I am said to be an example of what happens when power is given to people and I cannot make out what it means of course, since these media goons and men are the ones who seem to be showing off the most power around here – what is certain however is that their power seems to be deployed on those who are more important than they are while their stupid children are expected to be ignorant of the consequences of their actions and it is a matter that will be settled too as it were and has to be. So that sort of story does not in any way bother me – I do remember how it started with something about them and the ambition to make me possessed with demons years ago and had to be done by undercutting me at my finances and academic work and lots of provocation and so on – today it has taken so many form and now settled on some kind of rebellion of some sort; so I had taken time out to narrow it down to a matter of choice because they continued to make that much noise about targeting people who thought my way of doing things were okay or people who looked like me; so now that we operate on the basis of personal choice their insults is something that has to be settled and they have found new names for it like wealth distribution when their involvement and stupidity destroys everything around here all the time and there is no wealth to distribute, along with a story of social equality and now the complain about my power thereof which must mean a sense that I am on course to take away their normalcy as well.

It’s like the old case of a need for me to set out where I stand on child abuse and of course where I stand is still the same i.e. it is a crime and I agree with the law that it is a crime but that does not mean children are unaware of the consequences of their actions either i.e. child abuse is as bad as the abuse of ageists on those who are not children anymore and if one of them challenges me to any nonsense I am pretty sure he will be dead any time his penis looks like getting anywhere near my backside as it were – so yes perhaps their obsession with media is deserved but those feelings they get should have been gotten as a matter of consensual adults acting to an end, while it is not gotten in that way they will lose that stupid civil rights. I know child abuse victims complain all the time about the fact these ageists have been complicit in the abuses as it were and they have always had some demagogue to blow off which it is said the child muttered that they found insulting which does not change the fact that their power is always deployed against those that are more important than they are and their stupid children are said to be unaware of the consequences of their actions as well. In the end I am perfectly okay and for the victims of child abuse who think they rule me, those always think they became servants of the devil and it shows the devil does punish his servants in that way as well which is something they ought to keep secret just in case I am being made to explain why I get along with women better than I do with men and they have to explain it as well - I think the fact they were abused was an advantage and the problem is that I can take care of myself and should have been able to move on with my life but cannot as a result of media and this is a problem that must be settled.

It really comes back down to the old issue of me and between my book sales and the world are industry idiots bellowing a demagogue over everything I do or an insult or an abuse to ensure the books are not sold because they are used me for a power trip abuse and this is what we are on course to punish all the time until the way is clear too; so if we have to discuss what I do with power one moment and a seemingly incessant need to settle what my opinion on child abuse is the next, then so be it, but we are getting it done. I am not necessarily innocent in the matter – it’s a case of atmospheres in local communities these scumbags control and you can get killed for mentioning the Bible but they want to determine that where my limitations are has to do with my personal space and a process where they enforce it and that is how they got moving – I should have gotten on with my life after that but media came along and since it has been hell and they say I am the one getting corrupt with power, while I am the one that cannot sit down with friends and say a thing that sticks because they have an insolent part to play in every aspect of my living. It’s never true that I am scared of media becoming powerful – the media is not becoming powerful, they just think that I will get to a law court to settle the matter of people handling my book sales and that if they do over me handling their companies without permission they will win: so an idiot gets out of bed to put a name to his face and spend the whole day insulting you in the most violent way he can, of course you do not tarnish your reputation doing something violent, he thinks that his insolence is the way things work and that is good for him especially when it turns out at a later date he wants your life since being tired of living in his own but your reputation will always help you to your own wealth as well at a later stage which is why they feel like goading you into a fight endlessly. I do not believe it is a problem, I had settled everything about myself but now cannot make a living because of the media who are now reversing everything I settled about myself in some strange cycle of attack me and lose and get on media to make me lose what I have as well without reason or purpose and each time we check it up we find that the problem is that media idiot has set up shop and only female journalists that get around with you seem to be doing well in that aspect and so he owns you – as for this power thing of which once they feel they have some they will deploy it until the fibre of their being hurts while talking nonsense about how others are getting corrupt. Hence I am perfectly justified over this need to crush the media and if they have determined we will settle it one tiny issue everyday at a time then so be it. it is the same story all round – when they see people speak of other peoples anus and penis as the answer to wealth and importance, what they do is give them publicity so these idiots can later claim they are not wrong ever since it is making publicity that later makes money, even right down to humanitarian work that is largely concerned not just with the shaking off the filth of this nonsense and attacking violently those who have personal lives they want to dump it on but are blocking them but is also all about how I sleep with peoples wives and they will get boys they give money to, to beat me up – which didn’t end well of course ad since then they only got powerful so I have nothing to complain about too. He gets up there with his countenance transcending everything expecting me to back down when I come in contact with him trying to do my job they say – before then media idiot had set up business and can get involved with corrupt anything he likes because he can get on media and take the effects out on his victims and get away with it and that is why they do it, like those claims somebody is ruining their stupid perspective while they are at it, each time they are on media of which it’s a question of what power they have all of the time and what demagogue they can blow off with it – chasing me about with homosexuality because kids always respect their parents in black culture and hence the best point at which to screw around of which never ended well of course, so they have much more to do I suppose.

I am aware I am named a war monger and an advocate of war, it is not a new story – I mean the question is whether I can prance around when given such accolade: we all know they always want to control religion and those who speak of peace because it helps them extricate the devil on both sides of angry people and turn out to boast all over my television when there is bloodshed about things they do concerning which people need to fear them. It is the issue at the heart of how their Politicians hate the role of the Church in parliament because they want to be able to work their evil cultures and apply them on me and hate the idea the Church will object to it and nothing else about those lies they tell of which I have no idea why people think it matters anyway when they can see I didn’t vote for them and they know nothing about the Church and have never read the Bible in their lives and therefore cannot provide that kind of leadership they seek anyway. It is not an emotive issue; I mean if normal people were treated like that, a condition where you die and somebody publicly declares ownership of the fraternity of Nation that belonged to you in the space you occupied in life, we would howl and become outraged but it is perfectly okay for our ministers to do it because Soldiers are currently in action – so when they say I am an advocate of war this is what I mean if I can prance to that, since it does indicate I have won again as it were. I hear that with respect to this matter women have turned up to take over the world of men of course and it does really get to show they have no wish to listen to anybody in their foolish lives as it were; since I am who I am today because of the man that these women made and it is the same story all around when you are all over the place and nobody cares until you are taken in by The Queen and it becomes a National problem on media: so this is the fight they have always wanted and I am going to give them as much as they need too i.e. using other peoples men to do their violent and filthy bits and if not then using them as tools of violence that will put their stupid heads right so they do not have to go back on a bad activity and so on, especially the part where I speak of women and it means all women and that they control and own me with a big mouth – so they never listen and want some of mine all the time which is why they are getting it too. We hear them say they do not want to be impulsively angry as a society but we do not hear them say that when it is time to put some fire in the belly of weaklings that attend church through their anus, we do not hear that when you walk down the streets and people extract a sexual gratification from you while they complain about civil rights and how others oppose activities carried out by consenting adults and so on – so in my view it’s all coo-coo land, they will be angry and they will have their fill of it until the day they want to listen and take heed. I am simply taking it to a level where people can make use of them in such ways and I dont mean for community cohesion either, we have been there and done that as a society in the UK – everybody knows it is the reason they feel their insults will always reward them because there is no way of avoiding a process where these things bully your secrets out of you and yes we all know especially for these media fools that if you do not make yourself like something they can bully their families will be their target and so you want to be on the side of their wives who have been responsible for all their problems of course twisting them into a corner they want to be free from with reverse psychology, so when they say these things they do is a function of how their wives tease and press them about me, it tends to make even more sense as it were than everything I said, even a need for them to keep their stupid insults to themselves with that big mouth. So nobody really knows why they think it so important to corrupt other people’s men in such ways either. So do the things I do amount to being manipulated into giving away my life so people can get equality and water me down; of course not – it’s a case of take away peoples evil culture and they want to use your Christianity to find more perversions which was inevitable because they would have used it to get more if you didn’t take away what they had before – either way the Christianity is involved with them and they with it and they understand what other human beings deserve to get from their silliness and will never see that culture again; all I get from it is what I always wanted i.e. being able to tell people their sins and wickedness is a simply a process of going off to let somebody take up your stuff and use it to do their stuff then do some that is not enough for you as well and hurt you all the time for it and so if they do want more punishment I am very happy to dish more out too. Where they are now lose to abuse people is all very well; that is because people abuse my book sales when they can always decide to buy it or stay away from it – they do that because they want to be in league and I find it difficult to work out how that applies as my loss: there is no watering down of anything. We do hear I am unruly of course and its always great coming from people who stand up on my possessions to declare it, so I can only award them points – and we do hear them claim HM does not want me to do what I am doing with Royal work as well and all I can say is points for that too. It’s like the story of South American women having some lesson they want to teach me; I have watched them mess up my Literary empire for years now as it were and nothing about it seems to improve each time they want to popular culture let down their filthy hair in a rich man’s car as it were; so it applies that my books will be sold in South America and I will be famous in their turf and they can better not crossed that line over leaving their own government officials they can abuse to seek fame and fortune to seek out a British one to abuse instead, it would be terribly stupid to do so. There is always that sense that they locate people they will abuse to make their popularity and sales of course and this is the same I want to create for them so people can do with them as well; the details would involve something about freedom and how they handle books written by Royalty and will be able to use it as their leverage to get whatever they want in this life from which ever part of society they please and it is exactly what I want to give people the power and equipment to do with that media and sales Industries and stock markets – I am perfectly justified in taking such action because they have no plans to keep their hands off my books especially the Americans and are certain that each occasion they do such things is actually amusing, so that how much attrition is attributed to what I do with them as well will be measured by the number of times they touch me and touch me up and so on and get about boasting about it too. It is after all at the end of the day a matter of the Commitments of the Great British Public and this does not exclude the Euro zone and Euro zone Countries who have established relations with the UK to keep their commitments while Politicians play games around the matter either anyway – an old story of how Currency Union gets to affect the workings of GDP of course for example when a Local Politicians can easily set out Policies to ensure an economy and majority of its work force are specialised and another on the other hand can always integrate with others Economically. I hear it being said I am really troubled by the creation and appointment of female bishops and of course it is much the same story about their male idiots on media with a need to persecute religious people with claims of wealth distribution when they have destroyed all the earnings and there is nothing to distribute and talk nonsense all over when somebody feels like taking away their normalcy as well. I am not concerned about the appointment of female bishops, it is a matter of whether or not the Church is going back to its roots or the Church wants to keep playing a role in society and Politics, which is what the difference is between St Peter walks into a neighbourhood to meet some of his friends and one of them makes the garage available for Church activities and an organised Church where the role of women will be tested by the wider world to bits like it does that of men in equal measure – so it is for them to decide and not for me. I can understand it is said I am always angry about the appointment of women to important Church positions of course which is never true, what is annoying is delay of my financial success so that they can be a part of the evils that hound me all over the place in order to create female equality and specifically it is the gaiety with which they mock me and abuse me and use my office then throw insults at me and display all that on media which causes provocation – if it fits with how female bishops should be appointed therefore it is rather difficult to work out which part of it was ordained by God anyway: I mean as a Christian you know when your relationship with God is good because your mind is pure and you know when it is fuzzy because things get in all the time and you know when it is cut off and I have never seen people happy about a condition where I am cut off from God like these female bishop fools in my entire life – so it is what they attack that causes me the anger against whatever appointment is being given to them and nothing more than that. I hear them speak of a man suffering what women suffer as well which means that this kind of conversations are never likely to make any progress in anyway whatsoever because it leads right back to the very beginning of the whole story i.e. they constantly feel as though when people are after my penis and anus and tummy and chest I am to have my hands tied behind my back, they have an intense need to see me punished and it can either be something a group of fools who think they are fundamentally better than I am as human beings and therefore need my leadership but without my leadership do on one hand or I can think about it on the other and realise it is very evil and it is very intrusive and it is very clever in that wickedness as well especially as it seeks top jobs at the Church. So the bottom line is that their insults are not things I have gotten used to and I have become fed up with a usage of my office and the insults thrown at me as they do so and they need take one more step to start a fight over the female bishops story so we can really settle facts about what they are made of with that big mouth as well. I am done with them and do not care what they do as these are not activities that God sanctions or approves and I in no way will be pushed around by the civil rights movements they carry out at highest levels of Church business as they continue to make the Bible more and more irrelevant – tested only by this female bishops story suddenly taking a turn for what I say to women that are old enough to be my mothers on account men that are old enough to be my father’s say it because of a passage in the Bible which nonsense I will not tolerate from them to that extent all together as well – out. I mean how do people who are ordained by God get confused about the activities of a Christian who is not being paid for it, which establishes normalcy in real time and real world so human beings can continue to make their choices before God – who do those who are appointed by God set out to ensure you are a boy that provokes people so they can calm them down and become powerful women? How does God send people out to ensure that men who want to take over the streets have privileges of injustice against a Christian whose very existence dismantles it and where does it stop anyway, when Children join gangs and kill it other and turn up in their stupid churches to repent? Why on earth would family men with wives and children think that taking over the streets is the best thing that ever happened to them as appointed by God (pricks)? They should have recognised by activities from the word go and it should not have become something I do which is then akin to making a living from – if they were of God: how am I to be troubled about their appointments as female bishops? How could The Church not recognise the activities of somebody who has been blessed with an ability to establish normalcy in real time and take the streets off the hands of stupid men who claim they want to run it on accusations about young people who steal their ability to make people get into a fight for them, how could it feel the activities of such a person is alien to them when he has openly declared himself a Christian? So I am very well justified about my next course of action when I put up with their insults and intrusion into my office one more time as it were. They do speak of this great benefit of hindsight I get but all I can say about that after 14 years of intrusive vandalism of my work with global media (doing my stuff) is that we all know it always comes right before complains about somebody imitating their living and history which others can then claim is his own but better still when it is a punishment for a process where they must handle me or my possessions to prove they are more worthy than I am to exist all together. It’s not the apocalypse, just me out and business between the Office and the Church will now be strictly official and formal.

There is no new story about these things in anyway – it’s the same old case of somebody is responsible for Scottish Nationalism but nobody is doing anything about it story: those who hate the city people and the millionaires rip up the Nations commitments to make their point about their needs and conveniences being met, those who hate the low lives rip up the diplomatic circles to see their conveniences being met and I cannot stop punishing both along with my Royal Lifestyle where I am really lazy and want to keep exasperating people until they kill me with a big mouth. So the female bishops thing can run and run of course like the Americans think the purpose of my books is a talisman close to my heart to deploy as blackmail and a way point for every single thing they are not allowed to have in life and they are happy to spread this civil rights bullying all over the world and make connections with their Politicians for it – I dont mind, it’s just that when they complain I need them to remember they need to give me back my literary empire whether or not they want to get rid of any Monarchy anywhere as it were with that big mouth. So I am sure what I have written on my websites have catered for all their stupid needs and everybody is now hard at work on something staying well away from me but for those who are not I am sure they are not so stupid and can understand we are not mates and that they need to stay off my books. There are many explanations for their activities of course including oppression but we can see how much work it has taken for the Americans to make out my books are their talisman they use to go anywhere they want to go in society and in life generally in order to enjoy freedom and such is the best example we have yet of a case of you are one of the guys that gets things done and you will do it for everybody when told big mouth nonsense that comes through before the historically recorded complains we come across frequently and as for their Politicians, it has never ceased to be a case of 0% all round with emoticons of course because those who destroy the Country and order others to fix the economy will rule the day – their power is always deployed against those that are more important than they are and it is an issue that will be settled as well. I know they say they are showing I am not going anywhere and yes like their Muslims friends understand they will be terrorists very soon enough on account of me, whether or not they are going anywhere will be decided on how terrorism as a global problem ends along with the economic crisis as it were. However we are here because they have been at it again, the female bishops issue where female bishops have been elected of course and I have been woken from my siesta with their neighbourhood powers and the media that gives the go ahead for all that violence everyday – we had all the conversation that needed to be on the matter of course but we are still here and so I need to reiterate that any business between the Church and this office is now strictly formal and they do need to use the correct procedure and stay away from me, desists from testing me further; we can see every fool that does these kinds of things always think they have a bad habit and with it others will hold down community while they get decadence and fame and fortune and breakthrough in life along with their stupid girls, so these are the girl ones while the boys ones are coming on later – it does nothing but cause you to feel that racists do have a point, so I am certain they understand the two crucial facts about the matter i.e. we are not mates and I am not their equal, they need to stay off my books and everything between this office and the Church stays strictly official done through the right procedure and nobody talks to me and nobody addresses me and nobody talks into me unless they are looking for trouble: I mean they do complain people want to lead them of course but there is really no such thing – The Prince of Wales who is actually the one Royal that creates the most of that idea actually has his own aides and his own people right down to fans who are 100% loyal to him and they are not counted among those, I have mine as well and they are not counted among them – just a collection of fools that get around looking for trouble and yes they do pick on the part where HRH gets involved with them at my expense to make their point of course, of which what it is about is that it is not that his fans and or people are attacking and diminishing the personal and community security of my fans and people, it’s just that his indication he would like to get about with the lower classes causes them to find a scapegoat that is me with which to get through to Him and then the story will come through I think I am royalty when I am not - sounds like modernisation and sounds like change and sounds like men looking progressive and I do not mind putting it up on a website too; whereas the reality is much the same ever i.e. whether or not I am is something HM is pleased with but at the end of the day it does not imply I am insignificant because for some One may say if I catch you selling it you are in trouble and for others One may say you need to sell it so we know where things are but for me and others alike she gives some Honour by asking if we will sell or not so that there might be clarity because there are difficult issues in the horizon and it pleases me to deploy my Literary empire in Honour of the Queen to serve the State and nothing about it belongs to others as it were – it’s just the reality that I cannot do the ego bit of public office because I am rather comfortable with my Christian faith but insults will never go unpunished from their stupid selves and has never done so either; it’s just one of the issues at the heart of the story of yapping off to get Australians and Canadians thinking I am too hard on them for example – ‘the City people are picking on us’ they say but ‘who did rip up the Commitments of the Great British Public’ is a question they never answer and the attitude has not once gotten any better either – for the other ones it’s a matter of the Community people picking on them and the same story applies with the diplomatic stage as well; so I would have thought my websites have shown they will work a lot harder than they are doing at the moment and finding ways of applying their stupid powers on me is the best way to guarantee that; I plan to get to handle peoples companies no matter how big and to handle peoples fame no matter how global as well, I am that determined to see them complain too – so it is all very well to female bishop at the moment and make sure my heart rate cannot be what I determine it should be as it were and it will end very well.

It is said that I always get all over the place when black people want to get along but black people have two relationships with me and one of them is about my anus and my penis because they feel like punishing me for something all the time with that big mouth and the other is that air of always deserving things on account I share a skin colour with them which I want to break as well. So I dont want to get around with them if the issue is to be looked at without emotions but that would be me speaking personally. I mean how couldn’t the Church recognise activities of somebody that rescues the streets from men who want to control it alongside their families and regularly talk nonsense of Children who steal from them the ability to get people to kill on their behalf as something that should not be attacked, even when he has openly stated that he does it because he is a Christian – how are they unable to know what I am doing if they are serving God? It’s like the case of when I mention commitments of the Great British Public and it is said I play into the Americans for example of which the reality is that I have always been seen by Americans as somebody who handled Republican Party issues like a dream even though I chose some of the most lowly ways of doing so but who I am and where my allegiances lie is to be determined by the democrats the last time we checked and they said it was because of my skin colour as well and that the truth about me and who I am will only be obvious if they spent all of it on themselves with that big mouth – so it is the kind of things you do nothing about unless they lead to serious matters. I do not wind people up or get around annoying people as they usually claim I do; it’s a simple case of taking up peoples filth and violence and disgusting behaviour that turns up here all the time to really bend them up the other way so they can beat up properly whenever they are off to it as it were – it plays out in the sense that they drive limousines and think insulting others is how living works but you cannot afford that because you do not have a limousine as well and need to ensure you have a reputation good enough to keep trying to get one but when they had decided the purpose of that car is to ensure they wreck your finances to secure your attention because you are not aware of the fact they matter, it becomes something about which curiosity wants to be satisfied about how it ends too and when they cannot stop goading you into a fight you want to burn the stupid car and yes if you do you can only keep going i.e. the man who is not committed to violence destroying property that belongs to those who insult and abuse others with it and so it keeps getting better and better and better until you have your own car and keep it and keep going. I mean why on earth would a grandfather want to get around the streets making statements with body language about young people stealing from him the ability to make people kill others on his behalf – it’s as though the immeasurable power the idiot has at home is not enough and that is why I break it every time they are stupid enough to let me see it and the problem being that I can be anywhere at any time and have done it so much I have commitments with Law enforcement as well – so that is pretty much it when it comes to winding people up and going about annoying people.

Like the old story of what my position on Faith schools is – nothing serious of course only the same old case of the fact that people simply find it impossible to sit besides somebody who went to a convent to do their studies and that is because what they think about the whole characters of people who were raised through convents distracts them from their studies and it is the fault of their victims and you see it right through to 16 years old that are still suckling their Mums so to speak;  they are convinced the problem is religious people and the sacrifices that society has to make to accommodate them right down to the way they dress and then you notice those their father figures that do not believe in God as well; those tell them religion is responsible for all the wars in the world of which it cannot be determined if they are talking about the chicken or the egg – however which whatever the cost we religious people are still doing this stuff for people anyway as it were and we never see them help others in anyway whatsoever. I mean it is easy to see that there is nothing wrong with sitting besides somebody that has travelled to Mecca before when you have never done so, or has sat under a tree in a 300 acre dessert to do his Home work which is an experience you have never ever had but I do wonder if this is the kind of answer people were expecting from me on Faith schools anyway – there is nothing whatsoever wrong with them and I do love to disappoint. It really does come down to the same old issue i.e. they say religion breeds extremism but then again some people take away other peoples civilian living to a point where they have nothing left but a need to militarise themselves to solve a problem which is how the wars are created and this of course is actually the fact they expect us all to deny. So that some of them are so good at it that they get on media to tell lies they believe themselves and set off to sell up other peoples civilian living right down to excuses that suggest it happens because people are being pushed into Political activity which will help them develop a thick skin, until that is you reach a point where you want to take away their normalcy too and then it becomes something that must be discussed with other Politicians and buried really quickly – same old case of how much I hate the Labour Party here in the UK of course but the story is still the same of how on earth you quantify another person’s civilian existence and then blame racism on them because you are not scared of them, only to turn up and claim it as your own along with a plan devised to do so which eventually ends in a process where you are selling it if the person is not damaged on account he is a good person and you have an ugly history?  So obviously it is the soldier’s civilian existence that gets respect because they shoot people and of course all the wars have been created by religion and faith schools are a bad thing – so I wonder if this is the answer people were expecting but I do love to disappoint as well. Its the same old case; they do not want governance by Monarchy anymore but they want my possessions and whether or not I get around with other Royals is a live problem for them and so I have no finances and I have no social life and they are still after the possessions while they complain about my activities and will not give me back my Literary Empire as it were.