It is said that I am never honest about what is happening with me but there is nothing to be honest about. Since last I rented a space from a white person, they had a reason to hide CCTV and watch me all day, then knowing I will get out of bed to chase a day at spend all night chasing my bum, after that they made a case for the way I used my loo and decided that would set the stage for a need they had to lay claims of ownership to my social life and public image for popularity money reasons. Apparently, they idiots are convinced that this is how people maintained the jobs by which the rents were paid but it is the way that Celebrities and Media get on the bandwagon that is designed to trash people’s careers to make popularity more profitable, that had since set the stage for the business of increasing incentives to keep the unsavoury parts of my character away from them as well. It is not an unusual story, we see it all the time, producing those outcomes where the bailiffs are called in to collect maintenance for the Children after a divorce – I rent a space, but it needed to bang away at me all day, pinch my diet and share it with its criminal fame idiots, get criminals and hoodlums in touch with me, to make statements that I was living in its stupid House.

They claim I act as if I have lost and lost everything which is utter nonsense – the first time is where it should have ended i.e., they spent so much of their time, chasing my social life to get paid for being popular, that their popularity culture itself was permanently damaged. So, they have decided they had their backs to the wall, and I want to learn that none messes with the young people, a handful of incredibly entitled twats, who think it would not stand if it were said I was something that they could not have. It is all developing into that issue where state security attacks Celebrities, Celebrities attack fans of Government operatives and it turns out the truth was to do with what Government Operatives did to ensure that State security did what was dangerous work in a relatively safe environment, which had since become something Celebrities needed to get famous and to cover their backsides while they were at it, finishing off with their victims chasing their bum and needing Government support for it. They do say that it is far from over even so and yes, it is not – the hard time they are giving me is meant to make sense of what I will see when they churn out popularity music in about 5 years’ time but guess which side is complaining currently.

I do get told there is support for their behaviour in high places and it is all Royal in-laws making trouble to say the least – I do think about leaving the more difficult aspects of my duties to them but then they will make those stupid statements towards the Queen about how they will use my Office to get it done anyway; so I suppose it needs to continue messing about with Police work to such an extent it ended up with a foolish lifestyle, then continue to show up here handling market aspects of my Trust and thereby in come, to blow off that big mouth about being out of my league, it is going to stop alongside the matter of their stupid celebrities getting on a bandwagon to trash careers for popularity culture, the way that they wanted. They do claim that there is still a lot of Public support for the Princess Diana Legacy and of course there is because the Prince of Wales never married the one, he picked up from what he spent most of his time on properly, he had since chosen to marry another one as we can see but it still doing the same things – so they show up here to work with him with the one stupid career publicity that means local government implied that young people got to get ahead of me.

I. Uno I

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