On matters of the state of the economy I should like to start with the UK government and its plans to change laws of Sunday shopping, this is therefore I guess meant to squeeze the global economy in areas of the world where people do not open on Sundays, while they pretend it has to do with hitting the church, however once Monday arrives the honeymoon would have been over as well, which shows it makes no sense. However if I want to be serious about it, then I ought to ask how this solves any problem bearing in mind that the recession started with a credit crunch and so recession being something that happens between consumers and producers, changing Sunday shopping times in a condition where I have to see and know what I want before I shop in the small shops but have to make time to pick all the things I want from the super markets which is a completely different style of shopping will most likely help me as it were. For the producers on the other hand, it seems that the reason I would buy things from smaller shops at over 60% more but get it from super markets at current rate is because they pile it up and sell it cheap while things they sell expensively are simply expensive and nothing more because they have got logistics and are being sold because they can afford the logistics to do so and the ability to run big logistics thereof which smaller shops do not have but changing shopping times for Sundays clearly will help the economy when I am not consulted especially because I can enjoy the fact government is doing it from up above and I simply need to shove it down people from down below too. They have not asked anybody about those things, they have simply come up with it and nothing more.

I hate them you see because they love to play these games and never take anything seriously, so because they want to make out I am bottom feeder like to pretend my work is linked to theirs while they are the high fliers and it is the same with their diplomacy as well; Russia sells Arms to Syria but whether or not there is civil war in Syria will be decided by whether or not Russia sells arms to Syria. Nothing considered about the fact there was a militia in the country and they do not exist without being armed, nothing considered about criminal activities by the militia and the sense people have of uttermost insecurity which has caused them to arm themselves as well and the facts about how on one hand Russia sells arms to a government and not a person but when people die in Syria they have names. What they did instead was determine whether or not a country will slide into civil war on the basis of which country sells its arms to it, which is something most government keep secrete and so nothing has to this day been done about the killings in Syria. The American president is much the same as well; he gives pop star idiots the freedom to do what they like then get off to plan an economy on it knowing that these guys always like to play the east against the world and suddenly realise they have fortunately landed on Japan when they fall. Now he thinks he has made me bottom feeder and because Politicians in the UK are powerfully immoral my work will be used for anything he pleases and anything the American economy needs, hence made himself high flier and his job is connected with my book sales which is utter rubbish as well, which I have no idea how they will enforce as well since I myself think they are immoral and probably violent as well and not necessarily stupid and more so stupid enough to take such risks.

What I am speaking of here has a lot to do with the fact that their get out of recession card was handed them on a platter as the money that consumers personified took out of the bank just before the credit crunch hit the economy; they have been working out what to do with what was happening in the pipeline for the last five years and now are suggesting that the economy went bad because of other economies that sucked it out and that military force will be used to restore and secure what the economy had lost and the sense that they are making therefore is that it is okay to take the consumers consumer pipeline spending power on which they ought to plan the recovery, dash it to pieces along with their lives and dreams and then leave them with conflict. They think they are the only ones that are bloody minded, the only ones with an ability to hate and it puts in perspective that stuff about my bottom feeder status they like to mention with flash suits in international community’s doing nothing but incompetence as much as it as possible. I am not a bottom feeder and cannot make out what it has got to do with anything; I mean my parents do not have much of a reason to complain about me but I have hardly done anything people tell me to do and have been that way for a very long time, so it is really difficult to figure out why anybody would make out I am a bottom feeder at this stage but actually it has nothing to do with the fact they were in government office and were at the centre of things when it happened and that it was their obligation to protect and bid for the security of the property of these people, so what they have done is bid for that of the rich and waste that of the poor, tell me I am bottom feeder and try to win elections, which is why they want to make up for it by hurting me too.

In the event of which they will tell me I speak like that but the media always gets the best of me; the media does not get the best of me, I mean when you mention people who wear suits the media is counted among as well which does not make any sense because it is really impossible to gather news and report it with suits on except of course those that wear suits are really insolent poster boys and girls and deserve everything they get too. For their community idiots, somebody may say of me that I gather all the power and want it for myself and so I may try to make sense of it but will never do so; hence it is as I said I don’t know which makes them retarded, the fact they are homosexuals or the fact they were always stupid from the very beginning and it makes me want to hurt them seriously as well because these opinions get my attention on account they are concerning due to their violent content and threats of immediate violence by those who bring them about due to the fact they believe them totally.

In the end the picture is that there are Political fat cats that I do not like at all but love to think I want to be seen everywhere they go because it is good for their ego to make that credible while I find it infuriating. Then there are business fat cats, then there are Media fat cats; it is the media fat cats that assume so much of rights that the law has not given them especially over other people’s property and so when I say things like I don’t want any rubbish from them what I really mean is ‘they don’t touch me and get away with it.’ The main issues is that Politicians never listen, it seems they want what the media says about the economy to be credible but that will never happen because I know that when I write my books they do get involved with it in some way usually the previews for I cannot put my finger on whether they do with distribution as well and then they will get on media to break it up to make their news more catchy, which is why I had learnt to break up their media to make books from the facts as well. So I know anything on the economy can never be credible on media but that it will be the last thing that Politicians will want to adhere to.

What these fools do for the most part is get together and share money among themselves, then blag and intimidate and attack people to make more i.e. Mr A buys something worth £2000 from Mr B who sells him something worth £1000. So Mr B is £2000 richer and the reason for it is that he has abused a Christian, I know soon Mr A will want something worth £1000 from him as well and therefore they are just sharing money among themselves and hoping to add to that money by taking over property owned by kids and businesses run by kids with a big mouth. So when you do tell politicians to stay out of it, they make it their major preoccupation about which they are doing very well at the moment as well. They need to stay out of it is what I say, so we can find out how these guys will create us economic recovery they want; I mean some ask about why I decide things the way I do when we can all see their wickedness can easily start from the claim my Christianity gets in their face and then progress to the hope I can be stripped of it if they ask Politicians to help, to the plan to strip me of it by having sex with me of which once it comes to the point of sex it goes on like forever – then they realise it is such a handful and so need money therefore decide to sell things on the basis of offering somebody people can take their problems out on and people buy those too, like Mr Obama gives idiots that want to control boys and girls to do riches and fame, play National interests of countries against each other to feel like they are the fools who sit in an office with tentacles all over the world, then plans to reset American foreign Policy while that is happening. So unless people like to get hurt by those that want to make profit when they know making profit is about being nice, then I do not see which part of these things they should get involved with anyway. My position is still the same, unless these goons change their attitude those their businesses have matured; for me personally it will come to a point where I take their homes and cars and women before they live in a world where material things belong to others and unless given to them can never be theirs. I am not ready for it at the moment and they will not stop savaging my earnings with their deviance either, nor will those that get rich with my work and suppose they can pop star manipulate me to deal with it as well with their cultural elitism sought out which is actually their own level so far.


I am not ashamed of living on social security benefits at some point or at this stage, as suggested I am; if I am worried about it, that is entirely my own stuff and does not concern anybody but being ashamed of it is not counted among my reactions. Nor is the idea that when the Politicians plan my budgets like they do in Australia it bothers me in anyway; I mean you get £65 a week and if you afford the minimum lunch of £5 a day, then you are left with just £20 to fund all your communication needs from broadband to phone calls and to fun your transportation needs and to fund your breakfast and dinner. So maybe they should take over the budgets and plan them and then of course they would be such a pain when people are trying to find work. I mean I know that they approve their friends and families for employers for example and leave me out and there is no other reason I get unemployed for a long time once I get help from the service; the issue that has now arisen can be broken into three sections, one of them being the problems associated with approving friends and family for employers, which tends to tell employers that those who have not been approved are a problem, hence each time I set up my own structures to make myself more attractive they screw it and fantasise about a time when I have no benefits to live in as well. Then secondly the outcome of when they report an act I have carried out to keep myself on benefits, the result of which is likely to be that Politicians hear I was given a job about which they are considerable certain I will be employed but I refused to apply until it was too late, about which they approve people for jobs but could not do the state the favour of approving me as well in order to stop me from sponging off the state like I am at the moment, so it is the sort of thing that constitutes fun until they lose their own jobs and find themselves on the benefits as well and the other being the system and what it is used for, at the moment of which they say they use such things to deal with sentiments of hate because if a person is racist, then the possibility of winding themselves up badly enough to hurt or kill somebody increases if they get jobs, knowing employers will employ none whites as well but nobody can explain exactly why that system is being used against me when I am not white and am a Christian as well and therefore do not do violence. So it boils down to the fact that I have fame and they want it and the way this is continue is that it will eventually lead to a process very soon where they are either famous or they are civil service staff, it will lead to a process where they stay at the corner of their own jobs and stay the hell away from mine, a process where it ends really badly indeed. Everybody wants fame but I hardly see them live in other people’s lives, I hardly see them want another person’s own; so it is meant to be provocative and perverse, hence I ought to imagine they know the result will be a war coming on because I will defend that career like anybody else would their own from the abusive media – I do suppose verbal abuse is underrated these days anyway and it is the reasons they feel they can do whatever they like. So I am assuming this is the reaction they wanted from me as well and they can play it out on Public TV if they wish too.

I am not saying it is a huge crisis, it’s just that they have never really given thought to the amount of damage that a process of thinking other people’s lives and careers are a media plaything while they save and protect their jobs for money does to people. So as it stands the idiots think they want respect from me because they have become prominent but it makes absolutely no sense whatsoever. All I want is a process where I get my books sold not my finances wrecked by media trouble makers who then get involved with civil service staff to tell me somebody else needs and wants my fame but it will never take a turn for the better having been it has happening everyday for years now. So it is all very violent and very gay and the reason for that is that they get pleasure from a process where I fight them and of course it is that stupid money that is my problem for my part as well therefore, hence when I say very violent and very gay. In the end the main issue is that while the rest of us think of difficult matters of state we have to do it without feeding money which does all kinds of destruction from health to encouragements and fundamentalism for social extremism but by the time we have come through all of it, the idiots have been rich and famous from what we have gotten up to. So it’s like the stuff I mentioned earlier about having millions by not paying taxes and so when the tax man finally gets his hands on it and the fines are added up his savings is just about enough. In this case I will take their homes and wives as well if I can, so their claim civil service people want my fame just makes more of a sense to me. Of course the idea I am a plaything of the media is not exactly right, they are simply fund of building on the disconcertion that their intrusive and targeted abusive insults causes me, so at present they have not yet felt confident enough to tell me I suck because the results will be disastrous, so they are working on it in order to be able to. Like the other thing they work on as well so people can tell me I am unable to accept help or aid which is of course rather due to the fact that they have spent all their time to turn me into the statesman that has his salary confiscated and academic work destroyed, finding out it is not possible because I am not a child anymore they have gotten to a habit of making out delay is still denial so they can continue to try and set out to racist therefore that it is possible. Hence we end up already with such rubbish as civil service idiots want my fame, while I am only temporarily claiming benefits in order to set out on a means to raise funds to sell the books. With respect to assessing my claiming benefits by itself, the whole thing has been created by a collection of idiots, the same who now think they are the only ones concerned that somebody got a royal commission about 8 years ago and has not been able to make some money from it since. Three issues have been affected here one of them is my right to get a job being screwed around with on media and Politics, the other is my academic work which has been taken away and the third is my finances being messed around with my book sales and everything at the civil service where they have my personal details; so these are all things I needed to get done to get prepared and it became their business and they did it because they had access and there was therefore no reason they shouldn’t. As for the boast that I will be what they want me to be, I will hurt their Politician insults seriously before it is packed on for a change and then will they be able to tell me more about how they can tell me whom I am supposed to be while I have been doing the job without pay for the last decade so racist can see such rubbish is possible. So we ought to stick to talking about my status as a benefit claimant where they do not exceed themselves.

I mean they love to claim that I think that democracy should be a moral thing and want it that way as well, which makes so much sense too; when the real issue is that when people make an effort to be nice to people, all they think about is whether those people are homosexuals or have taken drugs or have had sex and so on and it has nothing to do with church either, like it is with my fame, they need to get the hell out. I am all for a process where people think they have got some fame and some recognition and the purpose of it along with their bit of money is to acquire things, I mean they got to notice I exist because a vast number of people hate my guts, so there is really nothing wrong with another group doing just as much as well. They always like to claim it will affect me business wise which is utter rubbish because what they really mean is that their stupidities especially when they are American and when American most especially when they are black and most, most especially when they are black and female will affect a condition where I sit down somewhere to sign autographs for books and I write and sell from a Royal Office; I mean I am concerned about how doing so would affect operations at Buckingham Palace of course but if I ask for help on such matters I will have it resolved. They on the other hand like to make noise all the time; this is the United fucking States of American yap, yap, yap and you British think you can do whatever you like yap, yap, yap and do need to shut it. Some people say I always let these things hurt me until they cause me so much damage before I do something about it but what do they expect me to do, say something about it and create meaning for it? Obviously we can see the meaning always comes through in the end and I am all up for it too.

Stories that rich people have become more powerful and on media stated that it is my fault that the government is weak is something that those who create think are incredibly powerful of course but in fact they really are not. The truth about it is that they are the ones that do things to create news for themselves out of peoples misfortune and because it is never enough they have gone as far as to collect peoples economy and society and hand it to the rich, then get off to tell the Politicians to do something about it and go on and on about that on media. Where I really fit in is that if they want somewhere to hide so that they might never get to stop hurting people like that, then I am prepared to help them with that bearing in mind they have got their media powers, for of course what people will do to them and how they will handle them when they get hold of them is entirely a matter of how they feel and time does all the necessary damage to that effect. It is never clear why they will not concentrate on talking about the stuff they do to attend parties and seep expensive drinks instead of other people’s jobs and economies and societies.

The rich are not running wild in any way for the truth of how it really is. What is happening is all I really can do about it i.e. chase them around and make sure those who have not worked for the money spend it to make themselves comfortable bearing in mind they have so much unspent energy left to go around using that money to harm people with and those who worked for theirs keep their money. These media people on the other hand I do not speak about those things they do to get around attending parties and seeping expensive drinks are because these are the sort of behaviour that we ought to get together as a society to laugh at, it is always even more ridiculous when they make out nobody knows.


Now the talk about Germany considering the process of making a Federal government out of the EU is just as well. It makes me wonder whether people read the text books at all, I mean it is not that I believe such a thing is happening anyway because nobody is that mad but if there are people thinking about it, that would be even madder, bearing in mind with all the killings that Adolph Hitler carried out and all his hard work, all he could achieve was 4 years of interim loosely ad-hoc by word of mouth and insignificant consolidation. It is the problems with the rules people have – I mean the questions are there as to what a federation really is and why a constitutional government is better for countries even when they are counted among the smallest.

I am not in any silly difficult situation in anyway, the truth of it however is the simple facts behind one of the things that puzzles me the most i.e. how does it get to mean that I am inferior when somebody targets me at a grown up age to ensure that the life I had built for myself where I can carry on like they do not exist is taken away, at a point of higher achievement and promotion? So this is the conundrum of the issue of me and being in a difficult place, I am not in any such place the fact is that I sometimes amuse myself with these things but it will never change the truth which is that it is all cultures and lies and the part I wish to ensure they never forget is that it has no purpose, except to the Politicians that reward them with tax payers money for it. Of course if they hold me down to create such purpose for it in my life and work, I have already shown what is likely to happen as a result and as for the process of grabbing my earnings and property when such things are done, they hate royalty and there is very good reason for that. One of those reasons is that royalty always have enough time in office to take it back.

Where these matters affect me for my part is that it is all very well for politicians to boast like they always do but at the end of the day, let them move into your right hand and sit there to do whatever they like because they are capable of causing trouble is something that is likely to work until they reach people they cannot enforce it on and how on earth they hope to enforce it on those that are grown ups and have fully developed careers where everything in it has a cost and value is that which nobody knows; so it is the old issue where each time I warn them unemployment could be the least of their worries they think it is unfeasible. The point of most of what I have done is first of all that I do not go to their communities to seek anything from them and of course that the fact I mention their community is not indicative of recognition for those things they build up by bullying people, so the fact they bully people and build up those things they do is not to say they do not have their own communities, if and when they leave my work and property alone bearing in mind they do what they do to abuse it because they know I have rich and powerful allies an friends and that doing such things help them to find out how those people live their lives and then when finished they have trouble dealing with the recession and the economic crisis and the financial crisis etc. Secondly if I want their hands on the deck on matters of the economy, I will most certainly have it there and I am not bluffing – I will have it there by any means like I already have but in a more liberal way.

The issue that has been set out here is first of all that media need to talk about the things they do to attend their version of lavish parties where they seep expensive drinks and the other is that people do not seem to talk as though my work and property is completely different from their governments and economies and every other business out there.

It’s in the same par with that old story about my own people finding out what I think about racism, which is simply that people have made themselves excuses with which they attack my livelihood and that excuse is that I do not fight racism. They rob me of jobs and give jobs to racists then tell me to fight them, if they are not doing that, then they are spending more of their time making sure with a big mouth I have fought racism before I can get a job at all and no distance is too far for them to travel to reach me for the purpose. So have I decided as well that not enough of them have died as it were with that big mouth violent integration where they claim some will die but they will get what they want in the end? I mean who asked them and their greed fuelled ego in the first place anyway by the way and fuck their parents for breeding creatures like those into this world.

As for the claim I need their help with intelligence and physical work or action, I have no idea where they get such things from anyway, all I know is stupid entertainment and media industries where they tell those who want fame to get some of my royal estate for them as peace offering first before they can get it, looking for trouble. The truth about what I think of them is not just that those homosexual lifestyles and immoral living is too far detached from normal life or indeed the needs of their body to be something that government legitimises to the point where it bothers me and they need to watch their mouth, as the truth remains that they are really stupid people and the reason they love to get involved with me is because it is the way their stupidities does damages and then pays off financially as well so they can have both power and money and I have had enough of it. From the claim that I am the way I am not because I attend church every week at least once but because I am the kind of man designed by society to make women comfortable while they are pregnant and must never have children of my own, to those stupid insolent violence based theft of my income and property with an audacity that is not far from murderous with a big mouth. I need their help like fight racism I say. The biggest problem in this matter is that old process of setting me up for leadership savaging my finances and property and then making sure my people depend on them; I don’t want my people to go to them for jobs or money and my empire is the means by which I ensure that does not get to happen and they have got no idea what I think about them and those stupid societies and civil liberties they always gamble for rubbish so they can think they will get new ones by doing things to me that are civil rights inconvenient.


I don’t want my people to end up in the part of society they control and when I want to say anything I want to have an opinion that is clearly about the needs of my people, not doing so suggests they have usurped those for their own purposes which is an old provocation that has gone on for the best part of the decade before they realise recently that they hate my guts and I am not giving back that stupid left.

When I mention that these things are happening and that they are suffering imposed by idiots on others because they are securing privileges for their stupid women it is not because I am beaten, it is because it is my turf. I mean I have the right to do it and they don’t. First of all which is the fact that football idiots for example as some handful of very arrogant idiots but the real problem is that nobody around here asked them about it. For their side it is a matter of the fact that when my women create small businesses around me because I am aesthetically vulnerable, their stupid wags do it for celebrity culture as well, which I suppose gets to mean that there is nothing I can do but they can do anything they want and this is just adding insult to the injury, the injury which is that their main problem was the knick knack paddy wag give a dog a bone old men and even if those did not constitute a problem for them, when I returned to this country the fact those stupid men existed alone meant somebody wants to get rid of the Monarchy, now they are friends of the Monarchy because they have found a new target. I mean everybody feels like it, from corporate idiots to the same I speak of here and they all want to get privileges for their women with my work and property and the knick knack paddy wag give a dog a bone men on the other hand are all over the place especially in the eastern part of the world winding me up and having huge problems with the process of what sex with my women which they seem to want all the time really means, as though this is their own life, not to mention football transfer period idiots and city employees that always feel like savaging my finances and property; for city employees the purpose is to rise to the top very quickly, for football transfer windows idiots it is being able to transfer an expensive football player to have lots of money and no sooner do you see their faces on the News paper mocking me; yet they know the purpose of local news papers is to publish local issues in the first place and this will piss me off uncontrollably but they do it every single time every single paper is published. When you hear them complain you think they have ever done the right thing in their stupid lives but that is the biggest question of all; who asked them and more so about their stupid unfathomably big insolent egos?

So nobody asked them about setting me up for stupid women and collecting my work for their foolish women that also have cultural names referred to as wags, in order to show off their insolent ego and even now they are still hanging around talking nonsense knowing I am completely fed up with being insulted by them about how I must fight racism and turn up in public places to play stupid football over it in ever turn all the time as well.

Whether or not they might have noticed I do not get involved with either left or right of their societies because I am a Christian, they think they are bound to the path of making sure I have no mean or security by which my people do not end up in parts of society they control to become slave races and sex objects and for now they damage the properties like they can give to others for that purpose and it is the process of telling me where I am supposed to be and more so to make them feel comfortable as well that really ticks me off; it is fair to say they have no idea, no idea at all. At the moment I need help from idiots that are so stupid that ideas they invent and get together to believe about other people is a very concerning issue and of course I need their stupid help as in doing something about racism as well.

Now the big problem with Policy making in the UK is that Politicians want to feel as though they are running the Country and the Monarchy is not but of course it is all very well said, when the way it works is that Politicians will make out you interfere with their business and you will be the better person and make way and they will take a swipe at you to talk demagogue about what would happen if you did not and that is how a half priest Prince whose business is with the church and his books and those he sells them too and whose affairs with respect to Politics is more restricted than that of most senior members of the Royal family, end up in a place where somebody gets off in the US to tell him which country he cannot set foot in on account that is their turf. Like that; if you didn’t you would have had to check me out and because of it they will see a piece of me too. In my eyes it is broken up into five bits; the religious rubbish from the west, the religious rubbish from the middle east, the religious rubbish from Asia pacific connections and of course fascism in Europe. The first matter here is that I cannot do anything without there being a clash of civilisations and a fight over my earnings because the media and Politicians have given them the sense it can be acquired even when that is not true and I want an absolute governance of all four of them; it is not the first time – the first time they told me I will get killed and that people who mess with their culture always get killed, the result instead is that we have discovered those cultures can be rebuilt and more so over and over and over again and the pain is incredible. For the fascists, their case is about their stupid girls vandalising my work to get rich and destroying everybody’s life for it, so that when those are finished they will get their turn with the blame culture it must have created and so they will move into my right hand only in hell and will always end up only telling me where I am supposed to be only on that stupid media. So this is a summary of what is wrong with policy making in the UK.

They always like to make out it’s all about me fighting against multiculturalism and all that stuff but it is not multiculturalism anything; what we have is a process where politicians know there is a multicultural society and believe that all their cultural pleasures should be had on the basis of making a mess of your privacy at the point where you have a faith, which indicates they are satisfied with religions that have no link to God and will exterminate the ones that do with a big mouth and we will find out as well as much of it as those media scum want too. You hear them complain of the days when the Church of England will organise an expedition of missionary work to go to Heathen lands and covert them to the faith and the fact we have wrecked peoples culture and still have no respect for it to this day and that if they knew what they now know bearing in mind they are bigger countries the British would never have colonised them but of course we can see how it starts as it were – they think that facts have been altered as it were. So yes I get it a lot that nothing I say has any real chances of success but the logistics of looking after the size of the wickedness they have got there is incredible not to mention the fact I the cowards will have my life and live forever when a stupid little witch gets killed through honour crimes and so on. They do those things they do with my personal life because they are setting me up as something society abuses to the point of making me into such an aberration that their culture cries out for my blood in order for people to have normalcy and that is what their multiculturalism is really about; idiots that want to control civil service and the finances of those they have selected to murder in such ways doing what they do best with their intense wickedness as though they are the only ones that know what a culture is with that stupid laziness and you will never hear them put it that way to anybody, unless the you handle them as well and they want to go global with their complains. As far as they are concerned the UK is so modern people don’t talk about such things anymore; I simply feel that they will either get the hell of my earnings or go down that route where this is clearly their own fucking lives with those stupid evil devil worshipping they claim wants my blood or a satisfactory alternative before I can go anywhere with my own world; multiculturalism my arse and I have not handled that stupid music industry badly enough as well so far it seems. I don’t mind the Politicians wrecking my finances when they know it helps me to ignore them each time they start off such things, then help them financially as well and pretend it is a part of history that nobody can explain. I have said the book sales will be their undoing as well anyway, like they claim I stifle their lives when they are the ones that tell me that my real value to them is when I am a corpse i.e. something they can kill and make a show of killing to have the kind of lifestyle they want, as I say, you never hear them tell anybody that is how they view me as a person. What you hear is a process where what I say surprises people, which suggests that the idea a Christian does not like to have himself rounded up like a goat and then held up somewhere at the civil service until he serves their culture and renounces his faith for them to have trophy spiritual victory with is surprising, which is very infuriating as well. A typical example of how I stifle their lives is as I always put it the popular music people; somebody will make a song with three stanzas one has to do with the problems in the land and the fact fixing those problems are what his personal health and well being depends upon, the second will have to do with the cultures in the land that control me and more so for him violently and the third will have to do with the fact he sits where the culture is to determine that I do it but they get famous with it on my income as well and those who buy those CD are supposed to pretend they do not know what the message in them is as well apparently. The logistics of this process is another story entirely because that has to do with the fact that when they sit around the cultures to determine what the lives of those that can get things done is to become, it is self destruction but all that will be paid for with guess it” that is right my entire life, even if it means I must be dead in the process, as I always say, with a big mouth. So this is what the fact politicians feel they have no control of the Country really is.

When they see a grown man with a career, the reason the general manager decides Christmas party will be held in the home of the marketing manager today is because it is just that way and not because there is a certain way marketing managers home is supposed to feel as it were, even if it is put to a vote; bearing in mind he studied for years in the University for it and his entire life is about the job. He can give it up they say, it is possible and that is always before they complain – never mind the faith ones where the reason they must know what happens in my personal life is to secure their religion because it does not really matter which religion people want to choose etc. I am not for one moment suggesting what I say should be alpha and omega, I am only saying that they need to shut up, stay away from me, stay away from my life, work, property and earnings, go fuck somewhere else and let those that talk about peace do what they do, otherwise the facts about how I am not their mate, alongside that rubbish about how the state of affairs has to do with a prince they can do what they like with who possesses things they have never had will pay out in very difficult and very different circumstances.