I am said to be in a state of thinking others are always singing my praises and its utter nonsense – what happens is that they have never before challenged culture and society goons in a way which suggests they wanted to sell the culture and society and have never gotten away with it like I have either, so the Americans are always so good at claiming that was their temperament and when they had caused enough pain, we find them hang around somewhere wanting to save their souls. The reality especially when video games people get involved is as the Industry expresses its fear for it all the time, about which when I play the games, it’s a private matter, if Public security gains access to it, they did because they had access to me – the Industry always fears this pain that people cause, like in my case where they claim my temperament as theirs right up to the point of white boys crying devils tears publicly over claims I have been making a mess of their temperaments which makes prospects of getting involved with Military activity more complicated and life threatening but those who do it simply will not stop doing so, now claiming I have a state of mind which thinks others are always singing my praises too. The truth of it is that the Games Industry and even Films and entertainment never really focus on a specific thing that has made their environment safer for them to operate, it’s always a combination of all the things that have been involved, so you cannot say that it’s possible to pick up one item and single out the activities of a specific character as such but some people simply never listen.

The others show up to say it’s a matter of where I am allowed to peddle culture and get away with it but it’s an old story screwing around with me – we know they think people deserve death for messing with their culture but we also know they believe themselves to be entitled to a business of handling me as well and that the two have never before operated well together. The gits who can never stop handling me, we would never understand, we can be certain they have difficulty listening to what others are saying to them especially when they are a handful of ageist twats naturally but we are talking about gimmicks that will get me off a trajectory which I will get away with again and yes they always say I will not depending on where I did it but we know if this business of handling me with that stupid culture and society persists, various career crime idiots will invent ideas on how they should become more important than I am using my public image and the bad things they had picked up from my history to do it by, while they will continue to permanent that stupid socially developed spiritual power by which they chase money, meaning when they like the way something I said enhanced their civil rights, they banged away at me and or got imagination up my bum and so on or I find they had built publicity for my concerns so they can tell me my life is over at will or I find they need to encroach on my personal space and make sense of their lives with it in order to become important etc, will continue to be the main platform on which they drink to my health with their friends in the insane neighbourhoods they live in and if this activity looked like they needed my help to bring it to a stop unto a point of no return, they will find I know what the culture is about as well when I have some people that want to plan a life on their wallets getting round to it, when I have some people that want to develop some spiritual power to handle them and enhance market which developed how people drank to their health in the neighbourhoods would happen in a very short period of time. There are usually three matters in it and the first is that I am not addressing them by means of my conversation and cannot understand what part they play in it – the other is that I am introverted and have a lot on my plate, so if people had a habit of consistent interference it could make me very ill unless I responded with extreme violence since it is life threatening and of course a little peace and quiet do work wonders with a character trait like mine which they are determined I will never get, as stupidly as possible, blabbing about where I am allowed to peddle culture and get away with it all the time to lace their civil and criminal disobedience – the third is that we find their stupidities are usually a product of the fact they had their access to nature and enjoyed it without interference and the fact that I might want to enjoy mine too after a difficult time serving society is what is being used as a tool for blackmail and control – so it feeds into the Industry fools whenever they say I want to stop them from getting their entitlement at my expense while I don’t even know how I am being handled which is an uphill struggle with that big mouth all the time, now blabbing which one is the part people allowed me get away with. For my Part, I have announced enough times that I am fed up waking up to the effects of their practical jokes on my finances while they went home with their salaries and if what I have said is an eye opener, the real eye opener will be what I really know about their personality and character if I stated for instance the number of times we found psychopaths say that video games helped them managed their deadly mental illness and journalists got off to solicit criminals that are currently serving time because matters in the locality is slipping out of their control – I have had enough of their stupidities and I am sure they can sense that here too.

They do say that I negate the reasons people hated me and yes I do as it’s a matter of fooling around with Military work all the time; so we find it needed to pass around its insults and lay the plans for its industry gits that entitle themselves to my public image for everything I get up to, especially the global stage one, whereby it’s not important that the part where they told me my empire exists only in my head is now dead and buried and I am now more interested in changing my current living standard by keeping an eye on which one makes statements around my concerns without a copy of my Book in hand looking for trouble – the part where some will show up with ideas about my history and how I must allow them make money with my public image, which generally means that I am soon going to start making a lot of sense of those stupid short insulting videos they claim added up to advertisement, so that by the time they are done, they will be shown as a handful of idiots while my Hermitage will be unaffected – all feeding into the extent of their wickedness and the fact that I took over as well and they cannot stop making a mess of my concerns in order to get on with the day job they could have avoided a lot of trouble for, by simply working on the job instead of me. The mess it makes of military business being one of insults and abuses which cause my Order to fall into the hands of the enemy, the entire time of which we are drowning in the sense of entitlement exhibited by villains who wish to know why they are being stopped from handling those they think pose a barrier to their concerns, pointing out everything down to the way their parents did not let them get all they wanted, during which time a total mess of armed forces recruitment processes is being accomplished as well – so when it played into the fact they were hoping to complete that mission, return and see what their Celebrities could do with the rest of the world, they apparently did not return from it, we are talking about adversaries who are a handful of riff-raff that has picked up weapons to make themselves a threat to a Military that works professionally in a way that makes them feel safe as well, then turning up to assume some of us are unaware of the way that work is done i.e. somebody carries a knife and says nobody is going home safely and he is 200 years away from the nearest person and we are to expect that he was shot and killed to keep people safe while that will never ever happen, the comparison being that another carried a grenade, while civilians thought he needed to pull the pin and throw it before he became a threat, he was shot on sight.

The whole thing feeds into more mainstream world where they say I appear to be able to get around the same processes that those who make all the trouble engage themselves in but without any of the trouble and it’s an old tale about women sorting out their own problems by themselves but there is this trick they play where those who like it got to pay for liking it or had to facilitate it but it was all a matter of choice – so we find those who do not have a problem will be asking for it if they did facilitate it and those who spent time exhibiting predatory behaviour alongside their girls will be found going there all the time. Here they claim I am gay but I wonder if they have decided what the other part where it is said my heart is closed to the world while reality was that I have not yet found somebody I want to pair up with meant. The other side of the story being that all I do is a matter of unwillingness to put myself at risk for the safety of others while what is really happening is that they build media presence for a handful of goons who build up my concerns to say my life is over when they had decided it, when I had settled up on the fact people clearly feel that they need to do that obviously, then it carries on all day until it got a response and built up my Hermitage on Media so that people may access it to cover their backside for the purpose of making fame and money while I kept them from the sort of cultural activities that stopped them abusing people and even when they know my greatest achievements are linked to the Church, they constantly need news that I had resorted to violence somewhere or they will never lay off my earnings, all of which shows they did rather consider themselves the right pain in the backside until they were proven wrong.


Now they say I need to stop doing what I am doing, and it does not make any sense whatsoever especially coming from the overseas gits. These goons have over time settled up on a sense that if they conducted their daily concerns by making a gesture in my direction, making a statement in my direction, performing an activity in my direction, they are always financially better off and if I tried to stop them, I will be stopping them from getting job – that way they label me Mr smell and get about all the most vile and sexually abusive nonsense that they can think of each time I chase my own daily concerns all together and the question now is one of how I made them stop it. We see the same with the Americans who claim that I would have gotten into a fight a long time earlier if I were not a coward and theirs involved that case of every queer git you can think of hanging around during election day to speak of how I will be handled when Hilary Clinton wins the election, alongside their European gits with ideas on how to get into Celebrity culture funded limousines, blabbing insults at absolutely everything that is clearly their mate – talk of cowardice likely to progress it to a stage where I let it go because it bit my little finger. The pressure point with these guys is what people worry about all the time but it’s the old story of their parents making a complete mess of your personal life while they engaged themselves with relentless peer pressure bullying, then there is my personal favourite where each time there is behaviour that can take down important people, they will have been vested in the knowledge and practice of it already, while the reason for their behaviour is a matter of media fools building a crowd to talk about what would happen if I made a mess of their culture which then becomes something they wanted all the time, adding up to this sense that they can always chase their concerns without working on me instead of their jobs or fight without complaining if they wanted it so badly. The whole thing has now changed the world for the worst, especially the part where utter scum studied science in school and it still goes back to the same issue of how they do not deserve to experience the consequences of the economic crisis that they created, so this sense of entitlement extends to the way they help themselves to my public image and it’s always the global stage aspects of it that they needed – they had difficulty with republicans so they groomed me into their custom made republican that they can change into a punching bag later on, a stupidity that has not yet moved on, claiming I did not write my Books properly which I didn’t since it was meant to serve an audience that had already been involved with me for years, while for them it is meant to ensure I am rewarded for behaving stupidly the same way they reward and make stupid people rich at my expense to a point of leaving me a University drop out, to make them responsible people, so we can see that the big problem is a matter of the things that I must now do to sell the Books. The part the Media plays being to say that I have played a part in a world where people want what they want but some people are determined to get it without being nice, especially in the USA, while I am not nice myself, interrupting people all the time and yes I do – we all know they have built media presence for every fool who wants to be able to tell me my life is over whenever they wanted and they run it off all day until they get a response from me – such that when they are not complaining they found it amusing but when they are it is good for me that they are. We see the same with the Celebrities as well, as soon as they are convinced that the activities of these characters who want to get what they want without having to be nice will not affect them because of their fame status, the way in which they are happy to fund and facilitate such activities to any extent and because they get paid for being popular on account they are likely to violently attack every culture and society git that provokes them, it is always in their interest to make me express the best of my behaviour where criminals are kicking off. There is not one singular problem that we hear them complain of, which they had not created for themselves; the sensibility they have settled on at this stage, is that when they create those problems for themselves and blame somebody else on it on media until they made money, the way people blame others until victims are beaten down before they stabbed and killed on the streets, public leaders always got off solving difficult civil rights problems which tended to make their stupidities more comfortable. They say none knows what I am doing as such and its utter nonsense; what happens is that they bay for class politics and royal politics all the time and then want somebody to make sense of their stupid lives when they get it, clouding everything I do here whenever it is obvious I was taken into the upper class by the Queen and am not actually loyal to another as such and none knows why traders will not trade and stop trying to handle Royalty all the time either. The rest claim I am a low life and it is annoying to think I have means to decide what their daily concerns looked like but its utter nonsense; this is a history of my time on this planet and it involved them and their celebrities, which history I plan to move away from, it is filthy and messy in every way imaginable – to such an extent it does not make sense to tidy your surroundings if their parents are making a mess of your personal life, filling in every gap while they are engaged in peer pressure bullying alongside every activities associated with killing those who are too big to be killed and bringing down those who are very important – when I do and they follow me around beyond, there will be trouble for it.

The main problem here has not changed in years i.e. the pinnacle which is Celebrities giving word to people to make my concerns very difficult for me every day, on account it will enhance the idea their stupidities were important and set the stage for what they claimed was a process where people taught me lessons and showed me the real stage of my social status. It’s an old story about the worst case eventuality being one in which during the course of getting them to shut down the insulting media bubble that carries on all day to ensure such things are possible or to make them cease involvement with my Books and the silly comments they make all over my public image, I ended up in a situation where people paid me to respond to their madness the way that I currently am. Otherwise we can see the details are they think I have raised hell already and could do worse, have no reason for these activities and I will like all comments about my concerns to come to a dead stop and cease all processes of having to tolerate their madness affecting my career.

I understand people say they would like to help me but do not know exactly what the issues are but there are no issues here as such – just the media picking up gimmicks where people entitle themselves to handle me with consequences attached, giving way to community publicity about my concerns so they might be able to tell me my life is over and then building up a presence for it; so the outcome naturally is that everything I did from the way I spoke to me stepping out of my door will have become something that another person was entitled to with a Media presence and all that has changed is that I have made it a little difficult for them to get what they wanted, so they have begun to work on those who built this nonsense on an assumption that theirs was the most prolific ability to be a pain in the backside in this Country. It all then feeds into the Obama Administration and their gimmicks giving rise to the current civil conditions in the sense they gathered their gits in Europe, Middle East, Asia, Africa and set them out somewhere in a way which means that even when people are talking about solving systemic race problems by coming up with systemic solutions, we still find that they spend most of their time taking away every fighting chance that ethnic minorities had and replaced it with failure to get the culture which gets to their heads up to the Government level to make decisions in favour of ethnic minorities, the way that the white people who have done it because they had enough of them did – so we find decisions being made to get rid of systemic problems are still being developed on the basis of black people who do not have the right to exist being made to suffer in order to make easier the lives of other black people that had the right to exist. They do like to think they are a crisis for me but are not in any way whatsoever – it will come up with all these civil rights nonsense but in the end it still leads to the same process of covering its way in every manner imaginable, so that it might with civil and criminals disobedience, entitle it stupid self to handle me abusively and blow off that big mouth especially when I tell it off, some things never change as such and then it claims bad things will happen to me if I acted in a way which affected the culture and society all together, while we know I can always invent my own way to ensure people asked it to give up public image to somebody else or people entitled themselves to its income margin, since I too am aware of what the culture does. My point is that there are no issues which I have not brought under control, save this matter of idiots building media presence for it because they would like to think the way it affects people was amusing, would like to think they were the best the Country had to offer when it came to being a pain in the arse.

Some people have said it is what oppression looks like but I am a Hermit, I know what oppression does before the demons take over peoples bodies and so on – it’s not oppressing anything in this place, it’s just Men and their penis having seen my income margins and wanted it and their stupidities were the first to put labels on me that says I am Mr smell, so it’s time for them to think about stopping it as well. They do speak of a threat I pose to them and yes I do; it’s an old story where it will not stay away from my personal space which allows it to effect those distant abuses that can make people rich gimmicks, even when it is aware I am starting to develop a use for each of its minions like the ones that bang on all the time wanting me to find where those careers are located and to use it as a tool to deal with their parents building my concerns to tell me my life is over  or the others who cannot sheath their insults looking like the platform on which I will decide I no longer wish to tolerate being made to chase one project after another because it is the way that men deal with how their personal decisions had affected them and of course there is white big brother who facilitates all this nonsense looking like he would want me to spend his own on a resolution that will help administrate everything all together, soon after which in a short while my activities will be feeding into the insulting and abusive gimmicks of City centre gits and the business of pinching my income margins to show me a manicured personality I would have difficulty catching up with, will begin to play out as a more serious matter than they make it out to be. We know while they perform this nonsense they tell us that God does not exist and the neither does the devil patchwork comes with it but none knows which is this spiritual master they are afraid of each time I gave them a hard time really was, if what they were saying were true. The men and their penis have seen my income margin and cannot stay away from it, like a case of having a look at some pornography and absurdity.

This matter is all a mess associated with the activities of the fan of the lives of men Duke of Sussex which he left behind as he departed and when I point this out they will say it’s all about me and the lessons that the worlds bigger powers will teach me but as I said, they are not a challenge for me like they think they are, it needs to keep away from my Books a Men have seen your income margins and are coming round with their penis, keep their mouth shut where my Hermitage affairs are applicable. They love the story so much that the main problem was that whilst I spent all day tackling financially well off people, I was living on benefits, while reality was a matter of making sure what people did with my Bookshop was directly linked to my person or they will not make sense of what I had written and I will be cash strapped for longer; either way they got Celebrities off my income margins or they made me behave to allow Celebrity enjoy more comforts, their involvement is set to ensure they had to approve the benefits that is obviously not their money to me, a lot longer than they would have wanted to. They claim I am a rebel which I find offensive as it does not necessarily apply rebellion if after 15 years of daily torture because they were born into the world first, labelled me a victim of financial corruption and hung around somewhere making the most of the time they spent in the work force at my expense, meant that I wanted to make them understand when they wanted to draw their pensions. They talk about me improving myself which generally means tidying up my living area and getting a new life, knowing I live on the spotlight and there is no other way for me to meet somebody and settle down with, save the way that Government aides handled by concerns but it will be tough apparently if I am always tired because their insults had eventually successfully helped local criminal gits gain access to the use of my personal space, leaving me the task of negotiating my right to safety and wellbeing with them every moment. They claim I want to brush wealth disparity under the carpet but I hardly think such claims were credible when I couldn’t brush their insulting comments under the carpet and sell some Books without going back to the origins of their stupidities as channelled at me, to sort something out with them, so I might be told I had adopted a draconian measure because I wanted money – the truth is that most people who own establishments that are most secure in their positions with respect to wealth making structures would love to swap the gits that swarm their establishments for brighter and more enthusiastic people who would appreciate what they have got but it also means taking jobs from people.

So eventually we find it make so much sense when the story of how much trouble I will get into because of the things I have written and said is being put forward endlessly – I mean we see the Muslims and Asians are caught up in a constant gimmick where they had seen my Books, do not wish to read it but were interested in laying their problems on me to push further the damage to my health as leverage in order to make money, problems they could easily lay on their Children and families who are gaining from the money as such but clearly know better, which it does need to stop doing as the problem associated with it runs through all the bloodlines in the family here as such, when I will get into trouble for something I said like that endlessly with a big mouth. The blacks on the other hand are a different story entirely; the main problem Nelson Mandela and Obama had with my concerns was that I had achieved something they wanted to do but could not do and Nelson Mandela bits was most annoying of them all because he had to be popular at the age of 90 and above. So, it is basically the other side of systemic problems which require systemic solutions besides the wealth disparity that exists among the races. The career pressure point is that they want to carry on their daily concerns by talking about me, running public discourses about me and various other things that ensure their careers are only things they do not have to think twice about getting out of bed to handle if it is about social and culture stupidities being channelled at me and the problem with this is that it churns my tummy and I cannot step outside of my door without smelling of what I ate, before they think they know me well enough to ensure I got into trouble because of something I said, while those that will not stop doing it naturally are meant to be a handful of incredibly stupid individuals who have something important they needed to learn in order to stop doing it, especially while their stupid women are currently the clowns working the Girls dormitory bullying that is meant to target dunces with a big mouth all day. The biggest pressure point in the matter with whites in the way they bring these idiots up from places their parents go to expand personal business interests, to perform those stupidities where I have done the best work for my career and then hang around somewhere seeking protection against me through yardies that were here first, like a handful of very mean cunts – the biggest pressure point with the blacks is that they don’t see my business as a Bookshop, they see it as something they can toss at racists to get revenge for injustices that have been done them and we year those mutterings that come through and become the story of the lives of people from the age of 18 to the age of 65 ensuring they went into their retirement in poverty being made in my direction the entire time – the truth of the conditions we lived in to begin with being that when we show up in public places to deal with public problems such as discrimination, their stupidities have no idea who I am and I had no idea who they are but mostly what we see is the hellish behaviour exhibited towards their women at home being channelled at everything they came in contact with, to express the fact that although I know they tease up issues that the police have to tackle all the time even though there is yet no physical evidence of a crime, they were convinced that since last my public issues interfered with their criminal interests and there was no hard evidence of it, there was prospects of getting into trouble for something I said. The reality being that this is how they make their money and I have no idea how the gits got themselves into such a position yet as it were.


They claim my problem to be that the tricks by which I support my gimmicks have been discovered and its utter nonsense as I have pointed out before, their stupidities are all over my case banging on and being complicit with criminality because they wish to ensure I found where those careers of theirs was located and deployed it to resolve the stupidities exhibited by twats with ideas on how my life should be over, taken up by somebody else, the entire time which we find white big brother facilitates it because it clearly would like me to spend his own for the administrative processes by which I will accomplish it naturally. It’s nothing unusual, no other group of people chase the daily concerns in these ways and we can look around if we wanted, no other group of people have decided chasing the daily concerns should involve throngs of people that have listened to violent lasciviousness being channelled at me or the way others want to become more important than I am using my public image – we know we are talking about everything associated with the way your parents dragged you out of bed every day to engage with processes of earning a living which has become a part of you but in their case, it is much more preferable to work on me and churn my tummy and there is a whole world of lies to support it using media where they express most of the time that they believe themselves to be the best the Country has to offer when it comes to being a pain in people’s bottoms. The other story they tell around such matters is that I cannot now stop them from spending my work and property on themselves if I wanted to and its utter nonsense when we know they have not drawn this nonsense from fact as there is no known history of me making a case out of feminists having Children which is the most generous thing to do, whereby I can take advantage of them and ensure they expressed their insulting hatred for men in the lives of the men that they have as relatives at home and not me – while the men are always good at such nonsense until religious person becomes cult person and does some killing but before then your social morality activities usually court the sort of response that means you are so powerless they can get into your scared environment to wee or have sex at will. The matter is now on the verge of developing into a case where I began my own campaign about putting a dead stop to everything associated with women running off all sorts of rubbish that involved wrecking my career and finances because I had refused to co-operate with their careers and financial needs, since the last time they were convinced that those who made time for female society, generally were vulnerable to the stupidities that adds up to the tribalism they cannot put down for a single moment and the outcome will likely be a process where I wanted to set out a clear case which ensured that women stopped playing abusive, insulting and hurting practical jokes on me, which would then bring that stupid dream of theirs, that I am at war with women into reality. They do claim I am in no position to decide what happens and we are talking about the disobedience and the insults and abuses adding up to a process of building up my Hermitage on Media so the Media got to control what people did with it and ensured the Public accessed it at will and we know this nonsense was possible as soon as they saw me engage in a private security industry job where it was clear I had put myself on the line to protect others and their stupidities about seeking a life where they were important could take off to unprecedented levels from an instance where I spent a day being paid for stopping them stealing from the shops as such – so the outcome at this stage is that they have lost everything and I don’t think any person who spends their time getting imagination up peoples bums and building it into a phenomenon with CCTV in the course of the victims doing private security Industry work wouldn’t lose everything if the Victims had decided to start working on a network that those who employed him can progress by and waited for the time that their only route to salvation will be the Media as well; I mean we have seen the security Industry workers who go along with their gimmicks never take jobs they are offering because they are demanding and even so never stop standing up in public places expressing gimmicks about kids on whom their future depends such as myself at the same time, so the position they have found themselves was never entirely deserved, especially considering that some of the most sexually abusive rubbish was channelled at me because it was meant to facilitate the powers that Politicians would have and gave way to some other serious trouble they got into at the Monarchy as well. We have only the Media bits to go and if the business of working on their jobs instead of working on me does not come into effect as soon as possible, I shall take my own steps to ensure they had stopped working on me the way that I would like to put a stop to it for my own convenience altogether too. I have been told that there is great interest in the way that I plan to handle the Media bits but it’s not really a great crisis for me as such, it’s one of those matters where it is said that I am doing things that are terrible and bad and did not have the right to do i.e. creating a world where younger peoples felt they faced a future in which being popular was no longer possible – presently it has not yet come to that fully and we can see that the business of turning a Bookshop I built to share what I knew for a living not being enough for them has produced boasting about spending it anyway and I am sore all over and it’s just been about 8 years of hanging about assuming that ignoring their stupidities can add up to a way of dealing with problems they create – the outcome is this giving us everything it has got when it comes to this idea that creating problems they did not solve which they built publicity for meant that public leaders engaged with their personal and civil rights issues and solved it while it was not in their interest to get it solved because their livelihoods relied on the failures and for my personally I am now Mr smell which means that I cannot just draw a line on it and move on without doing something to get right back to the very beginning of their stupidities to sort something out with them in order to protect my own health and career, so we have not yet reached a future where being popular was no longer possible but if they clung to me a few years yet, blabbing about the idea that I think tackling them in such ways will add up to a solution but is usually a process of playing into environment where they were at their most ferocious with a big mouth and then it will become a permanent feature of social life. We see this nonsense all the time whenever their Politicians had come up with the great ideas; each time it thinks that I have been groomed into a position where if some people made the sacrifice to stab and shoot and others grabbed the Public image, many would be better off from the process of detaching me from my personality and when I eliminate everything that makes that nonsense operable, we find the Politicians claim that I was the danger because they were no longer capable of violence but in just 5 years of pretending that ignoring them can make a solution to a problem we have ended up with this. So they do boast about not stopping it and I too think it continues because they are stupid, stupid enough to desire a process of learning something that will ensure they stopped being such a handful of fucking idiots. I mean it’s never clear how it is that people who a completely messed up mental state come up with these ideas and the part that isn’t yet completely messed up decides that they will work on me to ensure they felt better about their daily concerns without consequences and we know Politicians who complain about it the most are responsible for grooming me into such a position – during the course of making sure I did my own bad things as well by putting popularity beyond their reach, we can only hope they did not allow me get my hands on the Celebrity culture all together as I had warned them during the latter part of 2019, I will tolerate it no future. It’s impossible to make sense of the degree of insults that facilitate a process where a Bookshop has made its author into a character that people worked on instead of their jobs, in order to make sense of how their parents raised them to get out of bed and chase their daily concerns, unless it is being understood in terms of being groomed into a character whose livelihood is used to help people feel better about their own personal life problems and social issues instead of something that engages in financial transactions, while those responsible kept their salaries. They love to boast about these being a consequence of getting into war with the Men and its utter nonsense – I mean it’s difficult to make sense of the idea I had written a Book to share and ended up with a reputation for being the character whose career is used to help people feel good about social issues and at the same time they claim my involvement with the Monarchy brings about this sort of interest, while it was easy to see that if I am a Hermit, I will be able to tell that the outcome will be a case of trashing the best work they have done for their careers, pillaging their Celebrity culture and popularity society and when finished I will end up on the sex industry all together, contrary to the idea that I am out of my depth on the matter.

They say my activities are causing more conflicts which are affecting Monarchy and government operations but it’s much the same as when we hear them boast that I am out of my depth or we hear them claim I really hate it when the Government comes to the aid of Celebrities or that it is disconcerting when it turns out the way I really feel about it is a sense of fun. In terms of the idea I am out of my depth, we all know that it will lead to outcomes in which I am war with the social lives of their young people for it as well, especially the part where I am Mr smell because I refuse to allow people make use of me while I am unable to do the powerful sexual context abuses that everybody would do if they could. In terms of the idea I hate it when Government comes to the aid of Celebrities, it does not bother me what aids Celebrities but it does when it’s now impossible to travel anywhere and stay the night because it would be quite an experience for others on account I smell due to the atmosphere in the country being decided either by violent lasciviousness being channelled at me or people wanting to be more important than I am using my Public image but what has really taken it to a whole new stage is the way that criminal infested neighbourhoods having attained access to my concerns and built up statements on how they will ensure my life is over, had a media presence built for their stupidities and Celebrity money thrown at it, 8 years after Celebrities last began to ensure whenever they met people to obtain affection from random crowds, they would say anything I did with my Publishers is where their fame was located – my social life has now been completely trashed in this sense as well and they will not stop working on me for a living, will not stop picking up my concerns as a tool for self-reinvention, will not stop picking trends at my Bookshop as tools for surprise, surprise new music and film ventures to kill off market and make excuses for their laziness, that have just emerged at a time when I thought I had broken through some difficult matters with Brokers at the Hermitage Trust and Politicians always love to boast about such loyalty from Celebrities, about which I have been clear too that I am more comfortable with them hanging around somewhere engaging in anal sex because they could not access me or what I am doing. The part where I am meant to have created conflict however is the story of how the boasting continues, save when I had pointed out that I plan to sack the popular culture and Celebrity culture their young people rely on and the process of making sure their stupidities stopped showing up where I had done the best work for my career is likely going to be the type where I ended up right on top of the sex industry all together and so it becomes more obvious how the Monarchy would likely respond to the fact their gimmicks have been showing up there more frequently of recent. As for the part where it is said that I find the whole situation amusing – it’s all about power; it wrecks and pillages and destroys and sacks and steals and corrupts and when you stopped it, you assume you have achieved something important and then it will say it was fun while it lasted until you found it out and that it would only not invent a new on depending on your attitude – so there now has to be a way they can avoid trouble with me by showing the same sort of respect they show their millionaires when making statements about or getting involved with my concerns comes with a copy of my Book in hand. Eventually they do come forth to say I am simply angry about the way others get successful while my gimmicks about this privilege I think I have while I don’t is hurting me more than ever but what really happens is an ageist idiot handing academic systems for the purpose of getting a bunch of gits to bottom feed and jump up my bum whenever I attend academic institutions, then when I don’t, it gets hoodlums to pass exams on my Public image – outcome is that they have poured out into the real world and are getting frustrated by the fact I am not meeting any of their demands being put to me whatsoever and of course I cannot just draw a line under it and progress with what matters to me for my part as well, the idiots just never stop getting up to activities that will allow me whip my bum to claim I am a low life and facilitate their stupid children passing insults at me which suggest I am a bum for self-improvement, for which reason after the destruction of three years’ worth of Bookshop time, I had decided this nonsense was wasting my finances because they were not spending their own time on it.

So they say the world of better people and Celebrities will never accept me and I understand as well, save the reality where it is only operable when and only if I delay, fail to operate or operated this premise to perform my daily tasks by putting them into unbearable pain and suffering too – we simply must settle up on a reality where the respect they show to other business Empires is to be shown to this Hermitage, each reference and process of blabbing about my concerns should come with a copy of my Books in hand before I took feel the need to pay the Bills in this place properly, to such an extent that I began to interfere with their salaries as well. They bring up those stories all the time where what constitutes the reasons they tackle me is that the enemy handled my work and used it to do harm to Public security operatives; reality being that the fundamental process by which this is developed is Americans laying claims of ownership to my Royal Order the same way their stupidities claim I had taken up what football people and racists should be doing, while the way it really played out is that their life of men insults ran to such an extent that where I went to fix my computer ended up giving up some facts which the enemy deployed to harm them. It does continue to blow off that big mouth as if it wants to make its stupidities real while I have to do this every day like I have been doing every day for the last 12 years, that I am cash strapped solely because of the practical jokes they want to play with my Bookshop and my career – when I feel the slightest whiff of its famous stupidities becoming a threat to me, I will in true inability to draw a line under it and move on, go right back to what they have made a mess of in this place beginning from when I took my SATs exams and when I am finished, the question their famous and better people stupidities will have to answer is one of whether we lived in the same existence. They speak of whether it is really necessary for me to act in such ways, which time again is a matter of making reference to those who work with the Crown and the Queen and it is so annoying because those people are really set in their own ways as such – I am quite done with the insults at this stage and they do need to know right up to their Politicians, that I am not their Toy.

So they say I never act in a manner that is in agreement with the fact that I am a Hermit but it’s largely a matter of people fooling around with what I have authority to do i.e. for instance I have been given enough faith to say that it is possible to very quickly reach an agreement with a prostitute on what social morality should be in  public way and in the modern world without any problems, meaning that if I watch pornography it does not affect me in anyway save if I were thinking about what would happen if people saw me watch it i.e. thinking about other people’s boundaries, then other people’s boundaries becomes the factor, does not arouse me and I am not addicted to it and if I make use of obscenities I had already put out a disclaimer as to why it is being used as language. The other part of the story being the Celebrities and the Society gits – the society trouble goons will say what has happened to me is the required pressure which shows I belonged on the left hand side which is utter rubbish – the truth of it is that I am one of them and this is why I can make sense of their stupidities so well i.e. that when they organise their civil disobedience and even when I drop out of University because they feel excited about my personality and a process of getting imagination up my bum, backed up by stupid women with ideas on how to squander all I had and others with ideas about something they know of my history which requires me to allow them do whatever they liked with my public image and others with ideas about how to steal my income margin every day, I am able to establish an arrangement which resulted in the creation of Court system with Female Journalists which I did before I was 22 years of age, such that we can see that they will either win on the society front or they will win on the Celebrity front as such. They always say it’s a matter of democratic freedoms and we have not yet seen me develop new democratic freedoms on the points where they had done the best work for their careers of which any suggestion of doing so on my part is always likely to get the threat of war from them first before I did but since last they petitioned politicians about the consequences of keeping their imagination off my bum, citing my attitude as a main cause of provocation, we have not gotten positive response from them where they had stopped doing it all together, blabbing of how tackling them will give Celebrities more advantages which is utter nonsense as what really happens is that they hang around the neighbourhoods building up public interest in my concerns to bandy about when they operate public transportation and this feeds into the spiritually developed society power that can be used to make people rich or poor and is the main factor when they have those parties in their backyard and sit about drinking to their successes, as though I am unable to feel them do it, looking like they are so stupid they would need my help to shut it down, with that stupid culture and society they fool around with. Nothing I do as such would give arms to Celebrities as I am operating with Government and we are concerned with protecting municipal environment as such and they are one of the real social control issues in it, a proper problem associated with people being unfathomably stupid. The Celebrity bits will be about the Celebrities and when it goes on long enough for them to get a response from those who think it is too much, so will we hear all about it but there is no way that tackling them would give an advantage to Celebrities like they think. Where there is a real crisis is the destruction of my academic work following me around with it at University, which gave way to a progression of claims the law exists to allow weak people pick on the strong and get away with it while they explained their bullying on everything they saw me achieve, everything their ageist idiots who have seen my course work at the academic institutions made available to their stupidities, while the Celebrities then showed up to say that the arrangement I have with my Publishers is where their newly found fame is located and I am now dealing with a 6 years of pretending that ignoring them can serve a solution to a problem – the Celebrity bits began in 2012 when they realised prospects of just grabbing my career did not exist, for the society bits, I dropped out of University in 2007 and we are writing this in 2020 – it has taken this long and this much work just to keep my academic pursuits beyond their reach.

I have been asked this question of whether I simply have a need to hijack issues and assert myself but I don’t, what happens is that these guys spend peoples time on practical jokes that take away what they know can be life threatening if people didn’t have it, such as a roof over the head and clothes on people’s backs, then when victims had moved them on and assumed something important had been achieved, we find them claim it’s the power games that rich people can play, to be stopped when they had been found out but how long they stopped will rely on the attitude of the victims, the reason then  ironically being that they had money – while these other fools building up people’s concerns so they can tell victims others had taken up the life that had been built, then being something media idiots build a media presence for and Celebrities invested in, simply is an example of the fact some people believe themselves to be the best on offer when it comes to being a pain in people’s backsides and are about to be proven wrong. So I am not vulnerable to them because I am an Arch Prince, furnished with all the Equities that will show the world there is only one of me on the planet – when I have begun to make statements about the one that bangs away at me all day and the one that gets imagination up my bum and the one that gets a crowd on my door step and the one that is complicit with the other gits who build up publicity for me in order to tell me my life is over and the big brother providing an atmosphere for it and the black big brother providing the sex, it does not yet appear to them that I am adding it up and that doing so will result in huge problems for them going forward. It then feeds into this claim that I think people are stupid while reality is that poor people do have their own practical jokes too and it is never stupid considering the invasive extent of the above described destruction, with similarities to me whereby I am starting to issue warnings more often about seeing them with a copy of my Books for every display of their involvement with my concerns or there will be trouble. The statements are made like no man’s business, that I am unable to deal with issues and whilst Liberals can I had no respect for them and its utter nonsense as what happens is that whilst I can tolerate the culture and society trouble making which I describe all the time and they cannot, so they are constantly expressing the amount of trouble those who feed it to them will get into, there is a catch for me in the sense that I need my peace and quiet by which I work and they will never ever let me have it because the real problem is a lack of respect – they even have Girls that will tackle me each time I want my own fix of access to nature bearing in mind they have had their fill of it and they are entitled to all these, it is also what their culture looks like.