I understand it is said I complain about saying the same thing to one group of people for decades but do the same things anyway and it is largely a matter of their inability to keep up with sequence of events they started since it is not clear how people you have never seen before randomly meet you on the street to show a need to tease you like your father does or how they knew how my father teases me and so on but it soon resulted in getting threats of sodomy because I did not back down for them to walk by and develops into a fight against racism without a job and being caught up on all kind of nonsense thereafter including the assumption people pass exams in school and do their jobs thereof when and if all their time is spent on the needs of women and female equality and feminism and homosexuality and sexual abuse – I intend to do the same things to them without which there is no way they will ever understand. I understand it is said most of what I do is actually sexual than it is a product but I have no idea why they get up on politics and media and popular culture to pretend they are supposed to talk through to me in order to get a fix of it every day to that effect either if so – same old case how the trouble that will come with finding them use my work and personal life to clean up their filthy minds and hearts and societies in order to become predisposed to make connections and when they do with my faith it will blow up all together as well.

Now I am aware it is said I have a problem with people’s right to have an identity which matters but the truth of course is that they rip up my finances and academic work and get off to popular culture after getting a rush through the education system on my account to define new freedom and democracy on my identity with media and it is a leadership their Politicians never ever fail to provide. So it is not actually clear how you divide people away from their personality or what level of abuse that category comes into as such, so as to create a condition where wrecking their academic work and finances facilitates a means of claiming it with media but we all know the track covering continues and what those who murder them get up to is determined by the actions of the more important victims that they have and for me in particular I have no idea how long they imagine I will likely to tolerate their stupidities and its effects around here for anyway.

They do bring up the story of poverty which is only one of those issues they handle because they are pure evil i.e. whenever they practice their wickedness on others they tell their Politicians it is all their civil rights so when I kick them they have the need to get on media and handle people’s problems at my financial expense. So it has now come to the two issues of idiots dishing out the pain the way they do in their time and Americans who come from the most powerful country in the world taking what they like and I don’t want to see them around my Literary Empire any one more time of course, failing to comply of which will take my own way that I bring the pain which is already a subject of infamy at present for me, to another level, so I am not necessarily of the opinion in any case that they would consider this warning to be news.

The reality is that you don’t do your exams and career with homosexuality and alternative lifestyles and feminism and the likes – they know what they are doing taking up all my time with those things endlessly, so they understand that for every anus and penis insults there is every possibility of a consequence that answers the question of whether or not I were their fucking mates, of which the consequences at the Office will not lie idle to that effect. I am only saying that to begin with, this marks the last time I will deal with any nonsense that comes around here as a result of people giving me the pain the way they do in their time and lazy mans Industry led by Americans taking things from the literary Empire market – so far they have lost links with communism and South America and it isn’t hurting badly enough yet, so we have to assume what they seek is a condition where a loss of culture and society is not the only thing they are complaining about too; I don’t want to see any more of those alternatives to my Book sales on that stupid media coming on all day long to replace a process where people get copies of their own and I am sure they can understand the language I speak too; it is perverted and hurtful and I am going to pervert and hurt them as well – the consequences devised for these activities on this desk will never sit idle while they are being carried out (the illusion being popular culture and whole neighbourhoods dedicated to fools on media who may need to dish out the pain the way they did in their time said it was money they were after and now they have that, all we see is how it is not enough which is getting more violent dishing out the pain in their time with a big mouth).

We hear all the time that what I say already gets in the air and becomes their history before I say it which is why there is so much violence in my direction but it’s the same story where if I ask the men about the bullying it’s a matter of exposing me to their twisted wives so they might sleep well instead of me and if I ask the women it will be a matter of getting little things from my anus and the whole neighbourhoods are in a perpetual state of violent mockery which those who do these things like to bask in – the big questions start to come when the Industries do it because their idea of selling a product is when the product is me or they are but what these poorer ones are doing is setting of a provisional condition in case somebody wants to befriend them or give them a top appointment for abusing me to extricate lifestyle – so there is really no excuse, if it is in the air they had already heard it all and the warnings I issue do not apply to them. It’s the same case for the old story of the Royal Problems I face when in actual fact my duty is to The Queen only and the warnings do not apply if it was all in the air already. It is said I have trouble coping but then again so does it all look completely unjustifiable too but that is not really true; truth is that if I start operations at 9am and finish at 5pm, I should be spending time with my faith and my religion and my personal life and my culture not working until sleep takes me over because people are playing games with media and popular culture; this is how I bring the pain in my day as well.

I hear this was all a very pointless venture which it wasn’t, the reality that when you tell people it is bad people will continue to get around with it and if you work in the armed forces one day you might get killed by it and they will have to explain what that bits means as well. I don’t work in the armed forces so it’s about their questions and the answers to it – about whether when they are rich it makes things better or worse and we can all see that when popular culture does what it likes the neighbourhoods will exist to bully people into the pornography and sex industry while their lazy profits goons will be off to the media to cut people off from normalcy. The American ones are not a problem in anyway – half of the story is about being slave of the media dishing out the pain in their time and ordering you around which has no basis on reality if they are complaining about those who kick them seriously for the grooming like myself for instance and the other half the time is the US government ripping up trade and commerce around the world of which involvement with profits at the Literary Empire is a matter of taking things if they are the most powerful Nation in the world, so I am giving one more opportunity for this only and then I will see them take it again one more time if they are American enough.

I hear that talk all the time of how I talk and it’s done but when America talks it will go on and on which makes no sense – because of course they are not telling me I have a job on my hands or that their noise making amounts to offering me one to that effect as well. As for them media goons, they will be using their own to deal with problems very soon, the way I bring the pain in my time as well. Otherwise my prime concern is my faith and any other endeavour I am involved with, not their foolishness looking for a lesson they will not forget. Now they say I am unaware of the kinds of threats I face which is utter nonsense as I rather have a full catalogue of every violent enemy every fool that seeks my income has built me in the last decade and a half and wish to know what such efforts for such nonsense is meant to accomplish the way I bring the pain in my time too – I intend to pervert and hurt them too and they can stay away from my Books and keep their problems off me to avoid it. As I said they might have claimed I have no way of backing it up but we all know the only way to ensure the men are not sleeping well so I might be stuck with their evil wives so they can sleep like I do is to ensure those stupid small businesses that are not going anywhere so they can watch over me run into trouble and for the women getting the little things from my anus and penis, it’s about checking how far they have gone on the pornography Industry and find out whom exactly they media is about to cut off with a big mouth; I have made myself clear about the next time I seek them around my earnings playing the most powerful Nation in the world as it were.


Of course it is not true all I do hinges on identity, that is simply their insults taken to a whole new degree, I am a Christian and I sell Books for a living; okay doing so involves a business and I have to meet and serve people which could hardly have warranted this behaviour which I have no plans to reward the more important and female they get. So I might start work at 9am and finish at 5pm but actually get go to bed by 12 midnight when they have fallen asleep from having their fill getting little things from my anus and penis all day long and it can never continue that way. At present their big problem is how they sleep considering I have written Books and there is a presence of God all around me, which their Politicians will explain as their civil rights too as it were.  What happens is that the heavens are opened all around me in every neighbourhood I live in, so when people see that corrupting and abusing me becomes the route to a good night’s sleep and the women love to get little things from my anus and penis and Politicians Media run it for them daily to that effect and steal anything I do to recover for their own gratification – so they like to say it’s all my fault getting involved with parts of society which brew deviance and creates the sense pornography is when people are being nice every time they claim it happens because I am single and have a problem with myself for it, whereas they can always stop following me around all together. The only way to resolve everything is still as simple as an end to every instigated and suggested and commented involvement with my Books and my work of any and every kind on that Media because it offers and is done in such a way as to offer an alternative to sales, so I cannot get a job done.

They do speak of my inability to stay out of running into trouble with every goon out there that has a bigoted opinion but of course I would not know about running into trouble with them, although I am aware I run into them regularly for obvious reasons i.e. I am providing leadership for people on a certain matter that bothers them and they are here to show that they are the ones that dominate me and how on earth is anybody supposed to get off their Christian faith which teaches humility to set up a platform by which to discuss with crowds the fact that he is leader and somebody else thinks otherwise? And so this is what they cannot stop taking advantage of – whatever I am doing now they had already done and ran into trouble that is beyond me thereof, whatever I am doing now they had been there and done it and ran into trouble with persons they are keeping at bay to facilitate my success and because of that they never get it i.e. that I am successful at it and they were not because there is a clear factual reason that has nothing to do with abilities nobody is asking them for and so it develops into the bit where they brought the pain in their day looking for trouble and are now telling me I have a problem concerning staying out of running into violent trouble. We see them at it all the time, where their entire existence is developed around a statement that says they are not as comfortable as they would want because the entire society has not been co-operating with their needs and desires and that those responsible look like me and others who agree with what I do look like me too and they cannot keep their hands to themselves or discipline their stupid children before they end up leaving those without parents as it were. I have made myself clear I have difficulty with tolerating them which is why I like to kick them so hard they need to get the Politicians involved, especially the bit where they want to be the US big stick characters – it does not mean I am suggesting they did not exist before I was born. Of course there is no shred of truth to those claims they control me and my literary work – it’s always easy to slip into being concerned about the financial aspects which I have fallen for many times but the reality is of course that of things like the fact each time I have handled them as well because I don’t want them to turn up here to bring me the pain and complain about how I look like the things that prevent society from cooperating with their needs so they might have possessions, somebody will arrange music CD to aid them access to my public work and personal life to help with their daily grind and I did give those an ultimatum over the matter as well anyway; it’s called bullying but they are on the media because they want to do it without any of the drawbacks, which means the issue has now developed into a matter of facts concerning what happens and what doesn’t.

They do speak of the part where I move people around of course but there is usually no way to deal with their insults save the part where it must be happening because they had that stupid life of theirs all worked out and want to do so all over again; so it is a matter of two problems where for instance one is my academic work and the other is them and only they politicians know how they got involved and both have to be somewhere. Shutting it down and making sure people are paying attention to my personal life instead is never really the way to go – they think it is civil rights I think it is the fairest indication they do not deserve a benefit of doubt; I will certainly open it up and make them talk about it or somebody will do so for them. So its career ambush and work ambush and financial ambush and culture ambush and media ambush and politics ambush and when I want to track them they will say I have a problem with people’s freedom and then I can exist in a condition where I cannot be free of running into trouble with them while I feel like an animal always being ambushed because people tell tales of something I am running away from which proves their power over me and have a regular habit of trying it out of which that pragmatism that leads to touching is not yet accounted for by the Politicians that accuse me of having a problem with other people’s right to be free and to this end the idiots will get on media and tell me we religious people are all the same when nobody asked their opinion and we all know how that ends usually. We all hear I like to speak of things I have never had and places I have never been and persons I have never seen but it has nothing to do with the difference between my literary Empire and the things US Government does to mess up trade in the world to help them with advantages and we all know our European friends are not hurting badly enough in the South Americas yet as we speak – so it might be like Russia gets hit because America is super power and my Empire gets hit because they are friends of the most powerful man in the world and I don’t remember signing contracts with them that says they can take an income from it anyway – like take and take with sex and pornography, take with popular culture and media and take with sex abuse and war and violence and reduce the sales to zero everyday and there is good reason they should be keeping their own when done too i.e. they are friends of the most powerful man on earth and it is not that culture and society they will be complaining about very soon too which is what this is all about. The media story about my problem with diversity never really holds water either – one moment the complaint is that I get involved even when I know it’s the one that is used to create vice and the next they complain in such ways but when they are not then its ambush career and ambush finances to ensure every woman I talk to  feel like having sex with because of their distant abuses and the intense violent amusing interference and problem inputs they claim is designed to change my quality of life because I am not co-operating with their needs. So if it is crooked the more you try to make it straight is the more corners you create to help it get crooked with – like the story of my behaviour towards women being at the heart of my issues when we all know they like to threaten me and attack my finances as long as they have big men at their disposal that will beat me up or community croons that will finger my bum while they are getting famous – so I had to ensure those two things had to deal with what they cannot see while I have the anal sex with them anyway to end myself up in a place where absolutely nothing happens because I did; there is a name for it and that name is bullying but I am not the one feeling like I am thereof, I mean its ever so difficult to locate how far people have to go to show somebody is below their league even when it turns out that it gets worse the more they try and now they have resorted to destruction of property that is therefore actually their own which by the way if it was we do see them give to the frugal. It’s a very logical process – where their big and strong and violent men are now dealing with things they cannot see and the community croons that will finger my bum so they can ensure when I stop them from robbing the Royal Estate they get on media to keep it for me and spend it as they like to shut down their part of society so I don’t get to hurt them in such ways on account they want to teach me a lesson for being me with a big mouth and hence the list goes on and on from a group of idiots who think when I dish out consequences for it, they will end up in a place where they can do sex work and therefore never get to appreciate the effects and consequences of their insults and abuses. I mean it’s a choice I have to make – sell books to the little women I play around with who like to ask me if it is over whenever those indications appear that I wish to have sex with them or I can have sex with them instead and I certainly don’t want to look like I want to have sex with every single woman I have a conversation with or get involved with as such and keeping them down and checked is the only route to that – the more famous the easier it will be.


We hear of upcoming US Presidential elections of a story of how Hilary Clinton cannot be trusted and how the Speech about democracy not just for billionaires and corporations and prosperity not just for CEOs and Hedge fund managers being another tale of some politician speaking up for lazy poor people but that remains to be seen, we all know the reason I have trouble with my markets is that I am not covering enough ground financially to secure it and we all know the reason for that was an onslaught from Mr Obama and Tony Blair and George Bush on my Finances both working stupidities that were incomprehensible and making sure I was susceptible to feminists and daft individuals like their Popular lives to exhibit themselves for instance. So I do not see that it is a speech which says you should be guaranteed more freedom to bully those you have already targeted into giving up their finances to you because society exists and men will understand was the undercurrent of that speech nor was I the one being used to wreck people’s lives and finances because I am poor and lazy enough, unlike Mr Obama over the last 8 years who simply had no time to lose on such things and began from day one on the trot assuming his popularity will come from those whose finances he enjoys destroying and means his idiots cannot be seen anywhere else save around popular culture which plays out on my Book sales. I might be told I am more republican than democrat but it does not apply either – Obama is one of the most toxic leaders America has ever had – as far as he is concerned the very opinions of those whom he claims were born to be republicans is how they are identified and that it is offensive and then it plays out with every idiot that wants to confiscate the finances of those he deems smaller than him securing the understanding and state support from Politicians that will facilitate the process, it is going to store up problems for the future and will hardly allow any kind of peace to exist, so it is always better to have real candidates competing than the most filthy elections in American history there has ever been. What I mean is that the speech suggested nothing like gathering society idiots with problems and unleashing them on the general public with government support to grab peoples finances especially the young like Mr Obama’s speeches do and it is time to cut it short as well never mind the fact I am not putting myself through it again. It’s like when we get told these days that Mr Blair the former Prime Minister is now worth over £60 million – makes me think they all need to worth like that and leave me alone, general idea being when they wind me up as well now that they are worth, I can get to spend it too. The part of this matter that always gets punished is that these financial delays are supposed to ensure the bad things they court for others which are happening all around them so they might extricate a sense of decadence from over enslavement based violent repression on others will always be punished and no feminism and respect for women campaigns they invent will ever save them from me on that one. So that respect for others gets replaced by what they want to do with other human beings concerning an exchange of personality to ensure others are the ones that look like the kind of things people want to murder and not them and yet the outcome will be yet more financial bullying for others and popular culture wealth gained from vast amounts of destruction for other people’s property and business and that is before it even starts to become the means by which their Politicians guarantee popularity to win elections from the victims as well. The purpose of delaying other peoples finances from highest levels of government offices have always been the same i.e. there is no other way of resolving violent social issues except by the blood of an innocent and it is therefore to ensure if they have acted in ways that ensure racists living around the corner come looking for me, the conditions need to exists to facilitate a process where they can catch me no matter what I do, it does not do to just pin it on some woman that is challenging them for the Office of the President at the Poll, theirs are not scorned enough yet and it comes down to the same old story of how they will be seen off my books and seen clearing my space as well. They do say they and their communities have robbed shoulders with me and created conditions in which they are superior and intend to maintain it and use it to keep themselves safe from violent trouble and it is a test in my view, so what I say too is that they know how much I hate people cleaning up any nonsense using my faith and personality and they can go ahead and tempt if they wanted, so see if God is mocked in that way the way they suggest and we will ride it out as well and see how many will die recently with that big mouth. It’s the part where they find the damages they do amusing that I am finding things to do to wipe the smile off their faces so they can keep off the health as well as we speak.

Of course it isn’t true the UK has developed an appetite for war – what we have is a collection of people all over the world who do not take military corruption as seriously as the UK military does; they say the reason is that they are bad people looking for power and the US is of course at the very top of that list; the problem being a two faced one i.e. on one hand is the fact that for Americans everybody else gets sanctions but for those who actually have not offended them there is the taking money out of the business by the most power Nation in the world routine to play up which if I see them do on my Empire again especially the blacks, there will be trouble. The other face of the issue is the enemy of my enemy being my friend thing – the idiots that do it have lost all relations with communist countries and it is getting worse too, so have they lost access to South America and that is getting worse too but they will not keep their hands off my anus and penis to bring the pain in their day still talking nonsense about the enemy of their enemy whoever is playing with them around here; so in their case the consequences for those hurtful and perverted insults on this desk will therefore sit idle as it were but they need to get off my Book sales and clear my space.

We hear more times than we need to the reasons the economic crisis happened was bad practices in the financial sector and not the fact The Labour government bailed them out which of course nobody is denying and we also hear they made mistakes that they now need to correct which of course most people really don’t want to know but the reasons we have to put up with their stories is even more annoying i.e. they are talking to some really stupid people which is really not the case i.e. we don’t want to hear why the economic crisis happened or whether or not they have read economic text books which is of course the curse we have to deal with in this Country, that goons like Politics read economic texts to find out what others are doing with things we all share together, barely sane nonsense that Politicians like to give money to, to prevent others from seeing it as insanity so they can destroy people’s property and make out its freedom and civil rights – what we want to know is why the Labour Party promised the Banking sector bail out and then held out until the Banking sector saw them as relevant before handing it in – they were supposed to have worked in trust on behalf of the National economy but did that so money might dry up in the economy itself and ensure recovery was protracted but hit the poorest hardest which does not make any sense but is the same thing I have to deal with at the Company where Industries cannot act in my trust anymore but want to  handle my property in order to cash into it due to their involvement. At which point they will say it is Politics, but when they started conversations they said they were speaking to some of the most stupid people on the planet which is how their academic stupidities that goes into education establishments to wreck peoples studies and gather up knowledge others died and maimed themselves to store up, in order to get the best jobs in the land and return with the hedge funds and sales men and Billionaire money to rip up knowledge that another person is trying to research so they can use in such ways in the future – so these are the kind of things we need answers to not whether or not the rest of us are so stupid we constantly need to be educated on what really caused the economic crisis, all of which relies in my case on whispering and rumour breeding controversial idiots in society, whose ability to relay bad information I had taken advantage of to ensure I am everywhere at all times for everything especially with media and advertisement, which cannot work in any other way save around my Book sales on account they are making claims to ownership that they do not have. My main concern is to ensure Industries which broker equities with me act on my behalf when they do and not the activities of idiots laying claims of ownership to things they don’t have holding sway; they are supposed to answer questions that pertain to them not address me, handle my Empire and talk nonsense about stupid people who need to be educated about what caused the economic crisis; it’s like we hear endlessly that the Politicians will help them ensure my Book sales become impossible all together and then that my anus and penis will be their own with that big mouth but we all know turning up to frisk a product and wreck it at the market will have to face some consequences that are developed on this Office desk for it too and they need to stop complaining all over the world if their behaviour will not change in hell; they need to answer questions people ask them not handle my Empire and pretend they are talking to people who don’t know what the problem is, I am fed up with its. I have to deal with that process where they want to be disobedient with authority and need to handle my finances in order to be because it means when they get killed I am broken but they are not and that is how freedom works and their media and popular culture will pillage everything else or destroy it and that will be the way to make a living and create some really expensive ways of making me fight anybody that bothers them to make them feel even more comfortable extracting money from the perks of my job which is the usual stuff concerning stupid louts who are always on the brink of villainy and can only be stopped when seriously hurt or killed as it were – they can keep off the Books or it will be their nightmare; it is simply impossible to continue tolerating day in day out a process where you build an empire in which the money ends up somewhere else as media fools have fun - the reason being that you care about what happens in female society and the part where we need to give up our entire personalities just because we think it is acceptable to be accountable for our actions, it has gone way beyond fun; its all still working as normal the unspoken daily colloquialism and communication between me and media where they say "hand over the perks of your Book sales Job now" with that stupid irregular heart beat Television and I say "does not then mean you guys are more important than I am?" then they say "important you are and we shall see what people think about that soon enough" and I say "thanks for the idea on what people will think of your filthy history as well where these self seeking idiots of yours appear all over the place to think I ought to play their game while they cheat me out of telling the truth about the Media and its idiots in public and want to get away with it at expense claiming civil freedoms and politics" and it goes on like that forever, right up to direct destruction of my property or extracting money from my Empire, which is how the mould is going to be broken if they defy my ultimatum and do it one more time and of course bearing in mind it goes way back to the times when I do not want it done means a popular culture idiot can show a fool who does not know what the value of his personality and talents are by getting into a music studio to do it anyway in order to show him nobody knows who he is and that could only have played out as it did with a condition in which my academic work and job simply meant I was acting in ways which were interfering with the fact a disobedient goon is trying to deploy my life to sell music CDs and get to the top of the Music charts which eventually meant they continued to follow me around to enforce a relationship with parents and Politicians that meant it was impossible to move away from them and start all over if I wanted, while they talked nonsense about racism.