The story of my involvement where I am not qualified as stated by the media makes me so angry – I do not get involved with anything, the problem with these guys, these pricks is that when they pick up other peoples work and get on media to make money with unauthorised talking nonsense about civil rights, the result is always that when you do not mind that much because it belongs to you and you can find your way around the career, it is the violence that you suffer because they are proving to women it is theirs and they can keep what belongs to them or the violence you suffer because they are making you give it up to them for good that ensures you cannot concentrate on absolutely anything; so spying on me can be alright since people think they should do that with their time, although I think there is a problem when it comes to spying on me while I write my books because it is the only way that they will get on media to make it their own and these violence will result as well and each time they do brings about provocation that causes them to complain about me at some stage. The threat here is that they work in media and understand that when people put pen to paper they want to enrich people’s lives as cheaply as possible and that of the many forms and ways of enriching people’s lives as cheaply as possible, books are the most important in media work but how they chose to relate with my work goes far beyond perpetually setting out on a daily basis to make sure they buy few copies of my books and share it among entire communities which will in any case have created the sense that my books have been leaked so they can lay their own claims to it which of course is where these violence comes from in the first place of which I never actually published books without patents on them setting out laws and parameters in the first place – the threat is such that they the reasons they are obsessed with doing this is that the words and writings of an author rings again and again in people’s minds and if they capture that moment they can build it up and make a lot of money ringing things again and again in people’s minds to sell sell sell and get rich – the threat is such that they have decided that all these years of reporting news which was supposed to be reported fact and not literal fact in the first place has created a condition where their minds are predisposed to something they need to clear up by writing book and nobody can tell if it was the view my books are a threat to them that came before the need to sacrifice it to make this new writing careers of theirs they want to have when they retire; so I mean they know what they must do at all times to make an animal out of a perfectly normal person and they are making one as well – I know I am a writer and must take responsibility for my writings and that is why it is in a book and when people buy a copy they have bought one and when they dont want it to ring in their minds close it and put it away and when they want it to ring bring it out and read it but when they buy their copy have it for life, I know I am a writer and sometimes parents might tell Children not a read a book which they later pick up and read under their beddings with a torch light and do take responsibility for that – how much responsibility these idiots take for my books they believe they must cash into is never really clear but I get involved with things when I am not qualified for it and I have had enough and will no longer suffer these nonsense from these media pricks either.

We all know they claim people like me take over care for others because it is how to get rich, which is utter nonsense since I dont remember myself taking over the care of anybody: I simply think the warning is good enough that there can be no complains about my actions when people dont spy on me because they will certainly find something that they lay claims of ownership to on media and attack me violently to keep permanently which is where I will be provoked and they might want to think about ceasing the pretence that books written with patents on them can end up being handled on the basis on a career piracy because it leads to violence as well and then the complains.

Yes we all know its republican pulling strings to control the fight between me and Mr Obama of course; the idiots dream all the time of such twisted nonsense – whereas the reality is that Mr Obama loves to stifle my book sales and is fighting his corner as we speak, while they need to fight their own as well – fight their corner the one where I may have paper scattered around without any trouble but once I make a book out of them becomes the place they want to have a shit – reason being that first of all they must apply the sense that the function of their society is that when they are black love to factorise others by the lowest insolent and commonest denominator but when not black then it must mean that its function is generally to extricate a process where people are dealing with difficult matters so that their filth and inadequacies might end up somewhere clean, which will serve them a self improvement. They think they are in control of anything around here but we all know as usual they couldn’t be more wrong and need to get off my books rather than pretend there are no patents to them which means that anybody can turn up and make claims of things I failed to do when I should have which others have decided they wanted and I have to compete with them and lose with a big mouth.

Of course I am not giving back that stupid left hand side  nor is my Industry Property Equities at the Literary Empire trust theirs or their market to explore or make use of like goons that do not have to think about consequences of their actions but cannot keep it within the confines of what actually belongs to them, I say what I say because I want to kick them and get away with it as well: I mean they told me all I can do about them is to build a big church they can come in a pervade as much as they want but of course we all know now the big Church is ready they want to be free – and yet if you dont answer it, then it takes over your entire life and destroys everything else – I am an example of how they can insist since they know I am still very young and have enough energy to catch all of them all of the time as well but continue to insist on their attacks all of the time as well. I dont think it a serious issue – they are the ones that raise a case of how I continue to create a subtle way in which journalism can be seen as a crime; whereas the reality is that some pricks of their own will not stay off my literary empire I built with my own hands, they want to get involved with the part where I ran the product through the market and settled up on what it was to break up the company and broker the equities to earn my way instead, so that they might plunder markets in my company rather than find their own way of earning money and this had led to all sorts of behaviour and you really need to make sense of it either by listening to what they say to each other when they sit over a drink to have a conversation about it – the bragging and everything, you really need to put yourself in their shoes to find out that you have to get out of bed and take your tea and then your bath and then your breakfast and get to the office to sit around provoking others all day long which has nothing whatsoever to do with journalism but perhaps something to do with the fact that they are villains and are all about the glory of everything they see first of all but a lot of the times all about competing with others over their soul and how to please Political leaders by doing so; so I have had enough of them and do not want any more rubbish from them, cannot make out why they think I care anyway: as I said none of which needs happen if they dont spy on me – I have lived okay with the fact they can only offer people homosexual relationships, I have lived okay with all kinds of nonsense and subtle insolence they think is their version of dominance, I have lived okay with the idea the fact I do not display a public life can mean they have become the brave and I the coward that needs to be scared of them with that big mouth.

I understand they love the two issues of how I get involved with cliques that are beyond my league which is them on one hand and then on the other the problem of showing me they are beyond my league and how much of a trouble that is becoming; to the former of which the simple case is a factual matter of how they will bring the extremist out of me as we all know their black idiots have got me for a real problem now because they cannot stop forcing you off your faith to make money while they get themselves into a condition where they feel comfortable bullying you over your talents to deploy it for their ends whenever they need to claiming it is capitalism that allows them – the whites on the other hand I seem to be fighting everyday to recover my royal order – so apparently my thing with the armed forces is the one they have respected which is therefore the reasons they can have their stupid cliques and can bring it around as well and find out what I will do with it too. The other matter of showing me they are beyond my leagues being the one where they have not understood their woes well enough since we all know journalists can be allowed to get about opening their minds to the world and savaging their stupid lives to make it better and I have got some very loyal ones at Court first of all which is not the least of their worries by any means since I am harmless first of all and then of course once I did collect all the equities on my websites I put up as blogs which I will have to at some point so that I can keep them at a company vault at my bank, it will become a book they have got enough money to buy as it were – having been they are doing rather well with the books that were supposed to release funds from specific areas of the royal estate and are actually the products being sold at the firm – the firm that is clearly their fucking business as it were.


I get involved with things I am not qualified to get involved with; who ever on earth asked the fucking pricks; Not the first occasion either the part about my royal order and the fact they can peddle anything they want to peddle aside. I mean we speak of career piracy these days but a doctor is qualified for what he does and if manager decides local doctors home is where the Christmas party is to be held there is never a career reason for it as it were; they all have their corners and need to be fighting it, nobody controls me. It is always obvious that given half the chance these fools will completely destroy your life as it were – I am just in a position where I have the energy to catch all of them in all the forms they take so they have resorted to media and help from politicians and alternative reasons for their destructive activities which means I cannot make them fear me enough to keep off my possessions.

The issue of racism I need to beware of is not an emotive one – they need to fight their corner and I dont want to see anybody’s culture or society or stupid Politics because I will completely destroy it if I do – the same culture that comes to this Country to create a condition where people have to turn around entire societies to serve the needs of ethnic minorities so they can talk nonsense about racism, the same culture from which I have been excluded until I fight racists without a job which does not explain how much they are supposed to gain from their civil rights fraud if it works in anyway whatsoever; as for these racists I am to be scared of, they consider themselves death dealers and will not be seen keeping off my books until that is put to the test as well anyway. The question comes through as to whether what I have done to these socialist idiots is justified but that is when people dont pay any attention to the fact they are always trying to control me and drive me into a gang and the reasons for it of course is that in their minds I am a good looking thing they like to abuse who shows signs of trying to escape all the time: so how it was supposed to have tallied with a condition where they see you attend Church regularly is never clear, what their Politicians hopped to gain from wrecking my  finances to help them trap me is never clear either – although we do hear them claim I am being tortured which I cannot be since first of all I am of a category of people that are described as warriors, so getting involved with certain women and certain men mean not just being left with violence no matter how nice they get but also mean corruption and especially bag logs of things they have failed to do because they consider it power that can be deployed to oppress those that can get things done and secondly I am a Christian who does not live in a way in which I seek wickedness that I want to be safe from all at the same time so I can have everything – I know they cannot torture me, it is the statement of intent they make that causes the provocation – they must have gone from the one about their ability to do violence on others and kill people whereby they think I ought to live in fear of them and give up any possession of mine they fancy to that effect and evolved straight into that. It’s nothing serious, the same old case of never having your milk and water at the same time and always being able to tell them apart or they will make you feel stupid all over story – nothing about anything that may concern my sense of discrimination: that part is more about how I travelled to the UK to prefer white women to black women because they are not as ugly and not as filthy in behaviour all together – so that was a good advantage first of all but it now seems I am a target for bullying by black women who have linked it to what is required to get rich with and so the process of sexual abuse from them continues unabated and the consequences I dish out go unabated except for politicians kicking against thorns as it were – I mean the part where I stifle their tourism economies as well and am now poised to dish out even harsher consequences for each occasion of these abuses too – I know they do say when they put security systems in their homes I deploy it to pass my messages like their nasty white idiots we have had enough of in this Country as well love to claim all I say ends up in the wrong hands but the gestures these idiots make as a matter of entire neighbourhoods whenever they see me and there are wicked people who have never troubled them next door can only be fabled: in the end the outcome of their wickedness is much the same and they always claim it is civil rights and a process of righting historical injustices as it were when the Bible says a very clear thing about it and I am currently going through an adventurous lifestyle to see if it was wrong all along and have not once been proven otherwise and we are not yet talking about the purpose of it all being to drag me out of my Christianity into drugs and narcotics and high life and clubbing and city atmosphere because they cannot leave people alone, that is another story that is best understood when they complain – on this occasion we are talking about the latter refusing to heed the warning they need to end their funny game of spying on me or abusing me to a point where they feel they can channel their stupid problems to an advantage that enables them to see me undress and so on, refusing to accept there can be only the one consequence of a process where they steal my work and get off to make fame and fortune with, only to turn up and attack me violently because they are making me give it up to them permanently – meaning that I cannot concentrate on anything and find my way around the job – entirely typical of course of what they describe as competition until you dish some of it for them as well and I am not saying I do not waste their time and that of their Politicians in that way either: they are a very rare group of idiots who have jobs because they believe it to be the means for fighting other people, they behave like that because they think they have got boundless energy as far as they are concerned and for my part as well the big Church they said was all I could do if attacked is now ready and they will never be free of me, I am saying what I am saying because I have the power and the right to get away with it as well – considering very few people in this world get pushed out of their academic work by a Government that wants to enforce the will of stupid women who play extra marital sex games with their husband and attack Christians that will not take part because they contribute to the powerlessness of women for refusing to and we are not talking about the part where all I do is claimed by them to be insulting either – with respect to that the real problem is that they want to wear a clown face in government and general play games: their media fools speak of casual racism for example when there was nothing casual about what happened in Europe and then the world just 70 years ago of which those who lived at that time are still alive today – they however true to form of their wickedness and need to cling to government office and practice it on the pure then expect their culture to be spared by those who are given specific Bible instructions about it by God hence a case of how I need to be tamed with a big mouth; they have come up with how I must build a literary empire and then lose all the money and turn up to get stuck somewhere fighting so they can locate a more glorious way of fighting to be more important than they already are but above all of which it happens because they have a need to abuse people they deem inferior to them and if those are a select few then the outcome will be that they might even be made to agree that is the life they are supposed to live and then everybody can have whatever they want – the upside for them being that is something they were supposed to have levied on Children they will have been obliged to provide for but levy on an adult because they like to take risks and want to save the expense and the result of course is clearly that there is great chances they have no respect for the fact you face the same challenges as they do and regularly make statements about beating up a boy that is their fucking mate knowing perfectly that paedophiles who have not yet been found out by the Police voted for them to allow them the high position jobs they have got today which makes it a worthy statement they can become obsessed with as it were and of course above all there is an even higher probability they have selected a very dangerous individual as well. There is nothing new about it, if I see the culture and society and Politics I will cut it to pieces as well for my part – it should only work in parliament and the media where people make time to pay attention to their stupidities because they have to and I intend to take away from those stupid Children of theirs the ability to sit around any of my concerns or effect of me to count pennies until they become millions – just like my Royal office is justified by the abuses of their parents who need my leadership but in alternative and abusive ways.

We do hear about the Politics of personality versus that of substance of course; I could never tell what it means save the fact it is clear why they need to abuse and exasperate people so they can put their filth and inadequacies into the personal lives of those selected to be their victims thus: there is nothing new about it, everybody knows what happens especially for the blacks since I am black is that they locate those who can fix what they are frustrated about in their stupid lives then creep into areas of the lives of such people that they will never seldom tell others about and sit about bullying them into doing that thing they do for themselves for everybody and for them we know it is all a means to an end but the outcome is that when they make the money it is about a pipeline laid right through your earnings and income into popular culture empires that are more loyal to Japan than they are to the US and when they see equity property damage it and when they see super cars think they want to build one of their own and their filth and inadequacies must be found all over my equities and securities at Industry just because they like products and buy them looking for trouble all the time that they should never be saved from. The whites being the nasty scum that can just get off and travel to Africa to find my parents and bring them to the UK from Countries I have never set foot in, to tell me how to live to suit their purposes as I mentioned of which we have had enough of in this Country and I for my part will soon enough had gotten them their white version of the black idiots they like to plague me with as well. It’s the old story of competition that takes up other peoples time by ambushing them and getting involved with them in the most perverse way imaginable, I am not saying my big Church project does not work a treat on their stupidities as well, I am saying I will keep the big Church and stop them as well at the same time for their provocation etc – so do I play a part in the Politics of personality? But of course it is never enough if I say they can avoid trouble by keeping their filth and inadequacies off my property equity at industry and buying products if they like them not damage anything for self improvements: so the reality has to be a process where the getting involved with white women because blacks are not good enough is placed in perspective – and the fact they are talking nonsense about establishing the same relationship their Popular culture had with Japan in China is considered and the story of how people like me support white leaders that dump black people in the same shit over and over and over again is considered and all of it is weighed against the fact they are always in peoples personal lives to enforce sin and decadence and capitalism and talk nonsense about being violent all the time with it: so I did create a process where their MPs are always caught over a barrel by the electorate alright and it always involves a process where criminals are being told to redeem themselves and get on the side of the authorities by attacking people like me, so that when I had kept records on that and made it public, there is no way they can escape the clutches of the electorate and the worst that can happen is idiots voting what they like instead of taking a look at their career and what they have and what they want and making choice of candidate, so that we might end up with a hung parliament again and again. Of course the blacks have their stories but we do not live in a Country where fundamentally setting people out as ninnies and block heads who understand their stupidities can be useful if seen all over your affairs and you as a whole and of course those secret places they can go to their Politicians to get money for popular culture investments will undo all that as well. There is nothing new about it only that when it comes to the question of looking at what I have done to them all these facts are important – so are they to the story of my interference with attention that is given to those that matter when they will not stop spying on me and making me feel filthy or spying on my work and attacking me violently to show people it belongs to them after they had made money from it – the issue at the heart of personality Politics versus the politics of substance and my support for those who dump ethnic minorities in shit all the time: fair to mention that they can now deal with the issues especially the crime while I hold down the bad guys and the same applies with respect to setting out western value in order to show the Communists where we are and where we stand – the warriors that are cowards whom they were scared of but are now scared of them and it is much the same as that need they have to see rich people do filthy things they can deploy as power, then pretend everybody thinks they are victims of wealth distribution after that when those who do those things and the destruction have names and faces and families and friends and parents and feelings – nothing new then about society idiots at business and the fact that they are the community that fosters the biggest problem the economy faces at all times – if financial services idiots commit crimes they get it from there and if people want to get around with rich people that take class A drugs they have people there to speak to and their insolent threats do not seem to be viewed as something that matches their complains when made in my direction and they all love to vote for their socialist idiots that can handle those who can get things done and of course the worst decisions people make in the financial centre are always done as a result of getting around with or being bullied by them.


Stock market bullying and issues running out of control so that they might not be settled is one of the major issues they are fond of as we all know but the fact people might react to my actions in such ways is of course what they are relying on, knowing perfectly that if that continues, they can do anything they want and a process were they take their jobs of running the companies they own seriously and do it properly will never apply – it will continue to be a case of advertisement and blanket destruction that presses people so hard some part with a bit more money and profit is the result: so do they understand my work sets of provisional basis on which the issue can be tightened and killed off dead with regular flowers sent to its tomb or something since without that they will never think it is important to do the job seriously. I mean they do mention that I have a poor man’s view of the economy when in actual fact it is simply another rich man’s view of the economy just like their own: after all every Industry has distributors and those are located in communities and the standard of living of those who live in those communities can be measured by how much the company in which shadow they live has improved their lives (about which some claim the internet to  be the new Industrial revolution which is not to say they do not know what they have done is set out their worldly good and are about to pillage the possessions of others to get rich quick – however much it is the boasting of telling others to watch their moves for example that brings on the anger too) – so that each community has people in them whose jobs depend on making sure the companies are accountable to those who buy their products but people still have a rich man’s view of the economy that means they should pressure people and get some money and make profit and end the story. Of course after some little technicalities about the real cost of their profits have been considered, like the 87 year old billionaire that feared for his life due to the pressure he was under and let go of his 5 million pounds he wanted to invest in community projects to create jobs for example and in my case the real cost being the Company market opportunities that have been clearly securitised under its patent being deployed as cost for the few millions that must be made by stock market scum that are hard of hearing since it does not bother them when the sink holes give in and they call it a market crash as it were but I have allowed some of these costs to happen for my part in any case because it will underwrite the lies and theft carried out by civil rights goons all together – however much when these little technicalities are settled we all know there are people we can safely describe as rich thieves. So it does not bother me in anyway and there is no such thing as letting matters run too fast to be chased up as a result of my actions. It is never true I think about tagging along with them when I really cannot – I am happy with my half priest church pundit role and they need to get off my book sales: authors are known for their books not what people spy on them and stalk them around to find out. We do hear talk of how lazy people like me wait for things to come to them but I dont see how credible that might have been when the entire world and all its media establishments now understands the one problem I have is evil women – at the end of the day of which people see them as an investment and are happy to spend money on them to help them bother others but when they do get involved with big business the issues certainly tend to remain as ever i.e. a large company with operations around the world isn’t going to be owned by people that are not known around the world where you expect to grab other peoples possessions without there being consequences – so I if I may can wait for whatever I like. I mean there is no point pretending you are more or less than what you are when you fleece money off people using the stock market and the media knowing perfectly that the global economy is not producing as much as you have earned and it would be nice if they stayed off my book sales and my business concerns as it were.