There is no shred of Truth or evidence attached to that idea my Books are a hard sell; the only reality around it is that these fools have somehow found a way to create me a sensation I need to get out of my comfort zone to chase, which is as stupid as setting out my work and possessions to be something they get to spend whenever they are having violence and wish to make it look profitable and the poorer ones have expressed the same thing by setting out even my personality to be something they spend to get difficult matters of culture and society resolved in order to preserve everybody else. Its eventually all a matter of debauched goons who learn all the behaviour they express towards others from all they have engaged themselves with sexually corrupting peoples all day long, meaning that it has an impact on how the Law works - Criminals whose behaviour are a matter of the number of times they have ended up in the Law Courts and found out how the Law works and of course Corrupt Legal practitioners selling their insanity to Celebrated fools, doing their best; their Politicians are the best bit of all because of course if you had decided to set out every issue around racism and violence that seems to be the biggest problem associated with their insulting and threatening liberalism that means they are the people who put you under control for the rest of the world and are good looking but others seldom notice it thereof and had decided you were going to spend some £20 on each of those issues and got about digging them up and spending money on them - if we imagined you had enough money and paid for it all and everybody was happy and relieved and there was no more racism, there would immediately had been a process of the fools going overseas to bring more problems into the Country from what the stupidities of their Liberal scum overseas who want a fight with others all the time can do as an effect on human beings, so the claim that they fight against and stop racism of which is not based on fact as the racism tends to change all the time depending on whom the racists want to target recently. So today the story is that I need to do something about Terrorism and of course the only thing I really need to do is administrate my Book sales as it does not make any sense to be punished by a collection of idiots for giving away details of it because it will save lives and ensure that the Wars they support whenever the Politicians feel like it does not turn into something far more perverted for everybody which their stupidities did not intend, while being asked to do something about Terrorism in the process of that Punishment as the reason behind it – there are few other things in this world that may have been as stupid anyway and all the problems I need to solve are solved through my Books which copies they can get and let me be. They have however come up with a tale about how my people bay for War all the time and I need to be informed and made to do something about it; the problem that stares the fools in the face of course is rather the one where a big idiot hangs in a corner and sends out a small one to get over the heads of Politicians to attack those who dare to have what they do not, which means I have to ask Journalists affiliated with me to help me pick up the slack all the time, what they want to do because every one of them has come to develop a habit of adding the fact they earn more than their Politicians and it gets to their head to the privilege of bullying me is that Male Journalists have come to fall in love with beating my body for me and grooming me for violence and sodomy all day long and the effect of course is that I get attacked by people all the time who say they have seen it before and that it will never end and I need to do something, while the journalistic idiots spend my time boasting about being the ones that beat up my health for me and set about selling it as prerogative to football scum and Industry fools to get more attention and yet if I start one as well my Government business will end up where it should not and the idiots will get killed for what their stupid ego is worth. So when it does come down to it besides my health on the line to save their stupid lives while they do not feel there is any reason for them to put an end to a behaviour; I wonder if my people are baying for War on their own premise or mine anyway, not that the fools do not get all cracked up when you ask them to do it as well and like to assume it is only a matter of culture and society which is where their piffling minds think the most complicated things develop up to all together as it were; I mean when you do think about some big idiot sending out the small idiot to attack those who dare to have something others do not and get over the heads of Politicians for it in order to secure lots of attention, it is hard to locate exactly what makes the idea of my people baying for war such an important thing to these scumbags anyway and indeed is also the question of what they hope to do with or use them trouble makers for anyway – hard to see where the case of my people baying for War really rank in the scheme of problems that need attention as it were.

Now the Politicians say the problem they have with my existence is a legitimate one and I agree but it does not make it any more legitimate to rip up my finances in order to make me look the part of the person everybody loves to see being bullied by those who hold government Office either and even now that my finances are in tatters it does not mean I am such a character either – so they do need to stop showing up in Public places to talk so much nonsense in my direction absolutely every single day as it were and try not to threaten me too as that will actually lead to much bigger problems than they have at the moment. In the end we see them do that and then show up to have conversations that concern processes by which they have gone overseas to dig up evils of African society to mess around with because I have been building an entire business empire by digging up the evils of the white man’s culture but I do not see how that gets to justify issuing spurious insults and threats in my direction for every stupid Public appearance that they make either. It’s never really been a problem, only the same story all round i.e. no matter how hard you try and how hard you work to prevent it an idiot will have two buttons in his Office at all cost and one of them will mean that when he presses it, he becomes the manager of a firm or a department of an institution, while the other is the one he presses if he wants to pillage my earnings for the day and then start to assume that when that results in a condition where I am always telling him to pay attention to the one that pays his salary to ensure he does not press it and continue to nurse the hope I will end up in a gang fight to use my fighting abilities to give me a civil rights he deserves, the outcome will not be a relationship with him that he can do anything about as well. So that this are the Political ones too and they never ever tire of bringing goons to stand somewhere and offer me help from the devil while making a mess of my life and finances to encourage it; I am a Christian and do not need any such help and it goes without saying I will cut up that stupid culture as well every single time I see it and they need to stop being so stupid as to threaten me too all together. I hear I have to take some responsibility naturally, which is utter rubbish; half the time people must do what Journalists want them to do because they clearly have no plans to make their own decisions, while the other half the time is the one where if somebody sits in a Media studio and is female and can therefore behave in any way they bloody well wish, then they will want my income and if they do then they must get what they want as well.

I mean let us try and account for what is the exact usefulness of these idiots to us as a culture and a people and a society anyway; the Men on the left cannot do half of what you do, so the reason that you do it has to be your sex and body type and because they do not have that they must have a certain amount of money which compensates for a lack of it, meaning that even if it is your income they have got to have it anyway – hence the sort of behaviour that through a pathological fear of work causes productivity to occur by mistake as it were. Then there are the community croons; half the time those claim that society they build up based on gossips and abuses is designed to ensure they make use of my life to do business and because they know their methods will hurt me, are taking steps to see to it that I am unable to stop it which then sounds like a sacrifice I need to be seen making – but scratch the surface and they will have their stupid children and spouses at home that they cannot abuse in sexual context all day long if they want to have that pleasure at your expense instead- which then alongside a pathological fear of work while wanting to get rich and famous causes productivity to happen by mistake. Then there are their celebrities and the question of where my anger with everything will come to an end, which answer is as simple as the fact they need to lay off the one last bit of the puzzle that will allow me become more important than they are, as per the position I attained by magic, hence their problems with respect as it were – I need it and there was never a world in which they became more important than I am as such; it has never been a problem as Celebrities always need to borrow people’s lives and property to make fame – just the problem with the bit where the money makes them tycoons later on and therefore a real problem for others and the latter is never going to happen, starting with there being no atmosphere on this planet on my account by which it is possible for celebrities to become so wealthy they are no longer approachable by those they love to bully. My point is that celebrities are a product of gangs and drugs culture and because those have been messing around my stuff and I have ruined their drugs and gangs, they are having revenge with the use of celebrity culture on me; the usual game is to sell Cocaine alongside a small shop, preferably a restaurant that Celebrities attend and set out some Boys and Girls that need other peoples Public existence to make fame and fortune with which money they will buy the Cocaine and so on – the result of screwing with me of course is that they must now have the money equivalent of my sex and body type which will make them invulnerable to the problems of society that I am immune to and anybody can be famous as well these days; to turn up here and tell me what to do about racism again if they have the gut for it as it were.

The other part of the story is that what I say and do is a matter of utter fear of which it isn’t – just the idiots in question loving the idea of others listening to their stupid conversation when they want to claim that it is. What happens is that the reason a black idiot will feel he can handle your income if he wants for instance is that he is certain of what the society and Politics will do if he gets murdered by racists and that tends to mean that he has a way of hurting himself which means he can get from you anything you do not want to give him – so what I seem to be good at is to ensure that I build him the same problem too and their problem as a result of course is a fair fight with others since they would rather prefer somebody that is weaker and even if would want to fight back, couldn’t, so they can clear out their image of being losers, of which there is a name for people who behave like that and it is ‘bullies’. In the end, when you think about a goon that has no idea what it means to have your parents put their foot down on something and then the look on his face after he has killed some people and a bomb is about to fall on him, then you understand these are goons that will hurt another human being if they had guns and knives, prefer a mean of killing and hurting those who do not threaten them mortally to build an image but really know nothing about it and there is no such things here are a fear of them. The celebrity ones are just starting to understand that other people live in this world as well and they can live in it alongside or they can die in the knowledge that others live in it alongside, I personally have had enough of them and need them off my earnings so I can finish the puzzle and become more important like it should have been anyway.

So they say my method of handling matters does not bring about any progress whereas what the Politicians do with all of their time is set out I am unable to bend people’s minds into uncomfortable positions in order to ensure they go from giving custom to somebody else to giving it to me and it is absolute nonsense of course because it creates more problems than it solves while their goons tell me people have come to forge a habit of telling me what to do which ensures others cannot settle on whom they are buying Books from and I am unable to sell the Book shop lifestyle and hence cannot make a living from the Books, because I am gullible but the reality is usually that they say so one moment and the next are moaning and lamenting their culture and society but even so doing nothing to stop that other abuse of getting involved with my personal space and making my Christian temperaments out to be something I have because I sleep with Peoples wives – so it might be a good time to explain why they do it anyway.

As for the story of me making out Brexit is a good thing and Europe is a bad thing; I have done no such thing; the way business is done in Europe is that the talented who are talented at solving problems, solve them until they are overwhelmed and a veneer comes forth from their efforts and then a lifestyle and trading premise that exists as a result and it is not how the British work – the way the British work is to give up on problems they cannot solve as a fundamentalism that should not be explored and those who explore them are looking for trouble knowing that the goons who work them are likely to do something stupid and get locked away in prison. So that the fact Germans and biggest manufacturers in Europe is not luck and the fact the UK has the most prosperous financial system is not luck either. Some do say we can have it all but first of all which the rest of the world needs to know their assets will be safe with us when they decide to work with US on National security matters and those who want to live in German and French Security can always decide to do so and not bother the entire Nation for it all together as well – the other side of the story being that the same were the youths of the era in which Firms like Ford Autos set up large Plants in the UK even before Detroit was built and they couldn’t even do anything about the demise of British Leyland and now think they can handle both the German problem and the British one as well, if the goons in Europe that are responsible for the fact that what is missing from the lives of those who can solve the problems is respect, want it so.

I do not think it is an issue; if you take a look at most European Politicians, there is an absolute air of confidence around them that they are untouchable – untouchable because Industry and Government are run by exactly the same group of people, as a result of which there isn’t a part of Market that the Politicians do not know absolutely everything about. Then I will get told I am all hung up on it because I am a coward – has no basis on reality of course since the truth is that there are only two types and one has stashes of cash to do what it wants to do with, while the other has bag logs of talent – hence whichever side you fit into, there is always a part of Market that you know nothing about otherwise what is happening is that there is something wrong with the system and the civil service is not independent of the Politicians. As for the part where they are fond of throwing down gauntlets and pushing off a bet as to how things will turn out when I talk with others about their case and recent damage they have done especially with the aid of pornographers that are saving their necks because they are not behaving properly in government buildings; it is an old story whereby I will get into trouble all the time and they will have the other side of them that they claim is really bad and evil turned over and fried up very well too – so that when they say something about their hate for the British and their ladies first society which makes it impossible for them to control their wives since all are their wives all together as it were, it will really make sense.


So we hear they need some serious racism going on in Europe and the UK to get people like me under control; I could never tell anyway – all I know is that I was always told I would do well with the Law if I studied it and to that effect have always worked on matters there concerning since 14 years of age, realised I had come clear before I was 17 and now am back in, and it’s all about other people’s own and not really my own case as such – academics in tatters and so are finances; hence they need to understand this will repeat itself when their cultural fathers do it again i.e. set out the least I can do for them since I am now in their Country it have my Christian spirit dominated first before I even start to think about a Job or academic work, and I will twist their own into uncomfortable positions that reflect the fact I am now a grown man with personal problems and unlikely to grow out of it again. As for my financial vulnerabilities – there are none, the equity property are valuable and it is difficult to release funds when there are millions of idiots who are always entitled training their eyes on me thanks to the Politicians who claim I have been made to understand what their lives are like and I would never understand why I have to listen to their stupidities like that all the time as well for my part anyway too i.e. each time I am concerned with matters of Diplomacy as the Diplomats are the more vulnerable ones that are about to be sexually assaulted, they get involved when they are the ones that are totally invulnerable, complete with features such as civil rights idiots that cannot stop lying and have their hands on other people’s property with Media every moment of their stupid lives ripping up peoples finances for them if they feel people have been disrespectful – I have no idea why I have to listen to all that nonsense that comes forth from their lazy stupidities. Of course I am aware they claim none of what I say actually solves any problems of which it is supposed to come in three parts; one being the Politicians and the other their goons on the left while the other are their goons on the right and the money that they have means they want to rip up my business and my contracts or hand it to a kid or a girl all the time and I can clear it out academically but when they start to come from all sides resort to destruction so I might facilitate processes that allow me to have some partying as well.

So they say most of what I say is said as though I can actually make the threats come into reality and I would never know anyway, all I know is that these are fools that really enjoy calculating people and do not like it when they are done and feel their own is profitable and your own is not and they are ready to stop being a loser by using you as random victim and then you start to calculate their own as well so they can come along and do so if they have the guts for it too; in the end of which we have now reached a stage whereby they have gone from a need to lean on the body and temperaments of the Christian whose body they get on Media who whip and punish all day long on account it makes them feel good, fabricating excuses whenever people ask which will allow them speak with others about success that is of a deserving size for me and so on, to a process where it has simply become a tool of violence that satisfied their narcissism all together anyway and as a result of my actions have ended up talking endlessly about behaviour that is unacceptable as a matter of national image and get along too, hence I win again.

It does not mean I am solving any problems by saying these things; in terms of solving problems it will go from me thinking they are bluffing each time they speak of how I look like a Woman or a Child which tends to suggest they have once assaulted either, to the part where I want to be successful by extricating money from the pockets of the members of their race  and hence my Book sales must not be allowed on grounds I am a lesser mortal and then they will need Politicians to rip up my finances and help them gather their own over a period of years, which will also facilitate a process of building up that stupid self confidence that allows them to approach me all of the time and go from telling me I am irritating because they are always making me angry while trying to lean on me for succour when life get tough, to telling me I think I am tougher than I really am when they clearly need to work in a team as it were with that big mouth and then I will go from making sure the social and cultural issues associated with their stupid jobs does not end up near this office ever again and finish off by getting my market out of what fat boys are doing to work hard and sell things for others, see what becomes of all that nonsense that stretches from the US to Asia at the end as well. Otherwise they can keep their insults, stay off my Books and stop threatening me and we will not have finished either until I had borrowed that stupid Country again to keep for as long as it may take to get the Books sold before they get it back. In the end everybody loves the temperaments of the Arch Prince and idiots that threaten him do not want to be cracked by staying out of it and their insults will blow up in their face too – all they have to do is continue to get on Media to punish me and show off all over the place for it feeling supreme. The original issues are still the main problem; nobody moves into my right hand – when they are being social about it, the reason is usually that they have spent all their time doing the evil things that they need to show what is seen of them is a facade that is there to allow them push people around and get rich and to ensure nobody gets to resist them, while when being Political about it, then they have piled up bag logs of original crimes on me and had them covered up by perverted Laws in Parliament, all of which constitutes nonsense I do not wish to tolerate from them; these idiots cannot possible take their insane modernism as seriously I suppose anyway.

I am aware I ought to mention of the state of affairs that suggests that people should be utterly afraid in the Country and I do not think that it matters as much as trouble maker media have become a lot more concerned with settling their stupidities up on where I stand on the matters either. It has always been simple that there is nothing gained when Politicians get out of bed to stand on public places and tell crowds of people to help rip up my finances because they want to be important – for this reason they do like to say that they do it on account they want to feel they are the ones that run the Country and since I am not interested either, what we must end up with is a condition whereby my Books are sold first before they become important and not after. The reason for this too is that it is a little known fact that what annoys them and their idiots all over the Country about me the most is that I have a certain presence of God around me and their wickedness needs to put it away or destroy it and so many alternative reasons have been devised for that project nobody can tell what they are talking about anymore.

In the end the outcome has become that they have now found it convenient to huddle up somewhere at Industry and send out their toy soldiers to bully people over what is socially deterred of an unacceptable behaviour, to which effect we all know the racists are likely to be very stubborn and violent people who will not listen to me but when I hit the Politicians hard enough, they will eventually, hence an outcome they were warned about, which they like to think hitting them will lead to an outcome whereby the join up with the far right, meaning that they know what the unacceptable behaviour of making people smell so they do not go places and destroying the best of what the Country has in terms of human resources is all about but are still doing it never the less. I do not think that the problem is as much a crisis as they have made out nor do I think people ought to fear them; I understand them to have imposed a responsibility on me to make sure they do not smell so they might go places, which responsibility I do not owe them and will like to reiterate is not my problem too – I have my own responsibilities and besides which they simply need to allow me do what I have to on one hand since it is clear every idiot will come up with arguments about how somebody of my race did something to him whenever I want him to take his conveniences of vandalism away from my job and finances, simply because that will create enough confusion and buy him time to keep doing it and he arguments these goons come up with never end I can see but what does not seem to be noticed is that every single of them is unnecessarily facilitated by the action of a Politician who wants to see my heart rate shoot up for the fun of it all of the time. So if I am not being oppressed by their Media scum and they are not threatening me, they might want to pay attention to the one that actually facilitates their salary and change a behaviour; I personally do not care if they do but people should not be made to live in fear either; I do not owe them or any of their Industry fools a responsibility to ensure they do not get cracked and even if I did, they would have continued their insults about the irrelevance of my leadership with that big mouth.

All together I do not think that it is a crisis; it is much like that case of how all I do is sexual which is not actually the fact – what is sexual is women providing leadership because that is how they work – I am simply that thing people tend to complain about whom people feel they want to abuse sexually but soon end up finding that he controls and initiates every single aspect of their sexual activities and gets to shut them down when he is exasperated by others. Apparently it is good I am not agreed scum or killer like they are, so their Media fools can oppress me with their big mouth as it were, using responsibilities – which insults I can always tolerate for as long as it takes for people to squirm around here anyway, I am responding now and responding to this only because of the atmosphere of fear that these scum have created – they are not my business or concern and I have no duty of service that I need to perform for Industry fools for that matter either, it should be noted. I have my own responsibilities, people I need to ensure do not smell so they can go somewhere and I am sure it is easy for all to see that too and for goons like these to try and behave and above all keep their insults where people appreciate them; it would be nice if they did save the threats as well, as there is really nothing in the whole world that they can do.


I really have no idea why the government has decided that cutting corporation taxes will encourage Business in the UK – it is a really stupid plan and leads down the same old misunderstandings i.e. that the fact people are rich is not to say they live in vacuums; the richest person in the land probably does more Glastonbury and Carnival than any of us has ever experienced and that could be the tip of the iceberg, the little we actually get to see. Giving them more money will not make them stay in anyway whatsoever, giving them the right environment to do their business is will guarantee that they do; it does beat my imagination but since the Politicians are not listening not surprising anyway- it was the advice of these goons that get rich by having parties that led them to initiate a referendum over Europe which they lost hence the need for tax rises, I cannot understand why they have become scared of imposing the tax rises anyway: - if the person that has to work for those who put the money up for partying has 60 kilowatts of energy to spend on making us well off as a Country, the output will diminish if he has more problem and his level of energy has not been increased, so it is the correct economic decision to increase corporation tax as a result of brexit, among other reasons. In the end the Politicians have been told time without number to keep this business stuff out of government office but will never listen; everybody has to deal with this same problem i.e. I have to deal with rights owning idiots turning up around my concerns to spend my income by taking away my market, having rights on my property and not having Books in hand with payment made into my bank account for the trouble of their involvement – they have to deal with Industry goons and if they do not take money from the wealthy, they will always inadvertently give money to the goons that want to drive the kinds of cars others should be made to look at so they can make even more money or else etc – once done with Law making and civil service administration therefore, all government office exists for is to host parties that gatherings that allow us as a people to enforce acceptable behaviour without involving the law; not clear what exactly makes people think the rich will not give us the money if we actually solve the problem i.e. more corporation tax means more value, more value means being able to ensure that workers do not revolt because they are being oppressed by intrusive busy body industry scum with money they have recently gone to the markets to bully out of us all, this will also facilitate an ability to protect National interests which if we chicken at sets off the sense that other Countries can do whatever they like and protecting National interests means being able to provide them an environment that they can do business in, it’s very obvious, like that question people ask of why I find it easy when it is rather a matter of how it actually works. Then I will get told the Americans have very low corporation taxes; apparently of which it is clear what the answer to the issue is, considering the Americans have got it and are incredibly wealthy.

The politicians will say it would be difficult to enforce the corporate tax rises but of course it would not be in anyway – it is the Politicians creating the distraction that plague them at the job i.e. for example Mr A would want an excuse that will cause arguments and a scene and enough time for him to do whatever he likes with my property, so Politicians will travel to areas of my Parents origins in the world and bring in scum that have the same skin colour as me to help them with blame culture that achieves it but has nothing to do with the fact I want them off my job or Book shop both of which their stupidities have become obsessed with and they have so many of that these days while the Politicians have their own too i.e. that the Monarchy did it first which then again has nothing to do with what I have just said i.e. I do not want to see them around my person or jobs or Book shop; it must be seen that this is a scenario that can persist time and again kept up by Media for years on a daily basis at any given time. It is an example of the reasons I have a Court, which is my Court regardless of whether its Members work for them, especially the backstage Media fools and vandals; so they do claim I will never enforce this because I do not have the means but we all know that what they are complaining about at the moment is Women who look after Celebrities at work having their own decimated so they can understand what it takes to have a Royal Estate and how it feels when something that important is always being pillaged like they love to, considering the importance of their Hollywood jobs as far as they are concerned. Its like when we hear them blab that they will make me work my life away and I have to remind them that they cannot because I already know they enjoy being oppressed by Celebrities than they do buying Books that I write anyway; their time is coming especially the Media ones that like to think they have manipulated me and generally own me like can item and control me etc and all they have to do is carry on until it actually arrives. I mean it is a Court system that nobody is really giving me anything back for and I do not normally think others should turn up to manage the celebrities, pay them peanuts and make millions on my public life and property anyway but we all know they are sort of set in their ways and even the Music that was supposed to have been made around me on the basis of involvement with crime or criminals and security matters are not being made anymore because I am being used for conveniences which I offered myself to in order to save my faith from being used when I know that is where they will end up in the end anyway and no matter how hard we try it goes back down this corner every single time looking for trouble and there was a global commotion while they taught me the stupidities that are my faith and so on when I have a Royal Commission by it and their Media scum is not offering me anything better because it cannot in the first place – so it will continue until their time and that stupid Media with it actually arrives too.

I understand they speak of Women on my case all of the time of course – utter nonsense too since it was clear that if Fashion Property Asset Equity for Fashion had the third biggest piece in my Business, it was going to be a world of Fashion Models on the left and some fat Women on the right doing business in garage who will on both sides likely do ‘almost’ anything I want.


So the most recent story on this matter of course is that Media Bosses hate my guts and that there are reasons for their behaviour - none of which I can see anyway; all I know about their hate is that it does not make any sense for a broadcaster to set out very popular programmes as a means of oppressing and bullying me, whereby journalists have to make choices all the time as per which side that they are on, while a fat Boy works on TV and feeds off my depression for pleasure all day long. They do choose very well in any case alright, as we tend to see all of the time, so that foolish media bosses can get out of bed everyday and run irregular heart beat TV on me. The more serious part of the matter being that the reason for their hate is clearly in the first instance the fact they have all these broadcasting networks all over the planet, which is also popular with third world Countries to manage - which then means that in those Countries they are treated like Chieftains and given Titles and hence generally hold the view that people at British Monarchy are not deserving; that said, each time I put up with any nonsense regarding racism from them, they will have to lean further to the right to handle me until it goes badly wrong and each time I do concerning their scum from overseas, I will cut it up again, the charities and all that run all the way to US Congress etc. I cannot understand how they have come up with this idea that I like them at all: I mean in the first place there is the part about the fact that when they lose TV shows they have decided to manage in this way to the extreme with that stupid back stage media bullying they have going on for them, they like to inform me that they will be very likely to try again and yes of course I thought they might as they do have brains the size of peanuts and it can only continue until I get my hands on their stupid Media managers jobs as well. The part where everybody, from celebrities, to journalists, to Politicians, right through to Public transport operatives, who have dream jobs, have come to understand how angry I feel about dropping out of University on account I am always being followed around and bullied by them as it stands, is just the part where they have started to understand what it takes to have a Royal Estate and what it costs to look after a Royal Prince and what it takes to maintain a Royal Estate that we see them give to the frugal and that Royal Arch Prince does not like being screwed around with half as much as they love to make out he does - this is the amusing part, the not so amusing one is that idea we see them spread all the time that even I do not know why I dropped out of University. Then there are other personal favourites such as how I bring it on myself every day because I look vulnerable and yet people getting into trouble messing with me and it is a juxtaposition that causes them to want to build up a crowd and take me out - whereas we all know that they spend all my time making sure foolish Women, especially the blacks take up all my energy asking me for the usage of my man hood to achieve violent causes that will make them feel safe, financially comfortable and Womanly - my question now is that seeing I am a Man and they are Men, if the fact that this is the case is actually debatable, really. The extent to which I do not like them is reflected in realities such as when they say they will make me work my life away and I ask why they want to and they inform me it is amusing and possible and I have to tell them that they cannot achieve it since I already know that they prefer being oppressed by Celebrities to buying Books that I write; the fact around the matter being that I have these Celebrities at Court and place them on my Property because I should be the one taking them to studios to make fame for them and a lot of money for myself, any who does it, it supposed to have been an enemy in the first place as it is not their property and it is not their lives but mine and we all know that these scum and their lower class idiots that forget their place all of the time and make trouble for everybody endlessly think that it is the meaning of their stupid lives to get on Media and do it; so that if the issue got raised they will say those who have are asking for War, to which I have only the response of 'Fuck Dad and Fuck Mr Needy who is really tough too' and we all know they do not like it as much as their boasting suggests. What we have today is the stupidities the Labour party achieved for them, right up to the part where it built them a UK film council so that any scum that wants to be famous can speak to the right people and have fame and fortune by so doing - hence it is supposed to be a simple case of looking after my Books by making sure Celebrities and Journalists at Court who work for them or not oppress them for their vandalism and making sure those goons they claim are celebrities exhibiting themselves all over my Public life everyday do not get to do the same but we now have Politics and Media that does nothing but work together to pull people on both sides, run by those who would benefit a lot from not threatening me and seeing what I have written here as a warning; a warning I do not wish to tolerate any nonsense from them turning up around my Books any further. We do hear them claim I want what they have, especially the American ones but the truth of course lies with the other complain that nobody really knows what I want, since each time I am close to getting it I sabotage everything; for of course the reasons they are always after me is to finger my bum to make me smell, punch my tummy, get in my personal space, bully me with homosexuality, make me smell and do anything that helps to Counter that presence of God around me that puts light in their eyes because they are pure evil and they know that I know it too but it takes a dimension when I clearly do not know why I dropped out of University while the presence of God around me is a result of sleeping with peoples Wives, on such nonsense of which their rights are built as it were, looking for trouble - hence contrary to the idea that is popular of which dealing with them is not going to be a challenge in anyway whatsoever and there is nothing wrong with people from my Court working for them anyway, our relationship can improve starting with an end to the continued building of nonsense around an insulting Book that is a result of pillaging my life by telling me the least I can do is get dominated by them for pleasure before I even start to think about getting academics done let alone a job; its simple that if people do not want me to play with them in that way, they might want to think about not playing with me as well; otherwise it can always continue until I get my hands on the Media managers jobs as well.