So the Politicians are still hard working at the old game of there being something wrong with my Books because it sets out the idea I had won a great victory against the unbeatable them, which means I do not have the right to trade it and we see the same behaviour shown by their stupid children as well, along the lines of me being punished for denying them their needs by making sure they cannot peddle my Public life, which leads to an outcome where they are friends of black people one moment and the next they are friends of Muslims, taking my breath away all the time and issuing those insolent threats with it. The question therefore that is going to be answered will be something similar to when they brought in whores that knew their way around corridors of government where they sold their services to statesmen into my personal and public life, to rip up my academic work and pass their exams to stand up somewhere and abuse me in order to get the best jobs in the land – this ended with the complain we cannot be free of today about somebody waiting for them at the jobs market which is also the worst he can do – this time the question that will be answered will be that of whether I am scared of Ministers of Parliament; as we can see they spend their time on nothing else and it’s my income and my family and my personal life being affected while people have slowly become comfortable with the lies that I am doing the provocation when it is clear and obvious that even their salaries and savings are not affected by their stupidities and definitely not the way their stupidities affect mine all together. So they do say there is nothing I can do if they have my literary empire archives at the conservative party of which the choice was to walk into a University system and expect unusual treatment because I am an Arch Prince or expect to put it up on the computer system without having to deal with this kind of problems – so it is an example of the stupidity they expect to pull off as well, coupled with some need to give money to militant socialism and create war, then suck up to Americans and sell those products to recover their money and become masters of the Universe of which the process always creates some form of Blair rich project somewhere as it were and they will pull it off now that I know of the plan all together.

The natural response is of course that I have no means of backing this up; the reality of which is rather that there is a certain Literary Empire I do not have which has between 25 and 30 million pounds tied up in its built up market equity which I need to broker to ensure I make a profit on and it is this Empire that I do not have which determines most of what I do to them that they find all magical. It is never an issue, the same old tale of the useless opportunists who claim the more I talk about the matter is the worse I make it whereas the last time we checked their behaviour and the idea I have no protection and therefore no means by which they can get hurt meant that they did hit this business until they created a state of affairs which allowed me to rip up their joys of naivety civil rights as well – so after they turned into normal people it got personal, whereas people should actually love the idea of being normal people as it were, especially when it is actually not their own property they are referring to when they do seed time laziness and sexual abuse sharing that will bring equality as a later date by making sure that what I have  by being me is afforded them through my income. I talk about it because they will gain more information and get worse that way and it is all shared with society goons too – I want to make them worse because they should actually thank me for being normalised considering the turn up here way too often for their own good with needs and my whole life has now become all about their greed. It is not very far off from the need that has now emerged, to control and take over anything in the transport system that owns shares and is not actually an ally of mine because when they infiltrate my renaissance along with every stupid evil nonsense they have gone to the shit holes of the world to find and bring into my personal life on account they want to be rich, this is the first point of call when they are getting frustrated and need to attack me by violent means to make me comply. It is much the same as that story they tell of what The Queen does not want me to do – whereas we can see that they all are apart from the Queen considering that I will need to remake my equities as something that is not attached to the State but attached to me, so as to make my exit; what we find is that they have their names on Holly wood hall of fame but I have not been broken and there needs to be more trouble making etc for instance.

It’s like when they say I need to clear up on this EU case when the only case there is, is that big businesses are disillusioned and because they have not been working and therefore earning nothing since the recession took hold – now what they are saying is that this situation where small businesses are getting successful and big businesses are not is a future where the small businesses of today will be the big ones of tomorrow and therefore a fight that those who work such things should know they can never win with that big mouth – hence we get in and out of the EU ever so regularly. Then their social idiots will tell me I am now saying something that they can support and how they support me without buying Books I have no idea; all I know is that it means they will support me by their 45 minutes of fame on TV but the Journalists are really fond of it; when I am working they turn up to find ways of getting contracts and getting celebrity status and getting famous, when I am ready to trade, they start a story about how I share their families and that their bottom hurts because their parents or siblings are not going along with it, taking this case of idiots in the land who want to control me while they cannot discipline their own children to new heights where they then get to think their family mess should be my problem – when finished they want to hear me say things they can support by getting involved with the Royal Estate and it does drive me insane I have to admit; then they claim I use foul language when their entire behaviour is foul language in practice and turns up around my concerns all the time because they want to find out what it is they can do if I used the foul language as it were. So in the end I suppose the big businesses are due to break themselves up and go on holiday, personally I think they are a handful of buffoons all together anyway – otherwise the option is making them sit around and count which of their profits was a function of what I stole from them by having a business under the canopy of their large companies and we all know the Politicians that advocate all that nonsense at the EU will lose out on this the most. For the younger ones, the reality about my Trust Empire system was that it was free of goons from hell holes in the third world who whack people over the head and play poor get poorer rich get richer games with people’s property – today it is full of boo boys and leafy girl friends grabbing peoples penis and fingering bums supported by idiots at the Conservative Party talking nonsense about how nobody knows who the hell I am in order to get contracts and so on and I have only recently cleared it out; I do get told these are my peoples a lot but my people do not look like that at all – those are fat cats, the younger ones and they need a soldier shooting somebody here while somebody is being taken advantage of over there and will not seek medical help for their gluttony with Cabinet MPs can rip up peoples finances to provide them with security from those they provoke instead, which then becomes a habit thereafter – telling me my Books cannot be sold today because there was a stage set where it suggested I had won a victory against their unbeatable stupid selves and it was indeed beyond annoying too; it’s the rights people apparently, the rights thing of which I will take over really soon for my part all together as well. They do say I damaged the rights anyway but so do see it being rebuilt as well when there is obviously the sense that it cannot be whereas it actually can be – since the purpose of their lives is to get into my face and use it for sex because I see the world in pictures and it only progressed from persecuting the Christian that does not want them to make use of his temperaments to spice up their sex lives because as they do have things he does not, they actually deserve to – so obviously there is the sense that if my work and property and finances are squandered it cannot be recovered but they have seen that there is more than meets the eye; in the same way it does appear the civil rights cannot be recovered and restored when you damage it for pleasure whereas it can while there is rather a sense popular that it cannot. I mean in the end what is a great servant that knows more than others so he can tell them and let them lead anyway, since he is not a servant either but something far lower with that big mouth of theirs; so that in the end the threats must mean it’s a matter of getting into a fight with somebody otherwise the assumption is that it happens often on account that they have weapons; I am in charge and they are not, it is really important so; this is the answer as they have always wanted to know why I do it, considering there is no other way of leading them except by having leverage on something they really want, which is why they are always doing it first, right down to the great tale of civil rights meaning the freedom to attack an innocent person over how you were treated in your life time some point in the past and how others should not interfere if they do not understand; I have killed it at this point and they want revenge that will involved ripping up my finances and Politicians are helping with that too, which is why we are here.  I do not believe it is a crisis; it is actually not a do or die affair, since it is obvious when I mention these behaviour are not fair and that if people do not want to work for their companies, they can break it up and go on Holiday, rather than fail to see that they have to work for customers and that somebody spent £80,000 to get educated to PHD level and needs to earn another £350,000 to buy a House and earn another £500,000 to provide education for the Children before he even starts to think about pension, so you have to work for them and provide them with what they need for the money you are paid, they always say it is not that kind of customer for which I make trouble for them, referring to the ones that will pay ten times as much for every little thing that they do as such thereof, of which I really have no idea why they cannot concentrate on those and let me be anyway, keep off my Book sales and income as it were – not turn out to blow off their big mouth at me all the time and ensure my whole life is about their needs because they do not want to work for customers. As for the idea I should have said so years earlier, it is clear people want them respected and this they will get and need to stop being noughts having a go at me. I mean I am at risk of setting out the wrong idea here – I said somebody spends £80.000 to get academically qualified, meaning that is just the amount needed for him to be well equipped so as to go out there and put his back into it and yes they do say what I am talking about is not the kind of business they want to do of course and I agree provided I do not see the idiots set up anymore things on my Public image to invite all that trouble they do endlessly especially when black. And of course they do say I say so but Auto Industries are still making cars on my public image but then again I have a public life and if they do it is fandom – those who want to own all of their cars are an example of the fact that not only does it mean my Public image does not belong to them, it also does mean that we can be better people as capitalist and this was never actually that much of a fat fetched dream as it were. I have always been aware Auto Industries make cars on my Public image, what I do not understand is which part of it means they get to notice it so much all together – it’s the Germans that nearly ruined the Empire for me because they are big on big fans of what happens in Europe but not so good with the problems at home – so I do have a Court on National Media to manage how my Public image is used by any Companies that do and of course there is also the reality I can be anywhere at any time and a good chance I can turn up in your company and work for you, for as long as it may take to sack me when you realise it is not sustainable. I hear of this fear Politicians have that I give away my expertise; I really don’t – what happens is that for instance I trade recession recovery equity property and people decide the promise I made to them was to allow my Public image to be pillaged alongside infiltrating my renaissance, to recover Economy, what they do is take up an entire global economy and make it smaller and when there is less money in the world they will want my income and find me waiting for them as well. The real reason for keeping the goons in society fully informed about all I get up to is not because I need to ensure Politicians secure respect for them because I am being punished when the situation is otherwise; it is because it is how Intellectual Property Administration works – that people will tell me they saw my Public life and deployed it because they were not aware of the risks and so I have to keep them informed but when Politicians enjoy ripping up my earnings to secure respect for them, what I then do is ensure they get it: what happens is that they rip up the academic work to ensure I work for it and become vulnerable to career piracy bidding based on lots and lots of very dismissive insults and because of that I have to rack my health to get the process working, so when they turn up to demand respect for them as well I simply have to give it. They do say I have the means to do it in other ways but when Politicians rip up my academics and follow it with very abusive and violently dismissive insults to facilitate piracy of a career they only know by the name of that their thing that I have been doing, I am sure anybody in that position would help them out with their insanity as well.


So they say I never ever want to accept that my Books create nostalgia but it is never clear whom they create nostalgia for anyway, what is clear is that these goons do not want to read something else or buy their copy. There are two main ways they hurt themselves with my Books and one of them is that I have a bright future ahead of me to be financed by Books I have tailored for their friends and their race and that always makes me very destructive as well, the other is just getting involved and coming up with lies on the left and lies on the right that forge accusations that call on their society to resolve something, taking up my time but in the end we soon see them get on Media to follow on a process of being seen at my Public life and Royal Business all the time with the claim I make use of peoples families. So if it continues unchecked, there is a good chance that the more I work on my Business Empire is the more I will lose it because others do not wish to do any work on their so called already existent wealth. It is never really clear what convinces them Whites and Blacks and Leafy girls boys characters that they are well within their rights to infiltrate my person and Royal concerns to a point where they keep eyes on me and fantasise fingering my bum until it actually becomes real but I do not have to react to it if I do not wish to do anything about it and this is something Politicians must answer to in order for me to get on. It’s never been about selling Books are much as it is about showing people I can look after their intellectual property. I understand they say I antagonise the Politicians when I am aware they are supposed to be seeking power but what they are really doing is seeking damnation for all instead – power concerned with a process whereby they are more interested in harming and hurting those that are clever and informed enough to get it right with the law, especially those that provoke them with religion; this then means that when they are done with this, they will spend time teaching the criminals all about the law through punishment and attrition and when those had learned enough about it they will start to contest elections as well and then we will believe the story of how it starts out all bad from the very beginning before it realises it only wants to kill people at government office. I for my part consistently have my academics ruined, but I am still all O level economics and A level law and they are winning the fight as we can all see; so it’s all out there like that a massive advertisement for the 21st century i.e. do you want to live?-use the Arch Prince’s Books and make Politicians suffer.

I hear also that I am strong at breaking up celebrity marriages but I am, especially when they have met the Royal family and there only need be a sense that I make up alternative excuses when people act in ways that harm me deliberately and then it will appear that bullying was their human right all together. We have not even started talking about how they worry marriages will get broken up when all they want to do is determine which one got punished by life itself because people are not respecting their parents. There are however other bigger things these days where I am concerned and it is the one where their entire lives are now developed around, not just running publicity on me which I do not want and have not paid for but also behaving as though this property being copyrighted to my name is actually completely irrelevant as far as their older peers positions are concerned and then garnish it with the need to get on Public places and find new problems that my public image is going to solve each time I try to trade at the Firm, claiming it is a promise that I made; so that what happens is that they infiltrate my renaissance to gather facts about my life and then when they do this as well the result for me is the insanity of work and get products ready and get back to work while they grab the markets and when they are done selling sensations of convenience they have gathered in such ways to get rich, they show up and start to pretend they are Celebrities and do not want to break up the marriages. By and large of which I have normalised them and my despise of their celebrated stupidities is growing by the day – they should like to be normalised like everybody else as far as I am concerned – they should learn to get along; it does not belong to them, its mine. Their older peers status generally means their rights are a process where my copyrights are invalid no matter how much money they have made already in that way and then we find them digging my renaissance and getting all over my public image to sell conveniences, when finished, gotten rich and ended up where people see them all the time, start to pretend they do not want to break up the marriage and cannot leave me alone – I have effectively put a stop to homosexuality in a general sense as it stands but nothing has improved and it is the business ones that actually come up with some new problem I need to solve on my Public life whenever customers are interested in my products to cost me thousands and millions in Book contracts, the rest basically get involved with my Royal Business, claim I steal peoples families and find out how to get along with a man, which will help them beat their record of sex with their partners on account they simply never ever listen to what they are warned about, if they can make out they do not wish to break up the marriage as well all together and then we find the idiots claiming to be feminists too having had those throngs of men that will beat up others for them, especially when female. I wonder if they are hoping for an apology from me as a result of actions that break up marriages here. I mean, I am a Man, I know the more we have is the more we think it gives us power to behave badly but I am not meant to be apologetic for breaking up marriages which are a threat to my health and well being. The company has nothing to do with Royal business and Royal business nothing to do with the Company which is where the Media based Court is located – I don’t know why they like to go off and hurt themselves at the Royal Courts and then turn out in Public for revenge anyway and I have no idea why they love to infiltrate my renaissance while setting out problems on my Public image whenever I get break, so they can trade my personal conveniences and ensure everybody is sharing so they might get rich anyway. They do claim it is equality they fight for and it is the point where they need to lose the childish and understand infiltrating renaissance is paedophilia–fuck somewhere else basically; I have effectively stopped homosexuality at this stage and they are pretending they have a lot of hate for me brewing inside but are still happy to continue with the behaviour. It’s never true that I like to glorify myself with other peoples products, what is true about those who say it is that other peoples existence shall be factorised by prison life, what is true about me is that they deploy my Public image and Royal Business to make products and wait for their clients to taste blood then turn up to own showing their violent face all the time – the problem with this being that they will appear in Public all over again and this is where I am required to cooperate with that big mouth.


So the Politicians are aware of the question of hurting them if people want to be living breathing persons and not memories and if I said I have waited so long because I had to deal with the fact there was a better way besides getting around pinching people who have public duties all over them in the back – but since after 15 years of working on this despicable behaviour on the global stage by the same people who complain about Civil rights and so on, we are still here talking about the bit Politicians deserve and going backwards to square one; so it is apt they are informed that they have no got any such power as they do love to claim; what happens is that because I have had the academic work ruined, I have to get out there and ensure my facts end up with society because I need to see to it that they understand messing with my Public life will lead to response, so this works so well that whenever the problems of Politicians end up in the system and their salaries and personal lives and jobs, even savings are not affected while mine is decimated, then they end up with hurting bottoms, while I on the other hand can then ensure I leave it for the Police when I am finished, so that when somebody tells a Politician he might be the God of all Politicians but the job is being done, it will actually make sense, unlike the state of affairs their insanity they call parliamentary leadership these days has been creating. They say I was responsible for damaging these things in the first place and it is utter nonsense; last we checked the British Cote of Arms comprised of a Lion and Unicorn on either side and I am abreast with my facts and figures, just that when they push me into saying anything which I do respond to so, they go all out with the insults and I need to sting it until it cools down too, just like the US Relations story in which they want the UK to be bailed out of bankruptcy but do not want to be bankrupt themselves, only find a scapegoat for it instead.

They do bring up this question of what in my opinion needs to be done to cure the Parliament madness but of which the answer has always stirred them in the face about pretending a respectful Christian is the one they want to discipline and hurt all the time while their homes are full of shit basically – when done the other routine ensues where they are stuck with racism and want to ensure that because they suffer at Government office to ensure everybody is represented, they find somebody to attack, whose family should be used to resolve race issues too but still have no plans to change a behaviour. Then we hear them pretend their Children and beautiful and far well behaved then my low life existence of which is hard to believe since I am an Arch Prince and my entire Royal Estate is about being well behaved, hence hardly credible such claims they make all together but then again they do come round to be stung like their lives depend on it never the less, so the facts here accounted are accurate I suppose. They speak of the ones at the Monarchy too which has always been a simple matter of a condition where just like the Politicians, a family of five will have three successful ones and two bad ones and somebody will turn up to play up Media and Politics and gossips at high places and diplomacy, which costs me a Book sale contract worth a million and a half in three months while I struggle with my finances, on account that some other bad person polished themselves up and presented themselves as a preferable candidate, which of course is the basis for all those insults about somebody doing my stuff if they do not get what they want; so I am starting to despise them and the problem itself cannot in anyway be underestimated. They say it appears I have no future, which is really not true; I have a Company that works Intellectual Property Administration and a Court based on Media which looks after my Public image or helps me do so – the Royal renaissance and its Church and Christian attributes are up for infiltration by every goon that wants to help all the twisted evil things they go overseas to find have a go as well but in the end it is worth its salt that they remember it is paedophilia all together, not because I cannot handle them myself, I can and we do hear them complain about how I share other peoples Families all the time of course since it is obviously what they are scared of but still will not change the behaviour and I can only tolerate to a point – nobody moves into my right hand, so we can find out what they are going to do about it too. The Women problem on the other hand has always been that the Women know they are way below me and that no level of involvement with me can actually be justified, so I have no idea where hate comes into the picture anyway but then again I suppose these fools should be happy that somebody took responsibility and normalised their stupid vile bitter, suck the life out of every happy atmosphere heads.

The Politicians say they can decide if I have anything, while the society ones say it is a sad time for freedom of democracy that I can simply talk about owning an empire and end up having one – in terms of the latter of course, it’s a matter of a skill and service ability I possesses which is needed by Diplomats and Royalty that apparently want to have a conversation with them about whether or not it is needed. In terms of the former, it is important Politicians bear in mind that the little contraptions they call businesses at home for which my personality is now separated from my body so that it might become a space that others can occupy is not earning enough money to be worth that sort of trouble, so I hope what we have talked about in the past concerning a war with Politicians and Media and Industry goons to sell my Books has not been lost in translation yet too. It has always been the challenge at hand i.e. not letting Celebrities and Politicians ruin it for me and we all know when it loves to abuse me in sexual context at Public transportation it is Politicians having fans and when it is culture and neighbourhoods then it is the celebrities having fans. At the end of the day I shall wait for the Politicians and when it is election time I shall twist them the other way so they can put their backs into it to express their irrelevance while spreading those leaflets and knocking on doors to become important – it has always been an old dilemma i.e. Mr A has an idiot son that got elected some time ago and when you start to allow him push you into viewing his position as an embodiment of the Government, you will move towards a slippery slope of ending up where he simply cannot stop hurting you and that part of his cannot stop showing in public all of the time, so I need to dispel this myth that this is what my view of them is really. The insults when they started at first used to be about digging the flesh of the Christian to draw succour and deal with the hard bits of life, it was followed with setting out an original provocation and making laws on it, knowing those who wanted to be fans will inevitably start attacking those who were victimised without reason but going ahead anyway and it has lasted the last 15 years to make me vulnerable enough – it is not a position from which they can issue insults about deciding what I can have or not, I am not a bit of wood, I have feelings too. all together I grew up in the 1980s and 1990s and it has always been a time when Women can play games while men back them up and you find you are unable to control where you end up and then end up marrying one and then they can have access to all you own for the rest of your life; the problem as it stands is that it is not working with me and has turned to threats as well and they need to understand it is the life I have built for them that will flash before them when they get killed too, not all that wickedness at home that Politicians want me to respect or the lies that mean I have to deal with racism if I do not give them what they want and if I have that resolved then my time gets taken up by the fact I may have but have done nothing about the problems my race creates in Africa as well. It is never true I am afraid of them like they are so fond of making out – as I said, the Politicians are not earning enough from that contraption outside of government business which makes them an extra income for all this trouble and they are therefore not in any position to issue threats at me for it as well, more so on account most people are unaware it is the reason they are so violent and narcissistic all together, they blab even when they know I am perfectly aware of it. The question still stands i.e. will I sell my Books without a fight against Politicians and Media and Industry goons; they however have continued to say that they put these things up to make me contribute to what is happening of course and they always should, so that they can let people into my Royal renaissance of which doing so has no rival definition of robbery as it were and there will be no trouble too. it’s not a question of excusing self with stories about genocide being recognised – that has always been a matter of people standing up for themselves which starts a war when it really shouldn’t, not a matter of civil rights deviance where they seem to pretend that a process where things are thrown into the air for me to do, so that when I resolve them I can be taken advantage of by civil rights idiots that want to lead crowds and become rich later in the future is not the destruction of an actual asset – except they seem to pay attention when it turns out they have aspect of their lives or an asset that is similar and that I can plus I have a reputation for destroying that too. I am proud of all I have done to normalise them, which does mean no matter how rich they get, people can still approach them and ask them questions about causing harm as it were and there is nothing they can do to make me give up that position; it does seem when I mention the fact they are all killers they sit up and use their own lives to work out how to build themselves up to being celebrities but it does not last very long because of the Politicians setting up a stage by which people always know of something happening to me and my property which I do not and getting off to approach me all the time on that basis, facilitating a process where their gossips and lasciviousness can become vicious and violent if it wants to but then again I do not have to respect them homes where evil and wickedness that cannot be quantified reigns supreme and I would have made it famous or cut it to bits at this point if the Politicians did not want them respected, so as to turn up on Media and complain about hurting bottoms they claim is my problem all together – then we have to listen to a persistent problem for me because I always end up acting in ways that serve them, which I don’t; the case has always been that Politicians are not an embodiment of the systems of government and this is the only disposition at which claiming to have an ability to determine what I can own or not is actually credible and we all know they do not have the means to accomplish such nonsense. All together it seems that the fight with Politicians and Media and Industry goons is coming on nicely; it’s the midsized gangs thing and so the fantasy is grabbing and pulling peoples penis and fingering peoples bum when they do not have what they want and Politicians really love to facilitate some of the most rampant of their habits for good measure too – so none of what I have said here contrary to appearances is actually lost in translation; my entire life cannot be about their greed and need without consequences, especially when it actually hurts; they need to keep off my Public image, clear my space and stay off my Books. I hear that story I cry wolf all the time; it is utter nonsense, the truth is that I now have to manage what I have done i.e. why are people evil and so in love with threatening me and softening me up while I need my strength to work for my money and pay my Bills and they never amounted to much in their stupid lives all together, simply because I am a Christian? They like to say they are evil and that the world is evil and that is why evil is fashionable and I had better complied before they showed me how it is done and then I have to respond with various other ways of coexisting with them which does not do them any good and we soon find them in a race against time to protect their dreams lest others grab it which makes them exactly the same thing as those they like to claim are inferior to them all the time; so it is something I must manage on a daily basis – it seems that no matter what we do, they will never ever chose another mode of existence save the one where you shall be defined by the fact they can kill people and you have not got the guts to do it as well and yes I will be asked about the method by which I made these processes happen and that has been as simple as peddling that their culture and society as well, so they can stop threatening me and find out how people get killed many times over and why most of them behave like this to earn it – it gets to a point being approached by people I do not know at all on this basis endlessly as if there is actually something wrong with an Arch Princes physical appearance, temperament and even the aura around him as it were.

I hear that what I talk about is all trash and comes through because I have no shame and there is nobody to tell me what to do but it is not – what is trash is that these people really enjoy two things above all else and one of them is that of making stupid people famous, while the other is making stupid Laws in Parliament – so it’s the spirit of justice thing with which I kick their bums all the time and can determine everything around here from whether or not I find strange faces in my Court because if I knew people well I would have realised they do not get teased on account they always get what they want, to Celebrities getting involved with me if they are certain they will listen to me as well, lest it becomes a matter of a condition where no matter how rich they get people can still approach them when displeased about their behaviour, right up to Politicians setting out an original provocation by which to build a privilege of injustice on the morals of the way I know my faith but either way I am not the one losing the fight. They do say I did not kick anybody’s bottom but we all know they always want very high and privileged ways of going out, which is a disposition that is not readily obvious when they invent trouble all the days of their lives in the first place anyway; in my case it is a matter of how all I do affects The Queen. I do not mind the insults like talking trash for instance - they can cling to others on a daily basis for 15 years at a time to ensure their Christian faith is used to build new levels of cleared space for conveniences and fame based fortunes and it is not like I am not cutting to pieces that stupid culture so they might have to rebuild it regularly at present anyway as it were: so they say I talk trash, otherwise mostly, I cannot earn a living if I break a secret record of theirs and this record is such that if I knew of it, I would have seen that they are more important than I actually think they are; there was always this risk of goons with ideas about what the powers in other peoples offices should be used for, to make them comfortable with their rights and are always convinced their twisted little evil is hidden from sight and I ventured my concerns underground in full consideration of it.