I know it is said I have turned every means where people care about me into something bad but of course the reality is that I don’t want to get around with idiots i.e. my only problem is women – women really, really, really, really hate my guts but of course we know none of that would happen if the insults were not all over the place like they are at present and I myself do not therefore mind too if I show that I do not think there is any such thing as a male lesbian for example when I want it to go deep enough. There are several facts around this of course and that is the fact the insults never stop coming up on media, they cannot zip it, they feel like handling me all the time, they feel like handling my work and books and company property equity all the time, they feel like handling other tangible property all the time and when I say anything about that the behaviour becomes obscene – reality being of course that they cannot get away with it just because they are women and we are all grownups, hence my consequences never seem to diminish. It’s all excesses you see, peoples excesses – excesses of how I am this guy people feel they want to beat up to toughen me up and cannot shut their big mouth for it which is not hurting badly enough yet either each time I hear about it, excesses of culture and women who do those things I have mentioned above alongside it and then Politicians building it up to create the idea I am this guy whose very existence annoys people with a big mouth that is so far detached from reality for its purposes as it were, serves them right all the time. The part I keep an eye on is the one that is connected to their stubbornness all together i.e. they want to see me react, they want to make me react to something, only when I react to something do they feel like they are human and nobody knows what sort of habit that was supposed to have been neither is any amount of times I tell them to shut it down as we do have racism in this country whether or not they have an insolent media and society and communities to play around with is ever enough to make them do so and I have become very intolerant of their city identity as well and they have become threatening and the need to humiliate me is gradually building up to reckoning since it is their own their looks like that as it were.

So the need to humiliate me leads to the part where I am supposed to move right because the men they know are much stronger and more powerful and this is where I have had this need to set out this statement I will kill those men for them, since they are supposed to find women like themselves to get into a fight with and men like those ought to stay out of female society as well not think it should be my liability to such an extent; as I said, especially more so for the American ones, they cannot zip it. I don’t think it is a problem, it’s not just that the men need to be in a box but also the women I have this atmosphere I build up all over the place which says they were raped and it is their insults on media that made it possible as well, bearing in mind it comes with that need for men that will hold me down for them to do what they like with or else they simply cannot be human beings; the result is that I have a Working Court of Female Journalists on the Global Scene and it is the need to maintain it while attending to my Church needs that creates a bit of a conundrum. The men like to complain of course but they are always certain to ensure these women get these sorts of needs met; it does not seem to them that their city identity has gone too far and that I seem to have been paying a very high price for it just yet. The older ones especially think I am single and have not had sexual experience before so they will pay the sexual needs card on the matter instead of just go away and yes they all think they will handle my book sales too and it is where things will continue to kick off until they go horribly wrong.


There is that talk of hate going on with me where I run a business of hate of course but there is no such thing; the reality of it is simply that of the fact all the hate going on with me happens to begin and end with black people: all of them want to educate others about the world being an evil place that only works better for those who go along with wickedness which I don’t want an education on, the nice ones are split in to two groups – the male ones turn up here and handle property and then get obscene when you mention it because they do without permission claiming they like you and what you do for yourself and your friends and perhaps your family but the problem is that you want to be yourself otherwise for the most times it is the female ones that are the witches have been thinking about having sex with you without any response, all of them have the one thing in common of a need to attack you and bring the worst out of you then cover their tracks by being the first person to do the things you would do because they have predicted every possible manner in which you will react to it so they can have lies to tell that helps them get away with stealing from you when you have taken a stand and are unwilling to give them anything and of course we all know when you don’t want to get through like hating you stay away from what is causing it, this group of people however do not know how to take a hint and the ones I have mentioned here are the ones that are being nice.

There is of course this collection of matters as it were mainly concerned with people claiming there is a huge problem I have with media that needs to be settled. The facts and realities of course is that what they do for 95% of things they do around me is set up an obstacle and a set back around every single move I make about my business and it is even resulting in those they do about my personal life down to bothering me over the right to breathe all together but the proper issue comes of course when they apply it i.e. they hold out and talk nonsense about their connections with rich and important people and plans to get rich and then for a lose statement via a shopping channel my book sales will bottom out at will, so when I mention it like I have at present they boast and set up a gig that people will attend so they can have millions of customers and exacerbate this problem more because of the millions they make from selling things to them on the basis of creating the right place to be for everybody and if I do not mention it, then the same principle applies with respect to complains they make all the time about my problem with an innocent media and popular music industry. The way it works for the most part is say a company I broker creative and product appearance equities does its thing in public – what they will do for working with that company is start a fight with somebody and make out they are my people and then that means they can have what the company gets as well and put what the company does down to their own gift to those that own it, claiming my business is stuff I am giving away to help people get rich which I must ensure I am giving to everybody especially when black and American, so this menacing behaviour continues without limits as it were and anybody would like I have eventually end up needing to make it clear that if it stops then the complains should but if not there will be even more trouble. The Politicians like to say the general economy and the Country is bigger than me of course but I have no idea who asked them – the main issue here being a Literary empire they never stop making use of and how they make out it is worth £70 a week from tax payer funded unemployment support too, they do not buy the books and are not funding the unemployment support from their own salaries and hence I have no idea therefore who required their opinion about anything, all I want them to do is get off my book sales and that is an end to it. We even hear the idiots who know a lot about any economy they seem to create problems for each time it is bled dry of their stupidities and loop holes so that it might recover, especially more so the stupidities about climbing up my book sales as a means to gaining some form of success which then makes so much sense of them turning out to tell me the Economy is bigger than me as well. They are not paying me for the things I do for the economy and I am not asking them, all I am asking to do is take a look at the books and if they don’t like it leave it for those who do and stay away from my company – all I am asking is if they are funding my unemployment support from their own salaries or my Literary empire is worth £70 a week. The other side of the story we hear regularly to make sense of these matters is of course the part of talk of performance related pay for employees; I mean if I were the boss there is a 99% chance I would like to be the boss so people can get a job in my company or establishment where I am so, in which I provide for a performance related pay sort of work so they can put me out of mine – we don’t know if it is a leadership crisis either as it were.


They say Politicians seem to feel very frustrated about why it is never clear where they went wrong with me but of course there is nothing wrong with me; the two facts that happen are first I work for the Monarchy and that none of these issues would happen if the Politicians were not spending time wasting tax payer funds trying to displace the Monarchy from its areas of authority and then the second fact being more elaborate i.e. they can decide the way forward for the economy is to create job makers and that to do that means collecting everybody’s property into a single pot that is then made available to big businesses to cherry pick or they can realise this means big businesses can only employ as much as they can first of all and more importantly it will not sit well with the Monarchy but in terms of their economic aspirations, the economy will be more secure and stable if big businesses do not feel Politicians are afraid of them and hence are made to deal with their own problems without bothering anybody. The civil rights idiots have positioned themselves around these industries of course and are there for the purpose of insults at me which mean whenever I answer questions of this sort they can attack me to scare me and scar me and then pass my work off as their own on that stupid media concerning which I was not speaking to them here either. So the question of me acting like I know lots about civil rights is one they do not realise is very provocative and that I have had enough of them as well myself and that I have never before seen a group of idiots so keen to humiliate people, so that when you do nothing about it they make out they have found one that is scared of them but when you do it is time for a hatred of Monarchy and Institutions and Royal Persons and hence the need for a peoples civil rights movement – before then they hurt you and cover their tracks like boys with their toys and it becomes the answer for everything in life including setting up gigs and doing popular culture to get rich and famous. Now added to where they are with respect to my company and their inability to stay off stifling my book sales and how they get all over Industry communities, they say Royals want to take over what I own of which when I had nothing to do with Royals they took over nothing whether or not they liked it but now that I am involved with them they can take things over; they keep making up such things so that the tummy and head and chest distant and transferred violence and insults that makes it possible for them to use it for humiliation with that stupid media in order to seek comparative self improvements about which they will not find a way of earning money in any other way continues while they think it is completely amusing as well. So it is the same old story of strange and violent sexual needs they have which they cannot have unless there is some outlandishly exhibitionist vandalism of my Royal property and public work and book sales have been made to happen with pictures of naked women and girls and Pornographers which industry I promise them they will never see again for my part as well, which of course is one of those things that indicate I am not necessarily innocent in the matter but they will learn to zip it – I was not talking to them, I never direct anything I say to them. We see them everywhere, banking Industries, Auto Industries and they are always somewhere between companies that work with me and myself and find endless ways of consolidating a means to gain access to absolutely everything they desire from that position and then exhibit them on media as violently as possible as well, that big mouth of Royals wanting to take things over that leads to a process where we hear them mutter it endlessly – it’s not how my stuff was done and not how it is done and not how it is done and I need to relax and it sounds like they are victorious already and I am beaten if not dead and it happens every day and over everything I do and over every single products I am in conversations with a customer for and shows itself all the time on that foolish media for good measure as well looking for some all the time with that big mouth and I don’t think it is a major issue either, some people are good at looking for trouble and they always expect others to take a risk over their lives and future to put them down and I will find the most appropriate next best thing as well, all they need do is play around with secret security services in order to abuse me, talk as much nonsense as they can on that media and continue to be seen around my company as book sales, especially for the Americans. Clearly what I have done is not hurting badly enough yet as it were and we are not talking about my sexual habits with respect to Royals either, on that they have lost yet again. I don’t know of thinking I know lots about civil rights when I don’t but I do know that I have a Royal Office and books I write and I am a black Prince who is interested in the underworld and criminal community and what to do with it and I do have support from Royals all over the world; if they cannot stay off my books and off my renaissance it is simple that they should expect trouble all the time; I do not say most of what I say because I expect to find a job or get into some kind of work sooner or later, in royal circles work is obscene and I don’t think anybody has the right to force his sense of oppression on me when I have it figured out either, so he does not tell tall tales later on about institutions he hates and his power of the people games – if they don’t stay off all effects of me I will  rip their own up for them as well. The prognosis is as simple as the fact I do not have what I have because my parents left me some great inheritance, I don’t have what I have because I achieved some intellectually great thing, I have what I have simple because people take a look at me and like me and want to do things alongside me and my possessions and so if the world is an evil place they are supposed to understand I hurt as well and by the way which they should wait for me to make money from it first and then they can determine what their insolent competition becomes.


There is that talk of The Queen being more irritated about what I get up to and more so especially because I have criticised the actions of the Prince of Wales as well. I would not know anyway since I am aware that The Queen required me to deploy my work to serve the Country and it is still mine, she is patron and supplies security. These things are all made up and those responsible need to do it without me so they can get killed for it, if it is so important to them as it were. Speaking of the position from which I criticise the Prince of Wales, we are looking at getting involved with them and then doing so in order to protect me – I mean they want to change things in the UK and get rid of the Monarchy so let them do it but when the Heir to the throne puts himself at such risk, it is very irritating as well. The American ones want both the UK and the US, they always think what others have is more important than what they have and what they have is only important when they had gained possession of what others have, so if they want both countries, let them come and get it and as for me the personal matters remain as they have always been i.e. Americans that want to pervade faith can start with mine, it is not at all a new story. As for these idiots and their ideas of which nobody knows where they get their sense of what the Queen is irritated by, apparently when they address me if I criticise The Prince of Wales then a problem gets fixed with those stupid insults and big mouth all over the place: this is my property and I can criticise the Prince of Wales and get away with it they need to do what they do without me so they can get hurt for it. The other story is that of what I do with peoples culture to provoke them but it is largely a function of things they say as a statement of intent e.g. the Monarchy is a supporter of oppression and murder all over the world and the US must show its credentials for freedom and democracy by getting rid of the British Royal Family or some renegade believer will do it and so it suggests that member of the royal family are bits of wood and feel nothing, only until when I am out there for example and handle those stupid cultures of theirs, so we can find out and if I hurt they hurt too but this games we will play to the very end.

The story that gets other people’s attention all the time is that I indirectly support racism but of course we all know they are as violent and as evil as the racists but that despite people being racist there is still enough tolerance to not set out a collection of political ideals that end with a process where I am dead, hence they are still human beings and have feelings but these idiots is a wanton evil that never rests every blessed day and they really need to vanish or I will do something to create a sense that they have, better still if they stay off my book sales and tell their girls to save their insults for those they love and then there will be no trouble – we allow them take advantage way too often so that they turn out to be rich and turn out on our television all the time, we listen to those stupid stories and then we institutionalise with it too because they might even tell us of a greater evil called racism. A typical example of the outcome of those games is how I get to handle their girls to ensure I am using what women have to offer me to run my life because what happens is that they get their own but people like me always tend to borrow the wives of more liberal men and hence where I exist and where they do is very far off, only that they see what they like and its beginning already.


Now they say I take seriously little things that most people would tolerate because I think I am all that; things like culture at Industry and culture at Politics but what they are really referring to is such things as the fact when I don’t want people touching my penis or fantasising about doing so to a point where I feel that they want to, what they do is start to find all these little ways of getting around me and maintaining a fixed attention of myself by controversy or not on them so that they get to have it in some other way that is protected from me and what I might want to do to stop them from having it anyway and then that will be a desire satisfied and the answer to everything regarding money and getting rich, a price I pay for them to make their way in life but it does not stop there it goes way down to the part where they raise girls and create structures to provide them with leadership and then use them as a means of grabbing wealth from successful people and then they seem to realise things on media about what I do with women as well all the time – starting off from how most people do not know that instead of spend my own resources to gather women and use them like they do, I tend to use other peoples women and then it develops to a point where when women play around with me they simply become the end of an era and that means somebody knows what price will be paid if they lost their jobs and or were replaced by his girls, concerning which they handle my books all the time to make that possible, looking for trouble and talking nonsense about racism being the real problem because they have media to do so with. We even hear them claim the big issue to be that women in my world distract them which I am at a loss to understand since this is not their property or their business and livelihood as it were and those women were there to distract them, it was something they should have been able to foresee. I mean they say play must be rewarding and educating, they set out play for their foolish children with my entire literary empire, make popular music to express me instead of themselves in order to be rich and famous and play out their narcissist and sadist sexual needs on me as well, take pictures of their girls in pants and bras over my equities and put them on giant billboards all over the city and finish off with girls who take pictures of themselves in the pornography industry where they fancy me but have sex with others which is how they get to enjoy the painful things they do to each other when they should be having sex instead and this is my sexual needs being used to do things which creates a process where their sexual needs are domineering. Now this is the sort of things that you get to tolerate – I mean everybody knows that if your neighbours child gets a lot of love from his parents and that is a source of distraction for your child, you buy him a teddy bear, they ought to know that women like to play as well and have needs and female journalists need things they do not have and can continue like they are at the moment until I get my hands on that media and that stupid stock market and those stupid corners of Politics as well, apparently since play is rewarding and educating female journalists do not like to play as well as it were. These women are on loan to me from their husbands and these are the sort of things these fools need to stay away from and away from all effects of me and more so away from my book sales; I have done nothing to deserve a process where useless idiots and society lowlifes turn up in my business and push deep into my personal life to spend my property and money for me threatening me more so every blessed day, they need to get out and move on as I am bluffing when I mention industry culture and Politics culture, it is going to end badly and that is a promise. They say they will flush women that are affiliated with me and replace those with their own girls or a process where their activities in my literary empire faces distraction as a result of the activities of beautiful female journalists will lead to a process where women are abused are all a load of nonsense I think they say because they have a big mouth and are bluffing in a big way. It’s much the same as racism; you hear racists speak of country and land and environment etc and it is because they know that is what leaders do i.e. finish nation service and find a quiet life – these idiots are much the same too, they do these things because they recognise nobody else’s authority unless it is their own. They have a popular music industry they make money with at my expense no matter how much I don’t like it, turn up to threaten me and grab things all the time and of course we all know they cannot grab anything so they make it up and tell people they have to create delays that allow them to spend time on me until they can grab from a spot where I can do nothing about it and change that spot regularly to ensure it carries on for good. In the same way, people who get around with a Royal Prince are going to feel that it is something special too, I mean it should not go without saying just in case I react to things most people would tolerate because I think I am all that and they are seen around every industry you could possibly name with these obscenities and vandalism ripping up my earnings and doing so every day with the suggestion that it is funny as well and tall tales to tell which facilitate a process where I do the work and they have means of handling me to create equality and I do want my Courts, Consortium and Coven back the way it was: the claim that I approve of people using my work and property to get things done that they want to do being the biggest load of rubbish in the world - since what I have done is accomplish a certain Fiscal Policy limitation and Monetary Policy stagnation. They always say I have never accomplished such a thing as well but we all know that for Royalty work is obscene so when I think of it I never do it and they know when I do not do what I think of and they do it then the problems they have will escalate. What we have here are the remnants of that accomplishment in itself i.e. Police involvement in Business and Industry communities which will make them more efficient, their work safer especially with respect to terrorism and that is because they will be able to predict a considerable side of activities that they must Police; I for my part should have been able to push the idiots who make statements about how I agree my thing should be used by people to do things they want to do into crime so the Police can get them off my back, especially the royal ones (THOSE STUPID AND INTENSELY PERSONAL INSULTS OF CONNECTIONS WITH THE MONARCHY AND A CERTAIN BUSINESS IN THE CITY CENTRE THEY HAVE WHICH OTHERS DO NOT HAVE THE SAME EVEN WHEN THEY HAVE THEIR OWN ROYAL ESTATE AS IT WERE HENCE WHAT I HAVE DONE SO FAR IS CLEARLY NOT HURTING BADLY ENOUGH AS IT WERE) but of course that is becoming more and more difficult because Politicians tend to help them a lot and young people are complicit with evil all the time, so I will simply have to do it in good time one way or another. They say I have accomplished a lot of course but in my eyes I would have done so when like the Police can simply drive to the vicinity of a local shop if they need to, they can get into the deepest recesses of the Financial Industry as well, it is the one Industry that has no regard for the laws of the land and is the most difficult to infiltrate at the same time as well, so they think they are a law unto themselves presently. Then maybe some Police officer will be able to write books about the financial crisis as a result of his time of service at Scotland yard and we will make sense of the get rich quick celebrity and popular culture vandalism as well - I have no been able to accomplish this just yet but making very useful progress; you know like in British Politics when the Nation is in need of a Liberal Party a socialist one fills the boots and instead of the Liberal Party fighting the socialist ones they get after the Conservative ones because just like the socialist ones have done to them, doing so would have been the powerful thing to do, so we can see why the Public is thanking God for UKIP - now we know Liberal democrats are the nemesis of Labour just like it is the nemesis of the Conservative Party and so Liberal democrats need to end a process of snooping around where they are not wanted to blight the lives of those who do not co-operate with their intensely personal and private insults (WHICH ARE HOMOSEXUAL AND HAPPEN WITHOUT CONSENT AND DOES WITH A CONVICTION THAT IT WILL NOT BE PUNISHED, BEARING IN MIND HOW PLEASURABLE IT IS TO APPLY THEM ON A CHRISTIAN EVEN BY MERE ACTIVISTS WHO ARE SIMPLY ZEALOUS BECAUSE IT IS THE POWERFUL THING TO DO INSTEAD OF GETTING THE RIGHT THING TO DO DONE, HENCE EXPRESSING THEY WILL DAMAGE ME AS A PERSON BECAUSE THEY ARE FRUSTRATED WITH THAT BIG MOUTH ) with extremism instead of trying to win elections - I have always maintained that we do not and will never know what is so liberal and democratic about their version of democracy anyway and not that they are telling us either.