So they do say I need a Father figure and have not done so with a calculation of what the consequences might be too, since at this point they are not spending enough times abusing their stupid children into an inability to forge an acceptable level of relationship with others that may want to or already have employed them, so I simply have to conclude the case continues still considering the part where a Court became the helpers and not the fans was actually forged by the corruptions of involvement orchestrated by the Fathers, I do have it settled at this stage however where some assist me when it comes to the renaissance and some assist me when it comes to the Company itself but it was the Fathers it should be noted; I mean it can start out with something as abusive as never meeting my Father, not knowing my name but having the effrontery to tease me the way my Father does, which does mean they know how my Father teases me or it might be that their insults and abuses that I am not aware of really know no limits and has now given birth to something else and then it will go places from here and get global even if they wanted, like they tease their stupid children that way - so it has ended up being discussed and I have not played it out to lay to waste that stupid fame and fortune popular culture so I might be asked why I did it, hence they live to tell the tale, it has already led to anus and penis insults from them by the way but they still think I need a Father figure and with that stupid media too - which is a good point for their foolish women to start their share as well and I simply have to imagine we will be talking about their own soon enough too - the Books hurt they say but they want to be found around my literary work showing off their stupidities too for good measure, at all times (of course it’s all a big lie - there is enough respect for many life times over and that is why their wickedness that could have been the only thing to replace their stupidities deems me to be such a target). Would I then have preferred my Court to be fans only? Of course not but it should be seen they are involved because I seldom punish people for doing the wrong thing and the point where I asked them to help out was not the way to go but I think I trust them; I wouldn’t have it any other way and that is not what I am saying, what we do is far deeper now than when it first began, I am just trying to imagine if another route was followed and the question of their involvement was raised when it should not have occurred while it is said I need father figures thus – so they get me out when it comes to industry matters and company matters and any matters I might jump into and there are some that pull me out when it’s about the Royal Estate renaissance. I am making mention of it because people will not let us be, it seems to be a point of fascination i.e. the bit especially where the difference between statesman and journalist is the bit where you have lost your temper and somebody is asking if the party is over. So for those who claim when I speak of it they will take it up, it matters not; as I have mentioned before, they do teach this in Church as it were, crashing peoples personal lives and parties and companies to take a stand and direct them with distant violence which one is their size and which one befits them and which one befits me but of course just take a guess where I have learned it and where the knowledge with which to specialise will be coming from too.

Their needs are not important, what is beyond everything else is that they are no longer found around my Books; at this point it seems the above is what the conversation really is about but it isn’t, what it really is about is the spending of my work on themselves as violently as possible and the accusations that means I am softened up and cannot breathe so that they might – so imagine what I will need to do for structure that will ensure I get to change that stupid culture and society each and every time its insults changes me just before I cut them off from the access which the financial difficulties allow them? We are depending on their insolent civility to clear this matter, I had given it my all and it came to nothing, so it’s my turn to get civility out of them as well. Whether or not I do it will be a matter of how much civility is gained from them but the clue is still what it is i.e. they need never be seen around my Books and do need to clear my space.

We hear those stories that I have been beaten and inequality has happened to me anyway whatever I do later; nothing of it which is new to me since I have always been aware the ones I owe a debt are likely to know somebody who works in the armed forces putting their lives on the line while I grab the glory – the rest however are going to do the revenge for damage to that stupid society and culture at me all the time which means they can finger my bum unexpectedly at any time and if I want to know why they will say I am a warrior fighting for them because I share a skin colour and so on and then I will have to destroy that stupid society even further for it every single time it happens. That said it is the Politicians that spend tax payer funds to wreck my finances with public money and give them this claims of domination and victory that is born out of my worries over money and job problems and they are the ones that have created this problem, not clear why they like to think it is somebody else’s responsibility anyway – in my case there is that story I look the part and not enough have died yet as well for my bit as it were. I do not buy my media equipment so the fools can talk through to me as it were and I will make it end very badly indeed, how it has ended so far not hurting badly enough as we can see. I don’t think the matter is a problem as such; it’s just the way they blow it off all the time – when I heard my parents talk about it I used to think they exaggerated some bits, now I have to deal with it I realise they were nowhere near exaggerating; what do I have to do to get out of bed to spend another person’s possessions on myself, what do I need to do to acquire a mindset that thinks about other people’s possessions all the time and works ever so hard at making people live my dreams instead of their own, what do I have to do to get myself into a place where I either spend people’s property on me or destroy it so the owners cannot have it right up to religion and quality of life? Then again they yap way too many times the beating me bit on the media like I buy the equipment so they can talk through to me with it, for their own good as it were all together. I understand the tale I like to pretend I am the innocent party in the matter but the only chance these guys have now is an advantage concerning how physically bigger than me they are which they want to play up at my government office too rather than just go away, as everything that supported the theory they are better than me in every way is now completely crushed since we have no idea how they came about any way or the basis on which them theories were built; I never claim to be the innocent party, the reality here is that of the part where they want to make use of my faith without believing in it and then I get to a point where I just give up on them and decide that is what they want to use my graciousness for and this is where it starts to get violent and they want to use my faith without believing in it but destroy it while their whole life depends upon it, that said as I mentioned, there is still the sense I get media equipment so they can talk through to me and blab all the time about a beating me and it happens way too often for their own good they ought to be informed.

When I say everything that suggests they are superior or better than me now lies in ruins I mean things such as cars they buy being what a Christian has wet dreams about and now exists in a condition where it will never be more important than God is as well and you name it and I have done it but it’s still that blabbing about me being beaten like I share this Office with them and the last time I checked it the air to breathe was actually free. Hey I am teenager with a car and Christian thinks other things about his faith is what matters to him, so he must have so many financial difficulties that he actually thinks the car matters for comfort or for money and now it all exists where it will never become more important than God and there is a bit of reality established. It happens because of the reason it happens most of the time; people want to kill them people it is said want to kill me because of them but the main difference between me and them is that whilst people want to kill them because they have been very bad for a long time and cannot let other peoples be and are such bullies as well especially over money and better life, people want to kill me because it is said my death will be enough death to save many and it was all invented by them too – either way of which we are made for each other and have the same issues to deal with like they wanted. I mean it’s crunch time at this point, the fun days were the days when popular culture and media and politicians were making sure I loved my mother and could not move away from home to live on my own because somebody else had taken up that kind of life or invented it all together and I cannot have some if I don’t allow them do that thing they want to do with popular culture on my life which I have expressly told them I don’t want done – they fear the problem that results from this kind of behaviour so but cannot be seen toning it down at any stage, it has only one direction of progress and that is worse to worst at all times. They make me laugh when I don’t want to especially around things like their hatred for those who don’t fancy their mum and how popular culture idiots will get rich at such persons expense and teach them lessons, which is what they think they have the right to do until it ends as badly as it looks. I understand what I do is interfere and give their opponents an advantage which makes no sense since I am the one that hardly finds a job on account I have a life that is stuck with older peoples sense of what fame and notoriety means and they have never had a conversation that others found meaningful in the last 20 years with anybody.

It’s like environment issues about which we want to get on media and talk all the time about Oil and whether there is any or            Wind power and Industrial development that is beneficial to people in neighbourhoods whereas the real problem was that we needed to plan our entire Towns all over again as we can see that the social and cultural problems we thought had gone away after the second world war was not the end of the story. It is usually the point at which I get told that I assume there will be no problems with any new Towns and Cities whereas I never said so; the reality has always been that we are ever so keen to get into conversations with idiots that are very busy with bad social and cultural practices, then pretend the problem belongs to somebody else and even now I have mentioned it I will easily get told this was the domain of the Labour Party when we all know that each time it is, what happens is that the idiots take up a decade and a half of peoples time on these behaviour and then another decade and a half over their need for money which then plays out as per the destruction of the lives of people they do not wish to see exist without killing them. They would rather claim it is a  quest for back door genocide on my part as well which it isn’t – the reality is that there will be no problems with conversations about whether or not climate Change is real or a hoax and there will be no problem with recycling becoming compulsory, if we live in cities that are planned to such an extent that the markets are similar and any differences are conspicuous so as to result in a process where we deal with the same kind of rubbish all round, if the cities are planned along the lines of environment issues otherwise the suggestion is that when an idiot targets a teenager he wants to abuse and chases him down a few years to start a fight, gets beaten and deploys his stupid children on the fight to get support from Politicians as well and the whole career and academic work of such a teenager is now tied to the fact he is bigger than the teenager, it is his right and an existence he deserves to have, to which I will get told I was not meant to be here since I am not white which of course has always been the main problem for the whites and the blacks alike i.e. I would have left their Country a long time ago if they did not cling to my career and I have no idea how that proves their superiority but we are here because in order to prevent a process where I get to another Country and they ask me about missing bits to have me tell them I was taken advantage of by the British, so they can ask me what makes me think I will not be taken advantage of in their Country whereby I can get paid less than I am really worth and the British will have completely destroyed everything here, we had to have reasonable leaders who prevent a process where they grab their country on one end and I grab it on the other and we rip it up together, as that stupid racism for the whites and nepotism for the blacks is never really credible as it were – now they have a new addition which is the Muslims and for those we are waiting yet for a time when they will stop killing each other in the Middle east where they really belong in order to begin. They have all turned up here, everybody with a different abusive flavour, an alternative reality created, Industries having no respect for our jobs and mine especially on account their own exists and fate has won with a big mouth.

We hear talk these days of something really filthy about me but not everybody knows obviously that it’s the men; when we hear them complaining it’s about civil rights, when they are bragging they must have gotten used to sexual abuses that cannot be legally qualified because they have gotten used to telling you what to do – they say you are a child who wants to rule your parents but wreck your finances with their stupidities and involvement to get you stuck with them in the first place so they can do it all day long; those were the days for bragging, mostly concerned with ripping up peoples finances and academic work to sit about with their insults talking nonsense about kids that want to rule their fathers now it seems they have moved up in the world so they are yapping something filthy about me instead – piece of advise it what they want at this stage it seems considering that the fact it will not stop or abate seeks the revenge I am going to get for it too as it were and this is the advise i.e. they say the Books I write hurt but are seen turning out around the Books all the time and of course when complaining its talk of civil rights when they have cause to brag its talk of kids ruling their fathers and need to get out of the Books, or continue in that way for it will end very well just as they expect it to and I believe I have warned them they need to inform their insulting girls and women too lest we have a history on their account as well – I am not any foolish females feminists punching bag, it’s made up on media and that will end very well too. We are here at all because I cannot have a relationship with parents and siblings or sell my Books to new people or old friends because others are making use of my personality and public life. When it started it was a story of tying me down somewhere and going to claim the world from me and when that failed because I took steps to prevent all that perversion that will be built up from what I know about the gospel being created, used or taking root, it took another turn and became a matter of tying me down somewhere to take the world away from me; at that time we heard no need to make me come up with a warning and piece of advice that will inform them of what is going on before hand and nobody was being blackmailed into the conversation, now it’s all changed to that because I want my revenge as well. I mean you can tell a whole company or even Industry to lay off your aptitudes but how do you tell somebody that is sharing it with any who wants to get a feeling of it using a religious institution that also pays him some money at the end; it appears there is no way they can do a thing which does not apply that I am getting badly hurt in the broadest way imaginable and when asked brag about the power of fate and how fate has won a victory, soon enough we hear it is my fault people get shot in a Church somewhere in the US as well. Its not true I think this personality thing to mean everything, it does not mean everything; its about being yourself when you have journalist at Court and are braving matters for them and they are doing things to help you run your Office too, which powers you share with none as it were. They however cannot do anything unless it is about building up filthy problems they can thrust deep into my anus using media all day long and when people get shot anywhere on the planet I am partly responsible, so I always am so it will happen again. 15 year unemployment because peoples block heads must be profitable in the most violent way they can imagine it – this is the piece of advise they wanted; “get out of the books I write, if it hurts so much to be there”. I hear I never talk about the issues in a definitive way which I do – there are three main blocks and one of me, the other is a part of society that creates all the deviance and vices we have to put up with and the other is normal people – so the society that creates the deviance and vices we have to put up with loves to attack and bully me every single second and I want to rule it and Politicians love to give them money and the rest of normal people just get caught in the cross fire if they want to be, for obviously I had crossed paths with fate and a big mouth attached to it too – so that was the piece of advise they sought – they need to stay out of my Writing career if it hurts so much to end up in the Books. They say religious people now know more about Industry than Industry people and there is no item in that claim which is planned to dispel the abusive sense that I have all I own in order to share it with others yet as it were like they share their insolent salaries too in the first place: religious people don’t know more about industry, it has always been about finding out what people do and what problems they have and coming up with a solution – hushing it, investing it and then surprising them in a pleasant way at a point where you are certain they have got the money. This story of religious people knowing more about Industry goes beyond those who spy on others to find out their problems and then set about solving it which is an extreme case that leads to OFCOM taking away all the money at a later date which some of them might be happy with because they wanted to solve the problem and others might not be because they were twisted and evil from the very beginning, it develops into the bit where we are going around in circles looking for an alternative definition for a behaviour that involves handling peoples possessions when they have not signed a contract with you that authorises you to do so and or trading peoples personality to force consumers to buy a product because you need money which he cannot stop you from doing even when he can stop entire Industries because you appear on or work on media – we already have a name for it and are not seeking a new one and the name is bullying, has nothing to do with Monopoly. We hear such stupidities as a claim religious people like to criticise them for money and then complain about others selling Christian personality to get rich as well but it is the kind of stupidities that means when I tell them to keep out of ending up as details and facts in my Books they have now wish to do so because I have encountered fate with a big mouth attached to it – so we all know the anus and penis insults is because I am afraid of them and so do we know what I must do to end that fear, so the best way for now is to watch for whether or not they are performing my Royal duties so they might complain that I churn peoples tummy and make them nervous because that respect will never exist it has to be earned through fear. The other big thing is that old matter of how my activities destroy the progress of wealth inequality issues of which their definition of wealth inequality is a society that does not discriminate against those that are fundamentally and hopelessly unintelligent of which is half of the story for when they move into peoples right hand and get their hands on the perks of peoples jobs and peoples income then their unintelligence becomes an advantage as it were with that stupid media; there are no factual basis as such to support those claims they have perverted British Royalty into something more of republican presidency.

They do speak of how much I like fighting and am always chasing power until I get taught a lesson I will never forget; the truth is that preparing for business always inevitably leads every day to fighting alternative me on media doing everything to please the fathers and having the finances taken over by a popular idiot that they are happy with, concerning which I want them to shut it down or I will shut it down for them.


We have started to hear talk of my innocence concerning all the accusations that have been levied on me of course which does seldom make any meaning but then again I have no idea where exactly it became a matter of who is innocent and who is not either; what we have is the fact every fool whose stupidities shock people every single time and tends to express a means by which they can get clever too and tends to be shown by them as a matter of how learning works destroying peoples property every time where they are not wanted wants to be able to locate themselves in a place where they can take from me a Royal Estate – so that all these anus and penis insults and everything else associated with it is developed around the things I am likely to do to them being done by them first. The whole story of accusations was supposed to facilitate a means by which every media idiot that wants to join them can always do so, I never knew it was a topic for conversation. The issue in itself exists at the heart of one of the main matters around here all together i.e. whether my view that there really aren’t friends as in real friends that do not wish you to stay married for instance which is another of those views I have that leads to a process where I come in contact with such an occasion to realise what people were saying was not an exaggeration at all but they do say it is the same way I end up in a brush with popular culture and homosexuality but that is a bit different – it is more a case of the fact homosexuals speak of inequality and lack of integration all the time but spend three weeks with them and talk of nothing but the Bible and the gospel to find out if you will not get slashed with a knife but it is popular culture ones that take it to a whole new level where they like to take advantage of all I do and claim I am punishing the wrong people; truth being they are really stupid and you can never escape paying the price thus for every single one of every single occasion in which they get involved with you as a result, so the real issue then becomes that of what their problems seems to be with the respect thing and the decorum bit and the manners aspect, which will soon reveal what they want to do is rip up all that matters to you because you raised it and stand up somewhere with male journalistic idiots who want careers as News anchors to speak and boast of their own manners and decorum which fosters nothing but their loutish need to dominate the general public and so on – it usually signals a point at which to take vengeance because of course it will never ever stop.

They say this is what I say because I make it up as I go along and that this is what I am at the moment, reality rather being that of a case where they help their louts screw around and get themselves unemployed then find the means to target other people and ensure people share a life with them by going down with them too, about which they will find a way out at the end supported by male journalists that will do anything to help them make money with their loutish stupidities that means they do not have to work for it at popular culture, which money they deploy to make themselves the trolls on media and the Internet that the rest of us are plagued by on account an Idiot on media is having a career as a New anchor. I was only speaking of the part where it is said I punish the wrong people as if I have the right when we are here because they cannot keep their hands to themselves when it comes to that intense need to feel somebody has done something wrong and deserves a recompense or needs to be told what to do whether or not he is their equal in the first place as it were and that it is my punishing the people that should not be which constitutes the bad sales problem that I have with my Business. So the story of my views on gun laws and hate crimes comes up again and again and again on the iother hand as well because it is the only thing they want to do, every one with their own flavour and an assumption if I have enough of them there will simply be too many for me to defend myself from and keep a career in the process at the same time; they want a Royal Estate that will be given up to them to deploy for Politics and freedom and civil rights that will result in a process where there was civil rights that had the same credence as Royal Family to make them feel they are not light weight and thereby create equality but we all know it is not something they want to get from their popular culture and Industry millionaires they regard as gods in the first place either – they like it when mine is used is such ways if I pioneer anything, not their popular culture and Industry ones. So an uneasy truce might exist between blacks and whites in America because they never ever give it a rest but because I have written a Book the blacks have found somebody that must be made to go through with it and kill black people and if not the whites will do it in his name and we have to put up with all that hate crime nonsense that really has no meaning and the stupid feminists making people feel filthy all the time, while they all get together and attend church and will never listen when I have made it clear in many ways it is not the correct thing or my kind of Church as it were. None unusual of course just when they are not in a good mood but when they are their twisted and evil nature is rather a lot more concerned with finding Children they can abuse because those look like millionaires of present used to look like in their youth, when asked claim they are torturing those for their secretes in order to share wealth – when done to a point where they have evidence that it is working because some young people have come to develop a very depressing fear of them, then they claim they were right and after they had made money from it can never be wrong and I seem to have been their target hence the need to ask me about hate crimes all the time. Of course they always say I am not making any progress even as I speak but that is largely because they think they are in charge when they are not; what has happened to them so far is as a result of doing that gangs and society nonsense at me and there is more to come still – since they are in charge but the responsibility for putting the ladies back together again is somebody else’s in fact that big mouth says I was the best but it is my Achilles heel because they were better; I believe I have been clear especially for the Americans, it is wise to stay outside of becoming the contents of my Books if it hurts so much to end up there.

 The moral of the story is the same case as ever; people make work for me if they have the guts for it and have not learned enough lessons to be dissuaded. Other Members of the British Royal Family do prefer to be nice to them to get things done - I am just an exception; there is no truth to my input into the Business being inadequate its largely concerned with a Ready Book shop with products at the shelves dealing with one single massive problem i.e. shooting off and counter shooting and blocking bad publicity and mendacity for it on Media has not yet been completed because it cannot be;- still the same old case of a problem with Book sales because of those who as purported own me and the Counter culture ownership I need to secure. The deviance and wickedness which beats the imagination that originates from their stupid cultures is clearly not something they bother me with these days anymore - it’s all turned to revenge over the events that created these Books and the Company itself has established a reputation around people carving out a lucrative patch on my possessions as a result of the fact they think Politics implies when I say 'no' to anything, I have 'agreed to compete' or take part - the good news being that I am not the one complaining at the moment. So eventually we find ourselves talking about their civil rights and what I can do for it or against racism but that has never been the issue as much as the issue has always been that this involvement and sense of what my obligation is, is developed by a collection of people who devise nefarious plans for touching and violently hurting those who have the effrontery to have things they either do not have or have not gotten a taste of having in the past and I will play out to the full what they are going to do the question that is if I do not fight racism for their stupidities and those insults, I will answer the question to my satisfaction of whether it is possible for human beings to be that pragmatic; so when it comes to it the reality is still that they think they are winning but it is the Politicians that like to bail them out with finances and media access and I do not have a problem with it but it will have to stop their way or mine if that also means they can turn up here all the time with a confidence that means they can touch me as well. So at the moment I will live in their neighbourhoods and they will die to my hearts content, so that when I sell the Books I will have to snoop around the under belly of society to ensure my appearance at Public functions is secure from the relatives of the victims that hate my guts like that big mouth suggests and then I am going to put that to the test as well. Time and again we see them around my concerns and we see them address me on Media with those stupid filthy bad cultural practices that ensures they steal privileges of Royal from me all the time to enjoy villainous beauty with, talking nonsense about what I have done like an escape artist and what they are going to do to test how I will get out their new ideas and I bet it happens all the time because they have construed my response to it to mean that I enjoy their bloody company or something like that. In their defence they do of course say its a matter of showing how frustrating it is not to have what you want but of course it has never once been about such nonsense - the reality has always been that they steal ideas from people and get rich with it to tell the owners to get lost as nobody knows who they are but when a Book has been published and patented, do they steal that too? Its something they do obviously that can take a normal person and turn them into an animal considering we see them give to the frugal as it were. We are now having to deal with his tale that I am like a militia in their homes and it was what it was all about right from the beginning where they want to make use of my faith without believing in it or going along with the rules, make use of my faith to force their popular culture perspectives on me and deploy its benefits for their own gain to make profit and since I had failed to comply with allowing that happen, it has since turned to abuses that is supposed to make me the militia and their homes and it should not surprise anybody they have ended up with a bit everyday that is going to make their entire kind into militia as well. I mean everybody has to listen to their cause these days no matter how important and its about me and what I do to their perspectives all the time; the democratic arseholes, clearly ruder than a mountain goat so to speak and its their freedoms at all times that appears to be the main problem and I would like it if they got off my Books and cleared my space especially the American ones. They do like to say we British still have this sense that suggests we are an Empire which is utter nonsense, just like the suggestion I have a problem with everybody when I don't; in terms of the former, its a matter of the fact I returned to the UK at the age of 21 and since I at the time had no job and ended up in a place where I had less friends and people I could get help from if the need ever arose, I had become a kid in their care that they were not obliged by law to care for and so that is when the insults and abuses began, it developed right up to the part where religion is like dog poo and I simply had better not shoved it down the throats of their children but having been that was the state of affairs, I will still walk down the streets to find a homeless child that is homeless because he simply refused to continue playing along Daddy's immorality line and when the Father had told me it is my fault, it was then possible to work for and enjoy my own salary by myself - the big story then emerges thereafter when I think about renting a place for homeless children and got into trouble with politicians from whom I stole personality, so they want a piece of me these democratic arse holes and that is why we see them around my case especially for the Americans, all of the time; as for the story of having a problem with people, fashion is a good example for instance, they will create a dress to match my personality because they imagine what they could do if they had it and then a shoe and then chain store and then when they think they have become gods in the eyes of the public they cash into my public life and claim they needed it to an extent, the rest are much worse, they like to bellow threats at me with a big mouth all the time too. Its never true I make it up as I go along; primarily they want to kill me because they think it will make them feel better about themselves and I want to kill them as well because disobedience is tiresome - so the good ones are the ones that are related to somebody that works in the armed forces, so that the question becomes whether it is right to let them do whatever they like for that reason and the answer is always that it isn't, the answer is always that they are pure evil but the ones that really like their insults and name calling and cultures from which I stole everything I am need an education that stirring war was my strong point and they have no idea, so I always say not enough have died yet as it were. We know the story of my talking meaning nothing is a familiar one but perhaps they might want to talk about what is hurting them instead of turning up to do my own - the Americans are really guilty of this bit at all times and then we hear them claim Washington works for people like me which has no basis on reality, which is that Washington Protects its Diplomatic Interests and other peoples Statesmen cannot be allowed to fall into danger in their Country but for these goons however talk of the big picture is even worse because that is when facts start to emerge that while they complain about the British, their idea of what constitutes the next stage that their small freedom businesses will go will always end up somewhere at the White House on a regular basis and then there is the part where the presidents have enough and declare the freedom thing - where you let people be and they let you be if you cannot be reasoned with, this of course is usually where the White House attacks the Russians and come home to get assassinated because they got confused; now they think it is the British they want to walk over and have just ended up with structures built concerning the Communists and structures built with the US Government in case somebody has to defend himself which is how the story of how Washington works for Tyrants from the UK was developed. Above all this matter of the need to make use of my faith and the attempt to kill me because it will make their problems lighter continues and their Politicians need to get off my Books and clear my space while that stupid fame and fortune celebrity culture and popular culture continues to constitute a reason that I have to deal with it on account they have something to fuck around with (in terms of the storm that brews among normal people, its largely a story about me doing talking and having ideas but everybody knows what they really wish for is that I get myself trained in combat as well but even be that the case they will not save their insolence on their mad media but it has always been entirely expected - it is the ones that recognise they are stupid that go off to do something about it and end up fashion superstars and Industry people who know what they are doing so well you cannot question them about it, the rest are a pest basically finding Politicians that will blame others for their problems for good measure and if I take the story of evil women that like to target me all the time be it because they are using it to develop some security corruption that affects women who take up their own security issues and handle it by themselves, the result will be that the female folk have little left as a means of bullying them as well: so they always say I think I am clever but all I know is fighting but this is precisely why I need to get the media and the guys off my Royal Estate for the think money comes through media theft. Its as thought when I say anything I am inviting all to come round and copy a Royal Order and defend themselves from threats they could never dream of encountering or defending themselves from for that matter on account they exist and that is why insults from the guys and a need to get some publicity with which to exasperate me never seems to end, now they have found out money is made by media theft all together as well naturally according to them aka I mentioned it: so for them its reality that I think everybody is stupid and I am almighty but we all know I am already paying the price for such an experiment to find out if I am wrong, to a point where each time I need to trust those I am involved with in some way the end product is always something else on the media becoming more important and these kinds of things are done by people with brains as it were - for the rest its a matter of the fact people have continued to assume when their media trolls and fools take advantage of them, they should be able to attack those who do not know any better than what we publicly see them do, such as Industry people for example and this is a problem I deal with at this Office all the time and have mentioned it so this really provocative and inventive nonsense the media has created that means people turn up here to copy a Royal Order might stop - I mean they take it personally when I tell them how it is and what makes me a leader and why they find themselves on the way down when they claim to be Royalty on account their money brought in an ego but the reality is still that I want those games to stop where they want a Royal Estate of their own as well or claim to have one as well so they can better try and hence I have mentioned the money is made by media theft and not fighting abilities and an ability to win battles as it were, if they can pillage mine with insults that is especially and then nobody will ever notice how much of a responsibility I am faced with and how stupid they really are and the part about recovering from every single social squander dichotomy ranging from claims my career was something racists were supposed to have been doing, right up to Politicians claiming I want to make a living with their Country and need to be stopped and everything else in between with social and popular culture, none of which nobody has ever recovered from a single, on a daily basis when several are thrown in my direction from all angles on National Media does not mean or say anything - with the media they can make up their own reality and it will be the one that settled with everybody.).