brag about their ability to handle weapons by it – so they needed to know what will likely happen is that they will face a combat situation and then happen to forget what they were actually trained to do while somebody else’s Royal order is in their possession unauthorised and they want to kill their enemy with it, so if it annoys them in video game world they should image what wonders it will do for them in a combat situation and hence a certain behaviour can be corrected in that way. It’s like the other story where the media and celebrity fools have become really fond of winding me up to build that aspect of my character up as the thing they want most people to pay attention to for the purpose of sex they will get pleasure from and some other despicable job they have for me, which goes well if I have not mentioned that when compared and contrasted with the fact that it is actually your good personality which everybody is talking about that is not being paid attention to because it is the one that brings you jobs and contracts and the means by which to stand up and be counted in society – so there is that tendency to think that this is a problem that ca go on forever while in my view it actually does not matter if they did exist or not since you become proactive with very stupid and useless people if you attend Church in a regular basis and become reactive to them when you do not. It’s like when they say I am being made to work many times as hard for what others are having easily and it’s that old story where they never talk about their own stupid lives when talking about problems and when solving them have to use other people’s lives to do the experiments - so that it is the White Community with a Queen that gave me an Estate in my absence that makes me work many times as hard for what people are getting easily instead; I do not think it is a problem either - same old case of the question of whether people feel grafted and I have got the solution for it and how they will have that solution in hell, especially bearing in mind how they ended up being grafted too being as irresponsible as they are, how I am therefore supposed to give up the position of being such a high genius. I am wondering if it is news to anybody that these goons regularly turn people against their own families over some rejection and that sometimes it is fatal, only for them to get around boasting about indications of what problems any who thinks of being a better or superior human being to them have to deal with - whatever on Earth would make them think there are those who look upon them as normal human beings and whatever would make them count me among.

Of course it is not true that I am having a difficult time since I started a war with them, feeling the power from my enemies – I never started a war with them, they appointed themselves to a greed based abusive persecution of me and so the best way to handle the ways in which they have decided to secure attention for their spiritual wickedness is still the same as ever i.e. make those stupid cultures and societies famous to get them chasing their future and moving into my right hand less and then support Industry people at those routines that mean they are being educated about the fact it is happiness that brings about the sales and the riches and tends to happen all of the time – it means people have job stability and they are kept out of people’s backyards too. The case where I do not have this problem under control and love to give people a false sense of security would be the one where I actually do because I am not so sure letting them make any economic decisions beyond just buying and selling is actually a good thing; we even saw it during the recession whereby economic crisis generally means they have found out new facts about the way rich people live to play stupid games with – the easier decisions with respect to me for them have always been when the Arch Prince does not wish to tolerate any further a process where they show up around his Books and Public image like it belonged to them – this is meant to lead towards the difficult decisions as considering there is no compliance whatsoever led by Media and Politicians and local community insults led by their silly women.  They always say I do not recognise their leadership but they are doing great and important things, which I guess is great and important a National Media careers and Political nonsense that is all run where community croons are looking after income proceeds of their criminal children and relatives, run on the basis of a lack of respect for peoples leadership when such people are counted among those who actually know what they are doing and because the idiots expect such people to get off and live their dreams we end up with a two bit problem managed by threats that show the whole business of careers near crime and criminality was so they can have violent militia muscle to grab property with if they wanted, cannot keep off government buildings and turn up on the streets for it. I mean I do not mind attention paid to all I do alongside the imitating mockery that show up all over their stupid media either – when I return to an academic institution and they follow me around we will end up seeing them learn lessons they will never forget too, besides which I did mention I was going to put a handle on It so I might determine exactly what to do when they want privileges of oppression and handle my work and my property to tell lies on public places for it by all the time and that is precisely what I have done, hence I know exactly what to do every time it happens. Sad decision keeping Politicians and Media fools targeting you to wreck your finances and claiming it is fun that brings about the happiness which makes it possible to sell things and seek money, power and connections by, not necessarily a decision I cannot reach (what is impossible you deny no matter how many lies they tell is what the account Books say they have been doing all along). Of course they do hate my guts but the Politicians and the Media have never once explained why wickedness they claim to practice in order to get by in an tough and evil world is always targeted at me; we only hear I do not wish it to constitute the reasons I am fighting for my life in the neighbourhoods but we have never really got an answer for it - so it’s a lot to deal with and a matter of the decision to grab the media and politics by the scruff and ensure the fun vandalism stops by doing so, following from making that culture and society famous so they might have one ambition in life which is to move into my right hand and chase their own lives a s a result of it too.

I. Uno I

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