They do claim that there was trouble and social imbalance everywhere which was attributable to me, it is naturally utter nonsense, the social problems would likely have emerged for instance from their need to fight my wars and brag about it if ever they did or not but they would never stop; so I have to say that it really does come down to my views of it as well, as per it go carry on to any extent that it likes but it is not as if I am vulnerable to stupid men on the roads getting to work 4-7am and back from work 5-8pm, of which it does appear when you fuck them as well, they got to spend more money and liked to assume they can handle me all the time. Just a matter of the insults that set me out as a big softie for their stupidities getting completely out of hand. The other issue raised is one where there was a lot of uncertainty surrounding my work and the way the economy was affected, which there isn’t – I am working intellectual property administration and there are CEOs, managers and companies in ideological neutral zones, even communist territories, who need the services than people acknowledge – so the communist admirers were up in arms on what they claim is the way I had encroached on their territory but then again, I have suffered most of the attacks and abuses from Germans and Italians, who will win a fight that exists in their heads, once they made good a business of sharing my privacy with YMCA and the boys from the streets, to build communities that fingered my bum. So the way it works as a matter of getting back to the benchmark of what was our best accomplishment as an economy i.e. a place where people felt their assets were safe, people preferred to educate their well behaved children and companies were willing to move their HQ; I have built this system that allows employers to put them and their narcissism to work on the marketing front and new arrangements have come through where brokers and Clients set out that each time they were asked to or made to do something which attacked or damaged my interests, it was the beginning of the end for their contracts or they were set to get sacked (I mean as in when Politicians ask about the way we are doing it). The tale that a bad outcome awaited me was utter nonsense as well; their social status and neighbourhoods were the ones that were so bad that corrupt Police Officers were rehabilitated in it and whilst they clung to my finances and continues to make a mess of my academic pursuits and career, none had ever consigned them to the fringe society itself, needs to put its mouth in check, I am hoping they were bluffing as chances are that I will stop it very badly – they speak of what other people say on my behalf but continued to make out the way I ran my finances on a low key because building wealth would create problems and not having any would create problems and they would have been the people working those problems either way, was the best way to find a partner and build personal wealth in a matrimonial setting, they had since set it out as a matter of my personal life being the means to sort out their financial problems, so it was construed I am the person doing something wrong as this did not defy and provoke state provided security, besides the fact they were clearly talking about their own lives. It does come forth to say the whole sordid business was a product of my interest in women, which is utter nonsense as the reality had always been one of assisting a female colleague as it is likely to be many times as bad for her, if I were facing complications, I can always hide it from the tin can feminists but so should I hide from tin can feminists forever – we know that the vicious stupidities of running off so much abuses that they broke up personal relationship interests and hung about the radio waves especially berating me to sell products on my public life, turns into a very vicious gimmick on it, which suggests I had a choice to become a man who suffered all the things that happened to women over the past 200 years or I had to stand by and watch my colleague suffer – it is too much naturally, just as it is said that I had actually pulled off the process of setting the tin can feminists a high way to activities that will assist public security operatives when they bothered others in such ways.


For the time being it seems that the most difficult part was the part where it can stop running it off at me during working Hours and could always stayaway from my Books. In retrospect they have been putting the Politicians to their fools errands as well, so the process of showing up from Government buildings to ensure the abuses became as bad as it could get did pay off, hence these conversation as controversy about me was likely to bring about market success from a career that belonged to them last we checked, to say the least (it is otherwise entirely normal; dislikes me when I am strong and when I am weak, when I am involved with society gits and when I am not, reality is that it had ruined its own life with personal decisions and the force that drives it to handle me was greater than the one that drives me to preserve myself). The idea behind doing damage to my Bookshop seemed to be that whether or not I had it, I will be running my Business as a tool for getting handouts from a bunch of idiots who decided how I should be used, the famous twats at the heart of it had since decided their careers were at a point where none could do damage to it and I think there is now a serious issue on the way they engaged with the public, regardless of their entire careers relying on it. We have never really had an explanation for the interest in me, I mean as per if I had to explain the fact that their activities were nothing unusual, aside from damage to my academic pursuits and career, the real interest in my finances which began in 2012 and manifested publicly from 2017 when their cowardly stupidities thought they had at a stage done enough damage, what we are here doing is gimmicks associated with tough talking on my part while I had no real power to back it up, while they showed up here leaving family and friends to do so, fooling around with my concerns to such an extent they could say that it was possible to shut down my Bookshop market from a different location. It is difficult to make sense of a degree of insolence that puts people on a pedestal where such nonsense was possible but I am no longer interested in exploring their gimmicks at this stage. It is in retrospect nothing but the gimmicks they performed at other peoples expense, to make their own money, the type we think we can trace back to GCSEs and then we would be done but it goes further back but we all left school at some stage and it needed to stop handling my concerns, needed to stop handling my Estate, telling lies and deciding how the public used it etc, it has been their stupidities everywhere since I left school for my part as well, at the civil services where my civic and work place duties were being accounted for, at the broadcasting communities, at the markets and at Government, it will need to spend time with its own family and friends, ruin the careers and finances there, to make stupid statements on Media or I will show that I am on the contrary a realist.


The idea peddled at this stage being that I had become a character that had little discretion and no respect for others. I could never tell myself anyway, I know however I am told the stupid community was not a threat and something I should cherish but none has explained the real purpose of it existing to rip up my career so the idiots could finger my bum, essentially, now that we are clear that neither of us like the consequences of damage done to my career and finances and the insults on their part, I cannot understand why it is that the part where they got to stop handling me, if the complains were lodged every day, did not serve the most sensible choice. On the other hand it is impossible to say there is a grain of fact attached to any suggestion that I had taken up a series of personal decisions which created a public place impact that meant I had no respect or regard for others, hence it is utter nonsense but the point about a bunch of idiots handling me while complaining still stands. The Celebrities fit into the picture as per they were so entitled to handle me and I was meant to suffer the consequences of their personal decisions until people around them saw them in a different light, such that when they damaged my career, I was supposed to make an exception to accommodate their insanity, with a consequence that meant their mentally ill money mad twats were hardwired to see me without my clothes on until I committed a crime, unless I got to attack the famous and secured acceptable results from doing so; the process has now begun from the point that each time they engaged with the public, my Bookshop stalled, no matter what I did with Clients I formed a partnership with, the problem being that they engaged with the public for a living and we therefore had to chose, the details being that it was some perverted process of the broadcasting community engaging with my career as a matter of the involvement of their industry twats and my Bookshop actually belongs to me not them, never mind the part where to look like they were young millionaires who listened to the male population, they had to take over the Households, yet it is me suffering the bottom chasing insults and the abdominal discomfort, since the last time they decided to operate completely devoid of ethics. The rest were the usual case of civil rights idiots with gimmicks to play up where they denied they were using a power on other people and it was about a process of abusing people to get rich, which when traced back we think we will stop digging at the GCSEs but it goes further back to first grade at least, it had a view of other people which meant that the victims had to suffer the consequences of their personal decisions until their lives were changed for the better but although the stupidities had not a foggiest clue what it was doing, it was also in charge, when not dead yet. The gimmick behind this nonsense is that it was a matter of things I had done which were worthy of punishment but the only two deeds here are that I dropped out of University over their interest in my personality and have not been free of their stupidities picking off my career for 18 years, during which time they have seen me on a bad day as well and want to be free of the things I have done to ensure they felt they were at liberty to keep handling me - so were are now at the point where it conducted public engagement for its career and my Bookshop stalled, so it bombarded social services with information that I am working benefit fraud, social services spent money to investigate it and came up with nothing but the tip off reports remain never the less, to say getting support from social services was bad for me and they do not own my Bookshop, hence it should not stall whenever they worked their stupid career. It is all being performed in public, so unless the population were going to lie about it until they hurt themselves, at some stage they would decide these gits needed to get lost, what they have done as such which is the reason I had taken action, is decide that I am an Arch Prince, upon their say so, at the same time, a bunch of gits share my privacy with hoodlums and street criminals when I rent spaces from them, because I am a writer and their part in the matter concerned what they wanted to spend on themselves, so the new lifestyle was that whenever they engaged with the public my Bookshop stalled.

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