I have no idea for my part why it is that each time the issue is raised with housing traders and estate agents their behaviour towards general economic recovery via the handling of their business, they raise that story where there is talk of housing boom coming on but there isn’t really any housing boom like we saw during the 2006/2007 period. It is indeed very frustrating because it is impossible to envisage how a product that an average person is likely to buy just once in their entire lives gets to enjoy that level of demand by any reasonable level without serious problems in the horizon. The frustration in itself really is that they never get it, they never get the capitalist deal and the fact that it was largely all about the fact the government was prepared to consult people on how they run their affairs gauge the free market and economy to provide support structures that gets people stuck in a job through which they are able to fulfil the human right to raise funds to buy their homes by instalments through arrangements of credit via their banks in order to fulfil a certain human right. It was never meant to be a profit idiots plaything at all and the level of expense involved from the hiring of lawyers to secure the paper work right down to the insurance tell this story accurately. All I am saying is that if people feel they want to sell their homes to girls in pants and bikinis who wish to be seen having a loutish time in the orange Lamborghini of a millionaire, then this is how they want to run their business and not how the government wants to run the economy; it has been six years into the recession and the economic issues have become the most popular thing out there in the world but it seems still that we have to put up with these behaviour from grown adults who have families of their own and understand that it does not make market and demand sense to supply home to people in a condition that will ensure that they are older and less able to pay for it when you have to repossess the homes all together and so their game of doubling the prices of homes and giving them to the highest bidder is supposed to have worked only when structures the government has put in place to ensure people can securely acquire their credit and pay for their homes have been ripped to shreds by them and that is why it is important they zip it with respect to the housing boom since there isn’t any. I don’t think they are a major problem, people enjoy messing with my work and everything I have set up to get it done and they entirely deserve what they get as a result of doing so as well; these activities are very menacing behaviour and we all know that it is only Politicians and media that will enjoy the company of those who need to show they are wearing pants and bikinis and having loutish times in orange super cars and we all know what it means when the promise of such company is that you will buy your own home but each time I set out tools and work done on such matters people rather think it is so much better if they help them show that they are the right place for people to be if people want riches and security by making sure that my work is not financially rewarding on account they see themselves as incredibly wise not to mention unfathomably insolent and insidious, hence this means more people go there and more people end up there to buy stuff and more people make them richer and richer and then they think they can behave in any way they want as menacingly as they like such as make statements about housing market booms when they simply look for people to sell homes to for a profit. I mean when people speak of weak government for example it blows me away since I don’t see how foolish parliamentary men with stories to tell of how I sleep with other peoples women when the real problem seems to be a need they have to beat women who handle my state provided security on account they think it to be the answer to everything that is really their own stupidities, become the standard for determining what weak leadership is but I do guess the assumption therefore is that I don’t like it when people complain of the pain the suffer as well; I mean their claimed confusion about my position on Housing does not stack up at all, they know that you do not expect to pay less than £200,000 for a two bedroom for example somewhere in the City centre where you are five meters away from three jobs or could easily earn an extra £2,000 a Month keeping a small business in your Garage or indeed renting out your drive way to City workers but you cannot expect to pay more than £145,000 for a two bedroom in the outskirts of Surrey for example no matter what you do with it and that they do have a real issue here explaining to me what has changed about the roads in which the homes they have sold for the prices that they have which has justified that price or indeed the air quality or indeed anything else around the home which is in actual fact a structural commodity last time I checked it up. So they do know that if the rest of us look properly we can create our own revenge recession as well and one of the easiest ways of doing that is a process where people continue to buy homes at inflated Prices because they have money to spend, then expect a later date to arrive where development has created a housing bubble where they sell it for an even more inflated rate - it beggars belief that normal sane human beings would behave in such ways and I want them to leave me alone and if handling the Country sees that they are not doing that they will get off handling the Country as well, they do understand me perfectly; no body told them to pay the prices they have for the homes they have bought but that does not mean I am not happy they have damaged their own property first either, I am only interested in keeping it that way - I mean they can always make statements about people being lazy of course and I am happy for that to carry on but they can get together and buy their homes at the rate they want to create the communities they like and think like they do all the time that running a business is about setting up popular culture arrangements or what they call a 'gig' when we know it is about providing a service and selling a product and that it is actually very hard work, I however have been clear on the matter housing: it is in the Books, it is academic stuff: Homes cost as much as you can make with them if you put them into passive or active asset, they do not cost what they like or cost at random and by the way which there is no stupid Housing bubble going on anywhere six years into the recession.


That idea that all I have is available to all is entirely false, I mean in our eyes as a government operative with a media based working Court, when they speak of leadership skills, we see sex and fun and games and of course we do not at the working court wish to have anything added to us and will rip it up for them as well. The reason for this is how it starts and how it ends; because whenever people mention such things, the prime indication is that of something we need to do for others and the warning cannot be clearer I have authorised none to get involved with my Court or indeed dump their problems there before they happen to complain as well. I don’t believe that these matters are either a major cause for panic or the activities that black girls especially indulge over them are more so of the same effect; its the same old story of a Country where most people are financially comfortable which creates a means that does not allow evil people to have the influences they will like i.e. they attack you because they are under the influence of the devil and perceive you to be under the influence of God, it is simply a behaviour issue and at the most the Politicians will make laws banning it, what they normally do to get attention however is try to make those who do not believe in religion compliant with their wishes as a basic form of existence and then it simply becomes a harassment or abuse or anything like that and so whether or not I intervene because I am under the influence of God does not affect the fact it is harassment and so people have the right to deploy their own agency as they see fit. What they then spend their doing is have some kind of specifically targeted counter godliness measures that they claim they need in order to maintain their self confidence, it does not change the fact that when people think it is proper to support them, the sensibility will hold that those who are under the influence of God and not the devil will be made to pick up the pieces of suffer the consequences, that is largely a matter of capability.


There is a talk on this particular side of matters that what is happening in the Middle East is largely homogenised and entirely the same thing and since I wrote a book criticising what happened in Iraq I must now write one that deals with it or the process of holding my products hostage on media and social media will never stop. All I can say to it first of all is that their social media games do nothing but really wind me up because of course the owners are only recently beginning to understand the importance of having a secure platform before thinking about profits and not a policy system that says it is perfectly fine to abuse those who have what you don’t and then co-operation with the Police to protect vulnerable women and continue an atmosphere of intense lack of respect; so from the point of view of how much they abuse my profile for example trying to carve out money and fame endlessly they can see clearly how much I have tolerated nonsense from them which again I have given clear signs I will do no further. The other part about media is largely the same old story where they need to zip it and cease to address me as well and more so for their own good too – what is happening in Syria and Iran is for example entirely opposite of what is happening in Egypt i.e. in terms of the former people feel it is perfectly okay to get around putting themselves firmly in the shoes of other Political parties in their Country when we know that a Political party is a rounded system of trade Unionism in ideologies that a very large proportion of the population of the Country wish to be defined by and as a result of that regularly especially during elections getting off to implement policies held by ideologies of another party is something people do in the knowledge it will sooner or later lead to deaths and of course we all know it is not the US style of foreign intervention that is causing or supporting that too and in the case of the latter what happened is a military take over as a result of a party that was not a fully developed party winning elections in Egypt and therefore unable to implement its policies and resorting to state sponsored violence in less than a year of assuming office. None of the sides with completely opposite prognosis like these are learning from each other’s mistakes and making corrections of their own and the reason for that is foreign intervention which we all know is not that of the US either. It’s more like that old story of linking me with the abuse of women whenever it happens; they always say my position is never really clear and I will never clarify it either so they can go to hell. I mean the popular idea is that I have some credibility of myself to prove but there is really no such nonsense in actual fact since if I had decided to sit down from a royal office to sign off papers and chase a cause where I had to do something about prostitution in the UK, it would still have become a scandal if people wanted it to be but I would still have done my stuff from my Royal office anyway – in this case it is a matter of drawing a line on the relationship men want to have with female journalists right I have pursued right through to their very fantasies as well, hence it is again a scandal for people who feel they have media to play around with and I am not too bothered about it; only clear about the fact they will die as it were because I will continue to pursue a process where they are dead and then when they are it will stop, since everybody can see that I am not somebody who steals women or steals sex from them but there are women and stupid men with their hands on my earnings who thereof know better because they have media and corridors of international organisations and political nonsense to play around with; it is not surprising, that is not what I said, the prognosis of actively seeking their demise so I can have some peace around here is based on the fact they steal everything from personal life and personal feelings to business connections. As for the men who steal women and steal sex from women and make out that I am one of the few people who really connect with what they are feeling; it ought to be made clear the reasons for that is rather that we live in a diverse society where people are different first of all and then have jobs secondly and then thirdly have those jobs on a professional basis which processes a means by which they dehumanise themselves to put food on the table, like people love to do me to make me do their jobs for them while they get rich and famous with popular culture which is the most popular form of stealing in my business here that needs to be clipped – so because of that sexual offenders tend to believe that I am so confused about what they are really thinking that I buy the argument that this diversity and the fact people dehumanise themselves to put food on the table everyday is good enough a fuzz to explain why they robbed women to steal sex from them or even take the lives of the women as well and so the same principle applies; I will kill them and then it will stop too.


I don’t mind being told to grow up and become a man by parliamentary and Political idiots, the truth and reality they would rather hide from the world it seems is that they want to be part of and make themselves into corrupt secret organisations that wield power in certain wealthy corners of the UK but of course I am not having any of it and need the income from my Empire as well by the way. I mean people establish those things to put pressure on themselves to propel them to make more money than they have already got but these ones are established to confiscate my empire since I built it by being naive as it were – so it is largely one of those great tests as far as I am concerned and they can bring it on, not the first time I would have warned about my intolerance of conservative villainy either, there must be an end to that story too. The part where they claim I am already under the control of media goons who have their hand firmly wrapped around the income of the entire Literary Empire and its trust systems is just where they need to understand since it appears they don’t, what it means when other people own a product appearance equity empire and they will understand along with that stupid media very well indeed too for my part in the matter. I mean the confusion for those who look from a distance can easily be cleared up i.e. it has long been an occurrence that people say each time they see me they feel like taking risks with their money and doing something challenging, hence eventually the outcome is that they get hurt on account I exist and so I had to set out products to deal with that particular problem for them and maintain the equities they held for and brokered with me. I mean the big issue is always that I have a problem working with the Royal family so that it is not enough for me to the extent where I have to seek an income somewhere else but that is really not the case; the matter with the Royal family is that if I go AWOL, then the idea is that I am unhappy about something which of course is not what I am doing; what I am doing is providing administration for all the services that people get from my work and royal commission in any way that they get it and that therefore means this issue with popular culture goons and the idea they have settled on a way to steal and avoid the law at the same time at my expense and so whilst I speak of many other issues, they are always my main target and the reason for that is that other violent thing they do where their business model involves no work for any money and then setting up gigs that lots of people will attend to whom they can sell things and make the start up money to control others and keep making even more money with and they will get it done if they must rip up my life and everything else in it to do that and it is the part where they make out I am the path through which they get to do the same to anybody they wish that causes me to seek revenge for it; for now I am handling that revenge administratively, making it clear there are two sides, them and their women who have used and dumped me and confiscated an empire in the process alongside the men who organise those gigs that lots of people attend and show no signs of stopping their vandalism and even go far as to tell me I can join them if I cannot beat them as well due to their opinion of themselves and on the other side is me of course and people can only be on one if they come into the issues. I hear they say Royalty is not supposed to interfere with what happens in the Business world but simply create a secure environment in which businesses can thrive but I am the most invasive thing they have ever seen – I would know, I just think the bloody idiots need to get off my company book sales and I mean globally to be specific.


So the claim I touch other peoples wives goes far beyond the means to deplete my confidence by those who already have enough money but wish to get richer and feel it is always okay to try and do so by causing the most amount of trouble and it therefore goes far beyond anything that is based on fact, since everybody must have known by now that it is all about me punishing people for their inability to understand I don’t want to have sex with them and the richer the better for it so they can keep their insults where it belongs and stay out of my own livelihood, especially keep and exhibit the bad upbringing somewhere else not profit from it at my expense and go stronger by showing people their lives and businesses are the right place to be to get it all. They need to find other ways of making money if they want to stop the complaining and chose something better, they need to put an end to the means of making money that is about stifling my finances and my company by accessing it criminally and thinking I can only resolve issues by going to Court which will be expensive and time consuming while their business continues to make progress at my expense, they need to put an end to the means of making money that is more about controlling me and creating me cash flow problems so that when I work for customers those customers will be their own – find another way of making money and do that soon lest it becomes a one more task for them as well. Of course there is a difference between my Court and my Consortium and The Royal Court and the Coven with a process where women turn up in general to get around, everybody needs to be organised in order to do anything and this is one of the most important areas where these complains can be avoided i.e. where people do not get on their stupid media to mix my stuff up – as I said, they need to find another way to make money and do that soon enough indeed too, none can say they were not warned that there will be consequences for it each time it happens and more so of which this is not their own lives; passing aggression my bottom. I am not in any way referring as it may have been popularly suggested as the problem of finding other ways to make money that does not involve handling me or effects of me in anyway continues especially when it insolently comes from Americans as well, to any of my people when I say these things and say them in the direct sense; the reasons I do that is because I want people to be able to quote me directly, not find themselves having to indulge any stupid difficult communication practice. The rest of the leadership issues and questions are largely a matter of making it clear or stating it clearly that it is important to live in a world where the opinions of politicians and their personal prejudices does not get to handle or affect your finances or cause any destruction for that matter either and so far we have a structure the outskirts will always fluctuate and there, there will be win some and lose some going on etc not least more as a result of what the security services and Armed forces are doing around the world. Diplomacy will not fluctuate or even so do so much if at all it does government wise but business wise in specificity it will not because everything needed is up here on the Company website. The argument then made about how much power I wield and the fact it is a democratic imperative to ensure people generally do not wield power which insolent Americans as I have mentioned that need to find other ways of making money and soon enough as well love to get on that stupid media of theirs to address me for is dangerous of course and entirely based on delusion; take Fashion for example Equities and Securities in a Country where people can practice ownership of other peoples property by talking about it like the US in the fashion Industry, are there for those who need it in order to make clothing for state officials and dignitaries, especially since they had some years ago made it clear to me if I am deploying my property in support of something else other than them, then they have to think of a strategy for Global security – so these equities, some, end up in the mainstream fashion Industry what these idiots spend a lot of their time bottoming out my finances to collect people onto their cause in order to get rich without doing any work suggest a lot is that when they take pictures of their stupid girls in my temperamental colours, along with their foolish women who think themselves sexual predators that use me and confiscate an entire empire for it as well, that they love to annoy me with on their foolish media looking for trouble all the time for example and then place them on a big bill board in the City centre, those properties and in this case specifically the equities on the dress then belong to them or belong to their stupid girls for it as well, which then creates the sense I have power over people when in actual fact they have no wish to stay out of my business and show up their insults somewhere else. Then pair it up with a Policy I have which is that what they have is not enough for them and that is why they always want mine all the time and so I must proactively ensure that whatever they have is not enough for them as well and it therefore goes a long way to ensure the equities on products that they have shown up in public to play claims of ownership does not get to belongs to them thereof. I have no power over them, it would be filially irresponsible. They need to keep their insults with them and pretend to exhibit lucrative prejudice against other peoples Princes like they do me, somewhere else.

Of course there needs mention that other story of how I get around with poorer people or purposely intend to do so and how it is the biggest problem I have to deal with but we all know that there is no point banging at people the need to not be poor when Politicians have a policy of surrounding them with those who are not just really stupid but plan to make means to an end through the process of some form of crime especially the crimes that they have discovered cannot be quantified by law and so if this affects people and does strange things to their thinking pattern, you need to be patient with them not decide they are below you etc  – so I am comfortable in my skin in the company of people among whom those that are unemployed are honestly unemployed which is why they are unemployed and those who have jobs and businesses generally work for their money and I know that especially so that I am not comfortable in the company of those whose business model is to intimidate me with popular culture and set up a gig to gather people and brainwash them into customers in order to get rich and famous. The other part about how I put pressure on people and create incredible amounts of work and problem is actually not true, what happens is that they interfere with a need I have to be out there doing my own stuff - I mean if I did not design everything that is to make me financial comfortable in that way I would never write books in which I criticise the actions of HRH The Prince of Wales all be it being forced to do so; I want and expect a condition where people buy my books and broker my Equities and Securities with me and not either The British Government or the British Monarchy or indeed my Parents but this insults show no signs of abating, so I am really only mentioning it here to clear up facts that may cost me; I mean they do tell those tall tales regularly of how I come around to grab their culture and handle it and try to get rich from it but I know I have tolerated that nonsense for years and years now while they have continued to think that because they can do it and run it off on media and get rich before anything stops them it will become the answer to everything and yes it is a process of playing games and we have been there before, no body knows what their problem is with the asking and the thanking and the gratitude and the respect that they want so intensely and violently to gain from other peoples work and property by insulting them or indeed what they would do it and want a reaction from the owners of those property by getting more and more intrusive to seek something else beyond that stupid greed being satisfied as it were but I do know they think they are evil and I think I need to teach them a lesson or two as well provided they cannot stay away from and keep their business off The Royal Estate and the Public work or indeed the Company and the Office and the Literary Empire and its Systems and the Books .