The prevalent question at parliament was one of complaints about these matters with respect to my condition, making people sick to the stomach and when I would be clear of my current state of crisis so I should explain it was something incredibly important that female Royals and Celebrities were doing, such that there had to be a way to take advantage of me whenever I was engaged with businesses during trading and economic cycles, such that they would say that they were spending my career and personal life to solve problems for poorer people, which will cause people to spend lose change on them for their status as well uncontrollably, some will become wealthy and then there will be credibility to it, I would be ruined and if they felt that the poor people were turning on them, they would spend more of my property and end up getting even richer whilst crushing me completely, always tended to view me in such a light naturally, once done, they tend to share these ideas and leave it for others to explore, hence recovery for me has been tough. However some effects are still that one hand the male goons who always tended to spend money on anything people did if it made me uncomfortable were now building narcissism platforms for seminars that helped the male population solve its problems but were still performing the same behaviour on me, same as the females who had no way to get involved with my affairs, although uninvited, without causing me personal and financial harm like when what I have described here was something only my wife was entitled to do i.e. spend my property helping poor people and if she felt that I turned against it and they got after her, spend more of it to escape which is only likely to make her even wealthier, even the part where I had a mistress which ensured stupid women like these did not take advantage of me, the asset and structures concerned were all over American television making money for a bunch of idiots who would never stop bashing the Bookshop but will not return my structures and assets to me either, claiming that they had become too wealthy to be afraid of me. I am told they have complained that I did the same things and yes I do, as it has been a 2 decade career mess here, solely due to their need to explore immoral society at my expense and put up practical jokes that crash my career and finances expressing skills by which they made something of themselves with it. We are now in a place where they need hand back my public image and structures or I will have to retrieve the finances by developing another which will be built on work I needed to do with respect to the way society cares for its most vulnerable, such that it will become a wealth equity designed specifically for the famous and the media socialites, at some stage we will build them products they cannot do without and use it to babysit them in order to get around with our own affairs, whilst I will be free of their need to read my Birth sign and pursue handling my public image to work a profile for themselves that makes them money and fame permanently, particularly so in terms of a public face for expressing the fact I have been a fan of their insults the whole time, since we were now living in a world where we abused people to get famous and I had done my best to give them the best of what it can produce - more so in terms of the way that goons whose support these activities can be attacked to help the famous feel comfortable as much as the famous can be attacked to tidy up the mess they make.

They do say they were happy that their stupidities got on my nerves and they were able to make it a sub culture that decided how they pursued their daily affairs, when not getting Politicians listening to their feelings about a response that they got but I am a hermit and spending time to think about popularity is not becoming of my position, the insults are activities they work in terms of a version of me that they built which does not take the facts about the real me into account. It gets on my nerves solely by means of wrecking career and finances which does not do its civil rights needs any favours, the probability of this nonsense stopping painfully and very badly, regardless of claims I am in league with communists which would not have mattered because I am in charge and they are not, is incredibly high and I am still waiting for the stupidities to cease trashing my public image and the Bookshop, to cease getting on my nerves, irrespective of whether they have been able to pull off the business of attacking communists to impress Americans each time they were selling bits of my career to get rich fast and feed their famous idiots addiction. It is never clear why it is that they worked me for obscurity issues constantly but were the same that showed up at academic institutions with an atmosphere of lasciviousness with which to get involved with peoples personal spaces uninvited and get imagination into the panties, cause people to smell and drop out of academic pursuits, same as the need to attack Communists was a matter of impressing Americans as part of a productivity drive but it relied solely on the destruction of my finances to make me an angry dog with a lip flapping on Media that suggested their stupidities issuing threats at me as well, have not yet annoyed themselves well enough to make a move for a physical attack, considering their main stupid priority for the time being was to get as famous as they could.

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