I find it impossible most times when people talk about gangs with them and they get all over the place for it, when we all know that parents whose children are in gangs want them to be in gangs because they scare people to protect them and for law enforcement, they want people to discipline their children for them and not kill them; so you can never be right any which way you approach the matter and eventually it boils down to the effect of the violence and the insults by which it escalates getting to mean that before it gets out of hand and you cannot move anywhere for reason of violence until you had lost your own life, they will soon have to decide exactly how you must feel about it, for the way you feel about it to be right in their view.

When I say something about a stupid bitch that wants to ruin everybody’s finances with their stupidities so that when she gets up to it nobody notices because they are too busy with something else and the fact I am not married to any of them or the politicians and the media that they get around with, I am not necessarily talking about having a business, although with respect to the insults that are always violent in nature bearing in mind given half the chance the idiots will want to burn Christians on wooden crosses for pleasure, I am actually referring to the day they found out there was a boy that was going to be gay so that women can be powerful, which is their female version of the fact the more you happen not to have offended them is the more they will like to do things to you which harms you and so that if you put it in context as a Christian, then the problem of your position as the enemy of freedom becomes clear as well what they really think about you as too.

I do not feel that it is a difficult matter either, it just seems that it is okay for people to buy music CDs when they do these things but tell me my books are things I should never have written as well with a big mouth and so as it were, I always imagine they do those things because they want people to ignore them, however which there are those that are too inferior to insult them by ignoring them hence the violent insults that are pragmatic no matter who you are and thus in my view I am not yet as much the enemy of freedom that they think I am so far. What I have saying eventually is that I hate people who talk too much rubbish about money and have no idea why they are always making out they know me when they know nothing about me and it is so obvious they know nothing about what I think about them hence the way they act like they do. The crucible is always the point where every children deserves to grow up in a home of working parents where mornings comprise of the school run and afternoons comprise of being forced to take a nap and evenings comprise of those wee hour playtimes that are never enough; not leave home with dad or mum on the couch and return to see them there, worse case with a drink in their hands which purpose is to ensure you have to study materials and your Uniform never gets renewed; as I said, I am not married to them and will not tolerate it on the global stage. I am pretty sure they know of other ways of getting sex than forcing a Christian Prince to have one with them due to their damaged personality infantile rubbish and I am pretty sure there are other ways, away from me in which they can make tourism economies and jet set lives for themselves without getting a Christian to rubber stamp their sins.

So if it needs to be clear all over again what it is about, I ought to make it clear I am the Golden King and they are free to come through with their own version of competition for that if they want; again. Then make a lot of noise about somebody stifling their economies. I am Golden King and she must go away and get ready to be diamond Queen; the female bloody version of everything that I am in a condition where the money and the fame is, while I am being made to look into violent things that bother everybody – it will never go away. For me it is imperative I maintain my position as victim since they are so insistent on making that they case that it has gone from an intense fantasy to a form of witchcraft which is much the same with their insolent alternative lifestyles and its stupid purpose.

I am not in any way troubled about the effects these things are having around the world, I say those things I say because I know my fame and when people use it for their own ends should not be surprised when I want a cut of it as well. I mean it is the kind of things that really winds people up, human beings are not supposed to be that lucratively rude and discourteous. I write a book for example and people will rather claim the disrespect for me and notion I am dealing with the evils of their society which they are part of in order to provide them the best lifestyle is what I am doing for a living, so they want information from the horse’s mouth instead of buying their copy because what they say is what I am and what I am exists in a place where there is no law and there are no rules with a big mouth; so they say they own big businesses but give them food and they get into your kitchen to steal some and soon enough want the keys as well – it is the worst feeling of insecurity ever. So as it stands they want to ensure that since they already have those who wish to take advantage of the fact they are detached from their consumers in the bag, what they hunt these days are those who are not detached from their own consumers and this is why I do those things I do to them, especially the media ones where I living thinking person would get off on media to do my fame for a living because he does not like his own anymore then get off pretending he attended schools where he was taught manners and etiquette as well with his silly media job etc. I am not dealing with evils of society for them, it’s just something I will never allow any rest so that when they good people me about these evil scum and their fantasies that have become witchcraft over me, it is their savings and even personal lives that will be sacrificed. As I did mention all the idiots know is fighting people every second and cannot shut up about humble beginnings from where they rose to where they are today because they are frauds. So I say bring it on aka what I mean when I describe these matters as a problem that is not so huge – the first occasion was their pop stars singing my intellectual property instead of songs while they got off to get connected alongside their Asia pacific connections in the electronics industry that they hope to take over and run globally and that ended very well – this time it seems it is all about lifestyle issues and I guess the point of that is that my books will never get sold so it will be the only things that get sold in the entire world as well. I believe I am clear about the matters; one of them is this office and it is not the Queens office or the office of any of their Political leaders, the other is my fame which I am very comfortable with and human beings do not have to be as rude and discourteous as they are, while the third is that of handling my property, in that disrespect for me has gone so far as to apply to my right to livelihood. They think the world economy was supposed to open up on security issues then when they settle in on what they want to grab shut down security issues but with their attitude and the fact they will sit it out for my book sales as well along with their media vandals, it seems the modern economy will be run on open security issues, hence the bring it on I mentioned. I mean you spend hundreds of millions to create a film that you sell to person for 25 pounds which he thinks he deserves so much that he prefers not to buy it but steal it and at the same time puts up a behaviour which suggests he really understands who etiquette really is; it is the sort of things that winds you up, especially when he feels like gathering money to get off to cultural violence filth by which adverts will pay off in order to invest in film making as well. As I said, those who like to good people over them about me and my income will be handing over their savings with me around because there is no place they will not feel that they can set foot in due to my actions i.e. human beings are not supposed to be that discourteous and if they are animals I am no where their carcass.


Hence when I mention facts this is not HM The Queens office contrary to their stupidities or indeed that of any of their political leaders either. Sometimes I wonder if they will ever be able to gobble it all up to satisfy their vandalism but in the end do not wish to wait financial anymore to find out. I do wonder why people suggest I like the media when I tend to wake everyday to damage to my livelihood because a reporter had an ego; as I said human beings are not meant to be that insolent or discourteous but they rather think money can be made from it.
Of course their Politicians like to get involved even when they can see that their point is that being me in a condition where they are superior to me using my own income and work for it is something they can enforce and they can also see it is the thing that continues to buy them time to gain things they can brag around with as well i.e. what I  mean when I say living breathing thinking human beings that get on media to do my job instead of their own in the process of doing their own, because they do not like their own anymore. Which is where they tell me that as long as I do not do what I do with a media obvious public life then what I own will always turn out to belong to others and it may as well be the way the new global economy will look too; crushed lifestyle businesses and the opinions of those who keep it that way which will come to an end the day I am no longer penniless on account of them.
The one with the big businesses is the least of my worries actually; initially it was about finding out if they are the ones that approve media vandalism of my livelihood, especially with the use of girls and adverts that cannot let people be with the need to do social and cultural violence while handing over money and fame and decadence about which they always take it all and their response has always been that they exist in such lofty lives that the answer to my queries is that they did not but they might as well bloody well did; so I always suppose it is about making the Christian give up his faith and commit great sins that will shame him and so I have a new query too; what is their flavour? I.e. media goon wants to take fifty foot picture of a girl and place it alongside a product in the centre of the city and whose products has he decided needs to be prevented from making any sales for that to happen and for as long as it needs to? Mine of course and so when I as those kinds of question and they give those kinds of responses that is when we end up with our present query.
So in the end the most popular statements that businesses always make is that when they communicate with me I completely miss and loose the point but in actual fact what happens is that while there is the problem of Politicians and their secret societies, they the business men some of them had the problem of secret societies starting of University to this day but their idea of solving it is throwing my work to the dogs like they can give to the frugal, getting off to b get connected to high royalty than I am and then ushering on media vandalisms as though that ever solves anything, claiming that they are running the business in the proper way. With respect to their complains of which it is just something I do not wish to put up with anymore and nothing else.
It’s the same old idiots with connections that are linked to some violent far right group of people and of course they always top it up with some connections with media for insolent absurdities and then get off to buy shares in other peoples businesses. It is not the first time I have warned them about what is at stake but they get worse and worse to this point where I do not trust people to do violence because they are bigger than me, so they trust me to do it, like one destruction after another every single day and I have warned before those shares and those companies are things I want to rip them away from one way or another. 
It is how they pushed me out of University studies with respect to which I am still picking the pieces to this day and they have not paid a penny towards that yet - what they are after along with their insolent and deviant lucky girls and boys is my earnings from my books as well. As for the part where I tend to take up peoples things and do it for them, I have already mentioned it seems the way the new global economy will settle will be the complete destruction of lifestyle economies on one hand and those that are responsible and their reasons on the other and just to ensure it is clear again I am not a novice at what I am doing, I am not talking about fans either.