They claim I am set to keep all I have to myself with none else getting to share it and I would never understand why people show up here with a different interest apart from reading Books I have written, if it is a Bookshop, instead of breaching my Patents. The newest aspect of this nonsense naturally is the proposition if I took up everything I did and considering it was about Women, they made publicity for it to benefit them and became homosexual, they will get to keep it for themselves; while they have themselves made it quite clear they don’t like to lose money and do not like a wise arse. They speak so of the things I have done to damage their culture and society but none has yet told me what the appeal of dirty insults and small men who think that since they are low lives I want to talk to their penis over what I have got, issuing insulting threats at me because their communities are built on imagination that gets up my bum really is, none has informed me of what the appeal of me and my wife gimmicks abusing me all the time is meant to mean, the newest one that has not yet gotten a response is their stupid children playing games with my Public image and I am about to put it all together and become a very free person with the conveniences of their entire communities if I do not completely shred that stupid popular culture all together – so I have not yet been informed of what the appeal of this nonsense is. I am aware technically that since Liberal USA spends most of its time convincing the public through media money games I have also determined is not going anywhere as long as the vandalism of my patents and Books continue in their land of the free that is in their opinion free for crime and theft, is not heading in any useful direction any time soon, I am aware they spend all their time claiming I am mentally disturbed and technically this is meant to be the main appeal for the stupidities people exhibit around me but that said, they are yet to decide how many problems they hope to create by showing up here to make a mess instead of buying a Book. They do claim if I talk like that I will get into trouble and it reminds me of the hated aspects of my Books being what I said about their civil rights leaders who communicate through to me via Media anomies about how to share what I have in terms of my attitude. What happens is that their entire communities organise the daily concerns in a way which facilitates an imagination that gets up my bum and train their stupid children up to do it as well no matter how young, after which they send out the opinionated scum to run me down all the time – what the idiots forget being how to better manage their own home comforts and community privileges, which measures how much trouble I will get into as long as they keep assuming they can tell who I am and what I am capable of, hence find it impossible to keep the big mouths shut.

They speak of racism all the time but the last time we checked it, racism was never a black race identity problem, it really gets around and shows up here to issue threats; what we are looking at being I arrived in the UK, hey breath of fresh air, somewhere I can start all over again and it begins its gimmicks about the power it had over me in Africa being something that is now too valuable to give up, at the end of those gimmicks about its foolish culture deciding I cannot be left on my own, I am too broke in my late 30 to get a date and therefore still single, in the meantime the very thing that was punishable by making sure I am never on my own being that black people can travel to Europe and lose contact with their roots completely is what is happening all together because it is afraid if I make money I will contest local leadership and these are just the reasons I am aware of, if how stupid they are is to be disregarded. The Books I have written to offend them were written a year after I had dropped out of University, the academic work they botched as if their stupidities were paying the fees and we now know I am a tool for their self-expression in the sense that I belong on the left; it really pushes me off on an angle as I have never seen anything so stupid as people randomly claiming they are my parents and when I say they are not, I belonged on the left – I do have a middle finger and if I turned it upside down to ensure it was right for them, they will show up around my concerns to complain all the time as well but until then it’s a constant battle keeping my violent bits away from people this stupid. They do say there is a reason they hate my guts so much and yes there is; whilst it claims it’s my parent at random, the truth is that it’s a criminal and so anything I had gotten off doing with popular culture feeds into its criminal behaviour, I ended up taking steps to ensure the organised crime products were not cost effective and this is what they have been doing with the money they should have gotten into legitimate business with, having been the way I responded meant rehabilitation without getting caught by the Police.

They do say they will never keep away from my Books and I can understand but it leaves the question of whether they needed to prevent superiority on my part at the stage where Politicians spent tax payer funds on them to help them out with financial problems or if not showing up to make a mess of my Books, patents, public image, faith and personal life is going to be a matter that we will make a public case out of to express when I was being serious and when I wasn’t. Like the Part where they will not stop spreading news that I smell, even when they have been told it will earn them a response since it was rather clear they were responsible for abusive behaviour that caused the tummy issues and were keeping it up every day, what the idiots would rather talk about is how the way I talk will get me into trouble. They say nothing I have done is actually progressive but progressive will be when everybody could see this was all unnecessary if the business of claiming I think people know who I am but what happens on social media is fake, while it is a Published Books and people are already sharing the social media space with me as we speak, that would be progressive, as it would be the end of them making a mess here to make me into a vagabond while they became an Arch Prince as a Community of idiots, progressive would be if there were no other fools on Media making out what I say in such situations was sweet but they were spending it on themselves while making out what I say when I draw their stupid attention to the fact it still all hinges on the destruction of my academic work which eventually gave them results they sought by April 2007, it sounds like I have been talking gibberish.

They claim I am now the biggest existential threat they face and its utter rubbish – it’s still the question of what they find appealing in the way I respond to their insults and abuses; I thought Me and my Wife passing insults at me that will ensure a future where their children felt confident and superior, getting off to Buckingham Palace to do my stuff because of the consequences was rather serious, now I have to pair it up with their low lives making a mess of my public image, getting their imagination fingers up my bum and calling me out for a fight – while we can see what will become of a process where I did put the two together and launched a direct attack on their career and academic pursuits the way their stupidities tackles mine. They do boast that they can take whatever they want from me naturally which is utter nonsense – another example of why we should not be doing this at all; the reasons anybody in a sane mind will get off and build me a publicity that takes up a life of its own, which suggests that people can take whatever they like from what I own, even so while we know when it spies on me, anything it got would have been something I put its stupidities up to and each time it makes money from that prefers to start another fight. They then say I am making PM Boris Johnson’s right wing Prime Ministerial position look very good while the reality is that the Government must see the economic future might rely on what rich people say but matters such as negotiation with the EU and the Backstop will rely on what poor people say – in the end Government can do its work without robbing me of Privacy to carry on with mine like the previous ones did and now I may have enough time to tackle matters of botched University study and the subsequent disrespect I have shown to the civil rights leaders of a collection twats who show up at a Book shop to get involved with the Author and trader for other purposes.

I. Uno I

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland