So the story of black Women handling me all the time seems to be the only one that has not been mentioned here; it is the same old tale of the questions behind why people would feel they have the right to handle other people’s children or more so in a condition where those Children were Adults whose bills they are not paying. They say I want my Mother but do not actually have access and it has become my great shame but so is this insanity measured by such rubbish is any sense is made of it all together anyway. We see it all the time and they want to handle peoples children endlessly; it is not as if I have not come across those conditions whereby when such Women they want to have their afternoon nap the entire neighbourhood tends to behave because they totally dominate it etc but we would not be in this condition if they kept their hands to themselves and stopped trying to get into my head all of the time. I mean at what stage exactly does any other person’s life become so low in other peoples opinion, that they want to handle it and do damage over a period of years to facilitate credibility when they say he has a shame because he wants his mother but does not have access but it is an example of the fact they are always assuming rights all of the time and so you find the children come from there to assume rights on people’s property, stab and shoot people, want a hate figure to exist and sweeten their foolish civil rights existence all of the time and existing becomes a question that is all about what they want when given half the chance of it. I do hear the other question of why it is impossible to just get along but that has never been the difficult part i.e. we have developed over time into a society that is tolerant and accepting and that means we try to live in a world that is agreeable for everybody but it does not mean that when you see somebody stands on the joint smoking marijuana, if you get involved with him on a regular basis, you will fail all your exams in school.

The other part of their story that then gains them much attention being that of whether I first of all get involved with the Royal family as a matter of a lack of respect for what the Royal family has done to the black race in terms of history and then also whether it is because I am the best the black race has to offer or yet again another damaging thing the Royal family is doing to the black race. Of which in terms of the former, we have seen that the only time it is okay for the Royal Family to get involved with black people is when such black people are their children and that this is not their property either. In terms of the latter, we all are aware that the first occasion in which such matters were raised, it became a story of what happened when my successes broke the record of some stupid black goon that wants to control my financial well being at popular culture claiming he has a responsibility to look after his kids on whom his future depends at random; it meant they ripped up my Business because it was easy for them to claim it is the white man’s fault if not amusing all together, besides which their children are the only ones that have parents and know what respect is and feel like teaching others, unless that is, unless I try to settle whether it is actually as much a two face tart as it likes to make itself to be by turning them over. In the end I built a Literary Empire and broke it up to broker the equities and sell my Books, firstly because the first fans I had were City centre people playing hide and seek with me in a world that was becoming more and more violent towards financially well off people i.e. what happens to people if they had some bad luck and lost all their money and these poor violent people had access to them and who was the best hand in the matter etc. Hence the tale was to build my literary empire and broker equities to sell Books in order to deal with an economic crisis, look after a Royal Estate, manage a public life and ensure those interested parties were looked after, ensure people did not get around rounding me up like sheep to build popular culture empires from the US to Japan on my public image talking about their kids on whom their future depends; so all together, the story of whether or not I am the best the black race has to offer or just another damage the Royal family is doing to black people is much too complicated for their stupidities expressed, to engage with. It is actually the second stage of looking after interested parties that led to socialists getting involved and they did in order to ensure that I was detached from my income and made to work on the Empire and build it right up to the top and then brought down after to share the wealth because sharing wealth through government money was becoming a thing of the past with respect to achieving equality and they have now ended up in a condition whereby their ideology is defunct as a result of what I can get up to as well i.e. I have human rights too and they are always inventing these stupid ideas in every turn of the generation as it were, to pretend that it will not have amounted to the claim that Socialism is pure evil, which in any case it is, since it has to tell lies about leaders being equals with followers when salaries and incomes are not the same and have a way with the crowd to win elections and a certain attitude towards moral people to keep government office – it is pure evil and those among them who propose to do good never ever pay attention to their own problems as a Civil right; through which processes they become prominent civil rights movement leaders that had fought for my freedom before I was born etc.

So there is eventually that story of how I need to address the matter of the hate people express towards me properly; of which there is nothing to address, save making mention of the fact it is always important to them to get on Media and build reputation of being more important because it is then used as a means of making me see my life is not profitable and I need to give it up and join with the one where they are my Boss. Hence eventually it leads to a process where celebrities show up on media to rip up the Public life and Industry goons give the money from it and expect to get the money back from me and all I need to do is ensure that does not happen and then they will return to get the money back from the celebrities. However at the end it is the damage and destruction of property that creates hate and I am not the one doing that bit, I am happy for them to take it over and find out how difficult it had been in all that time they were wasting and screwing around. They complain of my quest of power of course but I wonder what they suppose I must have made mention of here anyway. People tend to assume they will sort it out in a Couple of years and that is the point where the Politicians get involved to give them that leadership they are not allowed to have as far as they are concerned and people find themselves in a race against time to secure a comfortable pension, which is the stage where all these bullying and questions start to matter; the part where somebody’s car becomes the reason you are so distracted you give in on your academic work and your Job and then start to get angry when you notice what they have been using the one they raised in the time you have been distracted for, especially when they start to tell you that it happened on account you thought you mattered but actually didn’t. It is not a crisis, eventually it comes down to a tale of how I have lost a Royal Estate without knowing it and that it is the fact I have refused to acknowledge this which is my big problem – the reality however is that talk of their freedoms does not work, talk of whether I am safe when they get involved with me and that my personality will not be deployed for all sorts of nonsense is the better way to approach a living; they cannot be financially better off than those they are attacking over inequality issues – they think they have got their villainous desires settled with it, what has happened instead is that I have got them where I want them.

There is that talk naturally of how I want to live in a world where the weak do not get punished by the strong and powerful for doing the wrong things but then again, so do we see them complain endlessly about Police highhandedness and their community croons will determine my entire life and then my Finances too with an insolence that simply stays with me and gets stirred by media scum all day long. In the end, there was never a need for the powerful to punish the weak if the Royal Prince did not become less important than those who want to be famous or were famous after he was Royalty etc, which beating me down in such ways seems to be their biggest ambition on account of the ease with which they can steal my income at the global markets with stories about what the consensus is and what I may have said to try and catch up with it while it makes no sense and I am not what I say I am and it is the same sort of intentionally profitable and very damaging stupidities with a tendency to handle me alongside, which is the reason we cannot rest from hearing them complain about their stupid cultures where they keep ideas that I came to embody saved up for future posterity.

If it is not a case of telling me, in terms of the UK ones, that I have made up a version of the UK which exists in my head and turned up to pull veils to cover people’s eyes and steal opportunities from those that came to the UK before me; which then gives rise to that process where people are always complaining about me on account even when I am older than they are, I am a new kid on the block on account I travelled away at some point and returned in the last 20 years – so what happens to the new kid on the block is never pleasant and people throw it on my identity all the time because they want some of mine too and that is why they like to give in when beaten by telling me I can have the damaged left hand side, whereby we find out if their own is the one that fucking looks that way too.

They speak of my need to be a coward that lives in a world where the strong cannot punish the weak for misbehaving but the reality is that it is always some big violent plan with them, to ensure they control and determine the finances of moral and religious people all of the time and then use it to cause them intense pain and suffering on a regular basis. At this stage, I have no idea if they are always complaining about me when the consequences for targeting me and assuming the have the right to handle my person and property and public image like they love to with an obsession, because they are hoping to gain some privilege of injustice from it anyway but then again its largely a matter of the fact they will never understand I am not their mate considering they are insane all together the more famous they are, the more so it is by the way, it has always been a case of the number of times others have not actually gone on to tell them that they are very stupid people, bearing in mind with hindsight what it will do to their stupid confidence that we want to be free from in each turn. In the end I have always made myself clear about their Media games and the fact I have never actually fancied a financially well off psychopath; I mean speak to a person and find every communication he throws in your direction is at an angle and that angle develops from having families where the Dad is the top evil and the Boys are secondary ones and if there are Girls in the Family, they join the Mum and set out to hunt religious people who steal the place of Women in the world and hence it generally tends to mean that they are talking with me about whether or not their cultural evils are big enough to take me or they need to join me and have some of mine, while their community croons are in a constant state of finding it amusing when they brew a different reason for my personality that has nothing to do with my religious faith and then follow it on with making sure I never grow on anything with mumblings and grumblings and deep sexual abuse context insults that make entire communities into violent people, so their stupidities can explain it all as well, as something that happens because religion is bad. If their stupid Women want to have views on religion it always has to be the one where it is really stupid and must facilitate financial well being in a condition where they make trouble for those who believe in one and others turn up to make such persons behave so as to create a condition whereby they do not feel threatened at all; naturally of which the reasons they are always targeting me is that of the things I have according to them, gone out on the streets to preach like a mad person, about none violence and peace and love etc; so as I mentioned, it is never clear to me if they complain about me and what I have done to them as well incessantly on grounds they expect a privilege of injustice that will be unprecedented. Some do say I have enough leverage in my faith to take them in but that is actually the one which has given birth to a condition where others can have normalcy too, when they are made to integrate with the rest of the population creating a condition in which their stupid problems are no longer profitable for them or a source of suffering for others with the satanic disobedience of civil rights; it is the one that means that somebody wants to be able to drive into his garage in an environment where young violent boys are fans of his, so that he might understand he is in a condition where his mind is always primed to get rich and oppress the weak but whenever his stupid vanity is pricked by a Media idiot, he wants property and market, entire business image and Enterprise which belongs to a religious person because he thinks he can take them on – so what we have ended up with is that they are always complaining to Politicians about me but still while they continue, it is my Books which interfere with their lives for good measure. So there is that question of how the reasons I am always being targeted is that I get off my Royal position and all that state provided security to get involved with them and languish in a world of financial and academic vandalism but that was actually after everything I do and my entire person was derived from aspects of their stupid insulting culture and its abuses, where they saved it up for posterity and we all know they are always very sexual and pragmatic about it too; the financial and academic damage is another example of the stupidities Politicians support and resolve for them financially, nothing to do with my abilities and person.


We hear them say endlessly, that my Books have no meaning or purpose, which is not actually true; any normal person i.e. somebody that does not get involved with my work and business to express his importance and what I must do to serve his or her money will find that as an item for sale in every territory in which The Queen is sovereign, my Books befit my position and status. So if we are talking about celebrities and Media goons, then the Books become very confusing items all day long, all of the time; hence the reasons the price was designed to serve those who are likely to read a preview and go off to apply it and work for enough spare profit to get the whole copy and not people that have enough money to make me rich instantly – the numbers that make the price were designed for this purpose, so I really do not like discussing my Books on the needs of some goons that do not buy Books or read Books or sell Books but want some business I involved with through which to move into my right hand and get involved with my position and this was a prime consideration for the business itself from day one. So what happens is that they turn up with money and ask what I may do to serve it on account I write and sell Books and not long after will be stealing anything else they learn about my life and Media idiots will be updating the world on it, claiming they are creating equality and then I have to wait for the scandalous aspects to begin, where they might say for instance that they know of people who read my Books and vomited and then I will take steps to ensure that since I know my Books do not have such an effect on people, whenever they are off to do their jobs, they feel like vomiting but like every instance in which I have done such things, the idiots are usually so stupid that they start another campaign concerning how I have been trapped financially in a relationship with them and that trap will one day pay off. They say I am scared of them but I am not scared of them; what we have is a condition in which Politicians have ensures my savings are in tatters and ensured theirs is healthy over the last decade, so it is a source of endless temerity and confidence for them, therefore I am no longer safe with a freedom that I cannot tolerate because they are powerful enough to prevent me from rejecting democratic people, it has to become a matter of whether their involvement with me is to facilitate a condition where somebody somewhere screws around with my personality very soon enough or a process whereby they are the ones doing so – this is a condition of living with them that actually makes sense. I hear I am supposed to end this game of chasing poor people when I know I have government funded security and should be spending more time on the Office and processes of earning money to pay my way concerning all that has to be done in my position, so that I might look the part if I speak to people and look the part if I respond when offended; it is a condition that usually makes sense when their Politicians cannot deal with the terrorism issue and I have to ask people to stop making my Office into a loutish place first of all, so we can hear what Terrorists are saying i.e. there would be no panic if a condition was such that one person says I need to look at another person whose head he had cut off, while I then respond by making him understand I have some papers to sign and I am asking again if he really did cut off head.

Its always been a problem with the civil rights criminal and barely criminal communities; if its not general hatred and hate crimes because others suffer on account they did not listen to what whole communities said about how they should be living their lives to make everybody else save themselves comfortable, through which what happened to them when they tried to get rich must happen to others in order for them to get out and have a new existence etc; then it becomes one about the answer for all problems being the profitability of violence depending on who is bigger and stronger than the other and I supposed the Police dished out the punishments we have already heard of because they had to punish the weak as well, except that we are all labouring under some misconception that they are weaker than the Police; so their corrupt idiots get involved with security services and become surprised all of the time that I am aware of all the nonsense they invent to help them become a protected people after their really stupid market square behaviour damages peoples lives and encourages them to take the law into their hands and attack those who have not actually offended them too. they say I really love to assume responsibilities that suggest I want to be on the line when my post is being hit hardest, which is utter nonsense since the fun days were the ones where they could handle my person and property and get off to Industry villages to pass around insults that suggest nobody knows why the hell I am – these are now more serious days as such whereby the main deal is their freedom considering it was always easy to ensure that those who give them money for it do not recover the profits from somewhere else and have to get the money back from them as well – it was supposed to ensure they get to a stage whereby they really want to damage this body while I take the part of keeping an eye on them right up to a point where I ensure that does not happen in hell. I am aware they say the body is already damaged but it is not; what we are seeing is the abuses and insults which accompany rejection of democratic people, that are loving and caring and compassionate and like to consult the population over matters that affect everybody.

So they say I have actually lost a Royal Estate and my problem is that I have whole heartedly refused to take in such a reality; the truth is naturally that there is no such reality, what there is,  is the usual case of people who had some time advantage by which to build up some savings they want to deploy as means of oppressing somebody younger love to rip up my business and tell me I am actually being oppressed but am living in denial and the reason for the oppression they say is to ensure girls are treated properly on my income when they want to become celebrities i.e. they wanted their daughters to become celebrities and win lottery for them on my public image in such ways, so they might be proud of their children’s achievements but that did not happen because of action I took and therefore they might as well support the daughters of others that I could not stop. Hence there has to be a way that Public transport which is another name for relationship break-ups business ruination and job loss does not get to remain a platform by which people can bully me in such ways; so I will be waiting for them too at the Cruises and Time shares etc considering this aspect of their lives were the ones they did not have a time advantage over and as for the state of affairs whereby it takes 20 seconds of walking into any public places before everybody finds out what I ate however, that for every time it happens will lead to a process where I lock down the left and turn the processes of tightening that up into a trend in its own right.

It’s not the only one, the one they are complaining about presently is that a Book emerged from the part where I was marked for dominated first before I was remotely allowed to get anywhere near academics etc and how the Books are insulting blah, blah, blah. But then again it is the same story all round where we find the other ones that are fond of wearing suits get off and rip up everything here to make money that they enjoy life with at some report after spending some of it on them at the Pubs to get together and see what life is all about and every time they do that, the whole time spent on having that holiday that we all know they have worked for is entirely spent on abusing me and sharing secretes of their so called new found wealthy and then it leaves me with the sense I have found the most destructive age group in the Land. At the end of the day I still have the upper hand as all their celebrity idiots now know what I am likely to do when they get after my business earnings again like they have in the last few years; and how a simple situation can easily emerge where those that are fashion models will have to be careful what that their stupid picture looks like when it appears on the magazines as well and keep off my public image to that effect thereof. It has never been a problem, it has always been about money but the stupidity I am expected to go along with here is that I should be thinking about money while I am working otherwise the celebrities will think about my money for me. So it generally goes without saying that these despicable individuals about whom I should not step out of my door if I wish to prevent them ripping up my property to secure narcissistic happiness by which things get done will never join up the Military lest they get sent to the frontlines because of it.

They do say I cannot back up anything I say about the celebrities but if it is not helping celebrities to my income and public image they will have been helping fashion models; an example of how far reaching their stupidities have gotten into my life is getting between me and Lady Hervey because they know somebody that is more worthy of her hand in marriage besides which she is white and I am not etc with that big mouth. So I am actually referring to both celebrities and fashion models here and the fact those that do not want it are always helping by building up the public awareness that have a time limit on them i.e. I must claim it otherwise they will steal that too; in terms of being with lady Hervey, at this stage what they have done is make public transportation the base from which to make alliances with some Media idiots and paparazzi and then set out another one through which to find somebody that will have her instead of me and I am to pretend I have no idea that is happening therefore living in denial of being oppressed so celebrities can get my public image without consequences and they might be fathers teaching me to be a man; being a man of which is an old issue about the fact if a queue of five stood between them and a prize, should Women jump such a queue Men will still gain from it – hence there is nothing gained or lost by asking the ladies to jump it but they have always hated the idea and that is why Women become a weapon in such ways and I will never stop teaching them for my part as well, lest it seems when they say I cannot actually act, there might be  grain of truth to such nonsense.

These goons do like to live in a world of their own as such but in the end this Country will always have three social classes and they do tell me about their Cars and homes which means when they respond to things happening around them, they appear more Princely than I am but then again so have I got a Royal Estate which they have not, so my Princely position is secured and they have not got a chance at all; this Country is far more beautiful than those stupid Cars and large homes anyway and will be making me money soon enough too to wind them up a war prevention equity. Hence not actually true that there is nothing I can do about them; what happens when I speak is that I make everybody concerned with me comfortable, what they do with it is get off on Media to surround anything I have said with lies and insanity that creates the sense I have found a diplomatic solution to being provoked and abused and attacked – it is pretty much the same with looking after the Estate where the Celebrities I had to find within the process of making sure their well off enemy understood that the habit of spending 5 million pounds on a home and £200,000 on cocaine for which they rip up my State office Public life will soon be followed by dire consequences, which is a world apart from anything I say, which they love to get on Media and misconstrue all the time in order to continue their filthy behaviour – the celebrities I had to find, were the ones that were chosen to make Films on my Royal commission by film companies with whom I brokered property by sheer chance and some other vouching that was done by Top Royals and some of The Queens Aides – we had such a connection that it was possible for us to give each other security clues through the various ways we conducted our show business and our public image and this is the start of the end for tolerating stupid well off fucking enemies showing up on my work to make films and music, create crime open up my renaissance back door, issue threats and talk nonsense of what I cannot do about them. At this point any normal person will see I have already collected these Celebrities by profile on social Media, so there is no time to lose for those who want to comply on staying away from me and my concerns. There is that idea of being risking important things by making mention of despicable persons that ensure people cannot step out of the door through deploying people’s lives to make money etc and how there are people in the Military that are doing it but there has always been the risk that if the Armed Forces were so well behaved and could be trusted with information or even property on such matters, these goons will start to enrol in it, so I really have no idea why the assumption was that there was no way or means by which I could monitor everything when I am the Government Intellectual Property Administrator all together: so far the most recent hate state of affairs is that it takes them months to risk their lives and work with MI6 and come up with ways by which their abusive murderous market square behaviour idiots will be a well off enemy a protected people while I and the ladies that handle my State security got shafted but takes me only a couple of Hours for me to take it all down, which makes them very angry.

In the end their involvement is a serious matter than they give it credit for and one of the most outstanding day to day effects is the one where One speaks to people at Court that are older then cuts out the part where he owes them a duty of care, even when they supplicate and acknowledge etc and they are always free to keep doing it, as it does encourage me further to ensure that left hand side is shut down and I had turned the process of doing so into a trend as well; I have mentioned before that the answer to the question of whether I do not think it is in my interested to avoid consequences associated with a condition whereby they are not famous is that I do not want them to be famous. They do say I talk like that until I might be out there trying to get it done and then I get assassinated and it became a big story but its nothing unusual with the matter anyway; I have always been clear on the matter of the fact I will make them wish they were never born if I get the slightest whiff of assassination for my part as well. It is an example of an instance where the entire world will be seeing them use their own lives and where they were born and raised and how and where they had friends etc to do it instead of mine; its an old story about the well off enemy and making sure things are never where it should be because it stirs perversion and spiritual corruptibility that encourages street crime and soon we will find them disagree with NHS staff that have opinions about it whenever they do if we do come across such circumstances – I have never had a problem with it as it generally means when they cross me I turn them over as well, so they can get stabbed and shot too. So it’s an old story of how the fight with the really big Man is going to go – finding a bar to beat it with on the streets if it happens etc and as for the really evil ones that you may see get into an altercation with a teenager and then set about hitting it after it fell to the floor as though it is made of up stone and you know it can go far as murder and likes to fuck you but does not want to be crossed and there is something stopping you killing it as well if you can – speaking up the reasons the idiots cannot shut it on Media etc. In the end,  what I say can be picked up by a mad person looking for gratification apparently but it is freedom when Women obsessively target moral people with an ability to bother and bugger people into crime and violent behaviour, so we understand each other perfectly – they never had it and Ladies first thing is such a problem, needs to leave me alone. It’s the drippy drooled corruptibility of the West and its incredibly violent sexual context abuses thing and I never said the issue was a crisis, apparently if I enrich people’s lives I have to enrich their own as well and not lie to them about what I have got and if they do not do it that way, they do not do it as it were but eventually it leads to a case of which part of their lives they want me to enrich and it is always the sexual one because of my opinion of Women and the story is always inevitably that it is something they do the more religious they find that I am. So it’s a war out there in my view and they need to stop complaining as well, when I come up with anything of which it’s already spent with a big mouth. Now they say I will give anything to spend my life with a race which is not mine on account that it is convenient but it is an old story that the only group of people that can leave their parents and start a new life where they have no more links with their Families without being forced to do otherwise on Media and by Politicians, is criminals, so it should be concluded by a fair mind, that these idiots know exactly what they are doing and I am not outside of the precincts of my rights when I clip them for every turn of experiencing their stupidities around my life and concerns; I mean its not me that does not want to spend time with black people, its a case of black people hurting and wanting these idiots to come through for them as a result of action I have taken for being set out as the guy that will suffer and be gay for black Women to feel powerful, so their case is not hurting badly enough yet so far as well - the most annoying aspect is when this conversation then reverts to a case right away of how somebody else had already experienced such things and deserves what I have just said or worked for, which is a lie as the only purpose of that stupid Media is a platform people can get up on and tell me they want to deploy my existence for their own ends, ranging from sex to fame and fortune and inform me racists and gangs will get me otherwise, which is the reason they are fighting for their stupid lives currently as we speak, since I did reckon that if I prevented them from turning Media appearances into a job that constituted a holiday which they were not paying attention to despite the fact it is the one that is actually paying their fucking salaries, I would get them stuck it as far as the rabbit hole goes on seeing they are incredibly stupid. No body really knows why they love to make contact with me and develop that stupid assumption that I am playing games with them but they have said that it is because the process of preventing them from claiming my person as their own, all be it on Media only, so as to fulfil a desire, has created a condition in which they have no more perspective in all of their existence because they think they always get what they want and will likely comfortably behave in such ways towards absolutely everybody without consequences, the benefits of Mens small brain, which then leads to this link there seems to exist between people calling me up abruptly for employment and Politicians along with their Media scum expressing some aspiration stupidity on my public image, abusive insults that have now reached a stage where they describe me more as a Woman than a Man with a big mouth: I do not want them to be famous is what my answer to their stupid questions is, this is why they have been blocked-off. Its like a big case of this stupid country of theirs, where scum that you can get involved with if you are planning to fail all your exams in school that is, can get involved with you instead if they so wish and then Politicians will make you behave for them and Media will build a reputation - the fucking idiots say it saves my life and I am only trying to be grateful for it too I suppose; in the end there is that sense they can behave anyway they liked considering civil rights will come through for them but that lasts only for as long as I do not get my hands on it:- so let us be clear I do not want people having sex all over me, spicing up their sex lives with my existence (that sort of thing) - I am a Christian and when people get involved with me, that is the most important bit, not the part where their popularity stupidities extracts from me how I have sex, to learn how to have sex from me and make me give up what I have taught others and pretend it is not a war on democratic people that he seeks - I am a writer and when people get involved with me this is the most important bit, not what an idiot does in public places to update others with what my life looks like especially when he has his stupid Media powers at his finger tips and is really good at looking for trouble with it (it all comes back to the same old incredibly stupid Country where idiots I get involved with when planning to fail all exams in school, can get involved with me instead if they so wished, any time they liked and then tell me that I brought it upon myself as well for good measure in order to protect their foolish hearts from me too). They do say I love to share and therefore bring these things on myself, it is utter nonsense of course - the reality is that I have a longer attention span when it comes to tolerating their stupidities on the left hand side and right hand side thing as compared to other Royals and I am perfectly aware there is nothing gained or even lost when or if I share anything with their lower class stupidities and that nothing good will come of it either; the main case is that they love to get involved with me and that must mean they want to improve their lives and want something from me that may help and I am a writer which Books they can buy a copy and that would be their own copy and then will not have to bother anymore for the rest of their lives if they wished it that way (I understand they say my Books do nothing for anybody but it simply does not do anything for their stupid savings that will dominate people; it does a lot for the fact it costs others the same tens of thousands it costs them to be where they are and they need to keep their insolent ageism at home with their naughty kids - otherwise will find out again what happens to kids who need to pay their bills because those who made them are not doing it again). The one where they like to brag about how I am overwhelmed by this problem is the one where I stick the American ones too i.e. between 2001 and 2005 it was a clear case of whole parliaments and Political conventions designed to obliterate religion, since then it had become the powers of secret societies that wear frocks and run the City streets and its money making abilities that know where people anus and penis is and decides how my Christian existence will enrich other peoples lives, choosing sex and popularity and fame every time -everyday winding me up and complaining about my reaction whenever I decide something is tickling them and I need to destroy that too; the American ones are now conducting a war on religion in the Middle East when their own is one of the biggest religiously devout countries in the world and the fact they deal with matters in the Middle East and return to deal with matters at home and then back again was never because of the fact they are really stupid individuals but rather the fact I wrote a Book and they feel like making sure my finances are a mess on account they are policing the world.