I find it something that is impossible to live with actually; I mean I am in my 30s now, so if as they say I will die of some organ failure, I should imagine I am to live to about 60 but that would still mean 30 more years of living with people pervading your faith so that you cannot pray while their community idiots ensure you cannot sleep with lies and distant pre-fascism violence wickedness. So I can only say they need to leave me alone as I am not their mate and I think that is good enough too. Not when I do God they do the devil on my earnings and with my income and property and if they cannot, then they do God in their own way.  Of course what they mean by a problem with governance is that I resist English dominance which is utter rubbish since it is always perfectly normal for Cardiff, Belfast and Edinburgh to request help from London to deal with trouble makers, I will not tolerate their stupid antichrist competition with personal respects and personality decorum accorded me like they normally do e.g. I am the one that should be getting the kind of attention where you do not attack a Christian because God is with him or that doing so creates greater curses that may affect everybody.

Of course they have a problem getting along with the way this works but when I write books with my position, title and name attached to it, people do not think it is important on account there is a certain way they do not feel about it because their Politicians whose nonsense I will not have around here either wrecked the finances but more so with their help hence not quite clear what they get confused about. They even have their excuses as it were that it is all too simplistic a thing for somebody in my position to write and then set out to enforce a change as well, which they do I suppose because I am supposed to go along with what their Political leaders do to get involved with parts of people’s lives that they should not be when all they should do is get into an office to do a job that is set at their table and it is always followed on with insults that are born out of a process where they find out I am not their mate and know about matters and am competent with leadership they cannot begin to fathom and it ends with those distant fascism insults especially when they are black which purpose is to give me problem I create for them and to make me fix it. So it will eventually lead to something incredibly serious as it were and then I will find out if the books will not get sold because they say so.

In the end what I mean is that it is of course stupid liberal piss and they want government office and once they get it, the correct means to do anything will never be used to do it, what they think they want to do is wreck my business and it is the same behaviour of wrecking peoples business to seek power all across to the world, US and Europe etc, to seek power and then become such a boaster that they feel it is so normal they should be able to move on to bigger fish as it were but most of all, when I had put it down to the fact an economic crisis raises a lot of silly questions that people can play stupid games with, they turn out to make so much noise in public about having done so as well as if it is that cheap. In the end it goes without saying that maybe they want to piss somewhere else or maybe they want to stand around and have debates about it anyway. So UK government chief of staff writes books that are not important to them because of the power of money whichever is which when they have been around here with their stupidities and destruction for the last decade to choose leaders for the world and plan their tyranny as it were with a big mouth, for these games of theirs they cannot hands off my property too as it were.

Where their liberal piss thing really takes a turn is where they claim I am an irresponsible person; nobody will ever know which is which for them anyway because as long as they continue to get involved and wreck the finances with the display of their foolishness over my property that they should never be seen getting involved with, there is no way I can find a wife or a girl friend because I will be broke penniless so I might never find money to market my books and therefore ignore everything they get up to – hence as long as claims I am irresponsible continues, then the barrier to getting out of the financial difficulty continues and so this condition will soon create its own problems in its own merit. I am not irresponsible, I have a personal life in which I share all I need to share with world leaders, I have books I have written to earn a living with thereof, I have set up a company to release equities from the royal property to earn a living and I am currently at college but as I said the claims of irresponsibility and those their liberal piss defamation means there is no way money can ever be released from the royal property or indeed the books sold. The irresponsibility matter therefore must I should suppose be developed around what must be thought by them to be a revelation of massive facts when I mention my person life run by the British Establishment and my books from which I earn a living, the royal property from which I can release money if I end the lies and vandalism and insults that come from them endlessly for its purposes and the fact I have a life which runs along the needs of my Working Court, the Consortium (work about my finances, MOD and the Commonwealth) and the Royal Court, dealing alongside everything with matters like our very good Middle eastern and African and Asian friends who basically believe that they exist in a condition where it is impossible for anybody to protect anything they own from them or indeed prevent themselves from suffering or protect themselves from career piracy. 


So they say I am fake and disingenuous but they especially the American ones and more so when black as well, are the ones that have a life they live which is a secret life in which all I own will end up and then cease to exist in my life where I own it, while I am the one that is fake and disingenuous; so I always think that such things especially from black people do carry out regular exercises of wealth damage to structure society in a way they can control and ensure depends on and winds up the white man, whereby they have damaged mine when I never asked them too and think the way to go is brag about and make noise about so too, that it is a proposal, therefore I expect people to put a face on it whenever they bring it up instead of think they have covered enough of their stupid tracks around here that a process of doing so which has caused me harm will simply be put to history.

They speak of confusions on where I stand on US Policy because of familiarities and robbery made possible by sharing skin colour with them and so on but I have no idea why It would be strange or difficult of figure out that unlike the UK where people are rich and selfish unless they have charities they support and sometimes immoral, the US is a place where people are openly generous and people give brand new cars to their local priests and fresh bank account to a poor helpful woman etc, so when you speak of state provided health care you convince people on it with respect to what you have done to provide for the administrative matters of the activities of wicked people who have never really realised that they needed to spend time earning money for their needs, which is the last thing the Liberal socialists will ever do because they have a fall back ideology that the reason others have what they don’t instead of they have what others don’t is because there are things other people can do which must be used to oppress them.

I do not help poor people like they make claims that I do, the fact of it is that when you are involved with equities and securities the first point of call is organised crime and so it is usually poor people that are deployed by criminals as leverage and the fact something I do benefits them in some way has expressed itself in ways we never thought possible since, locally and globally too, which of course is why people are always poor as it were for they are poor on account that they are clever.

So it is the stupid liberal piss thing however where they believe their own claims that I help poor people which also gets to mean that all I own was gained on the back of doing things that I should not do because I am not liberal and thereby belongs to them instead; which is what they buy time with to exploit those things I do to think about them and their destructive communities of children as well which must come to an end too, in order to damage my business and turn up in public places to brag about it because they damaged it in search of power to govern. I have no idea what they are saying and the recession has been happening for five years now, I have always maintained that somebody needs to be able to have people ask him to stock a product which they will pick up at a certain date and pay him for, everyday, in order to have a business that serves as a job and a business in which another person can get a job. At the heart of these matters however at the end is that old issue of media and the audacity, the fucking guts to get off and tell me every day that they will ensure war happens in every single country where my books can be sold with a big mouth and it is of course the last way they put their complains when they blast it off all the time. So it does not apply that I help poor people because I make thoughts on considerations with respect to withdrawing anything I do which results in a condition where I think about the welfare of their destructive children while they cause me harm public.

So they can tell me I speak as I do but am poor as well to get me to remind them of how painfully I have handled that stupid Labour party and will tend to all of their liberal friends as well yet. 

There is nothing such as what is suggested, that I like to get involved with peoples affairs and pick up responsibilities that are more rewarding to make mine; the truth is that no matter what I do or what I say I do, city centre idiots and their media will always like to wake up every day to go to work and get rich with a process of thinking that having fun makes money, having parties makes money and that as long as they earn my income and do not work for money all will be okay for everybody and there will be no other ways of making money as well, hence everything I do at the Firm and around my business is to be interpreted daily and with violent and gay scandals as an agreement on my part to hand over my earnings in order to ensure that figures suggest the economy is doing well and or is recovering. My personal opinion is that they have got enough money as it is and if they need more, there is no reason they should not be looking into their attitude and insult issues that are responsible for the barriers that prevent them from doing so, the justification for this of course is the fact that every material thing that we see has been built by somebody and unless sold to or expressly given to you legally which are the only two plausible reasons they built it, can never be yours, hence the only way to have and not earn money either way happens not to be personality issues and media appearance except it is theft but actually work. They on the other hand are wired differently and very daring set of idiots as well and it will approach a time very soon where stupid useless no bodies that handle the property of a royal prince will set the stage in which they will go through the same process at the hands of the people as well, after they are done showing that it is possible like they are at the moment. Snooping around stock markets and city centres does not create any image in any body’s mind that they are respectable or important and this is the fact they lose sight of all the time.
It is never really true that I want people to do things for me and that it is the things I am paying for; the truth is that the only option I am given by these fools for preventing a process where they want all I own and cannot get it and therefore set out to ensure that I cannot have it either when it is mine for the rest of my life, is such things as getting hold of the stock market and then breaking up and peddling the securities cheaply as book titles and blogs on my website because it seems to be the only way that I can get any respect out of any of it; now for the Politicians that think it is funny and nobody knows who told any of them that any of that money really belongs to them when I can account for it and they cannot in the first place, breaking up and peddling the stock market so the economy can go into serious trouble would be one thing, doing it so destructively that they will be distracted into looking out for other matters so they do not bug me anymore would be the health and safety and well being criteria taken care of and I still have no idea how such idiots got into positions of authority anyway, so that these fools can always therefore believe that any need to make use of and enjoy anything I own must lead to an issue that gets right up to the highest levels of government on account when they pass some money here and there they will be safe in a place where I can do nothing to protect myself from them on account of the collective, which they use as a shield. When it is not funny anymore, it will really cease to be funny indeed and what I offer as a product by the way are my books not the copyrighted property on the websites or personal property in my office - this is the warning as the end of the day. It makes me feel as though my condition really is what the condition of the economy looks like, in the sense that if we exodus the business idiots in this country completely at present and begin to attract new ones, we will be much better off in a couple of months; all the same, the service I offer are my books not my company property and they have not learnt their lessons yet, this is the warning. What they mean when they say these things happen because I handle their companies is that they went about singing my business equities for a living to get rich and famous, left it lying around like that for extremists and criminals and trouble makers and so when I picked up on the path that they did so with and found the equities and securitised them and continued with the business they started getting violent as well with a big mouth and so I say they can come and get it if they feel I handle their companies for of course with those impudent insults they think they have got politicians watching their backs for, they have not learnt their lessons yet as it were. Its mine and those derivatives they cannot earn their own money without touching at the global stage along with their cross nation friends and an obsession with appearing on advertisements in which most of these damages are done while they make money from it, is mine too but that is another story anyway - so as to ensure they can put their insults where it belongs too; They are such an incredible breed of idiots and I am not courting any big problems when I tell them to come round and get it if they feel I have handled their companies with their big mouth. The only reasons for this as a matter of personal view by the way is that the parents of these idiots spoil them and so because of that they feel they can get spoiled on the property of anybody they wish as long as they claim the person handled their history or culture or society etc and I suppose it means I am not spoiled as well and how they know that is that I am a Christian who does not do gangs and violence and is therefore available and vulnerable to all kinds of rubbish from them because he is stupid to have given and or given up such things as power bearing in mind they can always use media to adopt self improvements that help them to anything he has got unless he can show he is capable of violence and the creation of fear - power of which they have not got anyway and I have to continue to give regard for what is the collective on account Christians do not believe the world revolves around them.
So the idea is that stupid Christian gives up on gangs and violence and the creation of fear and turns out to make other people’s lives a misery because he continues to insist on getting involved with business and leadership and government to do things he cannot do or expect peoples to do for him; they have not learnt any of their lessons and still have trouble working out what the problem with American Politicians really is obviously.


In the end the biggest issue of them all is that the worst way to approach anything that involves me or my affairs is to think that you are the boss, nobody else is the boss around here but me and the services that this boss offers from all his work is his book sales, nothing else - all else are personal property and so it might not be said I never mentioned it and people think when they get their Political leaders the idea they can and are supposed to get anything they want from me when those are in the same place as they are i.e. I lead they follow, was therefore possible and so is the resulting fact that a process where it is having no effect has become frustrating as well. Those on the left and the things they cam share does not work around here and more so does not work anymore; nobody told them to gamble it either by the way besides which even if I tolerated it like the world I was born into, the standard they have specifically set out for me which has made me one of the most abused statesman in the world makes that impossible, I share nothing here or anywhere else and most of all never share power, I mean I do not even know what it is in the first place let alone get to share it as well and nothing will be shared here and I do not think there is anybody on this planet that can enforce it as well due to how far I am willing and ready to go to ensure that it is never shared.

They need to look for trouble somewhere else and for those of them that it applies to, liberal piss somewhere else too. The most abused statesman in the world due to access they have to media, apparently the clowns cannot see there are people who like it anyway. 

Now finally first of all is the matter of trouble from the royal family which is violent to me; for the record I should state my relationship with the top family as a whole is as smooth as anything, even mistakes I make are being overlooked like crazy and I have to worry then about suffering the consequences of my own incompetence and the absolutely shameful history of being responsible for my own downfall. However there are some that love to dispatch their media goons to have a go at me and most of them think that I am not aware of the feelings of HM towards me as such and that there is a lot of things that they need to do about that and more so to their own ends, which is very violent and full of rubbish too. In the end the old issue of buffoons with rich or privileged backgrounds who cannot leave other people tends to apply; with respect to which when their parents ask them to do anything or indeed they get public work, finances are always handled like its rail track times ten and over again and so because I make a living with my books as it were, it seems my position has become the threat when I have never mentioned it as a comparison to what they get up to, hence how they get to lumber me with problems associated with trying to be a member of other peoples family when you know it is impossible and then of course the other part where I have to remind them their parents never owned one like this nor has any King of England and then of course we have now reached the stage where I have to tell them they will take it like they claim only when the evils of their society holds sway, for only then will they have been able to tell lies that people become so disillusioned that they believe and when done come round to get it and more so over the fight of their lives as well, like well off buffoons and the fact they cannot let other people be and talk about violence all the bloody time. Now with respect to the issue of transparency that would do me a great deal of good when I do anything with people; the fact people overlook is that nobody has ever ended up doing anything with me in a condition where they are the boss, whenever people do anything with me the fact remains that I am always the boss, they cannot be the boss; it is impossible to expect me to end up in a deal with you at a royal property from which I release equities and securities and write books on those to earn a living in a condition in which you are the boss while you need a favour from me. I mean which is which anyway and how many of the books do those that want to be my boss have ever bought around here anyway? These things I say are not coincidental, they are a plan developed after making public my life revolves around my Court and Consortium and Royal Court and a personal life in which I do diplomatic work with the aid of British Government and books I write to earn money from it and of course the declaration of facts such as that of when I do anything with my court it seems that unless Asians had ripped it to pieces they will never breathe for example, it is designed so because I am ready to fill my fame and personality and do not expect any opposition either because I have given people enough time over it. I mean they always say it is about money and I wonder which part of it really isn’t or have ever ceased to be about money – I don’t want their lectures or education on that for my part, I just do not expect resistance like the old stuff about being the boss when because I own an empire that is vast and very valuable I cannot release a penny from it and end up therefore having financial problems on account people wish to show me the various angles that can be followed when people do evil things on account they want money.