The Philpott case is not in my view in any way or by any means a basis on which we should have conversations about the benefit system; I mean the media pops the questions and the politicians roll with it. This case does not condemn the benefit system it justifies it, showing for the world to see that what really happens in our parliament is a situation where parents fight Politicians over their children on the basis of the welfare state and that the Conservatives will cut the benefits to put the children at risk and the Labour party will dole it out and give power to parents so that mad men might set homes ablaze with the children still in it. The realities of the benefit system is that each and every one of its problems is created by Politicians – they wreck your finances no matter how against the values or basic safety and well being of general society that doing so and or doing it to a point of creating publicity for it because it must work whether reality likes it or not and then put you on the benefits just to create a scenario. Why they then turn out to have the conversations and debates when they know these problems are created by them is never really clear. I mean the way the system should work is that I work and pay my taxes and the government puts some aside for me if I get into trouble (National Insurance) they call it but the Politicians are now spending my time and tax payer funded time to ensure I get more benefits than I am paying taxes and turn out to be confused about what category the Philpott case fits into as well i.e. fifteen children in a family alongside three parents and we say it is a problem for the government when the government supports them; I mean who gets the baby and kids ware money anyway, the parents or the shops that employ people and pay taxes to the government and what do the parents spend money on anyway, private jets or cloths and shows and basics which means that the shops still get the money and create jobs and pay taxes to the government. I am not saying there is justified disposition on which to make the state bigger, I am saying I do not support benefit cuts but support benefit reforms i.e. the Labour Party has wrecked the system and it appears somebody needs to fix it too – the number of idiots with nonsense to say about their desire to kill for money, who turn up at their constituencies to ask for the deployment of treasury money to set up trust systems where they get government cash is incredible but the damage they have then done to the welfare state as well exists in a different league. I cannot stress it enough times the questions of why people are wrecking the state to make the treasury better off when they know that the money that builds the state comes from the treasury; how can you make cuts to building infrastructure when infrastructure is the state itself, how do you make cuts to benefits to save the government money when you know that you will have to increase it at a later date and so when the government had reached a point where a certain amount of disposal cash needs to be discussed we will always end up with more expensive debates and expensive problems, one after the other and that we all know this to be the way things work. It is just so difficult to get the Politicians to understand that the benefit system is not a good point at which to start conversations about anything, let alone economic recovery. Speaking of economic recovery of which those on benefits are worth more to the economy by the things they do to create disposable income than the Politician are, in return for the peanuts they get; I know that because I am one of them and cannot stress enough times why the idiots and their foolish women who need to see a man slave away for pleasure using their laziness and violence with a big mouth, need to get off my Literary empire; where a typical example is that when I have millions of people using the services in it, each time I want to sell the books, it turns out a politician has some foolishness to indulge over why I must avoid breaking his record due to how much he is worth, which does nothing but financial destruction like they can give to others and then we see them blast of their dirty mouth over the benefits as well when they are responsible for the fact I am claiming it since this sort of thing carries on everyday and has for the last decade so far with their foolish children and idiots that exist for nothing but voting for the right side get involved with as well. It has created this idea that the world is out there for British people when we all know that for the UK the world is London – I am fed up with the games therefore and want them off my income promptly. Like the old thing about what I cannot do about anything big mouth yapping when we all know that first of all from day one you got told the benefit system will support you and so you became complacent until they got your academic work and finances, so that with the condition we have now, it will be a difficult fight but I will win anyway, especially on the basis of the Price there is for them to pay for their actions which have contributed to the present situation – never therefore as simple as they make it out to be as one party trapping me on benefits and the other getting into to make cuts and win. Its the same old story like homosexuality where it can happen for thousands of years and there will be no legalisation by politicians until they had found that they are fools with developing economy idiots who consider themselves to be greed bees knees looking for bloodshed over greed, who have found somebody whose personal life they want to fuck around with, which makes sense when I say they need to get out and stay out – then we hear them talk so much more nonsense about how such a thing is a difficult thing to say or enforce with a big mouth.


Its becoming worse and worse and worse this issue of making sure they keep off my earnings of course and they are certain I am in a lot of trouble but in reality what there is to it is besides the matter of their media insults I can hurt them enough to make them stop, there is also the Politicians and their obsession with how my personal life relates with alternative cultures in order to gain social power that I have taken away from them but the one that brings about the most problems is that one about fools who feel as though they wish to ensure I have so much financial problems that I do civil rights that they end up being famous for and the American ones specifically want a piece for me for it as well, having been it is obvious I cannot stand them so far. I mean the kind of creature you have to be to cause people enough distress and suffering to make them do civil rights that you then get rich and famous for as though they were born into this world to suffer with your big mouth taken into consideration and for those western supremacist goons who think they are playing me off communists, I have taken half of that and will have what is left if they do not want it anyway – it has not done them any good since last they were the men who rule over the women who rule aka my boss gets around with me and it gets me into trouble with them likewise if their boss does with that big mouth on the media all the time, complete set of course with their lives built on a plan to make me bring that my thing so somebody that is more worthy can deploy it to get rich and famous and important, along with community fools that hum thieving throes of oppression at me every second along with their incredibly stupid children especially the blacks, even at periods of the day when most people are asleep and once they are out of that its all about the treatment of women around the world on my company as well, while their MPs kink their legs and play with me looking for trouble. I have been clear the book sales are the way out for me and for them and the insults of their foolish women. As for Gun laws in the US however it seems they do not give any credit to the fact that it is much of a close call than they give it any credit for anyway i.e. a 17 year old will be happy to show people he has a magnum and if peer pressure forces him, will shoot it at somebody else; what Mr Obama and his friends want to do therefore is disarm everybody else and pretend they have these matters under control when since they campaigned the first election in the first place they had made it worse from day one. I mean American has the most amount of sereal killers in the world, which indicates social issues and the threshold of factors that push people into violent crime is extremely high in the country as well for good measure, bearing in mind the police also usually have little in the way of on the scene instant evidence gathering while a crime is happening like CCTV to go by for the most part – they simply think that when they want to gloss over an issue, they rope me in and make me a mess of me and expect to handle my people as well when those have had enough of it which I intend to ensure they understand clearly that the time for doing so gas run out as well; I like the cliques and groups and the process of self protection and security like everybody else and I can see this end with a process where I am responsible for the interests all together since I am completely crazy too; they seem to be completely convinced they can turn up and attack other peoples Princes at will, so that when they feel the pinch they complain and seek revenge on media and I am fed up with want to stifle it as well and when it starts too I am sure they will peel me off it. Same story of no respect whatsoever for anything and the same with the issue of hate crimes too; I mean they are all the same to me – you take a look and he is mad about money, he wants things and needs to have without asking, he is angry all the time because he is not currently in possession of all he wants, he wants to be rich, he wants to be famous etc and you do not know as such that he is somebody you need to be nervous about when you leave your kids at home with the baby sitter and get to work and yet if they make those Popular music CDs abusing people with leadership responsibilities, especially those who need to see to it that female heroes are not taken advantage of because financial power largely rests with the men folk and it will lead back to the same problem, people buy it and might even make out it is consumer society to do so. They are all the same thing; the story about media, me and businesses and everything in between involving popular culture and all that is worth mentioning. Of course they say I say so but my people shove it down people’s throats anyway; which is then surprising since it has continued to remain their opinion everybody is happy with the idea I live in a council funded bedsit instead of a room in the Savoy; so that whenever people try to set out no matter what happens I must remains within my class because it is too much risk to get involved with things, they turn up with a stunt and have a go at me at my book sales until they get a reaction. 


It comes down to this whole story about nuclear arms at some stage of course; the fact that it came to countries during the second world war over the unprecedented loss of life during that war and was used to subdue the enemy and then for some developed into the cold war and for others like the UK became a deterrence when people threaten your very existence, which conjures the question of certain countries getting together to conspire against the world but all that does is set out facts about how Germany for example has nuclear arsenal, for when you have created and run a first and second world war, you clearly do not need one. The main problem these days is with Japan because the attitude is steadily getting worse i.e. they know that their entire environmental programme is set out as an affront against the US and constantly used as a means of projecting global Japanese greed but have set about attacking my projects all over the world with their idiots to a state of destruction and some have even begun Nationalist Sentiments there and the need to rebuild its arms as well all together, all while they know their Policy on the environment is a front against the US and not a real policy on the environment but have set out to do what they have done over the last 7 years and to this company anyway. So the story about how I am horrible and insolent to women is very well acknowledged for the most part, the reality is that it is impossible to be a permissive sexist on one hand and then insolent towards women on the other, except that there is an attitude around of when I want things from him I can always get it and if I do not then the daddy will get it anyway and this insolent behaviour happens on grounds they are older than me and show no signs of abating whatsoever; In the end the reality is that they pick up this attitude that suggests people teach their children to be respectful so they can do whatever they like from the provocative activities of another really insolent group of women who want to become your stand afar society fathers and mothers and children and relatives because they are so spoiled and poor at the same time that whenever they want something they should not be denied and so in this case their desire is to have sex with me - I am not therefore of the opinion when I have conversations with people, women who know nothing of what I am talking about along with their naive and free foolish children can chip in as well, I mean they chip in as though they know what I am talking about by which they can have conversations with me or chip in like they are paying even for their own stupidities with their jobs and income like I am as it were, so when they start it is usually no point complaining too. As for the men and the story about talk from me that cannot be backed up however, I am not too worried about them, all I know is that if I were them I would be a bit more responsible and would not like as much to get on media and tell my backstage idiots to get their income for me to do my job with, then put a name to my face on their television everyday and tell them there is nothing they can do about it as well, especially when I have a wife and children and a family to look after. However in the biggest setting, it appears that it is all about media bosses who can tell their employees how to behave towards people but do not because the employees had offered them a prerogative at some stage on the matter and therefore know where they stand; so for them I bet in a fight between an Intellectual Property Administrator and a broadcasting corporation, it is a fight they will win like they always win all else as it were. The competition they talk about all the time of which does not exist since this is a sole ownership and theirs is a corporation, the lines therefore firmly drawn and obvious to all except their media ego so far and hence it will soon come down to one last warning on using my work on any stage on this planet which then makes it fun and makes riches and civil rights as well and I bet they will break the warning too in order to find out what will happen like their big mouth shoots off all the time. The girls are very well recognised but of course since I had offered prerogatives to those responsible for my security in terms of the Pornography industry as privilege for their duties, bearing in mind nobody says I need to get media to be friends with me or understand what I am saying but the big problem has always been a process where they get up everyday to handle my book sales and have a go at me doing things they know are wrong to do to people in order to secure a reaction that they peddle for money - making glossy magazines and writing pornography lines and selling me off in bits.


 Now when I speak of the idea that media bosses are some of the most provocative capitalist around who will never really have explained to anybody sufficiently, exactly why it is important to ruin another person to write and sell newspapers or broadcast news on the Internet or the Television and or radio, most people are not as alarmed as the picture I am painting. The reality is that if you were a criminal that went about hurting and killing and generally terrorising people, the media would be your best friends because they consider themselves to be savvy entrepreneurs who spot opportunities, so while you harm people for a living they are making money off it and this media rights they have that you cannot control will be used right down to your grave and beyond, protected from anything that might make you change or indeed change it in anyway and this is actually when you are a bad person. It remains the same when you are a Christian that is being torn up by society left right and centre, so I do not like their fancying themselves business men around here to get up daily to cling to my books and have a go at me until they get a reaction which is both funny and operates as something they can peddle not to mention the rights to what I say which they think they own as well, due to according to them being on the wrong side of the powers that be, which again was their creation. It is set to continue like the facts that explain why dictators always love to attack and hurt the media capitalist first before they think about the others which is more to do with the fact that for the others a thing needs to exist before you are bullied by those who deserve it better but for the media it is speculative on-wards and they fancy themselves the best things that ever happened to capitalism and consumerism as well and will be set to continue until it ends badly, while they make out there are new facts they know about how I view them which was not previously made available to the public. There are a few more matters to settle around this and one of them is their access to publicity and the fact its implications is a means of handling my profit margins and talking rubbish at me on media, not to mention giving jobs to those who flirt with sadism and torture around here and I intend to shut them up as well with a campaign to deny them access to publicity on one hand and a story about their mates which I am not on the other, complete with a rhetoric that ensure media fools put back properties they feel as though their lives will not be complete if they do not serve themselves with each time I put them up on this website - none of these matters are new, I know that the reasons they have become intimately involved with me is the confidence they have in their fundamentalism of freedom and rhetoric of greed and of course the result is that I am grabbing attention that is important to them at this stage, which must have an end too, so they do not come from their societies of conspiracies and foolish talk about power to talk even more nonsense about how I need to be dead to get off attention that is important to them with that big mouth they feel like wagging all the time. Now the idea that these acts of mine in a nutshell are unusual is not based on fact; there have always been people who have access to the corridors of International Communities and access to business communities for as long as I can remember but they have decided their basic existence will be determined by a process of getting on top of my book sales and having a go at me with media until they get a reaction everyday and it will not do. Not an unusual occasion either because they have a real problem already with those that depend on work I have done to curtail extremism in this part of the world and it is their problem with these people that will lead to their own blood being spilled as well. It has always been a democracy and civil rights thing and some great perversion that is possible with people they feel like abusing who have established a religion but I am none of those things and they are yet determined to extricate the feeling anyway with a big mouth and it is for this that the problems have continued to get worse and worse and worse with their culture idiots making noise about damage I have done to their culture as well when in reality actually what happened was that they saw me get around with friends and decided they needed to copy my style that there might be no gospel, in order to keep their followers when I never was the one that asked them to establish a means of having followers without a vision in the first place and so it degenerated into stories about how I am the guy that must be killed for the future of black people, concerning which not enough of them have died over racism yet with worse still to come - they simply will not give up the insults and the corruptions of involvement that they claim means they are awesome men or something and it will continue to get worse and worse for them too and not just them, it appears when they are done doing these things they tell their Politicians who then legalise homosexuality on grounds of playing around with my personal life and my finances, which means they can talk nonsense about having secret society powers as well. Nothing is surprising about my actions or indeed unusual about my actions in anyway whatsoever; I mean why do they love to give jobs to people who hurt me so much and what is surprising about having enough and wanting to take away from them the stupid means by which they get those jobs which as a tool is a completely useless thing as well? I intend to wreck that corridors of International communities and business community links thing for them and it should bot surprise anybody either. We all know their insults mean I have to safe face each time I approach other royals around the world never mind being completely unable to sell my books and earn a working income but it is the only thing they want to do to earn money these days as well and I intend to put a noose around it and kill it off too but more importantly is what this does for criminals in that when I am the big problem they have due to being a Black Prince, with respect to shipping drugs and so on around the world, these insults serve to work for the Criminals and ensure they can evade the law to do so but why jump on my book sales and have a go at me until they stifle my finances and get a reaction doing partying and riches and fame with my income as well? No idea why they complain when it is such a major preoccupation for them regardless of which I have warned them of consequences that will not cease provided they continue to tell me about their drugs taking as violently as they do with all sorts of nonsense about offending powerful people to back them up with, giving jobs to those who practice sadism on me as well, like some big mouth reckless hate. They speak of their links with the Current Heir to the British Throne of course but in actual fact that is just a group of men that want to do things with me to a point where I do not know how it is being done anymore, in their case on the other hand however of which is a matter of squandering all I own to find me one fight after another and it is not the first occasion, as we have just come through from how the economic issues have turned into talks about dealing with communist and Chinese domination which is not what they are using their jobs for however because they are busy making a living with that and I have acquired half of those their societies of conspiracy in terms of any public manifestation and will very likely acquire what is left of it to shut them up over how they will use me like their little soldier and take away my income when I do not behave which is something they cannot do to anybody on this planet and is such a worthy use of my time i.e. they can for what we see, handle my books and it will either end up in Court or I will make them become real criminals in which case they will lean further and further to the right and if their foul tongues are not put firmly where they should be, they will soon and very soon indeed with that stubbornness have to choose one of the two. Personally I am of the Opinion however that the Prince of Wales is a man of advanced age, so any damage he might do to the Monarchy can be contained, a sense of a provisional reign if there is enough damage to warrant it; I mean it was not enough he enjoys putting up support for very lazy badly behaved women who later get elected as MPs and sit around constituency offices looking for the careers of boys that will be sacrificed at the hands of idiots to do for them jobs that they got out there campaigning for with passion, the fact HRH and the Duchess of Cornwall appear to be one of the most political royals we have ever had is just supposed to have rubbed it in as well: - those who work on it however are another story, it seems that it is not that the Monarchy was run in an informal way but that it was done so to suit their purposes; so that for now they will tell me when my boss gets around with me I get into trouble and when their boss gets around with me I get into trouble and when there is a King things will be done with me to a point where I do not know how they are being done anymore, so it seems their plans always has something to do with me. You tolerate it because it is so stupid and so it gets out of hand as a result of that too as it were and by the way of which nobody knows what their problem with my earnings seems to be anyway, nobody knows what the problem with my book sales really is, along with their Popular culture friends that like to profess I have accepted for myself a very difficult life when in actual fact they have made it difficult trying to do things to me they had planned before I was given a royal commission since they have no respect for anybody and since then have been rich and famous at my expense but it is not enough and I cannot therefore make out what the complain is at this stage either. The part about being too close to female society on the other hand is a familiar one but those that bring it up should never underestimate what I will do to them about it too - after all even if it does apply I took up what women should have done, it has been there all along anyway, the reality however is that of a collection of idiots that see their behaviour as a sure bet when it comes to grabbing other peoples income and wrecking their lives even if they have to do so everyday and so what they bring it up to expect is that I am to be surprised that some villains are female, just because I diverted a bit to get involved with things women do which contrary to claims we get from society that women are irrelevant, if they fail at it, the issues we believe are well settled will completely unravel because it will lead back to exactly the same problem no matter how long we spend funds and sacrifice people to delay it; dangers claimed of which there are none, I mean if I hurt people and more so at this stage there will exist a precedent but if they eventually find their own precedent that will only answer the question of who the rent boy really is - alas its a matter of things I do which the Queen sanctions are acceptable i.e. tolerable or approved i.e. the correct thing, which some people seem to be determined to take away from me the financial benefits and is utterly shameless but they are convinced that I am shameless and to add insult to injury, will not stay away from ladies affiliated to me either.