Welcome to Tunnel Light Books and Holdings Limited World of Private Equity Adventures in Intellectual Property Administration and Company Property Equity brokerage. This is UK Arch Prince's Royal Estate Equity release and Equity Sale Firm. Providing a sale item products that are created for the Company, which offer some Packaged Equities and Securities developed by means of a Legal Career, which provide part ownership of specific securities Owned of held for HH the Arch Prince in Trust by Businesses and Companies and Industries all over the world. In many ways these products offers on the skill of the Prince, an Intellectual Property Administration service, through and in the form of our books - which are created to service HH the Arch Prince's Properties developed and especially from Publicity gained as a result of Creativity and Creative Equity Brokerage with and for Industries affiliates which also Create Products for the Global Markets. 


Obvious at this stage, it should be expressed, that those who have a sense of self importance have been considered but a daring and insulting vandalism is not a matter that is taken into account when any activity has been carried out by anybody around either The Domestic and or Global operations of the company, which had resulted in either real or made up change via media altering the feel and atmosphere or expressively feel of any Business that the Firm engages in - brokerages and or Products or in deed change the health of the CEO, made up or not - it is an apparent Equity property destruction contrary to such excuses as may have been made and will not go unpunished and or very well paid for. This is not essentially a difficult matter; reality is that One brokers temperamental, creative and property equity with companies and Industries and Individuals as affiliated, as long as people do not act in a way which changes the feel of atmosphere of any of the property or jump on it essentially to do anything, then there would be no reason for a consideration in the manner of problems and for this persons should not expect any but when they do, never assume there will be none. As applicable to some Politicians and vanities of Public office thereof, it is largely a matter of madness as the idea One is where the people and the crowd are, while they are where the leadership and power is, which is seen as public activity but will clearly only not be viewed as vandalism if it does not apply to the Company Property or Business, more so as their personal lives are to be lived on the Company trading business while One's personal life is lived personally, regarded as profitable, funny and self gratifying competition. The Predictable result of this being the natural idea created thus that all these things are up for debate whereas they are a personís property and Firm finances can therefore bottom out for the media to play around with. The advertisement industry disruptive-settlement therefore is largely a matter of the facts that advertisement for everything is concerned with creating a product not pillage Company income unless a reprisal is vehemently sought after. HH manages equities brokered and have since put them whenever He does under patent for the purpose, the result thereof being that the idea that it does not belong to him is created and run entirely by those who believe the Companies are supposed to be beyond One's league, not just because there can be many other reasons and excuses for being insulted and abused on public but also the need to therefore deserve anything they get for it too.

Of course throughout this site there are various Areas where my opinion of some Members of the British Royal Family and others in Europe is less than flattering; the reason for it is some fanaticism of regular delegation of duties of High Society and Office of State which are directed at me to society idiots who then make media and popular culture out of it. One is not uptight or suspicious of the world around him - itís a simple fact that when people feel that they want to perform a task where Private Equity that they have apparently got to develop Intellectual property administration for companies that have enlisted with them for it, they can always do such a task but turning out to help this company provide its own service in order to ensure they never buy the products no matter how much they need it means that no excuse from colonialism to uneven rights in society is good enough: The case that needed settling as a matter of liability for the firm is the matter of Media, Politicians and their societies and communities and the Celebrity world over matters of opportunity resources and assets:  Hence one is certain they can understand the grievance in the circumstances since without their behaviour running an Intellectual Property Administration Company would not seem unusual to the point in which its profit margins are affected by the fact that everybody wants to do it as well.

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