Contrary to current claims I have never really suggested I thought football players had a fantasy football club thereby creating a condition whereby I think I should take away their fantasy foot ball club to chase my needs – what happens while these fools complain is that they damage my own first by turning out to deploy their football millions to call on some witch somewhere to publish their autobiography in a way that will rip up my work and reputation so they can sell it and make even more money than they have already got currently. So in the end it applies that very few of them expect that trouble will come as a result of making statements and incessant statements about somebody who depends on his relationship with the Royal Family for living; statements that he has not approved or given permission for, statements that are damaging for his work and finances as a result and those statements are then being used as a playfully destructive state of affairs as well and nobody knows why they cannot leave me alone as it were even while they make their complains – they complain but damage my own and it is impossible to reason with them because they are incredibly stubborn too.

It’s like the story of how Mr Obama wants to make himself a barrier to UK interests which is then a serious problem which it really isn’t since we all know it is something black people expect of him but I don’t think there is any chance of that either since we all know that black people generally find it impossible to keep their insults to themselves to the effect of the fact they cannot do without telling others what to do as though they can find their equals around here or recognising there will be feelings in people every time they do that. We hear it from them I enjoy so many privileges I now look like a woman but of course I will look even more as long as their insults continue and they are not looking hard enough yet presently thereof measuring from those activities – this is by no means the pinnacle either. The whites are just as troublesome, we see them vote a certain group of Politicians that will boost migration and then help them support popular culture because they want to ensure that those who come in from overseas to do something about racism to protect themselves understand how those who actually live here feel and it is much the same with all of them even the Muslims, they vote those kinds of Politicians and then complain later. I don’t think they are a problem in anyway whatsoever, it’s just that the reasons conflicts occur is because people think that the reasons people hate enough to hurt others is likely to be incredible but I think it is entirely credible and should be accepted and validated and understood and those who are concerned with it should learn to live with the fact it does exist. Now every fool out there had got real problems and can continue to rip up my books like that every day if they wanted – I mean the more they steal its benefits is the more they do it as well.

 I mean I don’t want to look like something others want to stab or shoot in order to take their problems out on something but that is precisely what I will be made into – it is not that I don’t know I am being bullied either and that is the reason is happens but the more I don’t pay attention to it is the worse it gets and yet if I handle them a bit they will get help from the Politicians as well – before then I am naturally laid back and need to be seen doing a man’s work or getting into a fight like a man for no reason etc, which they always think is a big problem for me hence the female ones being the feminist which makes no sense whatsoever, either with respect to the fact for all of them the outcome of the fact I am not their personal diary had been that I dropped out of a degree programme and they took the academic work up and all they did with it was pop music which they think is forgivable and forgettable as well hence turn up around my affairs all the time to have fun with my feeling with a big mouth or indeed the fact the female ones are the feminist that cannot find men that are like them in the understanding those are their type instead of people turning up to rip up my books all the time which is why what they are currently suffering i.e. a process where I have created an entire company on the processes of how I am not their personal diaries with the outcome and result that they will never be able to write the personal diaries as well when they are the public problem itself is not hurting badly enough yet. We hear all that noise making all the time and when asked we also hear it is about them doing the power of money and I cannot seem to watch something else on my TV anymore either looking for more being the morons, they really are; we see them all the time and those of them that are really good will marry women and take them home to abuse them and then turn out after they build it up enough to complain and lament their bad history around my affairs, while the female ones simply think the fact they have named themselves feminists will do anything to change whether or not I feel sorry for them and their own bad history with a delusion that is in the affirmative of the idea that I do. Fight and fight and fight and fight everything that moves and look ugly as they can control me has no basis on reality either; it is not a problem, as I have always said, the males are not hard enough yet and I can be even more beautiful than I am at present but for the females I will certain feel sorry for their bad history being they are such a collection of more-ons. However I do wonder in any case whether this fighting thing I am always being pushed into was something I created or something they achieved – I personally like to think I created it but if I said so, I would have created a piece of advice alongside doing so too. Some do say I let them run wild but I don’t see why people like to play you can have my right hand side part of the game they love to play so much; It would be a different lifestyle choice for me, since if I did want them to do something they would bloody well do it as well and it is apt they understood that expressly too – they never ever listen to anything anybody is saying to them and want to be able to exasperate people into saying things to them as well and I have been clear I am not their personal diary enough times.

I mean when you see somebody that does not need a personal diary to do anything he does, what he deserves is abuse from you endlessly; I mean I know I am being bullied it’s just a question considering that their big mouth and a case of who is the most recent threat to British interests. Now let’s see them write the diaries and get by as well when they are the problem, as for the destruction of my books, which is where it will blow up all together. the worst that can happen is  the usual stuff of getting their Politicians involved so we can find out if the public are wrecking their finances due to a lack of respect for their person in order to acquire their talents and products and services violently even if it were to have been given them freely anyway with a big mouth which is what has led us to where we are now as a country in the first place, that big mouth wagging all over the place endlessly and the result if proper attention is paid to the current action will have been a new course of publicity for the books at the end as well anyway.


Being manipulated into doing things is something that people have never done; if I allowed people at the Monarchy to manage my affairs like they should I would have no financial problems presently and then there will be nothing to worry about so they can find ways of creating fantasies I am being manipulated. The reality is that people have needs like when Obama is threat to UK interests as a result of what black people want him to do for example, people have needs and need to steal to satisfy them from somewhere and need their president to play along for example and speak of how I have lots of wisdom but never share it while the fact I never use a Private diary to stir myself while chasing any academic work or anything means endless bullying and for the books I write which they can purchase to help themselves they display their vandalism and destruction there and talk nonsense about how I am laid back and they want to finger my bum as though those insults do  not actually indicate their fear that I lead them is actually based on what is reality which is that I do and they ought to follow or move on and move out. In terms of their cultures and how I mess with it of which we have now reached a stage where everybody knows they are not without fear anyway and the reality is that they never listen to anything anybody says; take for example the need to read my books while it is being published and create their own publicity from it – that like many things people complain about is something they will never stop and of course we all know the only time they ever pause over some stupidity like that as though they cannot all contribute pennies and buy their entire group a copy of the books to share among themselves over a period so they can lament their stupid bad history like they normally do all the time instead of making an animal out of a perfectly normal owner, is when there has been a major incident.

The matter of fair whether friends is all very well of course, it has always been expected that when you are successful they come around a lot and of course what they measure is the fact you are but the problem is that when as an economy people have their home repossessed then we have a serious problem that needs to be settled, about which it is never clear why feminists cannot find their type – I mean it is not that I don’t know playing their stupid games with their type is how they get raped and most of them become gay after that, it’s just the realities behind their wickedness being measured. Nobody has asked them about showing how bad religion is to the world by using my books to turn Muslims on me and making sure they are not published to secure a process where those Muslims attack me – we all know they did that before and have spent the last decade talking nonsense about the safety and security of their stupid children after so it is natural that the self harming idiots should be off again and I will never stop kicking them each time they do that with my work as well – nobody is asking their opinion about those things – nobody; like they know those who print my books and need to be able to deploy it while it is still in production in order to feel their stupidities are making sense and that people are suffering or dying and they are making money. As I said before we always allow things happen by underestimating the reasons people have to hate as something that is not real – I know there are Muslims that abuse me when they see me claiming they don’t like black people but the same voted the Labour Government that relaxed the borders of the Country specifically for thieving black people to find it easy to travel to the UK to tell people they are laid back about life and they hate lazy people with a big mouth as though those insults do not actually confirm I am more clever than they are, know more than they are and lead them at will as well, so that I don’t have to try so hard.

The black women thing and the issue of  being bullied by them as well is much the same as the matter of being made to go along with the Americans on the middle east – what we have there is a process where my books are used by those who know my publishers to stir Muslims into violence they can be manipulated against me because Americans can play stupid games with anybody of their choice and expect their punishment for it to be meted out with a sense of fear and restriction because of their big mouth as well, is a process where somebody sits down to hear his mother has been killed and then his father and then his uncle and then his niece and so he jets off to what he already knows is a war zone and there things happen and he finds himself in places, only to be killed by Americans fighting war on terror with their drones that kill some bad guys somewhere, then there is the part where those games risks National security by Intelligence gathering and then the part where it puts things beyond the control of the Islamic teachers and so on and then we hear them complain about terrorism that everybody must fight as well. Then we hear that stupid talk about what I don’t know which means I am not aware everybody hates everybody else because it’s so easy for me to chase what I have to do and they cannot stop playing their stupid games with everybody to turn up here and tell me I am playing games with both superpowers thereafter with no sense whatsoever they need to get off my fucking books and disappear if they wish. I mean for the blacks they say I get so much privilege I look like a woman and it annoys them but of course I can be even more beautiful than that as long as I need to pay them the attention that has to do with their stupid bad history and how they will confiscate all I own with that big mouth. I don’t feel sorry for them or indeed any royals I am said to have offended since what I am required to do for the Monarchy was never their business in the first place and nobody is asking them about their own in terms of the bad history either anyway and they cannot make my living so difficult and get away with it because they have a bad history in any case – their bad history all around is the reason I am always being bullied and I know I am being bullied but it’s just that I don’t feel that way and will never stop kicking them as well.

I don’t think it is a major problem; these guys are idiots and it is entirely normal for somebody of my age not to need a person diary to mange himself but a 16 year old will feel his personal problems I should carry because I have the shoulders while he studies for his future to get rich because it is the information their stupid leaders give them and so on and it goes on and on and all they did after pushing me out of my academic work was to become pop stars with the University degrees to create more problems and it is this plus an inability to buy a copy of the books because they can attack me until I haemorrhage information that leads to the course of action I take; I don’t feel sorry for them and their bad history and never will and don’t want them anywhere near my right hand side and with those stupid insults and media nonsense and political big mouth all the time either and since they want a piece of me and will certainly get it as well, the books are clearly written by somebody who is in such a disposition first of all and their destroying it will end very well too. For now it’s the little consequences like the ability to have an effective personal diary that is the main point presently, let’s see them do that when they are the problems itself.

It takes time and it takes work to get a point where your person issues does not interfere with your revision and your studies; you don’t get bullied by a whole people who want you to do it while they deploy their youth and get off to pass their own exams and get important jobs and get rich thereof; people allowed them the civil rights in the past and that is why they tell me they want my personal life to build their new democracies with today and they are not getting any of it from me. I do see the complains they need their cultures to be restored all the time but if that were possible we had to consider what they have not stopped doing and how it means they are a certain part of society that deserve to with a big mouth because they have more power – I don’t mind, I simply don’t think they ever will since when somebody does some cheer leading for the US President it does not give them the right to turn up here and tell me what to do and abuse me into doing it so that when I don’t I have been abused anyway looking for trouble – they will never get it back and if they want it back can come around here with those men they say will have me beaten up and get it as well. I mean the black ones especially are black and insolent which is why they start it off so that others can copy while turning out somewhere to have a problem with my financial well being because they want to spend my earnings and I am a Christian and it gets more and more difficult because of that but do I want their own anyway and if I wanted it do I want it that way, are me mates, that close at that level of society?

The part about royalty that fancy me is perfectly understood; it is something I am unaware of but what I am aware of is the question of when exactly they think they can to put an end to the vandalism of my finances because they come up with stupid and strange ideas which suggests people fancy women that are older than they are because they want to be toy boys hence cannot leave people alone; I would never tolerate or come back from a relationship with them in which I end up finding an idiot that beats them up all the time in my home, so they can be feminist if they wanted and I couldn’t care any lesser as it were – unless there is something new about these few facts that is it with being fancied with royalty that I am clearly unaware is happening. It does blow the mind when you are informed they do these things to show off the power of money that is actually their own money.


Apart from the issue of the many reasons people have to hate and the many things they do with a notion nobody is keeping track of their developments towards civil harm and destruction, then all there is to talk about for me is the other story of the claim my activities and my work is difficult to follow or handle but I don’t see that it is for my part either since the reality is that what I do is already done and when people need it they should be able to give me some 100% support for it and that will mean challenges of handling Intellectual Property Administration when they have recently decided to change will be made easy because that level of support should come with financial support and product sales as well. The realities about the matter is that it is never really clear what they want to handle and follow, I mean it is not like they can handle the criminals that hear and see them handle and follow things anyway, however which the criminals do understand that handling my equities and securities is simply asking Law enforcement to snoop around their concerns and in that way we have an understanding, they have time to think about it or not they wish to continue with a life of crime and I have time to think about other pressing matters like diplomacy and economy to think about.

Now the story of difficulty there is to work out where I stand and whom I support is not a new issue it has been swirling around all the time in the most insulting way imaginable about a boy that does not do what he is told by getting involved with Politics. I don’t mind those things for the most part either – everybody knows that they are prepared to spend 40% of your resources to try and be the ones that own what you already own and another 20% fighting you and then being that winning will be difficult for them if they actually win, never let others be with whatever is left as well. I mean the bankers did some bad things of course but were they actually entirely responsible for a society of profitable vandalism of fiancés all together? They say they don’t know where I stand and whom I support – the bloody clowns, of course it’s a lie they know perfectly they just love to their stupid insults; I mean half of it is to do with fun and it is never clear what monumental idiots would have fun at such a point at such a place and at such a stage and if we put the Political ones in the spotlight the story is much the same, when you listen to them at 16 and hear those ideals you think it is something you want to think about and run with but by the time you are 20 and they realise what you are they had started already because they know they are fraudsters who spend all their time on nothing but getting off to leverage the lives of women that they clearly think should not exist because they are stupid, so that they can turn out to be insurmountable orators and I have no idea how many things I will do to hurt them yet to make them realise I want nothing to do with them as it were, those insults pop up on media endlessly thereof – the other side of it being that it is about power; fun and power and that is what it is all about and the fucking idiots don’t know where I stand and whom I support. I don’t feel sorry for them in anyway ; I mean everybody knows it takes more energy to be rude than not to, I always think it is not the case for everybody but the bottom line of who is wealthy because he has the energy to work for it and who is not tells it all – so when I say excuse me they interpret that as being nice but when I say sorry all the time it drives them up the wall because excuse me was supposed to have been nice and it’s that big mouth all over the place needlessly about things we will need to wreck everything to prove in the battle field thereof. So the story that never does change remains – the Muslims hate the Indians and the Indians are quasi racists and the blacks hate everybody; they don’t even know what they hate and why they hate it, they are just that way to ensure you can get a war out of them if you want to create one and now they claim the problem with me to be that they don’t know what I support and what I stand for with that big mouth that tends to express the fact they are convinced I have not yet had enough of them. Like the black women and especially on the media who want my attention and thereof want my fame and my reputation for their stupid children all the time – I mean I do have the attention to spend on them especially when the issues are that I am scared of them but I am sure they know it is have to be the one where their stupid children have my fame and my reputation and my life somewhere in hell and they must have known so for some time now; as I said I am not sorry for them and their bad history, the number of them that speak of witchdoctors before they travel to the UK and the Politicians that talk nonsense about their cultural powers that must be respected so they can turn up to apply them on me when I don’t do things they want which is constituting currently a public insolence and rumours based barrier to employment that I will soon have kicked them for as well as it stands. I suppose now they know exactly where I stand and whom I support too anyway and for me it is not that I did not hear them the first time, I just want them to zip it – that big mouth; it is capitalist not lawless and I have never seen them do anything about people around them day in and day out, year in and year out generation after generation spin off barely legal thefts to make money they have never worked a day for around them and that stupid Politics, so I find it difficult to figure out what is to important to them about whom I support and why that needs to be clear, however which they always have a different explanation for my reaction as well, especially their stupid women who clearly have no plans to find their type to stalk and bully and abuse and chase all the time, apparently of which it seems the last time they did was when they got raped which is an acceptable feminist start as it were.