Now about things that are happening however, the main issue is that there are no such things happening – reality remains the simple fact that I am a hated figure and I happy with that too, hence these dunces and idiots will never get the better of me wrecking my academic work and passing their own so they can get off to ask how they could be dunces when they pass their exams and I don’t, nor will they do so wrecking my business to get rich and famous in order to ask me how they could be stupid when they are so successful, I am not having any of it. I don’t think it is a problem either, it is supposed to happen but the reality of course is that they are not meant to have such access to me anyway; I am doing something about it because I am fed up with these things tending to happen with the use of my personal belongings in whatever form they might take. The other story is about immigration and how it is a bad thing when we know that a lot of people do travel to the UK and then plan their way out to the US as their final destination, hence economic downturn tends to me some of them get stuck and so it is a temporary thing and several other instances of that kind that Labour has manipulated to create a multicultural society that will control certain kids with personalities they want to own and then also create unstable society by making the immigration thing itself completely unsafe – so this along with Labours abuse of the civil service and their insults and threats is what has created the idea immigration has had a bad effect when it really has not; I mean an abuse is common place for example such as walking down the streets and coming across and awesome Indian female idiot who calls you a Monkey and then walk only a short distance to come across another fool who attacks you because you name him a golliwog mouth each time he blows it off at you because of his size and his vanity and there are black idiots who do such things as well and believe they can use other people to secure connections that will allow their foolish children get top industry jobs and that is why they have a real problem staying off my income. So the reality of course is that of the fact they complain of actions I carry out which means that they completely lose control of all that happens in their lives on one hand and then on the other as insolently as usual like to see to it that whenever anything has changed to take control of my business out of their hands, they change it back and have that control again with a big mouth; hence what I mean when I say they need to get off the public work and the royal property and the books and then they will not have to worry about being free of me. I mean these are things I do to punish people for barging into my life to try and kill me with the use of insubordination and lack of suppose and abuse etc, bearing in mind they already hate me and show it all the time with a big mouth too. Of course the usual question thereafter is that of what will happen if they don’t and I don’t mind such a question either since I am aware the full facts of the issue always becomes clear when I say they need to stay off the books and keep your foul mouths to themselves. So the Labour party is the bad thing not immigration and the only way to apply punishment effectively when you gobble up all the good stuff and leave them the violence is to kill off that media as well and only then will you be able to ensure you do not have to do it time and time again with great personal finance losses as the instigating factor. Otherwise if they comply with keeping to themselves and leaving me alone for the most part, then the reality is that when people had decided they want to pay for such behaviour with their media establishments, then it is not up to me to decide whether or not they should not.


Of course they like to claim I never stay away from peoples business but want people to stay away from mine; the stereotype reality for it where I am sitting is that they regularly buy and ear designer jackets to impress the boys and girls that rendezvous with their media vandalism for fame and fortune and then get them some as well regularly all using my earnings and are convinced absolutely everybody sees and views them as anything less than criminals because popular culture exists and I an exception. They do it to me way too frequently and need to stay off my books and tell their Nationalists to stay off my personal life and keep their stubbornness away from me too and then they will have nothing to be concerned about; otherwise the regular displacement of that stupid society and culture will become the least of their worries too. They speak of their leaders I have no respect for which has created my struggles; the reality of course is that none of their leaders are anywhere near my league – we all know of simple things like the fact the Bible is all written out and you can read it and obey its principles and that if a Priest were to read it he will read it word for word as well but when they read it and obey it, they do their own; we all know that people cannot go wrong if they do what they do in the sense that it is ethically the right thing to do but when they see the ethics they punish those who practice it and steal personalities; they were made for each other you see, these stupid light weight immoral people and their foolish Political leaders going back as far as we can remember and the next time I walk around their city like I am superior to them, they will feel me again. Important it is that they do their freedom squander somewhere else and do that soon enough too. They never ever stop and you hear it endlessly that I am stuck somewhere, so it is fair to mention that what we have finished with is where I stand and what we will work on next is how personal it is becoming as an issue with media fools and Politicians, since the question of how much suffering I must endure so that people can make use of me for violence due to how I have been provoked every blessed day into having an aesthetics for it has not yet been ascertained and so it continues that when they do it, then the real problem was racism and racists, so that with that corruption of involvement and getting into the Kingdom of God by alternative means insults and stuff as though it is impossible to persecute them like that in order to sell my books as well in order to establish the fact I have not been stuck anywhere, it is becoming increasingly serious while they have begun to make noise about their powers and the claims I will be pushed into gangs which will only cause me to get hold of them and tie them off and handle them like pieces of meat to shut them up because of course in a wider sense of things, the two matters are that racism includes all those things people do to put their problems into others and expect it to come out of their mouths with answers to the problems and so that if that does  not happen they reorganise and realign their lives to create the idea that anything such people say is it happening, while the other one has to do with how bullying people is a society and they have got contingencies for me as well and that was before they complained that I had everything before I then decided to write books and create an entirely new venture all together to bother them with – I find it baffling that when they tell their media lies they make out the so called defeat of me is funny, I was never informed these things were funny anyway but now that I am it’s all good and ready to roll. In the end that is what happens as it were; you broker equities with your allies and friends and admirers and violence gets involved and then you write books but you can never be safe, so it will continue until you take up their stuff and do it so that everybody can put it to them all the time as well, not to mention managing the book writing business with their Nationalism and republicanism to make money as it were since they have got bullying contingencies for you with a big mouth and that nonsense talk of how they will drag you off that Christianity so some racism can lay you low to make them feel all powerful that will cost them everything as it were. This whole process of taking their stuff and doing it of which was in the first place entirely something people say over anything I do but they would never get better until it got worse. This is how personal the issue with Politicians and insolent media idiots with a big mouth has become and it’s getting worse and worse too – they never listen. Foolish light weight immoral idiots with no self principle whatsoever, when I say the next time I walk around their city like I am superior to them, they will get some of mine yet again as it were – I mean this whole self principle talk is half of it as it were when you consider the latter issue of walking around their city as though I am superior to them which will attract trouble, it is their insults that damaged the finances so I might be that available in the first place, at that time they were having a ball over competitions regarding who the man among men was which does not seem to appear to them to be a happy media vandalism that will be avenged here as well and I do wish they never forget that too, when they start and of course we regularly hear the happy media vandalism associated with some story of The Queen giving me to much stuff to mock me by making sure everybody gets a piece of me and so on but again of which whether or not it is the case has nothing to do with my bank balance, a line they cross all the time and of which the stupid complains make no sense, especially for the provocative female idiots who believe the fact you may have female friends gets to mean endless supply of ideas on what you are supposed to do for them with a big mouth and of course of which I have mentioned I am not through with the older ones and the younger ones will get some of mine soon enough as well.


Now am I unaware of what my Empire is, what property has been bequeathed me by Her Majesty besides the Books and Holdings business I have created from releasing a certain section of the Royal Estate? Of course not; I just don’t need anybody – perhaps I will keep my few allies and create interactive structures for them but that is an end to it, to understand what I mean we need to measure it from the effects of what people do when they see my books and want my personal life instead of buying a copy and so on; I don’t even need anybody to congratulate me for a work I may have and may have done well as it were because I can do that for myself. In the end, the evil and stupid and violent areas of society certainly do not exist so that foolish women can jump on my chest and my head and my health and get into my government provided security to show me I need to be stupid but am too sensible and will never find a rich woman to settle down with that way, when I have never asked them a question in their lives and they are aware that just like every endeavour they never do what they are supposed to, it is the same with relationships, that they never find what it is their own degree and their own level and I am therefore supposed to respond to such nonsense as well. And of course we all know it is much the same with really stupid Americans on television who believe there are lots of things I want to teach people about life on grounds they cannot exist unless they are abusing people since they consider themselves to be all powerful until it ends really badly as well – which leaves us with means to settle how much I don’t like the really expensive I have access to your books and can extract any thing I want from our work provided I flatter you with an advertisement thing which is always run by people that are incredibly stubborn as it were with problems they entirely deserve, looking to find somebody that will make it a lot worse for them as well. So it is said I operate my work in such a way as brings about a frantic and obsessive modus operandi of beating the record of Ambassadors each time anything I do is being done which they find very provocative; the reality of course is that it is much the same as racism and it is something people say i.e. that what I am doing is what racist should have been doing and then the racists will never get better until it becomes a self fulfilling prophesy and it’s the same people say about the diplomats too and it will never get better until it becomes a self fulfilling prophesy, besides which I am really happy to have served in that way as well since we know Ambassadors are one of the group of people who get paid a lot of money from the tax payer to be really, really incompetent. I mean do they really believe that the economic crisis would have been as bad as it got if they were doing their jobs in the first place? It is not just the economic crisis which exposed a lot of issues that they believe are too lofty for the public to understand anyway, there are other issues like little twitchy violence that brings about lucrative results that they seem to know very well and apply frantically as well, when they complain as it were and I am not going to tolerate any of it down to how much they know my parents who would get me to give them what they want from my personality as well. I mean if they had all these connections with poorer countries, then why are they not giving the government a sustainable advice on immigration for example – it’s always the power stuff instead of facts, facts about how if the border of the Country is opened up willingly then the criminals in these poorer countries will also flock to the Nations they serve and there will be problems that have no names, instead it is a particular link in the business community that allows the means to sing and shout and act and play and operate the intellectual property of my Literary Empire so intensely as to keep me penniless and enjoy life having a lot of money as though it simply just existed and can be used by anybody in any way they wanted with a big mouth. I will not tolerate any of it while their idiots are performing such activities as travelling to the UK with a desire for real estate business and the need to have a lot of money with which to sleep with girls and eat snacks. I do understand they speak of how it is acceptable to stay neutral and stay out and keep a line and represent the Interests of the Countries they serve but whilst that would have been the way to proceed if they do not know what I know and cannot do what I do, what is that other stuff they use the International community for anyway, especially the one that means any idiot who thinks about freedom while he does not see his wickedness has consequences the more he plans to activity get away with them just because he is not killing anybody, can address me anyhow they want. It had to be cleaned up and I am of the opinion the economic crisis would not have been as bad if they were doing their jobs, besides which is the other big problem of the mobility that organised criminals are able to muster because of their stupidities and greed; I will not tolerate any of it and intend to hand the work to Hollywood Producers and in the end the outcome will probably be that Americans become an empire and then the problem gets taken care of. As for the fame and fortune aspect of the need for me to conduct an old fashioned physical presence of myself in the Company of Business and Industry leadership as demanded by thieves who think themselves racial extremists and other discriminating idiots as may apply, since I am not doing such things at present and of course the squander propelled treachery of Law and Liberty, of course there is that huge risk that needs to be nipped concerning the Company earnings and these sort of activities in Europe and the US along with media activities which show they think it to be connected with society and therefore funny as well. So I do intend to set out my position of what need to be known which I have already done and displayed on these sites for publicity to a huge extent but has not yet been enough to court reason and a process where they back off and back out because of their societies and craving for power and riches yet but when it comes to a process of earning a living and looking after properties held with Business and Industries and Enterprises around the world however, it is in their end their squander based lucrative violence, especially for the Americans, that becomes the main point of concern. So of course I am also aware the link with sex and the media and popularity and the endlessly organised and re-organised irresponsibility, has ripped to shreds the area of my Literary Empire which involves my Working Court and that it has happened for the two reasons of being able to secure access to my products in a condition at which I can only act to prevent what they want to do with it when it is too late, so they can run advertisement and extract my income at will without being confronted or stopped and on the other the need to get popular and famous as well, with which means it will then be possible to get around with companies and get rich too and it is an area of vandalism that needs to be stopped urgently, I am aware too, hence that is their liability for the distance they have secured to ensure they can take anything they want from here and any action will come too late. The rest of the issues are not so urgent although the liabilities are just just as important i.e. preserving any space that requires my physically attendance at the affairs of Companies and businesses and Industries at great expense to them and at any cost to secure both deterrence and wrath - there is no such thing as my world being split in three between me and Law and Liberty, that is utter nonsense, the same old story of whether I brokered the equities with them in the first place or that their corruptions of involvement are always entirely invincible as they claim that it is. It will be removed along with its expensive delusions, provided they continue to work it and set it up as a huge 'the word no does not exist in our vocabulary' International liability threat for the company and the book sales that is well entrenched in the needs of the government of the United States of America. The matter beside of it will definitely have to be about men and their Politics and how they believe they have got a right to lay things on me, their stupidities or their violence ignorance or indeed my personal best, their own weaknesses about which they will never ever, ever acknowledge my leadership and turn up here to do it all the time with that story of how all I do means I have taken up what they were given the authority by the crowd to do and then done it without authorisation and therefore need to hand it back, which they use so regularly it appears that their lives depend upon it and yet it is clear that when the fools had returned home will try to treat their foolish wives and children like they were human beings, hence perfectly aware that doing it is not how they are naturally but a clear and conscious choice they make everyday which sets it out as something I really do not have to tolerate. The reality of what it does for those of us who believe justice is more important than anything else is the consideration of such matters as the fact that if you are not supportive of Politicians because their attitude makes it impossible or supportive of the executive because there are too many problems there or their behaviour makes it impossible too, then you have to prepare and live a life which is socially supportive of the judiciary; what it therefore means is that I can learn from it and wreck their finances and then sit around doing it to them like my life depends on it too, especially at International communities that are so full of idiots that it is not enough that you must explain the reasons for your physical appearance as the fact you are a devout Christian and not because you consider yourself to have the freedom to walk around their foolish cities as though you are superior to them but must also deal with how you stole the personality from foolish diplomats as well and it is not the only option because I can always wait for them at their retirement to have my revenge too. I mean the Women are older than I am and can do to me whatsoever they like, the girls however just have powerful and violent men and boys behind them and can handle my income anyhow they want with conditions whereby any opinion from me will make things worse and get me into violent trouble, while the Politicians regularly expect to measure out violence for me that will lead to a release of some great wisdom by which they will chose a self improvement that will be enough to ensure they do not wreck my finances and push the country into a corner where they can manipulate me, which is all such a game for them - I am still a child for my part as well anyway and am not letting them have any culture or any stupid left hand side fame and Politics anywhere on this planet, so they can handle that my career as much as they want as well. I am aware they say my behaviour does not go together with what I say but the behaviour mentioned above from them they are aware was always going to produce the result where I ensure they lose control of absolutely everything that happens around them as well - I mean since I offer people a free service from my company and securitise the equities to sell them books, that must therefore mean that I do the work and offer the service and their girls get the money because I am Royalty to be mocked and abused and we are talking years now since they last started; its not just a matter of stories they tell when they are through satisfying themselves with the use of my finances and income like it was bastardised or something, it is also the endless insults that create the idea I am mentally ill or retarded when in actual fact I am really a genius as it were and so that kind of talk and publicity and defamation does wonders for my book sales as well but it gets better still because anybody would assume that books written from a half monastery office will never become a major preoccupation for media idiots who then make out the writer is try to act the part of a peasant and is not really a Royal Prince but it does and so anybody in my shoes whatever I was would follow it up with the same determination as well - hence they now want to be famous and that will never ever happen because they have wrecked the finances.