They say my problem is that I am convinced that I can control the Media, which isn’t actually fact; the real facts are that The Media must be made to show some respect for people’s feelings as well and if they will not do that, I will in the same way that being the Christian who thinks about his Books and the facts so many times he becomes a freak while they can separate him from his personality and occupy it if they wanted, set about gathering facts on them and dropping daily bombshells to ensure I get the results of getting them after each other’s throats seeing that when it comes to the really big news they always go after the same thing and then I can finish off the smaller news using social Media as well. The outcome is that they have to do broadcasting with that on their minds which gives them a headache, the difference between their headache and mine being that mine is intellectual property administration while their own is broadcasting, they need a Publicly looking clear mind than I do. So they say they might turn broadcasting establishments on my company which has no way of succeeding – it’s a sole proprietorship that can never therefore become the same as a corporation, so they only want me to play up the shareholders too all together. They know what the effects of my actions are and are always reporting their news on people to cause people to make mistakes and bear it for them in the process of doing so; parliament where Politicians work, general society on the streets, stock markets and Industries etc but even so have no plans whatsoever to change their behaviour towards me i.e. stay away from me and keep off my Book sale earnings. The blacks speak of their seniority of course on one hand while on the other claim my involvement with British Monarchy is the greatest betrayal of their race there has ever been; in terms of the latter, before then it is a fun white man’s fault to build an empire in which the earnings and finance equity end up somewhere else like seniority on steroids and there is no pit that black men will not stoop themselves to, ending up with this case where their problem gets worse any time they push it further giving racists ideas around me – in terms of the latter they have always hounded me; I did not get a job because I did not masturbate, I did not because I masturbated but it was not enough and so on and it then progresses to a point where the problem with getting a job is that it will break their record that means they are actually more important than people think they are, so that it is hurting at present but they want me to build a public life on it too all together blowing off their big mouth at me when I speak of the case of controlling the Media. I mean if we do access the whole business at this stage we will find that the pool of people dressing properly and making themselves into role models to climb the political ropes and hope to become first black prime minister at some stage has been drying up – they need to leave me alone or continue to learn that it is important to. They do say it is the kind of behaviour that gets me into trouble but ripping up my income and health like these for a decade and a half every day, to have somebody on whom they can cleanse off all things that make them look like a personality people want to stab and shoot in the gang fight does not suggest I am going to get into any stupid trouble any time soon, not if they are convinced beyond doubt that I will if I sniff any nonsense from them cut up every single thing that causes their big heads to become such a problem for me, which I bet would be mostly about money too. they always say that Politicians will protect me and that if White Politicians are protecting a black Man from other Black Men there is no way that they can be barred from taking part in such security but Politicians do not protect me, they tend to show that they are not super human by being arbiters between me and the trouble makers, the reason this is not readily obvious being that some of them have already abused it for power and you couldn’t have made up an imagination that told you that would be possible at such an early stage already.

They say I am stuck with a problem that is too big for me now after years of prancing around and it is utter nonsense and incredibly insulting – we all know I face the same challenges as they do in life and that if people pay their rent by getting hit by a car, it is not going to hit me any less than it does them but it has continued to be a problem with the older peers, that I have the right to pay my way in the world as it were. This is not a problem for me and I do not want them to get around pushing my agenda, it is as easy as the fact their whole lives are now built around stealing my secretes to go off and work for millionaires and Industries and I want to get the matters resolved in my own time and not their own as well. As for being permitted by them to do my academic work, that was an old story of the fact there isn’t a process whereby they have some kind of power over me, which was not engineered by me all together. And I hear these problems I speak of like I can handle it any time are actually created by racists; I don’t care anyway, none of the racism would have happened if people didn’t spend so much of their time investigating other peoples personalities, to find out if they can make use of it to create fame and fortune and even now they are still ever so fond of playing games with the exploration of kinds of justice by setting up their stupid girls on my public life to make popular culture and respect women, who feel they are so superior to me that the solution to the problem they are creating for me is that I should behave myself and not that they ought to stop it and get lost. It’s never really been a problem – the same case of Mr A is a millionaire but because he is not locking himself away somewhere for that reason and does get to step out of his own and into a public place, then his personality does get seen and those who have similar ones should have been millionaires as well and if they were not, it’s the fault of those who are not of a certain kind of race right down to those that are younger than they are; it is the reason people are terrorists today – those ones are supposed to have been wealthy business men who get around with Royal Family in Qatar and Saudi Arabia and when it turns out they are no such thing they start to kill people beginning with Women ; in the end, when push comes to shove, others have to love the Country enough to act in such ways as does not help them with a plan to burn it and I have a bit of a question myself as to how I can take it away from them since it is the reason for all my problems that they have got it all together. There is no such thing as problems that are too big for me; what we have is the same prognosis of these fools having a need to get off to have three jobs at a time and one of those will pay them while the other two will keep an image going while preventing others from having jobs and I want them to stop handling my possessions, gets off my Books and stay outside of my cleared space.


So I hear that I think I can get away with racism which is utter nonsense – the reality is that these guys spend all of their time doing nothing for extreme violence in my direction and the reason is usually that they do not like themselves and their history of being raised in bad neighbourhoods, so they want to be me and their problems can only be solved when I if they use my public life to live on easy street using popular culture – this then gives rise to a need to investigate and get violent around absolutely everything I do in order to ensure I am sharing any means by which I earn a living so that they might have achieved that effect, if they are not doing that, then they become more concerned with the other behaviour I describe as my party piece, which involves giving prerogatives of injustice to Politicians in order to tell me I am to be suspended socially from completing any academic work, so that I can be allowed to only when they have been able to dominate me socially and culturally, the Politicians will co-operate with it in understanding they will later spend tax payer funds on it to start them off with an existence, leading to a result where they feel that they are never wrong and can never be. So they do it knowing there is racism and various other evils in their societies but do it on National Media like their lives depended on it every day, so I simply thought it made sense to pin them up as well and now there is nothing they can do about me if I named them golliwog or Nigger or white trash etc. The reasons I never talk about it is of course that I have come to consider the other alternative explanations they give for practicing their intense violence on me all of the time as property and of course this game will change if they turn up to me and take a physical swipe at me as well, but this part remains my property and is to stay that way.

It is not that much of a problem as such, it’s like I have mentioned before that I now spend a lot of my time making sure Liberals and Socialists feel burgled every single moment because of all these bullying and I get the sneaking feeling I am not the one that actually invented this process. They do speak of a way of making everybody happy as though it is a way they will accept; I.e. there was a time I was of good temperament and didn’t care if people ripped up my public life to get rich and famous but they have been doing this for the last 12 years every blessed day and if I am to recover my temperament I will need a holiday from their stupidities to recuperate which I will never get as far as they are concerned because it tends to mean that they will not have the level of access that they currently have to my property at the moment. So I do not have that much of an issue with the old idiot in the yard person to be concerned about, just the sense that they can get involved with me at will and turn my tummy all day long, then start to show up their stupid muscles on a regular basis depending on how hold their stupidities are getting but they were asking about a way to make everybody happy and that way has always been as obvious as a process where they use their stupid lives and the way they see the world around them and not my Royal sense of war and peace, raising me of which they can pay for or indeed my public life, to make fame and fortune and decadence for themselves. They usually make out complying will be difficult which makes it impossible for me to understand what they are complaining about as well – I mean when I shut them out, what happens is that they end up as Journalists and Celebrities and TV Personalities and Politicians that have just be returned to the bad neighbourhoods they came from, so I really do not see why I should be the one getting all concerned about it. They need to clear my space; this is the solution to the fucking problem just as they had asked earlier.

I do not have a case with these matters on the whole, it has always been a clear condition most of the time, that these things are all possible through lies and insults and very violent gossips based on blame and the solution has always been the same process of setting them out as the reason for your problem as well but there is really nothing that they can do about me, so telling them to clear my space will suffice in my case. I need their stupidities kept off my Book sales and business Empire as far as it can get. It’s never been a big case on the whole; it’s the same story of getting to barricade my livelihood and everything that matters to me and letting me know that they know I desperately need them to stay away from it but that they never will unless they get what they want, especially when fat and when fat and black and regularly wear Sun shades to sleep with girls and chew snacks and show up at Popular culture all of the time – and do not all like it when I know what matters to them and show them it is where my disobedience can work its stuff the best as well.

I am meant to finish my academic work and show Clients that I can look after their Intellectual Property if required, what I am doing now is putting my facts and figures in the hands of culture and society, so they do not get to claim they were unaware handling it will lead to consequences and this is very violent for me, while they invent reasons it should make sense to play their stupid games here.

I hear that I am a dictator as a result, I am not a dictator for my part either; what these people do is realise that I understand the world according to what I see and then develop a need to get so much pleasure from playing games that amount to the eyes being the window to the soul and being able to see mine all the time and find out what is happening in my mind for the fun of it all of the time and if a stupid black woman sees me from miles away and runs across the road to get involved with me when I do not know her a million times, she will do it a million and one if I step outside of my door the next moment after, while the whites just do it because they want to have better sex, of which most people are aware of the degree of problems that having sex and having it that way has created in this Country on my account all together – then we see them turn out to beat their wives all day long looking for more. We also hear them claim I have no respect for others on one hand and then on the other that they didn’t previously understand Islam but now they know it is the kind of religion that will help them deal with scum like me. In terms of the former, what they do most of their time is create a process where I set out accounting for my business and the Americans make statements about why my right to trade is a bad thing and the British finish it off by making sure my Office does not feel like one, if it can feel like a lace I go to spend time on a business that has been bastardised since the owner cannot look after it instead, while the latter is the one where we find Muslims behave in ways that suggest you should not leave things to be desired as it creates problems for everybody but Christians just believe that picking up problems that cannot handle is actually a religion, whereas the Bible teaches us to be diligent in what we do and then goes on to teach that the Body is the Temple of God and must be treated that way and then goes on to teach that reacting in a negative way when people treat you badly still is sinful; which means that there is no way you can be poor by being diligent at what you do and no way that your body can get treated unlike the temple of God if you have money to provide for it and no way you can leave things to be desired to create war for everybody if you do not react badly when people treat you badly – so what we have here is a group of compulsive lairs whose stupidities the idiots that have no wish to spend time on the jobs that actually pays their salaries rely on to play these really stupid and violent games with others all day long complaining about respect or the lack of it. So far it has calmed down a bit, stories about the mess I make of their stupid cultures and societies; I was starting to plan a course for a certain group of activities I engage in which suggest that each time the jobs that actually pay their salaries are threatened, they tend to show some regard for the things I do to earn a living, I was starting to work out a campaign for it all together. Their excuses that I am entirely deserving of this kinds of behaviour because I am a great fighter and should fight for everybody has never really changed and the tendency for foolish ugly Women to seek their insanity by making people unemployed through the help of Political idiots who have need for a trappings for power for decades because people refuse to have sex with them continues to fledge with it too, alongside their insane blame culture that they think others are completely unable to develop a counter measure for and we see this blame culture turn up on Media if the victim is weak enough to let it happen as it were to make them famous, while the process of Christians leaving things to be desired which creates problems for everybody continues to remain another case of blaming the victim as it were. Their excuses that I am entirely deserving of this kinds of behaviour because I am a great fighter and should fight for everybody has never really changed and the tendency for foolish ugly Women to seek their insanity by making people unemployed through the help of Political idiots who have need for a trappings for power for decades because people refuse to have sex with them continues to fledge with it too, alongside their insane blame culture that they think others are completely unable to develop a counter measure for and we see this blame culture turn up on Media if the victim is weak enough to let it happen as it were to make them famous, while the process of Christians leaving things to be desired which creates problems for everybody continues to remain another case of blaming the victim as it were. I mean you can do it in terms of the religious person and the person who is homosexual all you like, they will still get involved if it dares to get any public attention and they will still do so in order to realise they were more important than they thought they were and that there was a financial incentive at your expense attached to such a position being adopted and the part where they can pull peoples legs with their imagination causes intense tiredness, such that what becomes of it then gets interpreted as a sign of their power and the fear that others have and there is no question about why it needs to be quashed too at this point. I am aware they say I am a coward who thinks he is really tough if they omit the part where they get Money from Politicians to build their stupid confidence to dizzying heights instead – it has always been a matter both of the need to start a fight with others and end up with less rights so as to send in their kids and start off familiarity like mid size gangs that get killed all the time story and I do not know them, don’t know who they are- as equally as it is one about living with a twisted evil scum in the neighbourhood who wants others to get into a fight with him in a condition where they will be completely unable to protect themselves and others in the process if they did, to show they are not cowards and want to stand at people’s business and disrupt it until they get what they want simply because the Media must have said something about how people should behave towards the persons possessions.

I hear of this campaign of hate for the Jews and the importance of having my life publicly strewn, so that people can find out secretes and what is really going on and that it is nice this is happening. First of all which I am not aware of any particular hate for the Jews all together anyway – the Gypsies are just as hated and so are the Glaswegians but the Gypsies are savvy and Glaswegians are a bit hard to catch – so it is the Jews in their ever reliable synagogues that people will target; the main case is of course that it has happens as a problem for years and years and years but the Politicians wish to do nothing about it, if they can spend time dancing to any tune that Industry goons with a need to play out some form of Machiavellian art of power want them to. So have I yet again exposed myself by saying these things? Of course not, the problem with women is that they ever seldom admit it, that a vast number of their population are incredibly stupid individuals, such that I am a writer and it is clear that if people want to hear me say anything they can pick up a copy of my Books but what they want to do instead is to drag my life out and strewn it in public, to ensure nothing is hidden from them – the reality on which this is developed is of course the fact that if I have a choice of exposing Books I have written from which I expect an income to the world, should I get a slight sense that it will save lives, then it is the Books I will expose and this is how the notion has been built up of me being set out in public so people can ensure no secret is hidden from them, which means that such stupid women can make regular public statements about how correct it is when it happens. I do not believe it is a complicated matter anyway, people should cease to assume I have no power whatsoever and am unlikely to deploy it when I am exasperated as equally as we all know that when it does not make any sense, it is incredibly stupid, no more lies and demagogues, a straight case of where it is heading and whether or not we have made progress with ourselves should explain which one is stupid or not and yet all we want to do is pay attention to and vote for leaders that will create war, while a process of exposing Books I intend to sell while they are unpublished becomes a means of accountability. It is not the only example either, there is another where we become fond of seeking big business and yet have no wish to get along with the rules i.e. if you are wealthy and a lot of people know of what belongs to you, then the other side of the coin is that you will find it impossible to steal somebody else’s property and yet how they want to get about being rich is not just destroying those who have talent and are willing to give up the civil rights short cuts in return for putting in a super human effort to achieve what they set out to do, then destroy their wealth and manufacture a condition where they have the same thing as those who have achieved by means of legislation created equality; this then sabotages a system that should have been exclusive and creates a condition where those who cannot take what belongs to others lose all they have through a recession which was obviously created by clever people, to end up in areas of society and matters of public life that they grew out of as teenagers; whereby people commit suicides in that condition while I just tend to rip up peoples culture and society so that they might do it instead as it were. The point is that people may say these things they say of me alright but the real people they wish to listen to are a collection of liars that want them to think jobs and careers matter when what really matters to them is Popular culture and because they are ugly people want to create a very perverted society in order to justify their position – jobs and careers mean nothing to them and I simply have to live in a real world where they say I am always interested in the poor when I am not, as the reality is rather that when these goons take their eyes off me, the first thing I need to check is whether or not the poor are suffering for it – the reason for it is that they always need the perverted Country in order to have their perversions that will facilitate fame and fortune popular culture and will have to get rid of the poor to start from. I have no idea why people discuss the poor all of the time anyway, their poverty probably makes them nauseated, and so those who do must be helping. 

They usually say my position on Politicians is wrong which is not actually true; they always want racism to thrive so that it might be credible to ask if it will be war with others or not, so because the waiting time becomes so boring, they find other things to do with it, which means dancing to any tune industry goons play them. In the end, the crucial time period is 18-25, especially when it is female, after all that fighting and heroics, the exits has to be financial but Politicians and Media will never allow that until it is sexually assaulted so as to do popular culture. I hear the case of me getting sucked into these things is exactly the problem that my Parents tried to avoid but it’s an old story, apparently people enjoy the idea of my Mum being my enemy so much but wish to do nothing about stalking me and playing up this 15 year plan to hold me down and break me down and have me wrapped up so that they can be certain they will beat up and win etc. Then claim that the rest of them have the same enmity with their parents because they have the same problem with those stupid media lies, which is hardly credible as I am already public hate figure no 1 because they say I have no respect for their parents. The other side of what I think should be done being that they all get to stay away from me and have nothing to do with the Royal Family from involvement with me, keep off my girl friends and find their own mates to create liaisons and to have sex with. I have to put up with it all the time including from European and Caribbean and African and even Russian goons who have all followed this Media led nonsense turning up to feed on Baby’s stuff. Then we hear them speak of the amazing thing whereby I handled it whereas I can mention a few Royals that had gotten murdered by them as a people such as Grace Kelly for instance, speaking more contemporary ones – controlling them has always meant having a grip on civil unrest and terrorism and they need to get involved with their own mates, leave me alone and let be. They do say they are dangerous individuals and I am screwing with fire of course and it has always been a story of the fact the Christina does not wish to see their culture and society because it is fundamentally evil – otherwise all they can do is kill people while he can do everything else, the Politicians willing as it were, so that the threats might shut its own too. they do say they are not exactly racists even though they threaten my very existence but of course I had made a clear statement on their matter some time ago – the case of the level of greed that propels people to divide whole communities between themselves when the way business actually works is to put out a product and hope people buy it and that you try to give them the best service you can thereafter, turning out to cross mine all the time like that like I owe them money. It’s been okay to have their city centres where they get rich and criminal communities where they secure their creature comforts but they need to stop threatening women and assuming that they have become Royalty as they know nothing of it. I understand the complain to be that I speak of such things but still love to get involved with their power, which is utter nonsense as that part is created by Politicians and Media and they are independent enough to make their own choices and decisions and therefore decide not to threaten me when that happens, then regularly turn out to pretend I am American and they had created this contraption they describe as society in which the made up ideas about the reasons things happen is a law unto itself and I am screwed forever.

I am aware I have been warned not to fulfil my dreams or they will fulfil their own too but I do not know them; it is an old tale of starting a fight with others and sending in the kids when beaten, so as to get around stalking and lies and blowing off a big mouth about those whose lives are in danger – in the end it is an old tale of realising I want them to keep off my livelihood so I can make a living and assuming on my part that they do not wish to take advantage of the fact it is the point where their disobedience can fulfil all their dreams and I am just working out what will become of my disobedience as well considering that stupid popular culture and Media and society and need to see them clear my space and keep off my Books are soon as they possibly can. Now we hear that Labour has been unfairly smeared with anti-Semitism but we will never ever see them show up in public to display the wealth they claim they have, to such an extent that people cannot breathe especially myself on account that we think they are unimportant but their homes are like Kings Palaces and they need to start showing it to disprove they are anti-Semite as well because I need to breathe too and they have never communicated with anything in an honest way in their stupid lives for the most part on one hand while on the other, no body, nothing, moves into my right hand, nothing moves in there, as it were. The claim that does everything then becomes that of how I have failed in my Royal duties considering that People have died due to my inability to discharge my duties as a result of being weak – but I assume naturally that this must be a process of showing me they have stopped lying and if not then it might be or if it is then it is also a process of trying to tell me perhaps, that there are Popular culture empires they are aware of and I am not, which have laid down those stupid pipelines of theirs from the United States to Japan right across my Royal Estate.

So eventually it all has to fall back on this story of me treating women badly which does not bother me at all, as I am clear about women weaker sex getting a proper job for money and keeping off my Book sales and Royal Estate earnings as there is always a way of clipping every idiot that can fight for them, so they can turn up to do it themselves the way that big mouth wags on that stupid Media all day long. I don’t mind the TV Personalities who are the persons with careers that others use for extremism and murder, talking nonsense at me about how my bottom will continue to hurt either; those will be taught one of these days, to keep their insults where people appreciate them or continue to explore what it is exactly they can do about me over treatment of Women. In the end of which it has nothing to do with Women and I cannot continue to live this life where I speak to women old enough to be my parents but because I am unemployed on account their stupidities have not gotten sex and riches from me, my demeanour suggests I am only speaking to a woman and therefore make it impossible for me to live in normalcy so they can show up to influence; I said nobody moves into my right hand and they need to get a job, I know there is a right wing manifesto in Town for it too and they can try it. There is nothing wrong with living in a Country where their destiny is not decided for them by a Monarchy anyway, it usually involves the rich telling the poor they need to use their own to do it in order for things to go well with them while the poor tell the rich they need to abstain from evil lest they lose their Kingdoms; there is nothing wrong with informing them you do not desire their involvement with your business empire either if you have one. It’s never been a problem; same old story of the fact women can guarantee being treated like Princesses if they get involved with British Men but the religious ones are just the exact opposite of being treated like a Princess, it’s always been a problem for them because all they want to do is get money from Politicians to get a life and make a living from attaching an abusive process of getting involved with people, to a means of attaining an end. They need to get proper jobs or keep the insults of celebrated idiots far from me and my possessions. Every time they get involved, what they do is a behaviour which takes up a whole global economy and makes it smaller, then get around talking nonsense about the need to share wealth because the poor have none as well considering they will not share their own on account you are dead if you try them with that big mouth; nothing I say here is meant to solve anything, just ensure my facts and figures end up in the hands of culture and society idiots to keep Liberals and their robbery in check, running the Book sales business has only to do with the accounting of what my capital is and how I can break even and then make a profit on it and this is what they make stupid comments on Media to wreck and have fun from doing so everyday claiming my reaction boosts their career – so if they have the fucking guts I would like to see them push that line of how I interfere with the accounts of their celebrated idiots selves as well and then we will find out what they are made of too. The first I had to tolerate them was that stepping outside of my door had meanings and people could use it to make money, the next stage of tolerating them was that they could make that money and then secure some form of contact with me in a condition where I am completely obedient to them, to ensure they owned me and made it into a viable career, this will have likely been the last stage all together as it were; they need to spend time doing the one that pays their salary and clear my cleared space – the talk of an empire I never had but turned up to pretend until I was given one is all very well, everybody knows that before then I was suffering the stick from Industry ownership about how I let people take advantage of me to turn up at their firms to get promotions and increased salaries for work that was clear an obvious they did not do, so they can always push that line if they have the guts for it. So I get the idea I criticised the idea of allowing republicans in the Privy Council whereas I am happy to kill my health just to ensure my work ends up in the hands of culture and society goons, in order to keep the theft and robbery of Liberals and socialists under control but I didn’t outright – I was only uncomfortable about it because I know they like us thinking they were more concerned about jobs and careers when they are really are about fame and popular culture and because they are ugly only want a Country that will make their position acceptable so they might have it – not a problem of course if the House of Windsor belongs to the Windsor’s, otherwise they must be trying to prove it belongs to them instead and as for me, I am only wondering if they want to inform me of popular culture empire laid up right across the west from the US to Japan and specifically laid through and across my Royal Estate.


On one hand they say I have a problem with people while pretending most of my activities actually amount to progress  and on the other they say I think I know what I am doing but do not have a clue; the reality in terms of the former is that I do not have a problem with people, only the fact they do nothing with their time save get around spending all day setting out one destructive and provocative story around my Books and its phenomenon all day long on Media and only rest when there is a sense they have done so much damage that the idea of having a capital and working out an account of what will mean breaking even has happened and what will mean a profit has existed actually dissipates – when I mention it to them, their middle class trouble maker in order to keep the image going tells me it is the same way I mess with their accounts when they are trying to make fame and fortune at my expense and it is ever so important to make them understand how provocative this nonsense really is and as for not making progress, I know what I am doing and have got the lower class life going, as well as the Middle Class one but it is myself that does the Book writing and the causes associated with my Office and they need to spend their time on the one that actually pays their salary not tell me I am not spending my time on the one that pays mine when I mention it and inform me there is nothing I can do about them, when we all know such big mouthing will not be the lot of the older peers when their employers understand how much trouble the fact they have got those jobs and I am always being bruised up because they have having a bad day as it were; in other occasions it will make perfect sense to wear rags and turn out at their work place with a placard to run campaigns that want them to lose the jobs so they can spend their time on me like they want 100% too all together, which fact does not support that their theory that there is nothing I can do about them as well. As for knowing what I am doing, the reality has always been that of a condition where Politicians and Industry goons have given them Money to start off life with which is why their confidence is boundless, however doing so has now meant the world economy is smaller, I however need to ensure that the Book sale business is safe from them so that if it is not a viable livelihood I can move to something else and yet if I did beat them down properly it will be as well all together; so this is what I must manage for my part. They do say I rock the boat at the Monarchy when they are the ones that cannot stop lying, the older youths that are really stupid and have no respect for anything I do which constitutes a livelihood, the ones that work themselves out being tolerable while the others I cannot stand because they are just too clever; the reality is that they are no Royalty and when all I do as well as they is drawn out to the last I will be half Royalty and they will be nothing – so if this is what they want, I had better adopted a middle position then as it were. It is the same as it has always been; what happens then being that an Industry fool will see that if he invests his 4 million in a great venture, he will end up with 7 million but if he puts his feet up and employs idiots that will soften up whole communities to make them part with money easily doing sales job, he will end up with 6 million instead, so he will chose the latter and these fools will have put themselves forward and turned up to tell me there is nothing I can do about them – considering the way it affects me is that when you then force them to do religion and morality, what will happen is that others come in from overseas to grab the jobs and culture, so you let them do what they want and do the religion and morality for them, this has so far created the result when they show up to pretend I am a cushion people want to jump on and punch to get a release; I have so held myself back twice from starting a campaign to ensure they lose the jobs that pay them the salaries if they are always having a bad day so and I am always suffering for it, so it was been an important move to roll out this initial stage where they are warned to keep to the ones that actually pay their salary and leave me alone. Always turning up to interfere with my Court and prepare me for those times they will want to let me into their stupid bad history like they have signed some confidentiality agreement with me, suggesting they have taken steps to protect their stupidities as well; I get blamed for the way my personality affects them as well, while I have no idea what they suppose is wrong with it since they are always having a bad day at work and there is nothing I can do about them pay more attention to me than they do the one that pays their salary but it’s an old story of interfering with my Court to groom me for this sort of purpose all day on Media, claiming they deserve what their female colleagues are getting and then finding out they can spread the idea an ensure they build a crowd that forces me to give it to them too. So I could always have said that years ago of course, utter nonsense naturally if I can spend time on the part where their democracy and freedom is when corruptions of involvement kills me on account I am a religious person and it would be amusing if that happened all together; I mean corruptions of involvement do kill but it depends on the one where you go out to find silly women to sleep with until you cannot control where you end up in social life, marry one and have children and then it does what it wants to do after that, not the one where Politicians assume they can play up bubbles between their offices and prisons systems and decide who your friends are, claiming that was their civil right as well.

They do say I sleep with strange women as well, and it is utter nonsense; what happens is that these people are always beating their wife and beating wife leads to divorce like that gesture to the left which is what I suppose their Parents one looks like as it were; they even teach their Children to go into University and set out people they want to abuse in such ways, rip up the academic work and pass their own to get the best jobs and be in a position to spice up sex life with such persons public existence, to mean that when he does not commit sins and go against God’s will, others will commit sin for him and if it does not work Politicians will become the unexpected that he should always expect. It’s not by any means the end of the world if they keep their sexual behaviour off me; it’s all me and not them and it’s all because I am angry and miserable and I am angry and miserable starting from women thinking life is all about finding somebody that will beat me up to follow a process where they want sex from me and if they cannot get it I become unemployed for years, right up to the part where these idiots are always beating wife because they want to befriend dumb female millionaires or who are married to millionaires to become one, making sure my Book sales are not happening and then any job I get will see them run Media campaigns I asked them to run for me for their part to ensure their society idiots turn out there to make me deals – the sexual activity was always the problem from years ago.