The fact that companies are selling their stock and others are buying them and companies are selling to other companies is not one of the issues I consider as that which constitutes a problem for me. I am rather settled on my operations in the Eastern Part of the world and in Asia and in the West and anything I may have in Africa – I have through it set out parameters of what kinds of things those who attack me with the idea I must deploy government office to protect companies will end up dealing with in their own countries as well so we can find out if time wasting and Nationalism is ever such a good idea because there are insolent sales and money freaks in Industry more so anyway: the reason it is such a big problem for the government is a lack of respect for my leadership which means they cannot make use of or deploy it. That said, if the problem is to consist of companies and we are not talking about black idiots in International communities seeking out lucrative insults and means of spying on others in order to abuse those that can get things done into doing it for them so they might lead with a big mouth: then it is not an emotive issue – they always love to pretend that what they are supposed to do is set out a means of trading that sticks my equities and income at the deep end and that they can always get away with it if they make out the reason to be that what I do is so good and there is nothing wrong with asking for more but if it is really to be considered at the bottom line, their objective is to set out and draw a line between me and them concerning their money on one hand and my property equity along with the company on the other with an assumption they will deploy the money as leverage which does not make any sense if I can deploy my company as leverage and more so along parameters of the fact I have had enough of the sexually violent abuses of their idiots too. It is  not that I am unaware that what happens when companies sell up is that there can only be a sale if the deal is so good that the seller can make a profit that can be justified, it’s just a matter of the question of trouble I seek an assumptions I make by idiots at Industry villages that like to lay claims to my possessions to make quick money and defile me to ensure I am carried away by something else whose nonsense I have come to tolerate no more and regularly show indications I seek a reckoning as well: they say I seek trouble over assumptions of ownership I make with respect to peoples companies when it was always rather easy to let people buy products created from equities and securities brokered with me without trying to make them get involved with me in order to pillage those equities, let them buy the products and use them and respect my property and get involved with me only over my books and then I would have made assumptions over nothing. It is not a new story about set out objectives that are concerned with leverage of my company with their money so that when I leverage their money with my company as well the trouble will remain how I will pay my bills and the answer to everything will end up being when I am abused over the effects of poverty and my need to get involved with those that are beyond me; it is just a fact of reality that I will never let them draw that line in that way and all that noise making and show off I put up with on my television all the time is precisely that and nothing else – with respect to their insults and those stupid advertisement they show them off with only God knows who the other idiots that gives them media to play around with at my expense think they are anyway, they are perfectly aware what they are doing otherwise in terms of everything else they are fucking idiots.

We are all aware of the story of some men that are a problem for me which I cannot solve, it is not a novelty – we have come through so many facts behind that including that of kids who sleep well when those who fight for the safety and security of everybody are persecuted by the evils of society that are a wickedness they support but want to be safe from at the same time in order to have everything and that should be enough to explain everything about who exactly thinks of their fucking puffs are a problem that he cannot solve. But it goes further in that when I write my books they want to be able to fizzle my finances into a condition of deals with media that I have to maintain, reality being that after six years of trying they have not yet reached a stage where those deals will be applicable in a way they want so the reasons I am not selling my books and finishing the job I do in each case is of course that they have not yet reached the kind of deals that media normally get from people – then we hear them blow off their big mouth regularly too and to which end I intend to put them out of work in the celebrity industry and back stage media and right down to the pornography industry as well and make my money in that way. We spoke some time before about one more insult from them being all I need to raise the bar on this matter and that insult did not come through within the time limit, so after that, on this occasion I happen to have bumped into men that are a problem for me at 8.15am in the morning: good then, since we all know you try to ensure women do not attack them on account of you and cause them to get after attacking women which will cause you to do something about it and thereby create a war and to which end since their provocation knows no end and they must have fantasy sodomy and fantasy homosexuality and fantasy narcissism and fantasy sadism that they claim is a civil right to practice but you have not given them or their stupid Politicians the consent to practice on you so they practice the fantasy anyway, it must mean that when people see themselves as big boys in a place where they determine how much attention other people get, they are to extricate power from a condition where they are a problem for you that you cannot solve. In the end these idiots cannot take photos and make videos and celebrities who basically think that these scum are an evil they can support while seeking to be safe from at other peoples expense which then implies that others do not matter, without using my work and or my possessions and these kinds of provocation are meant to create the controversy that makes meaning of their gold digging my work and my life to the context of the fact when I mention I am a person and not a phenomenon, it does not apply to what they want to take a heed from as well and then also because they practice ageism and are fucking puffs that cannot shut their guts. These fools think that they are the kind of men whose personalities cannot be exhausted when people explore it – doing my stuff – and so to that effect it is of such a scale that they can reach out and take anything they want and to such application as to reach out and take anything they want from my company, pretending the worse case eventuality will be that the celebrity that benefit from it will become bitches like they should and make them pay for it at some point, then make me pay for provoking them and then all I own will lie in tatters and that will be the end, to which effect I apparently have to talk about men that are a problem for me at 8.15am and it is not the first occasion since we all know the neighbourhoods are always covered in violence so they can control who gets attention – has nothing to do with me of course but we have already ended up in a place where they need to make the link between their insults and abuses and the vanishing of those stupid cultures and societies for a start and then we kind find out what kind of problem they think they are as we go along as well. we hear they say it is a matter of self confidence on my part when everybody knows people ought to get in touch with me over my property equity assets brokered with companies that create products they buy over my books and not some miscellaneous nonsense a media scum comes up with and they know it is very provocative that your assets have become miscellaneous that others can make changes to if it suits them with media and advertisement. I mean before they officially identified themselves as a problem, I was under the impression I was doing very well currently. I dont think they are a crisis of any sorts, it’s just a reality that everything they do in public is designed to hurt you and you have no idea what they are doing in private either, you have no yet come to the part where everything you set out in public is designed to hurt them yet but they are already all over the place, so that they turn up in your life and world to damage things to a point where your perspective of how to get out of bed and make a living is altered to a point where you have a wrong sense of how to get around with what people especially those older than you do about deviance and attention seeking and fame but you are still forced to pay for their deviance which is far beyond your financial capabilities in their view, are still getting bullied by them and their stupid girls to that effect and are still listening to their stories about wealth distribution and abused when they make advertisement because abusing you is linked with getting a better life for the girls and making more money: I was doing very well until they identified themselves as a problem. They are not a personal problem either – that part is more concerned with all these being about asking me to make an exception of myself and be the guy who had everything and lost it over them so they can look like they have got power and quality of life and it is more like the story of my getting around with women that are older than I am while complaining my sense of getting out of bed to earn a living is altered by other people; I have refused and they have decided they want to take it by force and that is where we are: - I have made it clear to them they need to make a connection between threatening me and the vanishing of those stupid cultures and societies and civil rights but they have not yet determined they want to live in their own lives just yet. So in context of how well I have been doing before they officially identified themselves as a problem like their insults were not offensive enough – reason being that it is they claim, the nature of opposition, which that sort of opposition will occur the day their ideology of the devil holds sway in this Country and as such wins a majority – this is not that day.


Now the case of how much I am bullied by Muslims is very well understood but it is no new story – I have knocked on somebody’s door to trade home insulation with him only to have him tell me he does not need insulation from my type and does not want my own and they have done his stuff – I mean it is a typical example of how they cannot leave this Country the way those who actually own it have left it for everybody else as it were, since last time we checked that is how they do it over here as it were. The part that creates the problem is that everything they do in public places is based on their greed and designed to hurt me seriously and that is why there is a problem with Muslims from my side of things as well. I mean it is easy to get off and kidnap 300 girls in an area where 90% of the population are Muslims and nobody would notice too much if those who are doing it are hiding well enough, the fact their kids are gathering and amassing weapons against those who are not Muslim enough among many others – even then of which they will still have to keep stealing like jackals otherwise if they go about it directly they will have their own shot all over the place as well. The other story about how much I do things in the UK that I would never have done in Africa is all very well too – I mean the prognosis in some peoples stupid heads is that everything about my personality occurs due to the fact I live in the UK; so when my parents tease me and it winds me up, the incredible bafflement of entire communities of people teasing me like that as well when they are not my parents and I have never seen them before and have not got a clue how they worked out it is the way my parents tease me etc occurs: so there is that lack of respect there where people are happy to name you a boy and set about handling you in the same way like when they dominate it is a victory they earned as it were and it is a provocation they are really good at which can drive people to a point where they feel like killing on account they are frustrated about how things that belong to me should have been their own so they can fulfil dreams of wealth and privilege but I have not killed anybody yet despite all their noise making, all they have gotten from me is nothing other than the warnings. In the end they do say it is a problem I cannot surmount even though I mention several times they are not a crisis even a personal one; since last we checked apparently the last time I embarked on a process of making sure America shares democracy so I can dig gold diggers as well, they have been a lot better off and with all these process of political scum asking me for things that make no sense to give to share and turning up to stifle my academic work and my book sales to ensure they extricate those things and use my personality to make their careers, as a result of it setting things all over the place by which every tom dick and harry can work on to apply violence on me to make me do things for them, I have done nothing about setting out the fact they behave in such ways because if they withdrew those things they do the world would have been a better place like their Muslim counterparts are doing so well in Syria and Iraq and Palestine etc – hence safe to say I have no wish to dig  gold digger  as well and apply violence to make them do things for me; they simply think here in the UK that if they detach Britain from the EU they will handle me which is not uncommon of an example of games they love to play after seeing clearly the Americans are tired of playing their ‘chicken’ one so far. Of course once I have mentioned such things they will say the media has bullied it out of me which is utter rubbish – since last I checked this was the office of a government chief of staff whose academic work and book sales they need to stay away from as those who want to take up my job and unseat me from it have been doing it to their hearts content in the last decade already and we all know the media can say whatever it likes until it ends as badly as it looks for them too. Most of these activities are not a product of my unawareness of the fact that people want to take all I own from me, but I dont see how such claims are based on reality either since I have given them various warnings and in my mind they know as clear as light that each provocation from them as a result of hailing from a background where they always get what they desire, just like going off to Africa to find my parents covering their tracks so I dont get to tease them when they tease me which would also detach them for a need to get rich mentality when they want to steal government funds and so on, is stripped of any leverage at general economy every time and when it has no more of that in its contents I will know the economy has done a full recovery and after that they can make one false move of which they know they provoke me all the time and would probably have had it all worked out to ensure any loose ends are tied off about which I kick them all the time and create new exit routes even if I must kick them to create some, hence they would have gone over the mark as soon as the economy does a full recovery and not know it and then I will have the element of surprise play up to my advantage. We do hear them say there is no way by which I can do anything when I have no money to; whereas the reality is that fools like them behave the way they do because if somebody made them behave otherwise the world would be a better place: I dont think it is a major crisis for my part either anyway, I mean has anybody ever spent time thinking about how to dig so deep into other peoples market equity and relationship with other firms to place their own products, not because they do not have enough money for leverage but because it is something they feel they can do if there are tales to be told about powers of the minority? That is the business side, the personal side is the insults and abuses and attacks by which you become a minority then do everything you are supposed to do and give it up later, the insults by which you own a company that does not exist because it belongs to them etc. One moment we take a look at the fact everything they do in public is about causing me physical hurt which tallies in their view with stories about being at the top and staying there and yet another moment we hear them speak of those who get involved with government when unqualified talking nonsense about things they know nothing of: the latter comes up way too often for their own good but because it is starting to affect my business because of a process where I am one person here and there is another me they control in the minds of everybody else running around acquiring all sorts of ugly reputation etc. They would say I call people names like plebes but dont we all hate people talking nonsense about things they know nothing of, dont we all hate people getting involved with things they have no idea what to do with – I mean we live in a country where we use our own to do it but they are enemies of those who do while at the same time attack you in order to get out of bed to work out how to spend your own on a daily basis right down to their churches which operate in the most insolent way imaginable; makes you wonder why they feel you should be aware of their problems and deviance that no matter how many times you may speak of it does not mean that you are aware or interested, nobody knows what they have left over from their destruction and vandalism for you to do so with any way, nobody knows why they think you want to support their National front nonsense and nobody knows why they think terrorism is something you should be interested in especially when diversified whereas we all know war is tummy in and peace is tummy out and vice versa and terrorism is not something used by angry people but people at war and that they have got no cause whatsoever which means I can never get interested etc. It is nothing new: they think when they are angry they do terrorism and I pay attention or else with a big mouth and it is much the same with everything else they do and that noise making about my involvement to talk about what I know nothing of as it were – which of course was always meant to create a process where I am accused of something so they can get their hands on the treasury if they dont get any privileges of injustice which is also why I am waiting for them at the markets to ensure they keep it at home and spend it so somebody else can get a job. The US President being a special case; he can send out people to stifle my book sales and turn out in public to pretend it would have happened anyway but is glad that it did never the less and that it is not an act of war unless you give him some tummy out so we can find out where facts lie and he begins to talk on the international scene about secret and public sanctions on those who work against the interests of black Americans without first telling his scum to keep their insults to themselves so people dont take it up and do it for him.

The story of how these things happen because I sleep with other peoples wives is very well understood but it keeps coming up when I want to concentrate on reading the Bible and spend time praying because those who bring it up wish to rely on the madness in the communities of ugly evil women who think they always get what they want and yes those who abuse me in a sexual context because I am not interested in them and stories do run that I put the effects out in public to screw up famous persons perspective – so since it comes up all the time I should say therefore that nobody yet knows why they cannot tell their stupid wives who will probably listen to them to save the insults for another day, nobody knows why their female journalists want to get involved with my work and keep a safe distance on television by which to make use of the precise aspect that involves a finished Job that has been placed before a bank to ask for a loan and nobody knows why they are so hard of hearing about getting involved with me and doing those things so it might be possible to goad me into a fight and steal my fame? All we know is that it is the way nasty stupid journalists compete along with their celebrity scum who always want other peoples possessions out of stupid men that work back stage and cannot seem to make a connection between the bad things I do happening to them and a one occasion in which they issued those stupid threats at me. We hear the complain of course that they feel like honey bees who work the honey while I harvest but if this were some 200 years ago there would have been a hearing at the Queens judgement by now over my Royal Property – in those days it was a matter of oppression through ownership of lands; today it’s a matter of gold diggers around my life and they claim the trouble to be that all I say ends up in the hands of twisted black women that will keep abusing me in a sexual context to get more but of course I always know that is where it ends up since all of them are the same thing and behave in the way they do because they think the world will have to pay them a price to make them behave differently and this is where I want to make my money as well. There is no other way in which this will come to end save a process where they are no longer seen around my book sales and the books get sold and I take a holiday from the UK for about six months to clear my head, otherwise I will continue to remain primed and they will see me fire twice for every occasion in which they fire once like it is presently. I had issued warnings on the matter a long time ago about the fact I can either live in a way which means I must turn off my television because everything that happens on it is going to provoke me all day long or I can decide it is war with the media – it seems that they have not been paying attention because they have been full of themselves: the old story of how modern royalty is vulnerable to media, the story of how in the past it would have been a case of putting eagle symbols on flags and marching armies all over the place but today that has all changed and they can do and undo but I am sleeping with their wives already and they have not been able to make the connection between the threats and insults and the vanishing of cultures and civil rights and societies, since it is the same form of misery they inflict on others about which it seems sales of my books will kill them and yes the books will be sold as this is not their lives and they are not that important – far from it. Like the case of how I lay claims to ideological issues as property of my Royal Estate: when the only thing that is ideological about my work happens to be when Industries create products and everybody else is a trouble maker, about which the part where the electorate has them over a barrel and are always applauding them for spending more money on welfare is such a squirm, which is how I end up in their list; and of course we all know they are playing games when they think I cannot look after it considering it is the only way to keep them starved of resources in order to ensure that I can create a barrier between me and them in order to get on with my own life as well – so we do hear the claim if me and women are get around with determine equities by which what people buy is made they will not buy it but that is what we are talking about, their society of men will go without money as well so they can cause me enough trouble. The other part of my work that is ideological would have involved them directly i.e. the civil service underneath is full of stupid violent women with a sense of militant behaviour and on the surface full of stupid women that cannot keep their insults to themselves and one of these days I will dish out that violence they measure for me for them as well to a point where they spend that stupid money to find protection while I dish it out until I make money for my part as well; so it is the same old story of the fact that what concerns them never gets their attention because they are just way too busy being full of themselves. As for the journalists and celebrities; those are hard of hearing and their husbands continue to behave as though they are the reason for my sense of tolerance to have existed.


Getting into trouble with rich people is very well understood; it’s the same old case of involvement with Politics and the wrecking of peoples finances and the covering of their backs and the deployment of peoples possession to make their millions into trillions and so on as though everybody would be happy with the idea of sitting back and watching them draw that line between his possessions and their stupid money about which they have nothing else in that way; so all I can say is that it’s just books and will be their worst nightmare soon enough like the insults that are so fantastical they throw me off and the world is paying them to behave properly. I mean has anybody spent time thinking about digging so deep into other people’s business operations to a point where they place their own products at the market equity and destroy it so the owner does not deploy it as well, has anybody actually spent time doing it after coming up with a plan? It is not surprising people do not easily figure out what I am talking about but that does not mean they do not do it to extricate the most amount of harm and then talk nonsense about my inability to stay at the top when we all know they are complaining all right but I have not yet come to the part where I view all below me with a sense of misogyny yet.

On the whole I am not too bothered about how takeover bids among firms affects me; the reality is that as long as people dont mess with my literary empire they should be alright; but I am comfortable with operations in the east and the west and anything I have in Africa and they must be tabled before a bank as something that can be used to pay them back their loans on a certain deadline – when people dont mess with that they have nothing to complain about. We have been doing this for the last fourteen years on a daily basis, they have been fond of doing damage because it will help to find out and copy, copy and make money and wreck mine to be better off than I am and brag. I do know how to stay at the top and that is precisely what I am going to do. Now on the matter of getting into trouble with rich people as a whole, it is much the same: Politicians have no respect for me and that is okay until they share with their mistresses and cross the line and since then there has been a very large humble pie they have to eat to please the electorate which I mention here because there are no liabilities considering that we dont even know what the efficacy of a process where they eat it is – so I hear they are taking care of the electorate but that seems to be the problem which is why I am in trouble with rich people. The media is supposed to be where the rich people work their stuff anyway, that is where insults make people rich and yet you thought that a process where they can dig your company and leverage it and pile things high and sell them cheap was easy enough a theft for them to be satisfied with but no, now they have insults to get rich with and the media is at the centre of it determining what the general public think about people for them and determining what people think about them for them, so it’s all worked and paid off fine. Where I am however is that of the simple that the reasons media do what they do and civil rights people do what they do and rich people do what they do is not just to make money and pretend they are Royalty to set off personality competition with me that I find provocative but the fact that just like I am a Christian because I am hiding things I know that can make people rich if I shared them like they claim, they behave the way they do in my view because if they did behave otherwise the world would be a better place and the fact you always end up bumping into some revenge of theirs that has nothing to do with you when you and what you own is a subject of their perverse envy bears testament to that and these are my parameters for digging gold diggers as well. Hence I do wonder if it means I am vulnerable to them anyway, all I know is that it will all get so much worse provided they do not feel they can leave me alone and stay off my case and my business and income yet. They do speak of the middle successful people having the better of me because I dont show them respect – like the feminists and idiots who didn’t make it happen in their side of society and are now off to mine as it were: at least with respect to their insults they know exactly what they are doing even though in terms of everything else they are fucking idiots. I am not in any trouble with rich people; I need a holiday and only my book sales can give it otherwise it will continue to be impossible to tolerate them and so it is in their interest thereof. I am not in any way antagonising business people – most business owners understand what I am talking about, its these medium successful people and their celebrities I have no respect for that we have a problem with: they think they have taken over the market of my firm as nobody can create one and maintain it in a dormant state and cash into it when he wants to because it will be stolen and spent by others and of course once finished they think their patents are important as well and then they will have to hire the best lawyers as what I do means dealing with them and problems they create gets cheaper and cheaper and cheaper. The business owners that ruin the relationship are the ones that keep playing the game of a little thing for a gold digger all the time – where they are so full of themselves they make assumptions of what is really their own around my work and pretend there will be no consequences just like I am detached from certain areas of my Royal Estate in Europe so they can own it, if people keep telling me their deviance is beyond my financial reach while I keep paying for it at the same time as well. the Machiavellian behaviour and wickedness they want to support and be safe from, until somebody else takes it up and does it for them, since it is not the first time they have worked out there is something amiss with somebody that is not like the gangs they can give money to but terrifies them like hell, apparently they are having a go and how it means their insults makes for a means by which it is possible to extract an income from my income to the tune of millions which is how it should be permanently with a big mouth and they do say I dont pay too much attention to what is happening in Europe which of course isn’t true since each time I set out securities that work at diplomacy and some Royalty wants to develop it into a small business, it turns out every feminist idiot and fashion goon will be seen all over it with their media fools – so I always attack at the US first because it will all distil at Tinsel Town – the main issue around it happens to be stupid black women who own me, those have been spoiled by their parents and will flush my life down the toilet – so far it is clear this is not the 1990s where they get around diplomatic circles and chew snacks with tyrants and feel they can do whatever they like but they are still on course for a relationship with me as a factor of their version of discrimination because they are hard of hearing.

Naturally I hear all the time that my books are a literary abomination they are trying to hide from the world but I dont know what that makes them anyway if the books are actually about them in the first place: I mean they are born out of a process of getting out of bed to struggle every day with the activities of idiots who will not cease to comply with the wishes of celebrities at your expense – about which they claim the problems that are dealt with involve what bad people would do to me being averted but nobody knows why that would mean their bits and bobs are found all over my academic work either, except it is explained through the prism of what they feel they should abuse and take advantage of to recover their self confidence and appear on my television everyday for advertisement and self exhibition of other kinds: so the bits and bobs are out there now. I mean they dont teach them at Church anyway and when you know them from such high passions and for such sustained periods of time they have to end up somewhere and they are not ending up here. They say these are the words of a man who wants to be able to practice as much discrimination as he possibly can but of course that is never really as true as what they show here while I try to keep it away from the world of what they have left over since their gold digging began here, what they have left over for friendship and conversations and associations and so on, it is not as if I prevent them from travelling off to Countries they would feel more comfortable living in anyway. The story of how I make people nervous is another favourite one of course – whereas everybody knows that you get nervous when you meet those who lead you concerning which I am not a gang member and I am not a member of a National front and I am not a member of any organisation that works by intimidation and abuse of any form or sort so it is not clear what accountability they want anyway, all I know is that is has come up for the last time which is why I mention it here for the record. Some of them say I do nothing about the Country and sit about indulging myself; utter rubbish of course when we consider the Labour Party having connections in every country where they spend their salary to give people mosquito nets and therefore have a small army out of them thereof – how they return home and bring those people with them to help them out with Politics and the end result involves abusing me and provoking me to the effect of what the migrant community in the UK now consists of etc which leads to a process where they are to stand and fight it out not expect to simply do it and move away as it were:- so these are the conditions in which they want to control immigration and the conditions in which they should be trusted with the NHS and the civil service. I mean the reasons I do not care too much about their stupidities being that I can travel off to Africa and blow dry so to speak and return refreshed has been taken away because they cannot have enough of going there to find my parents who will tell me what to do to suit their purposes – South Africans and Ghanaians are in love with them as it were and it is not clear why they do not go there, hence we find them in Nigeria where my parents come from which then does mean they will keep doing it without something blowing up over their faces at some point. We hear they say my disposition does nothing about racism but of course we need not go into details first of all of the fact that it is all disputes with content facts and that racists do bother me on the streets because it is rather rare to find a white man that thinks teasing you is fun because he feels good doing it, so is it rare to find one that feels like spitting down your throat and putting his fingers in your anus because you are walking too slow on the streets being completely confident if you want to beat it out of him you have not got a bloody chance as it were – for some of them they experience these things so often and so intensely they can share it with others which is how they get to bug me all the time: so that when they do shoot some black idiot and say it was for them and their brothers, I have no idea why people always think it should involve me as well anyway when they have been clear about why they have done it. Media and Political racism makes no sense whatsoever on the other hand because everything we see here are damages to my person that black people have done which I have already made them pay for and intend to take away from them media and popular culture to shut them up for it as well to that effect – if they are saying that it puts them in a better position and therefore means the advantage of being racist I have no idea what that means anyway. All I do know however is the simple fact that it has been clear that idiots in Politics and the Monarchy have continued to think that they want my possessions and I have continued to let them have their fill of it too; they think they are such awesome men with more to spare that they can do their jobs and mine as well and I have provided for that too – however which they will have the office and the Royal Property somewhere in hell and the fact I do not pay a lot of attention to my things at the establishment so small creatures can move into them is not to say I intend somebody else to take them up, so I find it difficult to comprehend what their complains around the various things I do to provoke them really is. Of course we hear the part about how Church people like me turn up with our tired faith to express our extreme views but I dont know first of all which part of the fact millions have died over racism and I dont like the issue sprung on me at will by those that I will never cease forcing to take care of the problem seems to have been a tired and extremist faith anyway but when we speak of the main issues around that, this is not a tired and extremist faith, this is an adventurous lifestyle to find out if the Bible is lying, lying when it says homosexuality is born out of wickedness for example, it will apply that when there is enough civil rights that will cease to be the truth and so far we find it is always not so anyway and so I will keep enjoying my adventurous lifestyle to that effect and those who abate and support these things need not complain and certainly not about me either; It’s all very well for thieves like these to blame everything on racists, when we all know that when you are racist you may have five people in your group of which the five is enough but you would like to be s successful racist and if somebody presents an opportunity for you to pull off some spin in order to do that you would take it – doesn’t it apply then that it is the media that ferments the most racism in this Country supported by the socialists and black people? They say they do it because they have people whom they expect the racist to target and yet they say the reasons racists kill people is entirely mysterious since people like their sons to be marked out for provocation unto murder, never mind having themselves marked out as well all together. We all know there is never an end to a process where they speak of economy and money and why and how religious people need be made to mind their business: I have no idea how it is relevant when they are the ones that cannot be seen anywhere but around my book sales and my academic work showing off how much they think the fact I am a Christian makes me somebody that has given up a side of him and is no longer whole etc, on the assumption that most people want to have a conversation with them at all in the first place. It is never true that my actions are random; the reality is that the ladies can do nothing for me without the men messing it up and they get out of their own lives and jobs and careers and families to turn up in ours in order to do that.


Of course their Labour Party claim to understand better than any others the cost of living crisis – nobody knows why they keep saying that either; all we know is that they have decided they want to spend tax payer funds to help poor people hit by inflation after doing so much to facilitate the flow of inferior goods into the UK economy to stifle manufacturing jobs and boost their image overseas with their friends: the reality of that is clearly that they will spend tax payer funds to help everything that walks in the UK but if that is the case then we will have fewer goods chasing so much money and nobody knows exactly how that will help the cost of living crisis, the having their way with people party, so it must be assumed the way it will work is more about those secret places that those who elected them can go to have government funds spent of them and their whims and that is supposed to have been a case of bribery, as we can see that it is one of the contributory factors to the increasingly rigid electorate we have in the UK and the hung parliament; it is not that I am apologetic about being responsible for a condition where politicians are stuck with respect to crime and crime management, it’s just that this from them does not help either. So for educative sake it seems that their argument is more concerned with the fact that if the best way to distribute wealth is to make rich people pay taxes that are spent on the poor but when the issue of management is brought up they say it is a reversal of fortunes which shows how great they are to the effect of making the establishment pay taxes to the peasants – last we checked however taxes were actually money that belongs to an entity called the State and if this money is then spent on the poor the state will not be able to repair his roads and then I would have blown my top mentioning that it is the poor that have the cars that get damaged by them so these fools can pay out more of it in compensation – it gets even better when I have to think about the part where it is also the poor that get the contracts to have the roads repaired too. I mean I am comfortable with the fact that a lot of people are offended by my activities and when I do mention the fact that it is those that should be offended about my activities so I can find more offense to cause I am apologetic about it. if you take a look at them, the younger ones are starting, the middle aged ones will attack you if you protect yourself from a whore that gets out of bed to think about spending your own and the elderly have no sense that chasing young men and women around with violent sex is something they will find intimidating – the same old case of the girl who wanted to know where teaches penis is, who now has connections in popular culture and always gets what she wants, the boy who wanted to know of the same about teacher vagina and has a relationship with violence etc. It seems that they continue to have difficulty making the connections between their stupid threats in my direction and the bad things that happen, especially the friends from overseas, that only need see my books before a violent display of their stupid selves had shown up all over media about fame I steal from places that are not my territory, concerning which I have not got a clue how my work ended up in their territory and we all know they always make these stupid threats and show up these stupid threatening behaviour but when I handle them a little they get Politicians to do the dirty work of which it seems Politicians have nothing better to do with their time as it were. The ones in the UK never listen so it applies that when you dont want to look like something I stupid kid wishes to stab so that he can feel good about himself that is precisely what they will make you into and we have been doing this complete with my inability to tolerate their city identity for the last 14 years or so and the older ones have not yet begun complying with the fact that we are all adults and it does not mean they touch me but the fantasies are becoming more real – we are all adults and think a lot and have problems as it were. They say it is the same things law enforcement do to them that they do to me but of course law enforcement do it because they have the right to: which does not mean I am pairing them with law enforcement anyway – we all know the sequence of events that lead to a process where law enforcement have fantasies of touching that becomes real is entirely different from that which involves them having fantasies of touching me and they have not yet worked out there is nothing they can do yet so far as it were; all there is to say is the same old case of a condition where they need make a connection between the threats issued and the bad things happening – we all know they issue them all the time but when I handle them a bit they get the Politicians. It is an old case of their strange relationship with money: they are misers and they are very greedy and the money they have is not even in the bank where money should be, it is somewhere in their rooms and we all know that it needs to be there so they can pillage my property to make money and add to it so that they can count it regularly, it is not worth the damage they do here which will not go unpaid for; I have had enough and everybody can see that anybody that is targeted by them like that would lose his cool over the matter as well – so there are no apologies for those I offend in anything I say or do. To point out a fact besides my concerns over this theft of tax payer funds they think has become legitimate Politics, the reality about their cost of living crisis which meaning nobody can make out is that the Conservatives have also created a new benefit and it is called employment allowance and you get it when you have a job but it is low paid.

I hear it is said my big problem is the fact we really cannot justify the reasons we have a system of government where some people are perpetually in power and that there is no way I can reconcile that. The truth however is that nothing could be easier: the reality of which is always that what they do now would have happened anyway if I were just an ordinary celebrity and not one that serves a State. It is the oldest problem in the book, Middle Authority trouble makers – they speak of leadership going on inside of them concerning which the only application always tends to be the demise of leadership going on inside of somebody else because it is actually the only way it works, it cannot work without somebody they can work it on – so the claim is largely that when they take up top power they will be accountable but how do we hold them accountable in their personal lives? Of course we cannot, we simply make laws to that effect and they do whatever they like provided they are not caught and it goes on and on and on and like it is presently the UK the more bribery they can carry through means the more rigid the electorate means more hung parliaments which I can help by making sure they are stuck at crime management as well so that the hung parliament can go on and on and on and on, so they can also claim it will constitute a problem for me which I have no idea how since we can also see if it does happen three times or more, I can cash into it as well. Terrorism is Middle Authority, crime is middle authority and every problem you can think of is middle authority including government opposition with an ideology of evil and a sentiment of the devil, it’s all middle authority – so create stability, they need to be managed and controlled and it is as simple as that, there is no such thing like they normally claim of keeping some aspects of the current system when they have their revolution – the Monarchy has been brought back in the UK before and it can again in modern times unless they are off to some pleasurable genocide. If this does not satisfy them then we can easily speak of the part about asking people for things that make no sense to give to share with their middle authority and how politicians even spend tax payer funds to hold down such person and lean to the Nationalist front for 14 years because the person has thrown the last punch at those who actually hold government position and were elected to due to these activities, all of which is then blamed on the EU because if they do get rid of the EU they will be able to handle the Citizen that expects Politicians to back down before him which will never happen in hell because they are supposed to throw a punch and throw the last punch before any issue is resolved and so this is where they stand and what we keep paying for as a people, paying for people to go off to our government office to do – hence implying the idea that people have no right to get out of bed without facing up to the evils of their society or indeed have conversations with them via a different parameter other than crowds at their door steps is taken to a whole new level – so that it does get to a point where somebody gets off to say that since such a victim has suffered so much and so much has been taken from them, then a Royal Office should be awarded the victim so that they can be royalty and deal with a problem as well; which of course is the only thing you are obliged to reconcile i.e. the fact you got your Royal Estate as a result of a problem but then again everybody gets their Royal Estate as a result of a problem anyway. So if this does not satisfy them and I have no reconciled the process where something on a person’s head gives them the right to rule for life, even when tabled alongside the fact these activities would have happened anyway if the person was an ordinary celebrity and not Royalty, then I dont know what more they want anyway. It is clear however that every time you extend a hand to the Americans, what they do is completely wreck everything – so I have left the books to fulfil their purposes but never the less they have another conundrum in the sense that if they went around sharing democracy and I was the person making them the world would have been a better place and they are holding out on that because they expect the world to pay them a certain price for it.