Here it is said that I am an example of people who pick up powerful position and set about abusing it but that would be the case if we eliminated a handful of idiots having built me publicity that suggested my career was good for gambling, as stupidly as they were raised and that it gets worse for me if they were sexually assaulted, had since graduated into a business of stifling Books I had written to serve a professional environment using popularity and Media. I do not as such consider myself responsible for any part of the consequences, but they have noted the fringe services of my intellectual property, so it is time to make war on famous people and popular idiots.

I am said to have made very little progress either way but this is not so, just more publicity being raised for activities performed by a handful of fools who had dreams of seeing me get into a fight with others because they had personality problems that needed to be rectified – the process involving a business of picking up my service processes to build something concerned me getting into a brawl with others, such that I lost and in which process I lost something important enough for their stupidities to make money by avoiding employment processes. The exit has been to inform them about the comments made for it and how it would add up to a business of avoiding trouble if they made it about their own careers, as I am also likely to ensure I did not appear to assume that rectifying problems created for a Bookshop is likely to make the Bookshop more successful while the idiots doing it were having fun by doing it, rather than start and end the day by wrecking at least 2 careers. They have since failed in every way imaginable, therefore all is now decided by means of handling my career while working a community that gets imagination around my private parts and spends time with media fools talking into me, to make a smell that will wreck my social life, from which they may recover what was never damaged in the immorality sewer they lived in, at my expense.

They do claim it is never clear why governments like to get around with pipsqueaks that are likely to talk a lot and disappoint often but the talking is a matter of when they pick up my civic duties to perform their stupidities and make a mess by, while the pipsqueak is a matter of the way people are not as afraid of them as they think, is the smaller people have devised a way to handle them safely in the past. I believe it is a very simple thing for people to do, to stop making stupid slighting comments about my concerns, wrecking my Bookshop, talking into me, and getting imagination up my bum as a tool for deciding what my financial wellbeing and the way that the public was meant to make use of me was, as stupidly as possible. Mostly, it is the insults they have gotten accustomed to and cannot decide what results will be if I had gotten accustomed to none of mine as well – this is not the way people run a life and when they think those insults had grown into threats, make it clear and take action when they believe their insanity had finally arrived at a point of no control, or accept there is nothing they can do about me and keep their hands to themselves.

It is suggested that I may be acting the way I do because of some misconception of what these people are really like but there is none here – the society ones are just as bad in the sense that they had to avoid doing what they are told at work, outcome being that they were always making deals with employers, who soon picked up their bottom chasing gimmicks, leaving them to turn up on the streets, make statements about my personality and develop insults that had become more important than the fact I am a writer to the Public, in order to make a way of using me to deal with the way employers chase the bottom. The others were the ones that showed up more often in the sense that they think they are a part of the Public I cannot control: their lives are built around decisions their stupidities had to make, the decisions made to rip up people’s lives and careers as a means of getting paid for being popular, employ somebody to keep an eye on the problem for them and rip up my career because what I wrote in my Books inadvertently contributed to solving the problem, over a hope mendacity of making me work the problem for them and then show up on media to run me down every day so that such a hope might be fulfilled. It is therefore not difficult for people to see they could never wreck my career and their need to decide what happened with my finances, which had since progressed to community developed insults about my tummy and anus that had since immobilised me had to come to an end, especially the part about talking into me and getting imagination up my anus because it will wreck my social life and improve prospects of their stupidities getting money for popularity on my public image – it needed to come to an end or the complain about me every hour is set to continue, to such a tune as when they believed their stupidities were made enough, made contact with me to follow on the foolish threats I have warned them about too; when it comes to it these idiots were gamblers – smaller corrupt families that get beaten up by bigger ones all the time and have not calculated what I am likely to get up to as well, their need to run around the world ripping up diplomatic assets in order to get me sucking up to Celebrities that solve their bigger problems when they trash people’s lives to get famous or build communities that get imagination up my bum to be successful at Market, is the last straw when it comes to tolerating their sense of entitlement, while their need to make comments on my career in order to keep up access is the part that will ensure it ended very badly too. The fault lines are still the same – it never stops making statements in public about controlling the Royal Office and my Books instead of minding its own business and like the stupid threats, I have warned them enough times about feeling good over their personal life decisions at my expense in this way too. They claim I had bitten off more than I can chew and it is utter nonsense as it involved a handful of idiots picking up my Books, cutting the public off from it to build publicity about controlling it and the way those who should have read it needed to understand it contained answers to problems they had faced all their lives and will be used to solve those problems, fail to pay for what they were getting, cling to applicable diplomatic relations at Government level which had nothing to do with it and make statements about me being their kids through whom they fulfilled their dreams otherwise such outcomes as dogs doing my job will be the result and set about making abusive comments about my personal and social life everyday – this was then followed up by another group of idiots who always wreck people’s lives to get paid for being popular and got about trashing diplomacy assets to get me sucking up to Celebrities that solve the biggest problems associated with this lifestyle for them, picking up all I did about it to pass off as another person’s career through media bubble and then turning out to make me acknowledge their stupid fame by issuing threats. The entire time of which I am so well buried in work that I end up with a sensibility that suggested they needed more education about the consequences of these activities, while they got to make me look more ridiculous by the day. From here they claim they needed access to equality while the equality issue was the one about which they hated me the most i.e. they have got more of that stuff where what I did to clear out problems created for me was passed off as another person’s career to help them get paid for being popular and needed to throw it at me until they ended up with new personality disorder, which then makes sense of the fact that one of the issues that explains very well, the reasons that this is deliberate acts of wickedness, was the fact that there was nobody showing up at the backyards of Celebrity homes to nudge famous idiots out of their homes, while they needed to maintain this nonsense by building communities that get imagination up my bum. Eventually they come out saying it’s not about fame but more about the fact that a low life like me was an Arch Prince which then brings to bear the fact they were utter scumbags and none knows how they worked out which of my sensibilities when I respond to being annoyed by them, added up to how I am likely to respond to civil duties, pinch it and display it as their own on media, to become stronger than their stupidities have ever been, which then decided what I am capable of. That said, the status is fine, the office is alright, my work is done to its best, but the money is not, which allows me to see better than most, when the idiots were unable to tell the difference between privilege and stealing and will never turn the clinging to my finances jugular so to speak endlessly, with foolish violent lasciviousness, on their own careers. The result of these is that when I stopped them from handling me, it will become more obvious they were not entitled to my career and that will be the day their real careers had begun, meaning that they dropped down to obscurity and it would probably get worse when they tried reading my Books to make me change this disposition, as the Books were written by the same person.

They always make those excuses that this was all about my Publishers being bad people and it is utter nonsense – what happens goes beyond the fact that although Celebrities were obsessed with making a mess of arrangements people had with their despicable producers, like in my case, removing public interest in my Books to confiscate it for the purpose of solving personal decision problems as stupidly as possible, we did not see people make a mess of the bits about the producers that worked the careers for the Celebrities. I am aware of a couple of issues on the matter even if my publishers were making the trouble i.e. my Publishers are aware I had written 4 Books but I have only finished one of the four, in a setting where even if they were making all the trouble, it was also in their interest that I sold the Books because of their commission, hence there is a sense I am planning to make money from the one Book and move my concerns elsewhere, all of which is caused by stupid German influence women linked to Celebrities, that want to write my Books as well: so the interference that suggest my Publishers were the problem is meant to be insulting and adds to driving forces that will ensure it ends very badly. The progress being a matter of engaging with my audience and not spend time working the business of Celebrities making a mess of the Books, about which we know it has been a battle as well because their idiots were off building dot com millionaire dreams at my expense on account I owned an online Bookshop again, now complaining about the risk of obscurity.

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