They do eventually suggest that the main discrepancy here was that I am accorded a lot for achieving nothing. Reality is rather that I have never stopped making progress with my work and it is not clear therefore which one was the achievement, and which was the accord. What is clear is that this is a well developed nonsense from years of following me about with a dream of getting me to serve their stupidities, having since arrived at a stage where they felt a need to make such comments whilst clinging to my career profile, keeping their own incomes but will not let me keep mine – thus a sense that what I have done so far had stopped it to an extent but it is yet to stop badly all together, to which effect we are now at a stage where the entertainment companies will need to cease developing my assets and their Celebrities will need to make entertainment that set me out as the social problem that bothers them, as I would be quite happy with such an outcome, otherwise somebody else was set to do it for them. Not really a crisis on the whole, same case of a bunch of gits with favourite insults that put them in charge of other peoples affairs, suggesting that their interests should be paramount over ideas that their problems were greater but in my case, since I had allowed it to run for a while as I had work to do on it, we had arrived at a point of socially organised insults where although I am aware of what is happening, it is said that any who got off telling me would end up in serious difficulty for it but if I mentioned they needed to talk less and read a Book for showing up near my shop, I would be handling their career publicity to help me manage the Bookshop, hence it was advisable that I did. We have seen this nonsense now develop into something of a need to bother politicians about the way I had failed to build a social life from which they can benefit in terms of public trends and a contribution to their public needs and lifestyle – I could never make sense of it anyway but as a whole the state of affairs is that I am single and not out there looking for the wealthiest woman in the world either, so it seemed that for women I established a personal relationship with, it was a matter of the time frame in which I did and for me it was about the ways that they got to stay out of my social class. What we have ended up with instead being that either way they were not getting involved with my social class, they stalled my finances and trashed my personal relationship with gimmicks about picking up my career publicity to do their own affairs, talking nonsense about the age range of people who had done better than me in life, build societies that finger my bum and trash the Bookshop every day, could never drive their insolent saloon cars on the roads without running me down and inventing ideas about what I am to do about their enemies – so this goes beyond saying that they will not be getting a trendy thing off me, to the part where the lack of trendy thing will be problematic, so we had to explore the history we shared, which was the interest in my personal space making such a mess I did not notice I was doing embarrassing things that I later had to pay them for with all I had on account of claims I wrecked their neighbourhoods, I have punished the University fiasco sufficiently at this stage, unless they wish to tell me I had not, so I may repeat the process and I believe there is now a need to set out new punishment for the gimmick that has made a mess of my Bookshop, talking nonsense about my age and ways others had done better than me in life, never mind the abusive celebrity harassment that really makes sense of the threats of violence, as that would have been the instance where the law got involved, we all had to straighten up and spell the beginning of the end of the celebrity harassment as well. Personally however, I think normal people would say I had issued a threat when the warning was that I am set to pick up their neighbourhoods as a tool for maintaining a writers profile in view of the way that I had worked soft power processes with the Law but by the time it was applied to their immoral society low lives who had nothing to lose and were always getting imagination into peoples pants whilst they kept the well off neighbourhoods alongside a media narcissism to feel untouchable, my finances had been trashed by the comments and insults, with the effect that I am to set out an inventory for every thing they did to create problems for me and solve the cause of it which was the abusive sales and security industry narcissism bank balance they possessed.

They do suggest I had wrangled it through with my cowardice and it is utter nonsense too - difficult to make sense of the ways that getting involved with security services to fight my wars and get rich fast doing so, made me a coward either way I decided to explore the option of being one considering their stupid media narcissists spending everything I did and crashing my finances everyday as well. It obviously does not stop unless it really does, if I said that it was a problem for me and they needed to shut it down in order to cease complaining about me too, they would suggest it was a matter of finding out what it is exactly I could do about it, when the option was obvious in terms of the fact I wanted them to face more of the problems they complained about, when it is not enough the part I have learned from them will come into play such that when they are fucked by an abusive society that they built they ended up with more problems, so that I would have started again and it would have all ended badly, the stage set for a process where a need to get involved with my personal space for a blame culture civil right gimmick produced a result where I made their personal decisions for them, so the insults and abuses made sense and they could also tell the difference (I am no enemy of freedom as claimed either, the famous peoples harassment is building up to a result where they will share the well off neighbourhood with me painfully, should be arrive at a stage where their gimmicks eclipsed my career profile and public image).

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Inventory Equity of The Arch Prince's Property security | homages paid & respects accorded around the world 

There are new folk stories that have emerged. An expression I should say of the way an age of wisdom becomes an age of stupidity as well. They suggest then that the difficulty faced in curbing, controlling, and stemming matters of racism and discrimination have proven to be the fact that every one of us discriminates at some stage and at some point, depending on how we feel about the world. I would rather conjecture that those who suggest that people who persecute others in search of social truths cannot handle it and needed to stop, were more on point. In my case, I cannot chase my career because I smell, I cannot concentrate at my Office because the intensity of abuses associated with these gits wanting to become important persons at my expense, had gotten rid of the popularity activity that people engaged in around my Public life, to make their bottom chasing abuses more effective and I am not sleeping properly because the way they got to share my personal space was likely to protect them from reprisals, which personal space of mine they could acquire by subliminal civil rights messages or by civil rights distant violation, abuses, insults and violence. The reality of it being that spending time with a Media presence that facilitated lies on what people had to put up with in their lives, does not necessarily decide that they were being discriminative on account that they had feelings.


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The claim I am not co-operative on matters of business and investment is nothing unusual. We know they want to sell me instead of products, they want to offer reprieve for those who committed crimes that the law caught up with, I am to be the punching bag that makes people feel good enough to buy whatever it is their stupidities were selling, rather than just selling products. None knows why it is that no matter what I did, even my private equity intellectual property administration business that would have aided them with their sales businesses is perverted into something about selling my personality and sociological eventualities that have emerged from the way I pursue my daily concerns, none knows why it is that the idiots will not find a real job if they were so afraid of business and the markets, why it is that pointing out like so had only insultingly offered them an opportunity to possess more money than I have. So we see these stupidities everywhere when the ex-convicts are not making their personal decisions for them as well, each time that co-operation with investment generally means they hang about my concerns calling criminals on me, claiming it was fitting that I resolved the problem because I brought it about when they were not the same idiots dropping out of University while going overseas to bring their foolish friends to bear at the academic system, so I must have come up with a plan to do it, only to hang around somewhere dropping out of University while it was being done, I must have been the anti-family people banging away financial and career set backs at people to foster illicit sex that everybody is talking about all day while I preserved myself with money  as it were.

It is never true that I had become a victim of bullying either, just insults and abuses serving up the way that people can use my personality to get paid for being popular, becoming more abusive because the idiots involved were certain that a history of not responding was likely to remain the same permanently. It does need to spend its time playing with its mates instead, as far as advice goes, since we can see that it had become a matter of choosing to be distracted by them or spending time with the career, which choice disposition usually meant the community organised violent lasciviousness ensured my whole life had no meaning, looking for more of what its stupidities were complaining about. It is never true that I play around with it either; the way to resolve the problem with these fools is to ensure that they did what they hated most i.e., worked for what they had, which meant it will punish me for the rest of my life, talking nonsense about disrespect but that is the way to do it. It is the way to do it because doing it like so was the only means to guarantee that whilst you enjoyed some security at Government buildings, the Public had something like it as well, the big problems considered, being a prospect of their stupidities running people down all the time and then showing up in Government buildings to conduct a coup, one usually leads to the other but sometimes they do not want to do both at the same time. It does blab that I am only talking words mostly of which I cannot back up but I suppose words are better than saying it is an inherent risk for people to have the right to popular culture, especially if it also expresses an intention to get paid for being popular because I was involved with state and public ceremony, so when mad enough they may make their move, otherwise they were talking rubbish. The rest of the problem is supposed to be the matter of corruption; the Politicians are always topping up personality and security at my expense, then share with Celebrities and turn out running me down and getting criminals involved with me but the recent process of building it up to distant violence whereby I am sore all over and the business of smelling badly because popularity idiots want to get paid on your social life, public image and Office had really come to bear, I mean there is a tendency I may give them a real reason for the fact I am always sore all over because of their stupid abusive corruption but the question here is that I make it up as I go along.

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Posted by Ikpe Uno on Friday, May 30, 2014,


The story of male professionals becoming more racially prejudiced is utter rubbish – I mean the whole conversation can never be had around the premise of anything else except racism when we know the largest point of operation for prejudice in the professional world against others is women; you feel all the time that when you walk into the tube or trains, you had better not sat next to a woman that is their size lest you begin to feel like getting...

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Posted by Ikpe Uno on Thursday, May 15, 2014,


The story of my involvement where I am not qualified as stated by the media makes me so angry – I do not get involved with anything, the problem with these guys, these pricks is that when they pick up other peoples work and get on media to make money with unauthorised talking nonsense about civil rights, the result is always that when you do not mind that much because it belongs to you and you can find your way around the caree...

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Posted by Ikpe Uno on Wednesday, May 7, 2014,


The fact that companies are selling their stock and others are buying them and companies are selling to other companies is not one of the issues I consider as that which constitutes a problem for me. I am rather settled on my operations in the Eastern Part of the world and in Asia and in the West and anything I may have in Africa – I have through it set out parameters of what kinds of things those who attack me with the idea...

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The Arch Prince's Royal Estate & Armed Forces Order | Royal Public Work | Temperamental and Public Service Providers | Law and Government It is always assumed by those that wish to have become Oneself while he is to give up himself for them to live the high life with, that there is likely to be little he can do about a process where they challenge him with respect to property that they have placed a monetary value on. For this bounty and their insults on public places One intends to handle them as well severely. So so far, they say he describes people as niggers, which makes no sense; all there is to know being that there are always two sides to it. One side expects One to get into trouble with very bad company and work to make him attractive for it since they feel they can handle absolutely any body they want to because it has been said he describes people as niggers and that he has worked out and planned off to the very last details all the things he will say to counter any defence he puts up for himself and the other side wants to describe people as niggers despite the fact they are black but want somebody that will suffer for it, to set up and bully such a person into doing so. Hence the bottom line is always that HH will in the end tend to remind them of his position and how far it is from where they and their Politicians are and that One is a Christian and that they are biblically evil people that other should show no quarters when those insults that stem from an assumption they are more violently and worldly than everybody else gets out of hand - for now of which the prognosis is to get hold of them and end up in Church and because the world is an evil place, they know what will happen thereafter too. Its like they always say about the thing where One acts and then people get to join him and loose their lives and stuff but in actual fact he has all the protection and security necessary and they do not, not to mention the fact that they know when they end up in church because he has forced them to, it will be impossible to do their club life and get rich and pop stars and fame and so on but until then, you will see nothing else but a process where they rage at other peoples Royal Princes and cannot shut a foul lip for once. So sometimes it is really worth reminding them of such a fact all be it provisionally and facts about their provocations considering HH is not just a Royal Prince but one whose office is split between Church and State, not in Ceremonial but Stately office manner and so the world might be an evil place alright but One's security and privileges are not enough for two. The other issue which it should be assumed propels them to act like they do seems to have been that of HH books but the books are the writings of somebody whose career has a lot of to with the fact he owns the liabilities of the British currency or what it owes the world is to be decided and paid from his office, while the Monarch owns the Principal. So HH should be more concerned with such things as debts that the British currency owes no body and debts that it must pay, than whether or not somebody thinks he should be describing people as niggers but of course they have here located a chance for robbery and theft and are confident that if not worthy of Police arrest every body tends to view them as none criminals because there are threats in store for those who do not; the kind of activity that will lead to no legal repercussions and thereby a win, win situation for their crimes because they cannot exist without stealing, which is why they should not be surprised if they end up in Church too anyway, when others have enough of what their behaviour tends to do to their property. So they can all get to claim that people will take up One's work and do it for money if he acts like that with their foolish media where people complain everybody expects them to deploy their job to do civil rights but foster such things never the less with any break they get from it, especially when they tend to have more of it too. Of course there are claims made that a large proportion of times HH is a brat. One is really not a brat, the problem is that these guys spend all their time on playing the violent intrusive gang that has a go at you constantly, so that once you have given them what they seek, even if Politicians have done it on your behalf to harm you, it means many things but especially means they did not ask but have rather gotten the initiative out of you which sets the stage for what it to continue - problems that develop into a cause and then a cause they take over and perform to get famous and rich and important and followed with a big mouth 'go to hell' statement by that stage and then it will tend to try and happen for good. In the end it applies in the sense that Mom and Dad do not want you to see them having sex but they know when you grow up you will have sex some day – this is the idea pervaded in the most twisted insatiable violence with which they cannot have enough of having around you, once you had allowed them the slightest opportunity and of course people react to it differently; - they are not Ones parents and it is at this stage impossible to count how many things HH has done to hurt them and their Politics and foolish society, some of which are used to create develop securities for the property of the company because people act like they are. Not to mention the social outcomes of how he reacts to the number of times that they do it on public media, whereby they do when he mentions such things as a process where they end up in Church being put in context. The destruction of the aspirations of women will continue as long as an abuse of a sexual context continues to be channeled at One the way that they are; they have not got the means to have sex with anything in their stupid lives anyway. Of course HH is aware that there are endless complains about his actions on the media and everyday more so but the truth and reality is that The Middle Classes wish to create a society that makes better itself by insulting and abusing him and they believe they have thought about everything by making sure the Lower Class does not treat them in the same way, as well as all necessary alternatives to whatever One might say in public about it, including the need to explain away his work and livelihood as something he is saying or doing about it - it goes without saying that HH does not actually believe he might see the need to stop getting out of bed to make their lives a misery for the entire day. These fools especially the blacks can simply turn up like so and sit around public places doing nothing but noise making about how my existence annoys them so much they want to take the law into their hands – I mean I feel like I am robed by them every day while they take the law into their hands because they have interpreted the presence of God around me as something else and are happy to believe their interpretation as a community. I have never thought it is a problem, only that I am not asking the girls any questions and turning up to shoot off their insults at me will lead to pragmatic ways of showing them their place in this world but as a whole it’s a matter of what state of mind you have to be in to try to ensure the world keeps a particular person in a single immobilised condition so that you might be able to make use of them as items to go places in life and these are the things I will not tolerate – they don’t own me, I own them and they know they use media to get free of me but as normal that is not enough for them anymore presently; so I will make their lives miserable too so they can take the law into their hands like they think I exist to deserve – I hear the question asked of whether I consider why they behave in that way but I know they do because they are psychopaths who think they are the stuff of our dreams but do nothing with their time except attack people who have never had responsibilities or held positions of leadership in school or indeed never got to appear in the best roles at the nativity etc right down to the ones that didn’t appear in school play that ended up on TV and of course we all know they attack those people all the time because they are not the stuff of our dreams in anyway. For me however they do it so they can lie and scheme and steal and be out there for themselves and need to leave me alone their way or they will my way especially the African ones – they don’t own me I own them. I hear of this black men with access to me story and there is really no such thing; the reality is that they get out of bed every day to chase me around and get under my skin saying it is the answer to all their problems and I have given time for it to find what they want to do and it has become about my penis and my anus and the button in my head that makes me mad – so the usual stuff is as the Politicians put it i.e. cannot beat them join them and concentrate on your academic work and finances because it is the only way you stand a chance but I do not take what the fools from Westminster do anymore because they can continually spent tax payer funds in only two directions around me and one of those is to wreck my finances while the other is to help them financially; so the usual stuff is always keep calm stay low and sort it out until they interfere and now they will do it and I will watch and supervise; I mean the tax payer funds is not my money but there must be points proven if they spend it on these bastards – nobody has any stupid access it’s all made up on media and those who make it up are suffering the consequences of everything I do happening to have been stolen from an idea they planned to develop which I stole from their culture with a skin colour I share with them as an accusative evidence. What they will put into me and make me carry for them is largely measured by their claims I like to be the centre of attention which is not actually true as the truth is that the days get farther and farther away from the last time I really enjoyed my Church activity without being engaged in a battle with them and the evils of their society just to have it and that is why they are now in a fight as well to have their culture and society and media and popularity and homosexuality and so on and we all know it will likely end with a case of keeping them so busy they pay attention to something else and leave me alone and then I will have the faith anyway - or they can always do the easy bit of keeping their cheap fast insults to themselves and leaving me alone; if we lived in a time BC we would see clearer that these idiots are fools that would normally have possessed girls in the backroom being beaten into telling peoples fortunes while they become merchants, there is not shred of truth to claims I like to be centre of attention. Now on matters of humanitarian work I am said to pay lesser and lesser attention but that is not true – matters are meant to take stages; they get handled by the Police and if they are beyond the Police the Military handles it and these idiots were supposed to have made their way out of the crisis area long before the military got in not do business at all cost, so that those who take time to find money and seek out to help people in distress can do their jobs whom by the way I do admire – I hear they have been doing some of their own too and it does not matter either as I think somebody was always going to do my one and it was supposed to be them or me - I own them and not the other way around although I am comfortable with the idea of when they make their own claims as well.






As a result of the economic crisis of the first decade of the 21st century, there have been changes to the manner in which the world is arranged, largely due to the actions of HH The Arch Prince, which has resulted in the outcome that there is a third party relationship between the UK and Communists, for economic reasons and purposes which may also have some Political implications, the other rival matter being the conundrum of what the United States of America and its Government believe it wants to do with the rest of the world.

Standing out therefore for the Arch Prince as a person has been a violent obsession with acquiring his personal privileges and luxuries by Politicians and other stupid leaders as may be applicable and this property needs to be recorded, especially when so much of what is really relevant to economic recovery of the world depends on the certainty that resolving the matter of the crisis that so called and or stolen lost luxuries belonging to the Arch Prince or luxuries belonging to HH which have changed hands, that other people get to share and enjoy propagates and more so all over the worlds media.

Essentially what is a campaign to recover them all. The most popular things they say is that the reason for all my problems is that I play around with other peoples wives, but apart from a process of not being able to earn money from a global industry literary empire trust because they have got wives, there is also the more violent aspect where they think keeping me starving, unemployed and a street beggar is the alternative to making me answer the questions of their cultural powers by death - this is even funny on Public television as well due to things I say to get around some difficult matters and how it means I wriggle around like something their spiritual wickedness owns.

So in my view, when it is all added up, they loose their Homes and their savings will be just about enough to cover the cost of the vandalism on this firm and its market place and maybe loose their wives as well, it will become something about which I will not have to be briefed or cleared up about anything pertaining to how all the problems I have is associated with playing with other peoples wives.


Retrospectively it continues to apply therefore that these people make out I am stuck between them who are liberal people who believe in multiculturalism and racists but in actual fact there is no such thing. All there is, is racists on one hand who want all none whites to leave their country as an excuse to go around leading other peoples wives daughters and followers, while they are the one whom through years of abusing me have now ended up in a condition where the problems I have are the same problems they have but that they have a fraction of the problems I have and believe totally that they are so important and are so full of themselves that they believe absolutely that they should not be having that fraction because it is my problem. No such thing otherwise as anything stuck between racism and them and I will not tolerate their insults either, in clear understanding they will stop at nothing and will not mind using the far right to achieve their aims as well.

In the end the central issues remain as that which have always been applicable i.e. that women want to be rich without any of the responsibilities attached and when they have a little bit of money, want to marry men that are below them without any of the drawbacks. So if there are any group of people that are meant to destroy me as a person on account I am a Christian, they fit the bill. The other side happens to be the men who realise that a persons entire life can be determined by rumours and tall tales told about them, so if there are any group of people who will enforce such a thing, they fit the bill – hence the idea I am terribly concerned about any of these matters is not actually based on fact.


There are really no matters about which I should be concerned with respect to bringing UK public finances up to scratch like the Politicians claim there are; the fact of the matter is that their accounts books are not located anywhere near public finances or anywhere near this company which if it was they would not be around this long and then also the fact that they have not established any connected between hurting me and deceiving people in order to acquire their money and therefore get rich while they want fantasies they have of wallowing in riches to come true and the damages that this does to my academic work and business is explained by them as something I cannot deal with because they will ask racism to get out of hand on account of me, which in their view is enough to settle the only solution to the problem bearing in mind it has much to do with ending up in a place where I loose my income and ensure they loose theirs as well in order to get tagged as the man that ruined the entire economy, which it appears is what will tend to happen before their behaviour improves.



Of course I am aware of that talk of how I handle people that are beyond me and what they plan to do to me as revenge for it. As far as I am concerned in actual fact I do not think myself to have handled anybody, it’s just a fact that these guys are the most insolent and most abusively destructive scum I have ever come across and the problem is that you do not expect it from politicians and journalists and people who are financially as well off as they are, which is also the part that makes the anger because whilst they do it on account they do not look the part and hence have so much fun doing it, they do not pay for their fun with their own cash but with mine which they claim makes their fun even better, so I have had enough of them and decided to start setting up structures to handle the things that are good for the parts they play for that purpose as well, for some its media, others international business and others politics and so on. Then there are the other areas like the fact that they want to make somebody to look credible for the part they need to be forced to play which will create violence into their lives that may just involve person to person violence or gang violence all together and this is where they handle my finances and my books on account they must be certain they are the only ones that came across the phrase pushing boundaries and the word coward in the dictionary and so this is the main problem, when they get up every day to talk so much rubbish about being born into the world first and therefore having some money in the bank with which they wish to handle me on grounds that no matter how much I win the fact I cannot touch or top that money they made before I was born which is always there to back them up, we do not hear any of the complains and besides anyway these idiots drive very expensive cars for what we know of their public appearances and need to start behaving like they do, I personally could not care any lesser because of I have come to expect these destruction and vandalism from them (and their multinational company friends that tend my hedges without permission and leave me with pain and distress from needless bullying after making insolent accusations and burning my finances on both ends too because they are protecting the same multinational companies from me: The level and degree of equities and securities of mine that they deploy without my consent and without taking care of me or buying the books to consummate them and the level of my property they deploy for their purposes to be rich and the help and co-operation they get from some royals and politicians and the expenses of it was one side of the story but of course the other part of it where the intense abuses abound in order to extract more from my reputation and my personality creates that really need to make them find real jobs by collecting their assets and giving it away, to be more specific giving it to the sex industry.) as well and very well prepared to treat them like the idiots they are no matter how incredible it might be to the eyes of others that are not as rich as they are; the books and the fact they know where it is so they can handle the books and handle me will be their undoing all together by the way. I mean we hear it all the time as though I am not fed up with them myself; that I handle people and they are thinking about revenge for the fact I did – a real need to have them shut up or shut them up anyway. A typical example of these matters being those who work in government departments and have the most access to me and my details and finances and academic work therefore; we might have a thousand and one MOD bosses but there is that one that always at all times make sure he turns up over absolutely everything I do to ask me if my own was done for me the way I have taken it up and done it etc and in his mind, he does not perceive that I actually am aware that it is a very violent form of career piracy and therefore need to act to prevent it from damaging what I own which I treasure as well and then we hear it that I handle people and will court their revenge with a big mouth and of course there is one more thing I must do and then it will be well manageable as an issue i.e. prevent politicians from giving them those unfair advantages and privileges of injustice that they get from telling stories about me to politicians who give them such things all be it on a temporary basis so they might turn up to want it all the time, without hearing my own part of the story first so they can better decide – when I had done this last one issue, it will be very well settled and manageable and I am aware they think I cannot which is also mind blowing like their behavior since I am the one that is complaining at the moment and therefore cannot; such temptations, I suppose it is a challenge then. It is important they leave me alone and get themselves off my book sales or I will get them off it my way, I don’t care what they have and never have, I just want them off and very far away from what I have and it is not too much to ask.


There is that story of course that comes up regularly since there are conservatives in government at present that I had unfair opinions about Winston Churchill, the fact of my opinion of which was that I found it difficult to understand how he of all people, considering his background and his upbringing and the facts we get from his dairies, could have as Prime Minister fallen for that old delusion I hate so much, of people making the country into what they want first before they live in it, I could not understand how he did it as well like all the others i.e. determine that the National Anthem must be toned down so that people do not get out of hand; I am not saying he is not a great leader, this is just something I found difficult to grasp from him because as a young man he was at the heart of things when the Agricultural sector in the UK was at its peak globally for example, Architecture speaking of some modern trades, was not doing as well at it is today speak less of IT. It is not surprising however that such things do come up about 11 years after I voiced them sometime before, I am surrounded by get rich freak women and had purposely decided to make it that way; you know like the part where I put up the façade that I am administratively disobedient which means the criminally disobedient have competition and because they are going to have me beaten up any time soon, the real criminals get involved as well due to the level of noise they make of it and then I can give the Police the support they need, this is the other side which I do as service and support for the Church – I mean they like money and are in love with it and I dare not say a thing against money but nobody knows why they cannot leave me alone and spend the times of their husbands on such things; this is why I go out to wind them up twist their side of society, love older women and gather them to myself so I can ignore them all the time and of course they say it is my finances that will suffer at the hands of popular culture which of course is going very well too, since those ones can never stay out of trouble over money, especially one that belongs to people that are way too weak to protect it with a big mouth. I mean you speak well and study hard and learn the law to be a lawyer who can offer an employer or a client a service but if you are a journalist it is perfectly okay to go to work every day to impress your boss by abusing and cursing somebody else; as long as you tell the necessary lies to the media boss it is perfectly okay and it can go on like that for ever so they can spend yours and save their own and unless you do anything about it there will be no complains. For the media and the said issue I have with them without basis, the issue remains the same i.e. they like to sit in front of my television with buildings in Singapore behind them at the background to create intimidating ideas of rich people in those they have business with which is their patch and of which helps to abuse and insult me to breed them some confidence with the result that they savage my academic work and my books and my finances on the ground to keep the process going because their side kick of a thing that makes money depends on it and it is the same with buildings from Japan and Buildings from China etc. When I have an opinion about the fact it should not be happening they simply get worse and the worst mistake I will have been making would be to address them like people to tell them I do not like it, that it is destructive and that they need to stop, doing that always means they move into another league entirely. I always suppose that if 90% of a people’s time is spent on telling lies about me which enables them to address me at will and make sure they are talking to me which provides them with the confidence and energy that brings about money, money, money, money of which this is what it is all about, then it is what media bosses employ them for, this is not journalism and they are not howling yet as it were either. So I end with the old problem of terrorism yet again, of which what the media does for terrorists is provide them with causes and publicity and of course push ordinary people into it to supply them with man power, while political irresponsibility they claim is the bane of freedom unlike me who understands everything about criminals and makes that out to be a good thing, just seals it off and ensures that the attacks happen. We need to be clear this is what causes terrorism otherwise a criminal is a criminal and that is an end to it. In the end my point to clear it up is that whenever they do those things they do with their media and popular culture to hurt me in order to get rich, salvation may be a private affair but looking into what bothers them will not hurt anybody and I cannot afford to wait for them to come to their senses either – whenever I act in a way that depletes profit for those stupid arrangements it is my opinion whether or not what I can do which they cannot and although nobody will hold it against them if they cannot becomes their major preoccupation like the idiots they normally are, I expect them to let it run as I want it and allow those stupid arrangements to die away so I do not have to get rid of it my way i.e. if they are not listening then I suppose the question is what that media job is good for, as a tool what is its purpose? No point making noise about how nobody knows what I want whereas they know they need to do the job of journalists and leave me alone; they go too far with those insults all of the time and it seems there are no rules where they work either but the real problem is that they cannot leave people alone, on this occasion myself in specificity. I am aware of those statements I misunderstand what media are doing with me but such confrontational and chatty face to face process of insulting and addressing me anyway by the way of which there is the question of what the confidence from it really means too. In the end I suppose the crux is that when I do not feel that my books are my property then their side kick will make them more money and this is enough to wind up anybody seriously; I mean I can understand other issues they raise but are my books my own, my writing and my property and my products, yes or no? If they say no then they ought to see I cannot be held responsible for being dissatisfied about what I have already done to them bearing in mind the idea that going into the Office to work coolly and calmly and normally will continue to remain completely obliterated by them by their familiarity and insults through them.


Of course it is largely suggested that I do not support a system of Policing built on trust with the local community, the reality of course is rather the fact that my job is something they have over time made into something unacceptable to them because fat ugly women of their own are mentally disturbed and want to be famous – this does not therefore work for them if their lives depend on whether or not they were famous, hence they want to control what the appearance of any women who are likely to get around with me is used for and are especially keen on making a filthy mess of the ones that are older than I am but above all attack me and do nothing about their fat ugly mentally disturbed women in popular culture that rip up people’s lives including theirs to be seen and to get attention and to be famous claiming that was their problem to deal with – so I have got to have a job and the other claim I support them and then attack them and get all their attention from the Monarchy which obviously comes from their idiots at service has no basis on reality either, they are my problem and will be handled and dealt with in that way, I want them around, I need to keep them around.



Of course I do not have the problem of racism, what there is instead is something black people do with their time supported with tax payer funding by Politicians who believe that is what the treasury exists for. All it means is a process where they ensure all I own ends up as something in the minds of racist of which all that time since other peoples minds are a thing that others can make use of we hear no complains of racism but of course we all know they know that they are a problem for people and they also know that the so called new model ways of living they have devised for themselves based on really insolent self improvement as a Community is based on what they predict peoples reaction to the problem they are is likely to be, so these games may mean to them that they are twisted and perverted and evil and powerful but it actually works out that they set off an atmosphere where people who buy products from this Company face the risk of being attacked and all that because they are tired of being the only category of black people there is despite their intrusive and really insolent and destructive violent prejudice against others. The other side of the story which tallies with this sort of thing I have to put up with everyday on Media is of course the other problem they have with the Police force and that says it all anyway. It does rather indicate the need to draw a line under any means by which they may communicate their racist and racism Problems into around here. The part about consolidating security for Company finances will simply apply with respect to all those Asian and Eastern Greed havens they think they have secured with my work because they have no wish to find money any other way that does not involve extracting some from my property and then we will find out from then on which is the truth and which is reality and which is what people really want and or need.

If I were to set out clarity over matters they would claim people find confusing, then that would me telling things that people already know, such as the fact I am a very rare statesman who writes my own articles about my activities and shuts down any means by which anybody else gets to do it, keeps them live and writes books of contemporary fiction as products for a Company I own - this is not the clarity they want, the one they want is where all forms of reason had failed and if prejudice and social evils does not allow them take anything they want from me the skin colour issues and brotherhood will make it happen, looking for trouble like so all of the time. Now the part where I am deluded about how much people love and appreciate me I can understand but it will never cease to baffle me since it has only but developed from a condition where abusing me is fun because of the benefits of how I react right up to a process where writing my books means I have created a business that is all about whether or not people like me. So it is all very well for the story such as to turn up on media and Politics and politicians to have it difficult to keep their insults to themselves or recognise the significance of handing work to the Media or to Celebrities rather than allow a process where the only way my work will be recognised is if they were given the credit for it through a simulated process where they took it up and did it no matter what the cost of seeking such a thing is, I do not feel as though I would be responsible if the need for them and their idiots who make others into their personal diaries, rather than write one of their own to manage their personal problems claiming the person knows what they should be doing but refuses to share and entirely deserved a condition where they act in such ways had it blown up in their faces anyway as much as they think it fun. All I can say at present is that I feel as though the essence of me will be undone if they had that stupid civil rights they normally have on the left and for that reason will have it somewhere in hell. For my part it is the habit of thinking what I have done to hurt them so far is not bad enough - this is counter productive.

I hear it is said Police Code of ethics is a statement of the obvious but it is an example of the interfering pompousness that creates problems in the first place – I mean if Journalists were in a Professional Union with Police officers, would they have been able to tell when they rob officers – so what about their code of ethics then anyway, isn’t that a statement of the obvious? They do say I am a force for change and more change to Policing which is not true, it’s just really annoying that others do not appreciate Police reforms when we have come to an understanding something has finally clicked in how things should be – when they display their rudeness and ego based nonsense you get no sense whatsoever of a benefit of doubt being offered you on the grounds of what they know which does mean they are very well informed about it before they set off to do what they know they shouldn’t, in order to maintain anarchy with National Media. I mean the way it is, is a simple case of 10 fishermen doing their daily business in an environment where somebody else has set up shop – is that person a part of the community whether or not he is selling fishing based products? This is what my involvement with The Police is like and it is either my view of what is happening when I think I have ignored how much reform has gone into Policing over the years and need to check if I have broken something myself or their view that Police feel they can do whatever they like and get away with it is an ego based nonsense. One fact that is clear however is that the Police code of ethics is set out because of the reform that has gone into Policing over the years and not because of the need to look after them and yes I might be exasperated as they claim which is not true either since there is enough about their salesmen nonsense to talk about for a lifetime as it were but there are some facts about this matter that really stands out – such as when they have a view they are fundamentally superior than somebody and can sacrifice the person to please their boyfriends and girlfriends to show they love them and that person may even Include HM and The Public work she does, now the problem becomes how to shove that in the face of a Police officer and prevent him from getting temperamental. But for them it can only get better when they use it to enjoy a certain kind of sex and continue those salesmen vandalism at even greater and greater and ever greater levels: of course it isn’t true Police officers think that they can do whatever they like and get away with it and a measure of that can easily be the black ones who have a bad habit about the use of body fluids and regularly use it to get some recognition and fame in life to turn out and give people the sense racists have a point about their insatiable need to destroy the Country all the time without reason and expect to have an even better life at other peoples expense in that way with fame and fortune attached. I mean the I am barring you from the right to go home thing is not just political or something their girls feel like doing every single time, targeting men they want to abuse with over-work which does actually mean I get to deploy their own to get things done as well so they can talk nonsense about a free society where women can dress the way they want which in my heart of hearts I am a threat to and people need to see all the time but also to the men as well and these is the Industry fall out of it because it is entirely normal that they cannot leave people alone and oh how they love the controversies about HRH The Prince of Wales of course being really, really twitchy about the part where their own concerning me is supposed to have made sales possible as well. The really dark side of this being of course their need to accuse everybody of masturbation and punish them and the reason is that all their violence is a function of working all their lives and having so little time to locate people to have sex with but of course they do not want anybody to know that, their foolish men want to hunt me and hunt my Court instead.


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