Around this area the claim is that most of my activities were unbearably stupid but it is rather rich coming from people who have made a mess of my career over 6 years to 2021 and made it clear that I would have loved to move them on but didn’t because they were bigger than I am – what they are saying is therefore that they are not stupid people, just very annoying. I for my part however have reached this stage where it is clear that as long as they got to keep their salaries while they did, they would continue to live under the conviction that they had a license to do it and I need to take this license away from them.

They never fail to bring up those questions around the reasons they did it while everybody knew it was the result of somebody offering to collect my career for them to boost their career by and it did not matter to them if those persons were criminals. The question that I really need to answer now is whether I want to run my Office on a two part story of looking into the way I ensure criminals knew what I know, so I did not end up making so much sense of the way teachers keep people out of prisons by teaching people what was important at school, each time I needed to get to work – on the other hand sorting the problem of Celebrities allowing them to build a media presence for the idea that having known what I know, they had access to my career and could confiscate it to help Celebrities get famous, if I had failed to c0o-operate with their needs. I could run my Office like that, or I could spend more of my time on more important things, but I believe that this need they must shower me with insults, claim what I am doing is stupid and make comments about my career, is set to decide what I settle down with as it were.

The other part of this story is the claim that State provided security attacks them; what we know instead is the same process applied to me have been applied to State security operatives, where every occasion they see people in a dangerous situation during a job, results in a need to get criminals collecting the more savoury parts of peoples careers for them – from the intensity and frequency of bottom chasing issues, we can deduce that it had led to a loss of life. It is not as if I have not done the carrot and stick part in the matter, where their need to get involved can be rewarding if they took part in the wealth equity arrangements where we got to make such a fuss about public security matters, that the sheer sickening effects deters especially the more dangerous criminals from reaching out to their victims after serving time in prisons – what they usually do is show up to pick up the structures, never get the work done and spend time running me down to cling to my income because there was more prestige to it and after years of doing so, which happens to such an extent that the criminals would feel sorry for me, as soon as I have taken charge of the situation, they were back with a crowd that will make me do their bidding to work more financially profitable decadence. As I mentioned, I think that their need to make a mess of my career, shower me with insults and make comments that wreck my Bookshop sales, is set to decide how this is concluded.


 HH The Arch Prince and Royals 

Luxury goods makers Public,and Media appearance Equity, 

Products temperaments and Personal service Assets written out in functional aesthetics.




The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland is not Policing the world. The fact of the matter is that we in Europe are ahead of the United States of America that is responsible for 25% of the worlds GDP and there has got to be some somewhat an unhealthy politics that should see no progress in that regard and we are ahead of communists as well and the current recession needs leadership, while we have been lumbered by fools that got into government office at a time when social matters were more important and are the greatest nemesis of the economy even the global economy as we speak:  so whosoever wants to solve all of it for everybody has always been free to without having to wonder if the UK is policing the world and doing it on the cheap.

The fact on the ground however is that the Global Naval community is comprised of small counties and we therefore cannot support or indeed ignore the influx of immigration that will follow such leadership if we took it up, besides which I am the Golden King of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland: the living Template by which over 70% of the Planet's Royalties get a sense of governance for their people and was therefore chosen to deal with this problem of the UK having the best outlook for the future and therefore seeing signs of the curse of Nazi Germany-this is a problem I don't like people messing me over for  and I don't like people messing around with. 

For my part, The Queens Arch Prince, I The Golden King have been doing so far. 

  • I have worked with my people to contain migration because we are a small group of countries and such things are possible, which apparatus can be extended or shared.
  • I have carried out all the necessary spending to ensure that after the last wave of international quantitative easing whether or not politicians mess it up to get back at me, there was no or less of a cascade of global currency devaluation like I promised I would and since the currencies are safe, although politicians are doing their best to rip them apart, the markets are pretty safe in detailed terms.

However the Global Naval community do know the United States for its Big Apple and so we  must now support our Governments  and Businesses in taking up the economic leadership of the world, otherwise we are most likely to be in the current recession for a very long time because the United States of America cannot do it and Communists cannot do it either.


I should mention the matter at my Office to be the issue of social and Economic stability and the big issue is always that we do not know if the destructive trouble makers and their ideas about what their own brand or version of an economic crisis which those who need to deal with it and solve it need to b told and insulted and made to, are angry at me armed with their Publicity based violence that always tends to have international connections because I have ruined their cultures and they want to destroy my life and cause me intense suffering in order to have the right spirituality to rebuild them or that they are angry at and hate me intensely because I have stopped them from using my stuff to get rich and decadent instead of work for money on account they have cultures. 

For now their most trusted means of free and uncontrolled violence is marking people out on media as those who have money lots of it that is as well but is the kind of money that people can steal if they know how to work it. This kind of abuse of other peoples careers and jobs of which they have no known way of not feeling like doing it so that they can stop it whether or not they have recently climbed up on Public Television or found themselves behind the camera in an institution to which it is connected.

Naturally of which they have turned to their opportunistic fanaticism of communism bearing in mind they can get money from Government if they get connected to them offering them prerogatives from my office and work to get rich quick before I stop them. It does not however undo the matter of freedoms they have lost with those games that older men play with insolent young women and girls on other peoples lives, property income and finances especially when they are male so we do have a complete structure of stability. What is happening is just a problem communists and far eastern states of the world wish to create for themselves. My grand plan here is simply that of how they must always have me make available to them my personal life especially my faith and for women the physical aspects of their matrimony. So that they can peddle to get rich and famous, which when it is not forth coming leads to abuses and threats of violence, that will be permitted by Politicians from whom they seek obscene interests. However it appears that it is the process of securing themselves somebody older and maybe stronger than I am beside whom they can safely secure themselves to use my stuff to get rich and famous whether or not I like it, that has resulted in my decision to do something about it. What I have already done here it having been they had refused to move left because they can become terribly insolent, completely crush those cultures and install my Media cultures which are also really cultural and culture enough to fit. About which I will be expecting them to present those their things regularly and will be watching Pornography as well to see that I make sure they do. Of course they will never tell others it is this kind of attitude on my part that leads them to do the things they do. They always say it is wealth distribution and equality that is their main reason.

They might be cultural psychopaths but I am a Christian too, it is the least I can do.


There are currently no publications. 

The sense therefore that the Company and its owner need to be scared at all times of the existence of Top media bosses and top government officials they get around with is acceptable. The fact remains as such as it has always done, that they need to be informed of why they must stay away from every aspects of the business of this firm and the Employer of its CEO: The Queen of England. They seem to have a sense of disrespect for the work that goes on here that needs to be expressed by them on media for what does appear to be every second and they might have need therefore of the need to list which aspects they are being warned to stay away from, lest a process of standing over them with tears streaming down their eyes while they fix damages they have done, especially for their silly girls they give money to for the purpose, as there is means being developed at the firm to that effect and will be applied soon if this state of affairs is not changed by them i.e. the list of the social, diplomatic, Political and cultural aspects of the business of the firm and the work of its CEO to that effect; there is no need to be scared therefore of anything and more so all the time especially as declared on public media as such. It is hard to settle the means and process by which those activities take place as such even though it is clear and should be to everybody that choosing and setting out a scramble for parts of the work and income of this company and bidding for it like an auctions that its owner cannot control does damages.



I own my Global intellectual Space and property alone but I don't own it by myself because there are people in it: in this is settled in on the fact that Tyranny is a function of whether or not leaders want to do as they are told, not a function of incomprehensible social arguments when I settle in to work for the British Government serving the Church and the State at the diplomatic front. There is no such thing as publicity that can and will most likely make people vulnerable in communist countries, what I had done for people in communist countries is ensure that they are able to catch up with their governments because they are not evil people and do not get left behind because if they are, no body else will provide for them and their lives will be risked because they Fancy British virtues. The governments of Russia and China understand this perfectly and the government of North Korea seeks an unequal dispensation of politics in order to allow itself to be a part of it, hence I have no idea where trouble makers who grab women's future on the left and go about abusing people to get rich and famous think they mean by publicity that can risk the lives of people in my intellectual space in The East and thus can be used to blackmail me.

My work spans from the Far East of the world through Europe and The Middle East and the South Americas, I have women who work for media organisations and share their professionalism with me (My Court) hence this work is never lacking of daily publicity which is one of the most useful tools for the security of people in it. In this I keep and protect the future of the mosaics of democratic society and give support to democratic governance in my capacity as a British Arch Prince. This has created intellectual property of a global Nature for me since the year of our Lord 2002 and in this are opportunities for "Brits" who can work the system in: Hospitality-with the property of the Golden King and or Black diamond, The Gazelle (the things I do and exist around me as a function of what my friends and people scare me with and what I do to get people out of trouble), Travel-with the property of the Golden King and the Gazelle, Media-with the property of the Gazelle, Manufacturing especially Auto Manufacturing-with the property and colours of the Golden King: Blue to Match the feel of my Intellectual space and me-by those who are indicating my Princehood, Red (The Dark Lush Red created from the feel of my intellectual space and my personality and love)-used by women I could only marry for power (Royalty in charge of this Colour; Her Majesty the Queens Grand daughter Zara Philips - just relationship, not chsoen by The Monarch, Individuals who have on an occasion worked this Colour; Actress Jennifer Garner), Black-used by people who seek people management (used a lot by Automobile manufacturers for intellectual property broking and Individuals most individuals who do in Public are actresses and do for Political purposes), Gold (The Lush Yellow Gold)-used by those operating at the highest levels of Hospitality and Financial Business. The Feminine Industrial Colours will Include the Popular Dark Red and Pink used by Feminine Industries and Traders and other Miscellaneous colours they develop from my Royal Temperament and Estate Duchy just like all the others.

The Politics surrounding the use of my Colours is that in my country we operate a Class system and people do not just get up and change their lives without there being something to give for it, reason being that I for example have to put up appearances in order to get anything that is important done because ideas never go away in an unwritten constitution, hence people cannot be stirred to them at random, much so using other peoples creations because of its ability to convict wicked people of their conscience to stir people and inspire them with wickedness and evil and social corruption and whenever they please, except they are stirring homosexuality which they know is sweet violence and fascism. So deep in the dark in the dead of the night I am actually a mad man which is the unchangeable, evil and powerful truth about politics.

For my part I do not understand why people abuse them at all, especially taking photographs of themselves on my Colours and equities without permission, which they sell through glossy magazines to make a lot of money which then goes further to end up where doing such things convinces them that owning or controlling my life has become a means to their jobs and earning or they put themselves up on bill boards and posters on my equities without my permission or work out alternatives they have devised for it when they think they have used it enough to share in such ways, leaving me with nothing as is the plan, until they feel good about themselves enough, which makes them feel superior enough to have some of it as derived from inside them: they cost the companies that have to manufacture and create them quite a lot, the recipes were meant to be secrete, including my temperaments by which they are formed and they are, which people know they are  and cost me a lot to maintain them as well and should not be abused.


 Speaking of social issues I must say; It is okay for people to buy products created with my property especially my Colours when they want to express their hate at me, whatever way they wish to do it (some of these colours created to match my temperaments are so unique and valuable, that the companies which created them, still have the formulars under lock, key and hired security), it is not okay to create products on them as well for such purposes.

I have built up these strengths to the point after opening up my empire to people all over the world and trying to make a living with my books instead, where businesses can ask to be part of my Intellectual space or to use its temperamental colours for their products which is great, due to threats made in my direction and threats made to my people each time my finances are ruined by the trouble makers who make them-to castrate me I suppose, because I am perfectly aware that men and ageist never work for anything because if they do they will sabotage the many rights of robbery, especially robbery of claimed rights to competition, it is the best way to safeguard their rights and the rights of my people; I do not know why they wish to take my Intellectual space away from me with their gimmicks through their Politics and the state of the worlds economy especially; besides which there is still the issue of racism violent discrimination and favouritism to deal with.

It is regularly suggested that the extent and ferocity of the Economic crisis that followed the Boom could not have been predicted. In actual fact wherefore we know that the Government had effectively created and even funded a grab what you see policy. Now the problem we have is that these idiots have money and are looking to oppress really powerful people, they want a fight with, even when they cannot account for every pound of the cash they have yet. The big idea that brings about most of the confusion being of course that whenever I have problems that are convoluted to explain, they get rich but in actual fact there is ever only one explanation that satisfies problems that are convoluted to explain which I have and it is that it is the activities of gangs that passed exams in school to get good jobs - corporate and personal interest idiots, who need money more than those who have earned it because they apparently must have been stupid to, manifested best of all by Politicians who obsessively want to take up all I do but never wish to be seen to be giving support, out of their own fabricated excuse of which the question is that of where exactly here they were actually needed and there is only one thing that happens when I have them, which is an attack on the sales margins of my Books. About my reaction that they have difficulty accounting for cash they have, now that they created the crisis and got money for it, make up ideas I am in even more trouble during the recovery, but want a fight with really powerful people because they want to oppress them, they tell me that when people are powerful they get to forfeit money; which of course shows that the burst that followed the boom was certainly impossible to foresee. For me it is the glee that if offers with respect to how they need to start and of course continue to abuse my books and their sales especially, if they are tired of waiting as I therefore have so much to loose.


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