I have never before suggested that what Nationalists think and say and do does not matter, it just does not matter to me and the only thing we have between us is some provocation that was caused years ago, which they claimed it a factor of how they perceive me to be the means by which they will get the attention required to secure a process that eventually culminates in a new country in order to fulfil their dreams and to this day do not feel as though they want to get their media idiots and vandalism off my book sales yet because they are making sure I am available at local level for everybody to have the needed access that brings about their stupid dreams. There is no such thing as being scared of American girls or their friends and or Women here, such things are rather what older women I handle all the time want the younger ones to think and do and if they do not keep away from me I will have their own too for my part. I mean she is a bully and as a result of the fact she is I must give up all I own and start being a man and nobody knows what she is doing in the company of Men anyway in the first place – the regular provocation of course and rubbish talk about being Nationalist too, confidence attached there is nothing I can do about it whereas the reality is that of women working for their money on one hand and the society of men waiting somewhere to empty it into their lives complete set of course with me as the catalyst with a big mouth and hence they do not tend to observe the way I handle the matter, they think I am an idiot who believe there is a sustainable way of looking after myself without decisively taking care of the problem and because they have got such a big mouth media it will be very decisive indeed too. There is no such thing as being beaten by Nationalists and a matter of where they started and where they are today considering what I have been up to either; they have never beaten anything in their stupid lives, the reality is that their children have their own lives and can easily get around doing the fame and fortune thing to prevent others from deploying their beauty at the pleasure of a popular culture idiot that will use it to make them rich and famous but they want to be able to do my fame and fortune thing for me on one hand and then offer it up to their own popular culture idiot on the other. I mean when I mention it they suppose it is funny as well which is not fun; what kind of Nationalists are they anyway? When I say a British National I will be speaking of leaving alone the older men and getting around making sure if you wear designer suits to attend a factory job it is your business and you do not have to live in fear of popular culture idiots, where do they fit in anyway; except stupid children that know who was meant to fight for freedom and who was meant to be rich and famous – where the girls have demagogue talking back stage media idiots and their communities and the boys have the so called Nationalists and cannot leave people alone? I am not saying I am innocent in the matter either; I mean you would not react any differently than I have reacted to a process of an idiot turning up around my livelihood everyday to ask a society fool to get it for him that way, when he had his own life and could leave home and do his fame and fortune thing if his parents did not agree with a process where he does to prevent others from taking it up for him etc, he could do something to ensure he does not have to live his life in fear of popular culture idiots but on both occasions he wants my own and cannot attend school unless I am his hate figure; so I have to remember I am older than him as well and set out the need for people not to abuse my human rights chasing envy rubbish over my job when they can always do that with students, so they hate my guts I can understand that but it is the same old issue – where we have shut up insults deciding whether I can answer the call of nature or not all over the place and ends with endless media campaigns with cameras running through flashes of societies and populations and wars around the world over me to keep it that way while they deploy me to get rich and important and to make it happen at high flyer jobs – hence the same old issue and the lies and the theft and the fakery and the Nationalist or racist story where they cannot leave me alone and I will do them again since I do not know how my own right hand side ended up at their society so when they talk nonsense about how I stole it, it might get my attention. Fans who like peoples thing that much need to be nice and it is clear hunting them around the world is set to continue and get worse as well, I cannot let them do it and then do their own and get rich at a higher point which is higher than I am when they have wrecked my finances – they can get the finances as well and watch somebody wreck it for any reason and then work out what they would do as well in order to understand. They will never be free of me and need to leave me alone and get out of my life and my concerns to do so. The part where I am on course to make a huge mess of my life and get killed by the royal family is utter nonsense; the reality is that we like to make a delusion for ourselves of what the society we live in really is like and love to jump onto hurting me to feel better about it which I intend to end well or badly as the case may be because it largely involves feeling I should be stuck somewhere tied up and helpless while the dews and fogs of the evils of our society descends on me with a big mouth and at the heart of it is the Prince of Wales and the Prince’s Trust where these fools that are affiliated to Nationalists go to get free cash and that plan he makes to use me as a means of making his big show reign about which I must be poor so that idiots can control me too for it and I am not having any of it too, hence when I mention the media advertisements and the idea he thinks himself to be Gypsy King and the next time an unexpected attack on my income happens the process of doing his own as well will have begun. Fans are always nice and I cannot let them do their own as well, not anywhere on this planet – it is meant as a deterrence in that when he becomes King and I ask them to big show it will have ceased to be pleasurable but I can arm it too if I want to. I am not silly; the reality is that when Members of the royal family attend church they get the best seats then leave and tell their friends they don’t know why they must – I on the other hand have made it clear there is no time left after you finish a day’s work and read the Bible and pray to rub shoulders with the important and the great etc – they do need to leave me alone and stop talking nonsense about what I cannot do. I do not share this office with anybody and I do what I do because I do what I do, not assume the guy who works at the Prince of Wales office combines his insolence with a desire for piety – I put up with all that rubbish and foolish girls getting fame and fortune from my work at Music Channels and those endless stupid advertisement because it does not change my name, I am not required to do anything for anybody and nothing about the contents of my books is power to anybody or will ever change and those who want to end up as a cork to solve problems can continue in this paths. Everybody knows they try not to cause their offices to become a problem for other peoples own because it is the worst feeling of insecurity you can possibly lumber others with and not to mention the fact that they think it is funny; let them get off the foolish girls getting rich at my expense with advertisement and popular culture first and give me back all the money they have taken out of my royal work and personal property and then we will talk about changes to the books or we must live with the fact the books are a product of my office and they need to stay the hell away from it. I mean does the Prince of Wales take personal charge of wrecking my finances which makes me write those things I write on my sites whenever I do about him, like he does, because they are his equals or because of the lies they tell him which he is trigger happy to believe as well and why must I ignore the crimes on my personal property so that he can have the enjoyment of believing his lies whenever they are told? It will never harm the country or anybody else to do something about it like they suppose it will; I am not a novice at what I do either. There is no chickening involved when I ask how he comes down to aid them wrecking my earnings personally, the reality is that the Heir to the Throne wants me to be a poor man because there are lies he wants to be told because he enjoys believing them; I mean fans are always nice and these goons have no limits and those advertisement and music CD industry girls as well want some of mine too anyway. No idea what their problem with the office is anyway when it simply churns out what they put it in as it were and therefore know very well they are to stop it if they do not like it. We live in a country where we help people and people help us and not Mr Big A on the right and Mr small B on the left and it is set the way society works because we are surrounded with those evils and they show signs of regularly thinking they need to take up our lives and operate it for us because they would be better at doing so. If they are quite finished they might want to stay away from my books, since of course we know if people do not like the Church it makes no sense that they will want to wreck the finances of those who serve it and serve the Queen in order to make out lies they enjoy listening to, the amount of attention they have to pay to the Church and pay to such a person anyway. I mean if you say British National and British Nationalists, the Nationalists are such a fraud – no idea why people cannot just let the older folk be and set about making sure they do not have to live in fear of fame and fortune idiots, I mean at present I can write the books to hell and they will want some other remedy now that know what they need with a big mouth and yes a big mouth indeed that is leading to an evil path for an ending as well. Do I therefore know that my Office is linked with The Office of the Queen? Of course I do, most of my actions are a factor of what I am made to do – naturally for the most part you will speak if you have such things with great humility and politeness but it is not what is wanted from me in the grand scheme of things, so I have to be as I am needed. No such thing as my desire for liberalism either – all those insults and the effects and consequences for it are not compatible with such claims whenever people make them; in any case of which the real issue is that it is important they cease rounding up my sites and making out therefore that it is confusing since each of the pages in it are created to serve a particular clearly set out purpose and I do not use them that much – I mean less than 10 blogs in a year over a particular issue is well far off from an over done.


There is no such thing as having said something that aids Nationalists as it would have been insinuated here and especially by media idiots who want power all the time and cannot imagine an activity that does not involve hurting me for good purposes and for bad ones alike looking for the trouble they are never tired of which is well understood – I have said nothing that aids anybody where, what I have said is that they are a bunch of fakes and there is no such thing as a British National on one hand and a British Nationalist on the other, it is utter rubbish and makes no sense whatsoever: whilst where it affects other people is that they need to get off the older folk and do their own lives by themselves as it is up to them and not up to other people to decide if they become a plaything for popular culture and fame and fortune idiots and so if their parents do not want them to do fame and fortune under the family roof to protect themselves from it, it is up to them to leave home and do it on their own – do it in their own lives, not mine or there will be even more trouble. Where it affects them personally is the credibility of their Nationalism all together because we all know they are notorious for thinking they are all that to a point where they take a look at a person and come to a solid conclusion when nobody asked them a single question about it and most times than not that conclusion is violent, distant violence so they can make friends with media and try to get connected with rich people or physical where they just get to do their own stuff all together looking for even more trouble. They say I say and write all these things but none of it does me any good of course but that is the part that makes me human i.e. people complain, I write the books and they are not interested in the least bit of it because I will earn money and that is something they do not want – this sort of behaviour and vandalism is not a problem of mine but theirs as it were; it’s just that they have got civil rights and when they feel that it is when I have put out a product to earn money with that they wish to be manipulated by Nationalists and I must be stuck somewhere for the dew and fog of the evils of their society to descend on, that can blow up as well once I am done with them. The general idea is that I like them very much when we all know that they believe they have distilled phrases such as ‘shut the fuck up’ into a physical form that can be applied to me whenever they wish among many others and it will govern every aspect of the life of the writer prince while they will make money from his predicament as well and this I really consider through the prism of a challenge. On the matter of handling women of which they say my claims are entirely rubbish and have no basis on reality but of course we all know they hate my guts and there is good reason for it. The older ones are convinced when they want anything from me or my person they can always get it because their husbands are bigger than I am one way or another and I am going to kill them as well since they are old enough to know better. The younger ones are currently at a stage where every insult and abuse is one step closer to an outright sex object about which I need that media and that stupid left hand side to make it work and I am not giving it back just like the society and the culture etc. So it is all tarts and misogynists and their insults amount to conquest of course and the essence of seeing that they become sex objects is that it works very well on their homosexuality and decadence and relationship with the misogynists in question that will beat up absolutely everybody as it were. The misconceived idea about me is that which suggests I am this man who is of some benefit to women, the reality is that there is male society on one hand and female one on the other and the male ones think me as the item through which the female ones that work for their money will be taken up and turned upside down and emptied into the male ones and if they do not leave me alone and stay off my friends as well and stop talking nonsense about how the provocative idiots who want some of my own which I have mentioned already control me, the way the west works will be determined by them or it will be determined by me. Enough of talk of how I believe a civilised society works when we are nice to horrible and ugly and grotesque people – they apparently believe it is instead based on the ability to take money from people and sell them rubbish goods which does not at all indicate that they know nothing whatsoever about horrible and ugly and grotesque people as it were.


There is no such thing as a defeat of me, that and suggestions of it only sets out the clarity of the issues that there is no other matter between myself and Politicians other than the connection they have with the evils of their cultures and society and like to feel that they ought to deploy those on me every day to extract and make use of my personality and they are incredibly stubborn, cannot leave me alone and it is all getting more and more and more personal, hence talk of defeat which anybody would like to sit down in their homes and hear it bandied about them on public places and media and to the pleasures of the crowd which makes no sense of their complains about actions I take to ensure I have their lives and careers in my palm for the purpose of making sure regular damage assessments are made around me and paid for in full, which is the part where I am not giving back that stupid left of course – not to mention the sense in it being that of when I mention along with attention of their media fools drawn, the fact that for both, instead of foolish talk about how I will never sell my books they should be able to see that there are those who have endured injustice and are served when the right thing is done and not necessarily when people secure revenge for them and it is clear they might be better off doing that which may not necessarily exclude buying my books as well anyway, instead of talking nonsense all over the place, hence I need that left hand side, so their sense of doing the right thing might become a process of showing mercy around here.  Then the part where I take the right as well is concerned with two issues, one of them being that of the fact that people do not live in my life or my royal work or my public work or any property that belongs to me or is used by me to serve the British Government, the other has to do with things I do to get older women with very bad behaviour killed – I mean, they are old enough to know anyway and the younger ones will continue to be treated to being a sex object every time they exhibit those behaviour as well. So if there are any group of people concerning whom I know what I am doing, it is the Nationalists, no such thing therefore as what I say being of benefit to them when we all know they are Nationalists because an altercation with their next door neighbour has resulted in an issue which affects the country with a big mouth and if I am remembering correctly they are the ones that start it off in each case at all times, talking a look at people and developing the effrontery to come to a conclusion which more often than not is violent as well – so that when I do my own stuff and drag them into Politics, it makes stage one and stage two will be the part where I use their aspirations for other things and finish off their finances too so they can go back home. There aren’t anything more between me and Politicians and media but these issues and as for my books and how I will not sell them, I believe I have been clear there are people who have endured injustice who are better served out there by doing the right thing and they cannot prevent anybody from selling any books in this life or the next with that foolish media and stupid Politics where they leave home and get around what is clearly their personal property to pretend they are animals and I am the carcass; for the Politicians especially I have given 12 years which is the hall mark for the most amount of time anybody can borrow your personality to do things at politics before he decides it is time to move on and the next 12 years will therefore belong to me – I am aware they love to do these things because they feel their energy coming on whenever they handle me and it is all shit, my shit to be precise and they can get the energy that way, especially for the Americans –  again another reason I need that stupid left hand side too. The part where these things happen because I get around doing things they had already done and dusted is of course one of the biggest problems the business ones have all together, since the Christian was last half a human being living on other peoples social achievements and need to be made into something that they get up daily to abuse without reason, until he handles them as well, bearing in mind these issues they handled they did very well at doing so too as we can see anyway; the reality is that they love to show off money as a sign they are more successful than I am and I have warned them endless times about my need for a learning to extract equities from peoples businesses to get rich with, since we all know that especially if I share it with people like they love to do knowing more and more people will like to get around with anything that is the most convenient way of getting rich, which is so convenient as it were until it stops being so convenient; their view of what I think of them is seriously flawed – all I can say is that fans are always nice and lower class idiots with their problems everywhere are no different. Hence the main issue I have been trying to avoid because the fail safe mechanisms are not yet in place i.e. I can only be a royal prince not a journalist or a Media scum or a presenter or a politician or a business man and very soon enough their own lives and jobs will become a plaything for me as well provided they continue, when they start first as it were. They have not defeated anything, besides which the books are not hurting badly enough yet especially for those we have all information they need on it when I asked them to print me copies (the usual stuff; foolish evil twisted lower class scum and their problems that they always entirely deserve as it were; of course they say these problems are developed by them to defend themselves from me but of course everybody knows it is one thing for people to have copies of my work because I asked them for a print view copy and it is quite another to think it means they have got power over my career but quite something else for items of my books to show up on media everyday and so it does not happen unless they are determined to get my attention for it – same old story with having royalty to play around with while I have nonentities to play around with but failing to estimate properly how much using their own will hurt as well. The part where I am supposed to deal with the problems of course being the one where they refuse to behave over the fact it is not in my interest for them to have any money bearing in mind where we have come from i.e. during those days I had to impress the Queen by dealing with extremism in all forms and they savaged my finances behind my back to create a Prince that has lost all his money while I then took up the extremism issues that they can created from doing so, for them as well, knowing fully it is not be appreciated but will be used against me – so deal with the problem is something they say because they want to be restrained as it were, financially especially and will likely tell me I have no people that will help me do that when we know I have people who are linked to the Church and do fashion and media and business and they like to think they want to beat up with a big mouth all the time and these are people who do Goths and stuff and so on etc, while the others are the ones that are linked with the State and they like to claim I have plans to deploy them to kill people all the time too, hence their insults do suggest they want to be restrained although they will tell you that they do not want to be). They never ever listen, it is when you tell them their behaviour amounts to extracting an income with their ventures which amounts to millions of currency from the equities of your livelihood that they want to do it the most, that stupid media, those stupid women, that stupid fame and fortune and nobody knows who told them or suggested that earning a living works that way, except we make sense of it by recognising their powers of squander that they boast about all the time and will therefore lead to other more serious issues as well.