I am aware they say I never ever live my own life as such but I would never know, all I know is that I have always had this problem with popularity and punks – so it’s that old tale of everybody wants to get ahead of your Dad in life and parents raising children for it all the time as well, now it is happening all over again and they think they can predict what I will get up to all together. So it has turned to the public face of becoming intolerant of it; from popular culture to celebrity culture and the underground world and the corridors of international communities and all else connected with it all but then they should have guessed that I will considering a 24 year old on benefits that they cannot put out on the Streets no matter how rich or powerful or connected they get years ago.

It’s like government environment Policy where the focus is emissions targets, which of course is the wrong tool and will never work; we all know we live in a condition where people exist and survive on the basis of what they have gotten away with despite the existence of the rules – so Politicians should be well aware when making Police, other things like settlement planning is a better tool, with emissions targets as government business and not everybody’s problem etc, otherwise they will always expect people to place bottles is bottles recycling bin and plastic where it is designated and general waste where it is meant to be but it will always get mixed whenever people have a slight problem with the government but if the town was planned such that people had to live in a Council flat where the heat was recycles and the water was as well, then eventually all will follow the line and we will end up with a cleaner environment; it is a good measure of how well government Policy works these days as we do hear them mention it all the time as well i.e. you don’t know how they did it to make me do what I did, whenever they want to justify what they got away with – so it’s like a don’t ask, don’t tell, don’t take away story but it is the ones that want to up their anti and up their trophies and their fame idiots which constitute a problem; such ad going to the shop to play with the security guard in the Morning.

Like they tell me I appear to live in a world where the idea resonates that everybody is my enemy but of course that is usually the clearest indication they have stopped lying because an example of the first five minutes of stepping out of my door is the utter misery of not feeling well around my anus and penis and the sense my legs are stepping over somebody’s head on account men are really foolish and have an altercation with somebody they really hate and they spend their time on nothing else either while women are the problem. Then they tell me I like to make out everything law enforcement do is right; whereas in terms of Law enforcement the only relationship they can manage is that when told their behaviour will lead to an outcome where somebody gets killed, their response is usually that of pure disobedience where it is a matter of whose behaviour leads to an outcome where somebody gets killed first and then it becomes an endless game but for others it’s a case of when I touch a man’s wife I am looking for war but when they whack a Royal Prince over the head they are not on account who is Royalty or not is a matter of their feelings. So I do these things I do and say due to how often they are willing to commit their sins and do get to do so rivalled only by how quickly they forget it and blame others for their problems – it helps to furnish them the information by which mercy is devised for them because they really cannot see how good those who work so hard to create them a secure society are at what they do. They do say my work seems to be all about the spending of all that was everything and anything but we all know the real issue is that they need to get off my Books and clear my public life space otherwise they are looking for a war as well.

It’s like this other story where people want Bridge Game to be classified as a sport and others are off imposing physical fitness on people because it is their livelihood and it turns up on media; about which I am said not to be interested in physical fitness businesses while I am involved with security job, whereas I have only been for a Month and a half and am growing and getting better at doing it as well including my well being to match the role, but besides which security job can be as simple as being employed to get about space sharing an area between the people that are supposed to operate within it and enforcing a regime that ensures they work with each other – except that it cannot be when the Media is more concerned with whether or not in the need to report news that sets out their scoundrels to extricate conveniences from my personal life, I am now in a job where I am forced to stand still for it too and after dealing with it all day, I can only return home to the part where I will get into trouble one way of the other and their big media mouth thrown all over the place, under the assumption that as this behaviour continues the part where I will run an Office in a way that oppresses them is likely only to improve. So in terms of whether Bridge is a sport however, the reality is that of what a sport is and we know there is an academic side to sport and that you can study it in University as physical Education – so it is as such difficult to locate how you are to spend three years knowing about the various bones in your spine and various muscles in your body and your biceps and your triceps and various ways your tummy behaves, your dislocation and your sprain and your strain, only to turn up to play bridge as a sport – Chess does come into a sporting league for instance because of its competitiveness but it is still not allowed in the Olympics, however which people will not learn to do their research before they turn up on media to seek their filthy conveniences that make problems for others. So it’s not a harmless prank – if we meet Male journalist over my case where I am in a job where I stand still and their scoundrels can come there to confiscate a writing career etc and get some fame and fortune and so on which complicates the job in an extremely violent way, they have this useless facade on their faces that convinces people it is harmless prank but if I meet them on the trains and Tubes then it really plays out in full as the fact I am safe from neighbourhood criminals and goons that will harm me if they don’t get famous, so they professionally want to see me in a gang fight – it is never harmless prank i.e. on the public transports it becomes obvious that you are not troubled by criminality and he has been trying to get famous for years and needs you in a gang fight so he can be famous with his male fame when bad things happen to you and the result is social conditions that provide him facts for his books and his films and his music but on Media its harmless prank and this will not do – they will stop telling lies for their own really soon too, they know where I stand on their need to complicate my job for me every day; if they heed this warning they show themselves to be real journalists which is good but I will stop having fun for my part all together as well. Of course it is never true I sponge off women – what happens is that they have taken up nine and a half years of my time to be exact messing up all I do to get organised for work, so they can build my public life up and help some stupid girl that is very badly brought up at home to some fame and fortune and I could always move on and let them indulge their stupidity but because they know that is my temperament have been engaging themselves with the collecting trophy victories from every single point at which I might think their behaviour is hurtful and that is why we are here and then we hear them claim they have no clue what point they provoke them religious people, which I have made myself clear about as per the reality as to whether or not they say it on account they are lying or they do because they are the world’s biggest gits; I am not letting them get away with it, they can go to hell. I mean they say I create these problems and then I blame it on others left and right but we all know the truth is that their culture and society is the place where I stole everything that makes me different and I got fed up and decided they will be out there dressing well and getting on with a job that ensures they work and pay some taxes to help with an economic damage brought about by their favourite Politicians – naturally they hate my guts and those who wreck the Book sales and incur the problems thereof should not complain – the rest need to clear my space and save the disobedience about moving into my right hand to play republican, it is a warning they never heed. They do like to make out I am on borrowed time with that stupid idea people are when people restrict their feelings which amounts to the same thing as freedom in general for everybody while they want peoples personal lives in order to get provoked and claim it is injustice being corrected – so there is that sense they are sacred free country idiots and I will not grab that stupid US based democracy and sell it again as it were really cheaply (the one they complain about concerns the part where that culture of theirs from which I stole everything that makes me different meant that I had something which if I touched would mean the murdering of me for them to build up on and how they chose to do that concerned my so called insults and the idea they would ruin 50% of what I have and leave me the remaining 50% to work with so as to produce 100% of what is required while they build up on a population that will support them as they enforce it and women that will make away with my exit if I tried to run with their big mouth I guess – the result is this condition where they have to dress well for a change, have stopped communicating in dishonest ways forcefully because it is impossible to progress with it and are out there sparing me the trouble of a culture that means they have money problem always and I have no security as a result and in the process of which they have been paying some clean taxes in this Country for it too). I believe what I have said about it is very clear; they are only just done with chasing their souls all over the world and if I am on borrowed time will certainly sell up that American democracy to the Communists again; they do propose that the reason is that they are generous with their American style democracy which is why I have the access but no such thing exists, what does is that they turn up here way too often for their own good with it and it is not taught at Church. The reasons these things happen have always been that they are tall lanky bastards who would completely fall apart when people chase their private parts while I am not and it is ever so well to factorise others by such stupidities until people start to factorise them as well, of which they have been doing ever so well since I started too – the other ones on the right hand side being the ones that get cracked when culture and society is peddled by others as well but cannot let alone peoples religion and personal life – I am just running through the structure that will result from a condition where I am on borrowed time with that their big mouths here and it’s the same story with their need to tell lies and collect people’s property for their mistresses and celebrities, the same with their need to abuse others because if they can create staffing problems for people, they will ensure employers cannot touch them while they oppress those they employ etc and they don’t get to tell me I am on borrowed time, that works only with as I said a really big mouth, it’s not how they borrowed time thereof as it were. I did mention that their big mouth preaching about what I should be afraid of and when they have my Royal Estate for themselves will determine, somewhere in Africa especially, if there are no more homosexuals on this planet as it were. They do claim it’s the reality behind the stupid things I say when I am asked about sexual abuse that constitute my problems but of course it’s all very rich coming from people who enlist Politicians to rip up peoples finances so they can burden others insultingly with their mistakes in order to make progress bringing people’s lives to a stop all together, so far they will not keep off my Books and I will figure out what and which part I am going to punish for the damage they have all caused here because of it too. In the end the reality is that bad things happens and bad things happen to poor people and you have to understand it – the old matter of the fact there are good people out there and if you were being oppressed they would get a hand in and support you, so when you are in a position to support them as well, you never stop regardless of how many times you do it, and that is because you know they would do the same for you, not a matter of being force fed somebody else’s sexual experiences or else; while on the other hand their wives are perpetually having an affair and they are after you because of that and since there is nobody on this planet with enough time to have sex with another person’s wife in a perpetual state, obviously I do get to figure out how they are doing it too because they do forget I am a man as well and a lot of the times, while half the population of our sex do such things, half of the opposite are having children and telling people not to make war because it is tough and painful to have children.


The VW emissions saga has really opened up some matters I would never have talked about but they are here anyway so I might as well have; the one about the significance of emissions targets whereas we all know we human beings would die if made to inhale the very Carbon dioxide that we breathe but that Automobiles emit Carbon monoxide instead which is a very advanced and very toxic gas of the same family, so the idea that we keep playing around with it can beat the imaginations of those who have their heads screwed on well. So that eventually there is that other story next to it about Republicans and Nationalists of which the only thing that exists between me and them is clearly what I have which they don’t and how they will get in a condition where I don’t get to feel superior by sharing and of course they happen to get it in a condition where they would be superior if they did and the outcome was that they got it and became superior thereof – making a very long line of perversions that cannot be measured of controlled even by them while others are at the receiving end of it, besides which I am not the one running a party that fronts the National front anyway – we all know that Politics is a matter of personality and its real leadership is in the making of Laws, so it is up to them to justify why they have such a party and not me. It’s not a big matter as such; has always been as simple as the case of making a cock for a cock fight instead of buying one and then making it with a mad crazy killer bull to assume nobody will know as they say – so I am quite comfortable with it, except that we have that problem where all their case has to be explained away by a process where I move left and I have to make them understand that those things the Police do and the reasons MPs bully people are things about which I know why it is done; they would rather love to claim they are the ones that bully me into giving away facts around my work so others can go places but I have no idea how they got from being the ones I love to lead the most, right down to making them dress well for a change and earn some real clean money that is not associated with criminality and pay the taxes accordingly lest somebody takes it up and does it for them while the fact they are bigger in size than I am becomes a real problem all together like they love to show they want it to be all the time. I don’t think the matter is as amusing as I sound but when it comes to that stuff the Police do, I know why they do it. They do say if mentioned it a long time ago things would have been different but I wouldn’t know why people fail to take seriously the fact I am impervious to blackmail anyway; I am sure they will be happy with a condition where I say those who mention that ought to start thinking about letting women chase their finances in a long time ago as well, otherwise accept that I will keep doing things when I want and how I like. They do need to look at it from my point of view as well i.e. Mr A builds a company, his banner in the City centre is as long as three Bus stops and he Knows I do Intellectual property administration at the Royal Office, so he makes advert where a celebrity features better still one affiliated with me and informs me about it but when I do the neighbourhood equity securities considering this is where their Intellectual property ends up and where the products do as well, somebody will wreck it for me over a promise of a new Country and his stupid dreams – so it is clearly as we have always had it that things will happen according to their feelings as it were which is really, really frustrating and the reason they feel my own as well. They do mention that nobody knows why a mad man would go about doing neighbourhood equity anyway but it is an old story that explains why they like to think they are the voice of the poor whereas if I asked the poor it would be all about pyramid scam sales men, hard sales idiots and Media running around with their scoundrels but if I were to ask them, it would revert to that old tale of one law for everybody and another for celebrities, so they can get about punching my irritations because I am cold and they want to ensure their children do not copy me, which is obviously a fight that their wives can win and the problem they have with female journalist at Court that I play a game of anal sex with every single time – the anal sex that we do get to have as it were too, so they might really justify homosexuality. And as for the hard sales goons and the pyramid scam sales men and the media – the story has always been that they punch my irritations because they are my friends while I am being selfish and we are not friends at all as it were, everybody knows that is the kind of situation that will lead to lots of trouble right up to the involvement of public transport operatives. I am Royalty and they are not my friends, it’s purely professional, working for the Queen which means people simply have trouble regarding the fact I am the only person on the planet that has a job which looks like this One and that it is somebody’s Royal Estate brand and the owner does have feelings. All together leading down the same route which as I mentioned before is about the reasons MPs bully people but above all about the reasons Police set out to perform bugging whereby they dug around in the criminal mind and found out what he was thinking – I know why they do it. They do say I refer to myself when I speak of buying a cock for a cock fight and not making one but of course what they want to see is my qualifications and my Books do reflect the fact I have got a level three in Civil law anyway and that I am still studying, so there is no shred of truth in that either; the point is that I am not their friend, it’s purely professional, working for the Queen – much the same with their European counterparts who are usually so selfish they have the personality to show for it as well, pretending I will be taken in by the cultural issues, whereas we all know that the nature of languages means that especially the Latin and Greek and German and French Languages, as compared with English, the English Language tends to be the finisher of the languages – so this idea when people want to take advantage of the British they start a story about how the British have done their stuff is nothing new but we all know if it continues to a point the question will be whether the British culture does finish things for Europe anyway all together and they know it – so it really has nothing to do with reality and when facts need to be handled in their merit; of course there is no evidence of a love for servitude which I am said to possess - the reality is that it is ever so difficult to determine whether each time they approach me, it is to declare that which is a history and that which is an intention but where one law for celebrities and another for everybody else is concerned, I know why the Police do it; so their Politicians do give them International dispositions by which to tell me they have checked me and tested me and know all about me and can see I am not all that to them anymore but it is still a case of working at diplomatic circles with people who just change others, it’s still a case of working in an Office with people who just change others and it is all generally a very rich statement coming from goons who realise at some stage in their lives that their children are daughters which they never knew was the case and need to find a man they can place in a bubble where there are no rules in order to play out the full extent of their wickedness for financial advantage but I am still at a loss as to how and why they cannot see how stupid they really are. I am only asking how it is that people who have the capacity to change others towards a context of financial advantage could possibly have known anything about me to a tune of me being insignificant; it is these same stupidities that helped them develop a technique by which to wreck peoples academic work while paying attention to their own, which is the only means by which they could have gotten to the White House so as to become a pain and this is not where it began in the first place anyway all together and now I have said it I have touched a nerve, as we all know it’s not a process of being beaten up a process of creating bigger problems if I peddled that stupid freedom too for money whenever I needed it. They do say I like to create this sense it is okay to attack Obama but not his subordinates due to his behaviour i.e. I shot the Sheriff but not the deputy story but I have no idea who it is that loves to rip up my Books and my market everyday from the White House either, it changes me and its incredibly stupid I don't want it corrupting my bloodline - I wonder if they do take stock since we all know Mr Obama does those mad things he does because he is creating the world that his daughters will live in and they play up those silly insulting nonsense in America regularly like so right up to Japan and Asia and shoot off insults at me about seeing everything with a big Yankee doodle mouth that gets in my face all the time. In the end their president does not like me but that does not actually get to mean I cannot sell my Books in his Country - so he has decided it has to and it has become a massive global filthy commotion and they have no wish to watch their filthy mouths on my case just yet. I understand I am touching raw nerves here but it is difficult to determine why American citizens are so insulting - they need to keep their filthy mouth off me, it’s almost a warning at this stage; so they do claim it’s the Africans that bully me because I do not think Americans are Gods which I am complaining about but I am complaining about nothing as a result of the actions of a few low lives - at the moment they are giving me a bit of encouragement with a big mouth (in their case they calculate that I will be the one jeopardising a Royal Office to get into a fight with low lives from some of the poorest and deprived streets in the world, hence a sacrifice worth making to move up in the world but they obviously know nothing whatsoever about me, so I have to say my activities are not hurting badly enough yet so far and they are definitely not selling anything around here either and can continue to finger my bum and abuse me to make me filthy in order to secure conveniences so we can find out how it will end all together). It’s not a matter of showing great disrespect for the US President and then turning out at his Country to sell products - what he enjoys messing with is a Book, the Party had been had, the game was played and finished, the Book is the story; so it does not do anything for him in anyway, except it achieves a very abusive and filthy nonsense that he thinks he can justify; so there are two reasons scumbags who feel like going through my purse to find my pocket money and spend it on tampons for their girls friends at the end of every Month, then sleep on my bed with them and leave me to clean it up so to speak turn up at the highest Offices in the land and the reason is either that there is a system of cleaning them up to make them presentable to the world my irritations and African idiots chasing my anus and penis and stuff or it’s just that the entire Country is fundamentally that way. It’s okay to blow off a big mouth threat regularly but of course the reality is still that it never actually gets to end their way when they push me - they do say I need to remove my temperaments from the history of their land and that is just another game of owning the part of my Empire that ended up in the United States of America where the free do what they like with other people’s property and I am asking what in the world will happen when I do not, since it is clear that unless they are the British Arch prince, it was never their own all along. I do not think the matter is a problem in a great sense - they would like it if I had money they could bully me to spend but would like it even better if I had none, so it’s their balancing act when they wish to express how their vandalism has meant I am willing to jump hoops for the Royal Family but not for my own race. It is beginning to annoy me in a big way and the only way they can understand they are not a threat to me is if a third of the fundamentalism of their Country was taken up by me and made into a plaything for world so they can understand what it means to change me and how it affects people at the Royal Estate especially security operatives otherwise, foolish and very powerful idiots in America with an eye on Industry and religious corruptions can keep their filthy mouths to themselves and keep off my finances, especially those who think I need a favour from them when they pretend that deploying the lives of those who fancy a homosexual society to make their religion means it has something to do with God all together and that I am in dire need of it at all times - of which it began with preaching my life instead of the gospel and has not yet hurt badly enough to create distance the part where I responded as well - as for the gluttonous Muslim ones it has continued to be a song they sing whether I am talking to them or talking to others or talking about what is happening in their world, that I take up their exit and do their future because I think when I see what happens to them it is great if I had an idea; now they are not singing that song anymore, it has turned to complaining and threats with a big mouth. So people are stupid and people are evil and people want somebody to blame for their problems but Muslims exist in a wholly different league and it is not a song anymore it is now complains and threats which was the only progress it was ever going to make; it’s nothing unusual as such anyway, just reality when it is said I play around with the tendency people have to seek trappings of power but the last time I checked it was the insults of the Politicians doing all that by itself, whereby they think they are still in student Union and if they want a convenience here or there it will be provided from my personal life and they will not need to be rehabilitated into the system as well if at all they had gotten it all together in the first place - so it’s not student Union anymore, it’s a whole Country and they need to take that fact seriously as we all know screwing around in government Office gets people killed.


So there is always talk of my problems with lovers of freedom but these are people who interfere when I talk with women; she will be talking about her Baby for example and if the kid will wake at 3am in the morning it is likely to be violent for her, so she certainly is talking about a violent thing and so the men will interfere and stupidly show what violent talk should be like and when you inform them they are talking war that has nothing to do with anything the insults get worse. So the anus and penis abuses the they claim is a bit of encouragement has to be because they want robbers to pay them visit, as it is a fight their wives can win in their view when they build it up from me etc and we are not talking about homosexuals chasing me around for diversity in service provision and lots of insults about a problem I have with acceptance either – it is how I get to support them women for every insult they perform and it will end very badly too.

These days it appears getting involved with them which is something I cannot control causes offence and not doing so causes offence and so does keeping that thing I have which they don’t and they will rather show up regularly at the markets to pretend they have an unbreakable circle goons I should be threatened by to make out I claim to be Royalty which is what provokes people – while what really happens is the number of times Americans or American led stupidities results in an outcome where I remember I am not a bloodline member of the Royal family thereby causing offence which either have to pay for or find a way to resolve and nobody in that position would pass up the fact he can bully them for any other alternative. The old story of popularity being imposed on me as a perspective and when told to get lost it will be one they share with them and enforce and then it will spread and be the one imposed on everybody generally and then they will be fighting as a result and the fighting will have happened because of their greed – so of course it is beginning to piss me off with Obama finding out if his kids will get preferential treatment over me at the world stage while they pass around their insults to keep me low and pretend I am spare resources all the time.

It’s always said I am miserable here at home and that there is fear over that but I am not actually; just that my Books were written for Public place Intellectual Property Administration but every single time somebody is about to buy the Books for that reason an idiot led by Americans and republicans or nationalists will get on media and change it to a Book written by a Royal Prince, claiming they love me so much they want to do it for me and they are clearly doing it for alright as it has become Books written by a mad man with their big mouth and a stupid media. Just like the so called communist problem; whereas the reality is that they are the ones playing games with free market in communist territory – meaning for instance that a film may have been made and in the US it’s a matter of large collections of small warehouses where cinema businesses store their goods and entire communities that have emerged from that but in communist territories a little free market in the hands of a local low life bully that owns a cinema will mean that he is the only Cinema keeper in 6 villages – so the government will always move in right away and Nationalise the whole thing and then there will be a flood of cheap goods and market turmoil – for me however, I have a large fan base in Communist territories and in Asia and Japan and really don’t fancy other peoples diplomacy and freedom putting them at risk.

So in terms of the matter of school crimes however my position has always been clear; we all know children who behave in such ways come from families where the parents spend all their time tussling with each other over who will be the biggest neighbourhood bully and the reason I am seen as one of the best targets is that the sense that I make promises about violence that I cannot keep has been built up for me by media idiots and Politicians – meaning they are always after me when I really have not got the time nor have I made preparations to deal with issues such as them and so it never goes away when the result has become that they had started making a statement that I need to stop being selfish, which is precisely as the media and Politicians idiot design it to do celebrity culture with. Eventually it leads to the process of being forced to count the bits i.e. when hit, can you hit back as well, when pushed can you push back as well but in terms of me being selfish, people are not learning enough about inserting some hard sale or pyramid scam sales nonsense into my public life or indeed deploying my faith and personal life to peddle a moral and get rich with, what they like to do is complain about the consequences of it but continue to do it anyway. So it leads to that outcome where the media and the Politicians are so busy breeding children into the scoundrels that live on benefits and turn up where you work to collect a writing career that you have at home because they will be rich and famous if they did i.e. they had questions about what is behind your personality and now the media does nothing with its time except full them in on the facts while they are on benefits; so they all do speak of their inability to understand why the things people do to them are done to them whereas normal people such as myself understand it is because people are digging the criminal mind. So I can go the way of counting whether I can push back and hit as well or I can go the other way that is really my concern and it has nothing to do with being chicken, it’s just reality that I am not their friend and anything I do with them is done purely on a professional basis – the way it really works is that I am a Royal Prince and cannot be friends with low lives like them, the wealthy people I am friends with have a relationship with me that is detached and the reasons is because of the nature of my work and how it makes it easier for me to administrate things when I work in that way i.e. if it is said I am not friends with them, perhaps popular culture and celebrity and media and political low lives are friends with them then but there is the big question, are they really, right down to public transport operators and one law for celebrities while another law for everybody else issue at the heart of it – to facilitate the digging around in the criminal mind thing they complain about all the time; so even with this we can see the story has changed from what they made it already but I must reiterate that I have not got the time for it and had made no preparations as it is completely irrelevant. We do hear these days their liberalism talking nonsense of how I need to take responsibility for the rise in homelessness but they have not given me the cost of my academic work which they wrecked and have not paid in cash for the damage they have done here to groom me for stupidities about their idiots being able to tell me to get out of their House when they see me on the Streets just yet - so it must be that they are having a problem along with their foolish Politicians with the idea that parents are trying to regain control of what is happening around them - it is ever more important than getting a day job on account government funded popular culture will come through for them at the expense of their victims when they need finances because they have not met those that will cut it up for them so far yet as it were; its like that tale of how much trouble I have with black people when I really don't, the issue being that this is simply not the one that they get to use as it were, otherwise the reality is that of Mr A who is a black person and then he one day travelled to the Caribbean and bought a shirt - just watch what will happen in the neighbourhoods when he wears that shirt and then watch again what we happen on media when that part is done - so they must be asking me about homelessness because my part with them in not hurting badly enough yet as far as I am concerned (we do hear the problem to be that my work is ever always at the heart of what is used to punish people but I would not know anyway - all I know is that I know why it is done and where they are involved my only concern is the stupid things that men and homosexuals get up to; where it is said I have a problem with a condition where people make their lives easier is where I triumph over their insults, stopped being the Government operative people like to insult and insult out of University and insult into building an Empire in which the money ends up somewhere else and can breathe this free air for a change but they still need to get off my Books and clear my space as they are really doing it for me alright as it were - so the game has always been that I do not know homosexuality exists because of their quest for conveniences and they do say I may have pulled the leadership out of the bag anyway but even I have to admit its extremely difficult and some people are unable to do it but we all know that their problems was with my leadership all together).