Now I know it is largely suggested that social networking bullying is largely a very difficult issue for me to handle at this stage – having been the turn of events, they really are not, it’s like the thing about media and politicians claiming I beat the gongs and play the drums of extremism all the time when the extremist do not say that is what I am doing themselves. I mean what I do does not in any way look like a process of setting out certain Politics and blame cultures that will eventually lead to the murder of a targeted victim and will go on therefore after me while the guilt kills me for doing it and my politics lives on. So it is never as random as they make it out to be, extremism always has a very clearly set out agenda. In the case of the social networking bullying it is largely something people do because they have decided to do it and the reasons is the question; why? In the end if bystanders are dragged into it, then bystanders are dragged into it and it is a bystander being dragged into it and not something else; a bystander dragged into it and while they are unaware of what is going on things creep under them until they have to take their lives as it were. I have made it clear I am aware it is a game for those who do it; they do it to explore how many crimes they can get away with and it is only the younger ones that get into trouble because the older ones own and run the social networking sites themselves. For me however it is a matter of certain TV personalities and authors and every idiot that wants to have an agent and be rich and famous in the land; so that when they put up an insulting profile, it is the point where I attack them as well that becomes a surprising thing since they have not once taken into account that their profiles are likely to exist and run for years and whoever is being insulted and abused by it will become fed up at some stage but of course we now have divisions around the matter instead – the social networking site owners want everybody to get together and make celebrities comfortable so they can be rich and so when these idiots do what they do and a reporter claims that I sit down every day to gather up news they report to make a career when he is actually paid to report the news and what I do with the news is my own job, which he does because he wants to get into what my mind looks like and therefore ensure when he is finished as a journalists he can then move on to be an author or indeed just a TV personality that is way past his sell by date and wants to be reborn as an author, all they need do is set up a profile that insults and abuses me and will not take them down in hell looking for some of mine all the time; the reality being of course that near as makes no difference most of news reporters and TV personalities that behave in such ways are actually paedophiles and yes I know I look the part but they can touch me and find out if they want, it’s the ripping my books and finding out how many crimes they can get away with and boast about that constitutes the social networking abuse and there are no better supporters and accomplices than social network owners and that is always before they complain, after I had waited for my own opportune time and thereby when it presents itself gave them a real job. There is no morsel of fact to that media idea that I stir extremism, polarise people and exaggerate their differences, that is what media does because it is not their responsibility, I am rather the buy who knows what media responsibility is as it were. I do not think it is a difficult matter; it’s the same old test i.e. did they have a conversation with somebody today, was it a good conversation or did the person tell them a certain relationship will not last? As the heart of the social media abuses is a matter of a collection of followers that will have no respect for me and it is when they want to be famous that they need to live with all that nonsense I have had to learn from them as well, naturally of which it is clear that if people want to be successful they must rise above them and above extremists like I did – clearly of which being a human shield when they invent their fights with extremism is based on having been able to do this because it is the only reason they are certain you have a means to handle them and the extremists in order to get on with your life; however what will not go unvented here is the crimes and the damages to my property to get their hands on me and then do so in a condition where they can force me into a fight – nothing matters to them you see, only what they want and all they need do is make things into a desire and then it becomes a reputation and ego thing for they always get to have their desires with a big mouth. It gets down to the way government manages the deficit as well; of which I really believe it is becoming an issue local governments need to take up with the centre i.e. business rates must stay as they are because they need to be to pay off the deficit yes but if a big firm sells apparels, what you see is an arrangement that can be vacated in three hours in the Middle of Oxford Street not the looming Machine itself, that is likely to be delegated to a smaller business somewhere in a place where lots of shrubs grow like Shropshire for example – these are the equities that must be taken into account since the government is not saying they are paying off the debt since saying so would mean no body would set up a small business and work to give them tax money to pay off debts that they have created for the government by years of mismanagement and then the economy will never grow, so that is not what we assume they are doing and hence the business rates set out for small business needs to be softened with some sort of an understanding rebate or some other kind of service that mops the extra problems, it is not the same arrangement as the bigger ones and they need to pay rates according to their arrangements. Hence deficits are a very different thing from debts. I understand the governments problem with people who want to hold the economy to ransom and instead of give it up want to invest the money they got from the Labour government in order to grow it but that was always the problem that was foreseen from day one; all there needs to be is a blanket control of businesses and some means for smaller ones to bargain their way into their size not rebates that are not enough and all that tax bills just thrown here and there but a fully fledged government involvement in its own business – if anybody ran a business the way the government runs its own they would be bankrupt and the financial crisis expresses this entirely too. Yes I know they know I never say anything I need to say on time but whatever on earth they mean when they are the ones who say that ring fencing British Interests from Asia through to South America must be tempered with respect for the bigger powers in the world and so every time it story is always that the economy could have done better the outcome is always an excuse and something politicians realise – of course the time frame by which I do anything I do is always the correct one. Their answer is largely the question therefore of who told me to go around ring fencing British Interests from Asia to South America and of course we all know that if a company ran its business in that way they would be bankrupt but the government cannot be apparently, we will never know which is which since this is no longer a case of people pushing your boundaries until you have to spend money to cover the market in order to prevent a process where it becomes a liability until you reach a point where you have to file for bankruptcy, this is about the idea the equities will wait for them whenever they break up peoples business to extract them on account they wish to be ‘god zillionaires’ with it, this is the kind of bankruptcy we are talking about. I do not think and have never said social networking sites have a legal duty to those who hold accounts with them, they don’t necessarily, the reality is that if I say a page I created and designed with my own sweat is for a pencil, it is should be precisely that for me and all who are involved with it, otherwise the owners of the system should have said otherwise from the very beginning and thus if they bother me I will give them a proper job.


Now the idea that I had to rewrite history for the economy is not entirely the case, I know it looks that way but the facts around it are real world ones i.e. I have an emporium and empire trust and businesses draw equities, creative, securities and creativity equities and so many times they say they have built the products they have sold them but have no connections with their consumers and therefore want something more, in the terms of the financial industry they were more of a collection of fans of me in the setting of the royal villages in Europe and that is why I feel particularly betrayed by all that nonsense about black idiots giving people the worst possible customer service at the banks because they want to find out how to do their jobs and get connected in various industries and their response that if others did not behave in a way that caused them to continue to turn up to ask for jobs then such a problem would not have existed. I know they say there is no chance whatsoever that anybody might do anything but there is if they stay off my book sales and the derivatives of my company since it is the only source of income I have got, especially so considering they want to do nothing else with their stupid lives but thin up the list of friends and allies and sources of support and help that I have got and will do nothing else for good measure as well, I am not happy and I am desperate because of them and do not have to change anything about myself around that as well.


The idea of men that have taken over my life is not really true either; I know of women that are responsible for my security and I like the arrangements I have – maybe I am always temperamental and that makes things very difficult for them and there is this talk of proper men who can do discipline taking over from them but the timing couldn’t have been worse because I have just finished the job anyway and hence to me it is rather a question of the reasoning that it is a very little known fact that this is my own life. Thus I have absolutely no clue where the woman and her man got to take things over around here for my part either. What is really happening however is a matter of getting married and settling down with somebody that is instituted into a married life with me to ensure HRH The Prince of Wales has a foothold on everything and can therefore ensure the boys stay out of trouble and are under control and this is the most important matter at hand. Naturally I do have an arrangement with Princess Beatrice of York and so if she marries an American so she might never get to do the things that need doing, I do have a coven that I have also created a public presence for and can pick my own partner to ensure that I never have to do it as well and yes there are idiots who are the best friends she could possibly have that think I will do it and she will take the credit with a big mouth and some of them really think this is the US and want some of mine all of the time too. What this women and her man figures take over in itself however happens to have been things that Priests who are loyal to the Queen do which is quite far off from their silly ideas about men and the way things should be done and it never on any occasion appears to them that Priests cannot possibly be that deviant and more so for 24/7 of the time. It brings us to those issues of women that are determined to hurt me badly story – of which is at the heart of the issues as well i.e. they start off with something about how I do not look impressed with their cars when they drive by and for that reason they know nothing will get the attention of the Christian like intense suffering over a period of time until he likes their cars and possession which will then provide a rare thing and a stepping stone to further riches as well for good measure. So not only do they love to damage anything that belongs to me and expect the crimes to go unanswered all the time, the reality is the old story of how I feel the chances of getting around with them does not exist because they are beyond my league whereas in actual fact what keeps me away from them is the fact that putting them in the setting of a Christian family which is what does my own stuff for me is a situation that is bound to explode and not something about them being beyond my league. But they do these things all the time too for the most part and it helps to create means and arguments with which to hurt people to get rich and like I said I have finished with European ones and now I have American and African ones to look to and if they stay away from the Church thing and make their own choices by themselves then we have nothing to worry about; otherwise the alternative is the idea they can come and go and do as they like, do and undo with Church people which is not quite the way it works in anyway whatsoever and yes for the women it can only carry on until you handle them as well and then we hear the stories. They have their own lives and choices and of course like to say I look like I am the best friend they have had in ages whereas their intrusion gets them involved with things that will eventually affect them deeply when they are not prepared for it more so and that is how they feel they can hurt church people to get rich but getting involved with church people scars them but it seems they will not stay away either and look for trouble all the time, so that in my case the fact they need to get out and stay out and stop talking so much threatening rubbish all the time seems to sound like a novelty when in actual fact needs to be set out to them so they can get away from here and get off to whatever it is they normally do whether or not I make a living from criticising them. Hence in the end this is how much trouble I am in and for those who want to deal with me; the person whose life they completely destroy being that they love to hurt people to make money from the foolish society ones to the idiots who think they are creating and working some spiritual power to get rich, all the way to the useless media idiots; they cannot make money without sacrificing that person that is all flesh and no bones and nothing, sacrifice him and cut him up and so on, so that they continue to exhibit those things at me as a fantasy anyway then complain about my actions as well while the intrusion and the idea I have no right to get into my bed and sleep in peace continues as well. It is not a difficult thing for me to deal with; they simply went on and on about what the main issues are so I had to set it out for them so they can know it properly as well. I have always known I have a talent for handling people who use human beings and human body parts as trinkets that help them to create some devilish means to riches and since the last time I knew it was a strong talent I have grown twice that age of 15 which was a long time ago; their stupidities are not what my tolerance as a civilised person were meant for and the chances of getting into trouble with them is also very small indeed. Reality is that they do need to stay well off the church thing and mind their own business or realise they will complain even more – then they can wreck my life to make me fancy their possessions another time and we are not talking about family life yet either, in terms of that the financial damage means you get to fancy their wives and they get to make use of the plaything of their wives, so that when you don’t want it, they use it anyway and believe the consequences are not things you can enforce as well. So this is the main issue at the heart of everything, my Christian personal life cannot be allowed to exist not just because they are having fun but also because they always want to be able to have things that belong to others, are angry and frustrated, lots of desires unfulfilled and therefore somebody to blame and take it out on in order to find some way even if it be an alternative desire, to fulfil that desire and hence need to touch their stupid selves instead. I intend to crush their popular culture and decadence and homosexuality and every rubbish they do as a lifestyle provided my warnings they need to stay off my personal life and the church thing is not heeded – all those stupid media lies. It’s like they say I am the most none elitist thing that ever happened to anybody but think I am Royalty whereas everything I do apart from my Christian activities being the biggest threat women face, is actually elitist and the reasons for that is that these idiots always want things and nothing matters except what they want and when they want things they will make it into a desire and then it will become a matter of their ego and their desire because desires always nag and nag until you fulfil them and then they will take up what you do not want them to do to you and do it anyway and then think it is funny as well.

It is never really true that religious education has become less popular than it has been before; first of all the thing about religious sceptics is that they subscribe to an area of society that believes in the hierarchy of power and a means of hurting people i.e. Politicians pick on civil service staff, civil service staff pick on parents, parents pick on their children and sometimes give them lee way to pick on those they may think are weak thereof with consequences they feel they cannot accept yapping. The issue for such a question is that having been these children in these conditions are now adults and are certain that the way forward for them is that their views on what is moral is unacceptable and it is perfectly fine that way, that is for them to decide but they have not got the right to decide for other people as well. The fact of the matter is that religious education has become more popular than ever not the other way around; ever since the generation gap crucible of civil rights con that must be successful and happen under the Sun in any circumstance whatsoever no matter how old the victims are and how much they really know about it was broken, which was broken by me of course and that is therefore how I know it was broken, religious studies have become more popular than they have ever been. 


So in terms of financial matters I do gets asked all the time what my position is on Tax evasion and I have mentioned several times that it is a simple case where the government does not get to support business models of tax evasion if they have no wish to complain about it, now their question is that of what I mean and what ways government gets to support business models of tax evasion when we all see that all Politicians do is open up government doors to them in the name of big government that requires them to treat others like their family members that can be cheated out of everything while Politicians secure votes from it and then with this they can treat everybody else's property the way they like on grounds that they view the government as some giant corporation they are connected with i.e. wreck business and damage people’s property and finances and create one problem after another on a layer in order to secure a process where people have no funds or time to seek redress in the Law Court and therefore get them to pay for damages they do, in return for this of which the Politicians reward them with tax payer funds spent through Trust systems that Political analysts refer to as quangos and from there they get money they have not done a day’s work for to pretend they have got businesses as well - now what the Politicians are saying is that tax evasion is thus surprising and something I need to clear my views on so people can understand. I mean at the basic fundamental level the reality is that their entire lives are built around a process where the Government especially the Police stays out of their business on account what they do is their personal choice and nobody would ever really successfully work out what they mean by protecting their ventures and activities of choice from Government and the Law and law enforcement and nobody will ever know why anybody would want to protect themselves from the law in any case either. I am not saying it is a complicated crisis for me in anyway, the truth and reality for me where it applies is that the rest of us basically live in a way that involves thinking about three things only i.e. getting out of bed to work, the fact taxes exist and of course what we do with our money, so I suppose these goons live like they do and are supported by government not just because it is civil rights but also because they are being innovative, hence the tax evasion complains. This is usually where they tell me people like me speak of the preservation of things with which we can be superior all the time of which the most important facts is that of what exactly has made them superior to steal from their leader until they force him into financial difficulty while he continues to provide them with leadership, then bring a curse on themselves by it which they think they will now recycle with big government and civil service like a corporation of its own but of course of which there are other questions as well as per what exactly the politicians are talking about and whether it is still civil rights when they have become financially wealthier than I am for example or maybe their point is that the civil rights applies but excludes me with a big mouth which does say a lot about how credible civil rights as a fundamentalism really is as it were and sets out clearly what the Police has to deal with as problems and crimes that are funded by the Politicians but most importantly is the fact that the Politicians dropped the ball and for me it means that whenever they think their thieves are practicing civil rights around me they should know my personal life is always open to them but that I do not necessarily wish to hear them complain about what I get up to as well either but as a whole the question is what indeed exactly these people want to steal from me despite their connections with big government and tax evasion and how the fact the entire world knows they have stolen it or are stealing it and that I am the leader and they are not then makes them as superior as they claim they want to be - eventually of which it is clear not all of us are wired the same and since the Politicians continue to talk so much rubbish and pass around so many insults after dropping the ball, the problem is getting bigger and the big day of the big clean up will one day have to take place, far away from the idea the threat we face in modern times is Al-Qaeda and the Terrorist. Reality check; being wealthy is a function of having what others do not on account of pure luck, hard work or chance and if everybody had it then there would be no point to economics - by a very wide margin I am not the criminal for owning a Global Literary Empire Trust and all the property and finance in it. Contrary to the idea that I am hapless and helpless whenever they talk beyond me and above me and I am shoved and they get ahead of me spending my property and reputation and income on themselves and intimidate me into ill health, the reality is that I envy them and may all extremist learn to as well.