So they say I play around with other peoples cultures and society where this applies, now I should say I am not a stranger to such a fact either, I do for as much as they play around with me. They always feel they ought to dish out violence and death at me and more so because they have that stupid culture, so it is about time they started living in a condition where they are likely to die at ransom because of some ideology that runs around in society on account somebody else wants to rip it up as well. If this does not scare them then Heaven knows. Apparently if I say I don’t want it around me because the application of its violence is so unfair towards me, it becomes a major preoccupation of theirs to see that it does and that is before they complain too as it were and their fame freaks are on hand to squander everybody’s property while their foolish men manage and preserve their own, selling their selves to either side provided they are the highest bidder and becoming completely convinced they have come to some money to manipulate people with and just about anybody too for that matter to be manipulated – so I tend to see the culture around the most important of my affairs to that effect as well, looking for the trouble they seem to be tired of getting as well. Always a case of how if I think I am too good to die for the glory of black people and other things that will leave the way I have lived open for them to pervade, then I must live a life that is not worth living since I am such a coward etc. They still do not plan to tone it down and keep it away from me and we all know 100% of their thought is a fantasy of violence against those who are unlikely to fight back or are soft and pampered enough for it to look good on them and even like to claim those brought it on themselves with resulting consequences of losing all they own to their foolish girls if they have an opinion about it. So the very existence and sight of me still winds them up as usual, so that even when I explain I am like I am because I am a Christian and perfectly okay with it it gets worse too. Hence the talk of questions over my Law, Liberty and Morality posts are things I am aware of because the fame and fortune needs to exist in a very well governed world as well and I will push for that until I attain perfection as well. I mean I am a writer to say the least and I have no idea what business people suppose they have with me when they do not buy the books anyway and the Political vandalism is tiresome as well as it were and has been around here for way too long too.


The claim that I saddle myself with responsibilities that nobody has given me all over the west seeking big trouble and especially from the US has no basis on fact – the reality is that the idiots who make those claims are in my life and public work and book sales and have no plans to stay away from it either; they are certain their corruptions of involvement works against everybody, so that when they speak of things like Guyana Tragedy or Wako, those were some of their greatest victory – I have no idea how they were going to make it work when they can see that even if I am a priestly figure, the reality is that there is a royal estate behind me and so the problem is the suffering I must put up with at their hands because I look the part and they want it and it will have to be settled as well. I have taken time out to publicly declare I take a liking to women that are older than I am and so everybody should understand that any abuse from their girls although it happens often and I do nothing about it, is really supposed to be met with a process of handling them to establish they are sex objects as well and now that I have begun this in earnest as well, it will never stop too provided they continue – I have mentioned to them there is a link well established which we are all aware of that money comes from paid employment and they need to get it that way and leave me alone if they do not want some of mine as well. As I did mention before, they say I am in there, in the culture and in the society and in the Politics and so on and that it is the biggest basis for violence against me but they always started first as it were and not to mention the part where I talk how people need to get jobs to make money and stay away from me and need to save money and spend it on fame to be famous and stay away from me but we priests read the bible to make money and get around criticising others to get fame but guess who started and how you get to criticise people on grounds they did not do their jobs properly for a living, not to mention how doing the priest thing took over every other aspect of your life because they can handle any person they want if they wish with a big mouth and of course there is my favourite part as well and everybody can guess what that one is too. It comes down to the age old issue in the end which is concerned with the fact that they are always using other peoples own to do things like powerful, impetuous and daring whors who want to see the underside of other people as well; when they want to do things, their husbands might exist alright but they want to use other peoples husbands, their children might exist but they want to use other people’s children and I believe I have been clear about where I stand and they know what to do if they do not want to feel me as well. I am not giving back that stupid left and they can come and get it, I need it to ensure any insult and abuse results in a means of handling their girls like the sex objects that they are as well – it goes the same with all that stuff they say about how they will get around with me and cause a lot of trouble and when it comes to it sacrifice me to make it go away, reality of course is rather that this sets out the stage that many do not notice i.e. that society is split between them who fantasise about violence against others every second, especially those that are Christians, preach none violence and are therefore completely unlikely to do anything about it and others who do not and it is one thing to fantasise and quite another to do it, when anything happens to me that their big mouth as it were, it will become a different story all together. I am not giving back that stupid left for the purposes I need it for and so this is a brief overview of the matter of how I saddle myself with responsibilities that have not been given me – like the old thing about people wanting republics, it is the expression of incredible vanities and they need to stay away from me and all my concerns and very soon indeed or this will cease to be a conversation – I already put up with their distant violence and the fascism contained in them and that is all I will ever do for them for my part, one false move and an army will be collected.


The part about pornography and whether it should be taught in schools they say has something to do with me but of course I know it does as it were, people looking for a rival power over the things I do to them but no plans to stop their behaviour towards me anyway. I mean is it middle class or lower class pornography? By the way of which when I look at it I really want sex as it were. I do not get reviled over it or anything like that; the reality is that with republican freaks and DNA OF murderers around who want nothing with their own friends and families, because they want to do other peoples own, there was every chance whether or not we actually legally ban Pornography, that pornography will exist somewhere in society and in the culture anyway. However this issue continues where you see women and in a few seconds of seeing you, you have been dominated and defeated in a general way that life operates because it is respectful for them that you are treated in such a way, then the process will continue that toleration of their insults will always be followed by an enforcement of sex between them and their husbands and families and friends perpetually and for every second, so of course especially for black women, they feel like they wish to hurt me mortally whenever they set their eyes on me because seeing me generally means they have no more energy to carry on, still it does not change the attitude issues and that is what I meant when I mentioned earlier on the fact it is one thing to fantasise the violence and another thing to do it, for when they do it, the army will be mobilised so we can finish it too. As for republicanism on the other hand, I have never in my life seen or heard anything so stupid; they speak of a country that does not give people responsibilities but want to change the country and make it a new one so they can have the responsibilities; so it continues that they cannot make it happen for themselves in the UK and will not find other places in the world where it is easier to travel to either, they want to change the country and that is the part that beats me i.e. if I wanted to take my exams, what do I have to do to and with my mind set, to get myself to a stage where I think that the table on which I have been presented with the papers, and the chair on which I sit and the pen in my hands and the supervisors that are there to prevent cheating and the exams itself is somehow connected with the Country that it therefore applies that when I want to do things I want to use the country to do it but it is the same kind of vanity that creates the story of how I assume responsibilities that have not been given me too – can one person really, really in a real world attain that level of vanity and for themselves and more so for themselves alone as it were, that is if we speak of the human side and eliminate the matter of the fact they are pure evil. Its not just a case of being unable to work the responsibilities in the UK anyway, it is also a matter of a lack of respect for those who can and when we say travel to another country where it is easier and they speak of dispossession but cannot mind their business either looking for trouble all together – it is not that I do not know what they want from me is to be the power behind my power or something, I know that but I am not having any of it; if I wanted it I would have chased a path where I sit down to the academic work and finish it and find a way to get some work that links me with the corridors of parliament but I am not doing it that way, besides which it is obvious that they would have determined I shall have no educated unless they are guaranteed they can dominate me when they want of which I know I would have none of it if I were dominated as well all together – hence nothing on my side or on their side suggests that I should have done it in that way either: what I mean is that if they play with my person and property, I play with theirs too, like the old thing about Americans and a process where I assume responsibilities that were not given me, when the reality is not just the old matter of the fact I do not believe in freee country and they want to question morality and get into politics and make laws at the same time and have no fear or regard for me when they know that with me around that will always remain a fantasy because I believe in making people do things that are good for them in order to realise what is good for another person and therefore apply it and more so by making laws and that is why if politics does not work like that people need to keep it out of my personal life, if they do not want some of my own as well, bearing in mind all that nonsense about how the norms we live by today were created by religious people who do not represent all of society like the idiots they are, whatever on earth they know about it. The other reality being that that the bloody idiots cannot make it happen in the Countries where they live and think they want to make those countries into new countries where they can with their infinite vanity that they are certain is a worthy use of other peoples time. Hence we all know it has nothing to do with the Country or with the Monarch or with anybody else but myself and it has been established for years now that they are my toys. The talk of how I have no regard for the issues in Northern Ireland is recognised of course as it were but I have made myself clear on the matter and cannot understand why anybody would feel that whatever they need to do is connected with creating a new country anyway. I mean the trees and the grasses know better; that I will live in a country where the trees and grasses are better off as it were, not to mention the fact when they then get into politics to make laws I cannot get any discount in hell if my life depended on it too. So it is when things have degenerated into violence and we then have to give people some release as a country that we pop questions like what an idiot means by using the Country to do what he wants to do and what another person is doing with him bearing in mind the big question of how he will get out of it later. The part where people want to do some of my responsibilities to bring about social equality or feel they are in a place where they can manipulate me into doing it applies in two main dimensions; one of them has to do with the process of wrecking my finances and like the American fools who talk of how I pick up responsibilities that were not given me they do not at any point in time think that such a thing is a crime either, they add more and more demagogues on it and try to make it social policy until I handle them as well so they can pretend the media exists to serve them, hence wrecking my finances is meant to create a condition where I am detached from what I am known to provide as a service to people and especially that which is connected with a cause and then I will become something that people tap ideas from, which they make use of and share with the entire country and any friends they have overseas, always continues until I handle them as well. The other dimension is that they are convinced absolutely anything I do to carry out a cause or help people should result in a process where I need to earn a living from it, so there might be a need for me to like their cars and suits and to crawl on my knees and beg them for money and this is why I need that left hand side and will not give it back in hell, so I can ensure every single behaviour towards me results in a process where I handle their girls like sex objects as well, no idea why it does not stop then when and if they do not like it; in context of republicanism, it seems therefore the republican goons have a point but yes apparently they have gotten together to work it all out for the rest of us as it were. The talk I am being manipulated by powerful media goons that have access to my personal life is the most insignificant of them all anyway; for those ones the claim is that all I say is something they bully out of me to ensure I have no power but my position will continue to remain that which ensures they have to get on TV to make up what I didn’t do to them to avoid having a headache because I tend to get one over everything I do using their distant fascism on grounds that I need to stay off things they want to make use of and make into their own, my own part of the headache being that they need to stay off my fame, the one they built up from claims of things done with me about which they were the boss, which they share with people left right centre and want to all over the world as well and stay the hell away from that diplomatic front too; so my wife has become more and more and more evil because of you and you will be made into one of us while we cause trouble and then sacrifice you for it with a big mouth; what I say will not change this position and nobody cares what they have access to; what really calls this matter to the stage is when they mention I think what I have said and done is enough – what I said is that they need to get off the fame and that doing so is really important if they do not want some of my own as well, what they mean by what is enough is that I ought to take into account the group of politicians who have every day for a decade now continued to enforce a process where each place I rent ends with Landlords abusing me like they have no right to because I need to settle up and raise the deposit that will help me move out whenever I want to and it has reached a stage where a large portion of them do not take in Council tenants anymore claiming it is difficult to figure out what will happen when we all know Council tenant are more secure than even Students – so its a case of when she talks to you like that and his husbands does and their children do and so on, we wreck your book sales and academic work and finances to ensure you cannot respond or defend yourself because you are in a place where you have no such right and they have all the rights and this has been the basis of the reason for their crimes towards my person and property which no day goes by without one happening to ensure I have no money and yes I have tolerated it for long enough as well. Its like the old story of what on earth I am doing with journalists, reality being that I am somebody that is at my best when I am happy and normal and so I like to get around with people that are like that too – I mean already the nightmare of these idiots and their fame and fortune freaks and will get worse provided they do not keep away from me and anything that is associated as well. I can see a point arrive where I set up here and pitch my tent here and make my life here and they move out. So we do therefore hear the talk of how I bring most of it on myself in the first place of which we can guess where they are getting that from as well if I am a black man like I am - I really do not bring anything on myself and more so not while lion share idiots who think they have me wrapped around their little finger have political idiots that will do their bidding; the reality is that I am every bit the part of peeling off that democracy and freedom all the way to the US and cutting it to pieces for them, so that I can scatter it and make sure it is never ever seen again but they still feel as though the kind of insults of addressing and mocking me and handling my work and public work and property which affects my finances because it scares my friends and allies away is their major preoccupation, whether it is true or not as it were that they have the support of the US President for it. Fair to mention then for public declaration that they seek out access to my personal life and government provided security to sit around and do things to me which hurt me and I cannot see therefore to that effect - a new thing therefore? Of course not, it is an evil people indulge when they are doing politics but are they going to keep it out of my affairs and personal life soon enough - that we shall see as well. I mean its all very well to boast I have been pushed down and forced to do lower class things that are also political and inclusive which if I did not would see me get seriously hurt or even beaten up with a big mouth - the reality is that I have had to take steps to ensure only people from my world if a point arises in the future where the Monarchy chooses somebody and gives them a royal commission on account of my work, will get such things and not them and of course I am currently a real world, real life nightmare for that foolish fame and fortune world and their bullying will make me worse as well; just like that story that emerged from how I was chosen during The Monarch's Golden Jubilee and they must be during the Monarch's Diamond Jubilee as well, for the ever present attitude of people feeling as though they want to get hold of my life and break it up and cut it and share it among themselves with a big mouth thing. I have not been reduced in any such manner in terms of the Literary Empire trust and all its assets and property either; the reality is that the recession and an ironically increasingly deviant financial world and community has created an opposite effect in some of us, that I have for example become obsessed with counting the pennies and making sure I am running a sustainable establishment by making sure I know every aspect of what I created the profits I have made and how it has come about as well, hence counting every penny that comes in therefore, which for my part should be of aid to the Government and the National Economy as well. Reasons always come through in public as to why the financial world becomes more deviant as that which is my fault, for it was I that decided to create a Company on which I broker equities with those that provide Government services, which superior do deploy to reward their juniors who have performed well and thereby created a means by which any idiot that wants Royal Property to play around with can get involved with Government services and acquire it and use it at popular culture to get rich and famous, then push forward their involvement with Government services to get involved with people's Companies; this I acknowledge as true of course but that it is my fault does not show any signs of galvanising credibility from any point or from anywhere or at any stage or from any reason or at any juncture any time soon. I personally therefore aspire to maintaining my position as keeper of heart disease on a global stage because there are those who really need me, especially when they are black and female and have got really foolish men giving them all sorts of things including financial support, which then makes them the keeper of very intrusive and insolent prejudices that makes them confident they have cemented their status as bullies and absolutely anybody they think they can levy their insults at will become a cultural misdemeanor for them, just like the foolish men that support them become convinced that doing so financially is the route to riches which is an attitude that will no longer be tolerated as well (It is always suggested of course therefore that I cannot enforce my dislike of free society by making sure people only decide what other people need or what it good for others when they know what is and it is established they know what is good for them in the first place but in actual fact all that is really required is that I work very quickly at it, so everybody can get there on time).