They tell me these days I pretend I am the best friend of the Scots by making statements about the up coming referendum which suggests I am the only one who thinks it is more important than my own life. The specific point which bothers them is that I described the devolution that has taken place in the last couple of years as paper devolution.

For my part, the reason I would pretend to be best friend of the Scots is that the English donít get it. The meaning of paper devolution that is; which is that everything I own right down to the air I breathe belongs to the English with insolent and stupid wrong Publicities that I have no choice as to whether or not I walk into because they have Politicians and so if I do anything which suggests it does not, then it belongs to the Scots and the Welsh and the Northern Irish. These days they donít have to anymore because they have the American or the African one to do based on my skin colour etc and so to them the question is how many British Prime Ministers have come from Scotland or Wales or Northern Ireland 300 years before the first and second world war and how many have come from those three countries after the second world war, save Gordon Brown who got the office for a few years to complete Blairís trip without being Popularly elected? For me the issue is that when I make paper devolution clear to the English bearing in mind I can never travel to the other three countries in peace because they exit, by making a very extravagant book out of it to earn a living with, it will become a bit more real.

Last we checked there was the need to regulate the media which I think is something celebrity culture idiots bring up because they hear others say it. I for my part find it impossible to understand how the most violent (until it goes horribly wrong for their big mouth) wrong Publicity career squandering scumbags could know about the evils of professional media when they are the Gods whose millions depend on wrong Publicity which I guess will continue until they fall really hard.

I mean with football players who sleep with women and mouth off about it, then take injunctions against the media. They must be feeling like gods as well these days bearing in mind that for me when they buy cars they come round to demand more respect from me so I get into really stupendously expensive problems with their stupid Politicians all the time all over Europe as well, when finished they know super injunctions designed to ensure media does not harass them and want privacy after the deal they make with media to wreck peoples lives bearing in mind they are already as I mentioned gods of wrong publicity because they make so much money from other people income because of it-which exposes how much I am worth and how weak I am at protecting it and will continue until I take steps to match as well I guess, bearing in mind as far as their Politicians are concerned just like the issue of my personal life being public property because of new democracies they want to have, this is not a job it is an idea and it sometimes winds them up because it steals their lime light and or wealth from their stupid countries; hence curtsy call from them happens all the time and always involves interrupting business to get around and interfere with everything seeking social power and they cannot see they are the problem the Global Economy has got, they have their own version of the right thing to do and no body elseís work is important.

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United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.