We hear I have secrets and that I need to be pumped because it is the means by which I hold onto Royal Office these days but when we actually explore the secrets what we find is that the Bible does not actually ask Christians to attack homosexuals as they claim, it rather prohibits homosexuality among Christians. So what they mean by secretes for instance could be that the Church supports same sex marriage these days while I am completely opposed to any kind of homosexuality and Female Bishops and same sex nonsense; which of course I don’t want done on my personal life too, considering I have a History with Tony Blair and George Bush and every other black fool which is not counted among the two category who has apparently not learned their lessons about conflicts being portrayed on Media and the profitability of their stupid insults. I was there when they started inventing new ways of messing up their lives because they thought they could handle me, I was there when they continued to take the risks when they knew they couldn’t; nobody is forcing me into supporting any stupid homosexuals while they preach wealth inequality and save their stupid children from it by spending tax payer salaries on the most expensive schools for them etc – the homosexuality should be taking place in their families and personal lives, not here; I have never in my life once met a nice homosexual, so people cannot just get off and force things on me like that if they wanted. It’s like the story of psychopaths not being able to empathise, where we all know it is completely irrelevant as people are supposed to keep the ugly sides of their madness away from the general public, except the excuse is that psychopaths actually have a problem in the sense that they never actually had any empathy with which to begin doing that in the first place, so instead of people getting help for a medical condition, what we find is that Media is set up so that another group of idiots can make an investment base out of their existence and which is so that they can turn up here to talk nonsense at me about people doing my stuff if they do not get what they want at my expense. I have no idea what the Church is doing supporting it anyway but it’s like every other issue including the appointment of female bishops that goes right back to my leadership being delayed so that the Church can set up premise by which to behave in such ways as contravenes the Bible – this problems associated with a process where people set up Industry and trouble makers set up canopies at their backyard for all kinds of sinful nonsense resulting in the Church of England supporting homosexuals must therefore have indicated they are leading and I am following as it were. I hear of my insolence to that effect too and nothing of their own where an average black girl has a personality that suggests she is nothing but 95% of that thing people use whenever they want to rob you violently and it is not the only indication they were the ones that sought sex with sexy teacher rather than concentrate on their studies on claims the school was not good enough, ripping up my studies to make it better without which they cannot study their own, so that they can make up all these lies and insults to pretend I am some extension of their personality which they did not like to have and my personality is an extension of theirs which they want along with all that comes through it with that big mouth supported by Politicians that we have to put up with all the time – it beggars believe the idea is continuing that someone here wants to entertain their involvement etc; never mind the fact I am selling on that stupid culture and society and the insane socialists and liberalists can stop me too, as we explore how on earth I am supposed to get money from doing so in order to have a life, if they are then able to have the war we hear them talk rubbish about all the time. These things happen because they think the reasons I do not get about preaching the gospel is because I have ended up in an environment where servants of evil are much more powerful, so even in Church, I am afraid to stand before those that are far superior to preach it and when I tell them I don’t need to as they already know what the gospel says, what becomes of it is Church support for homosexuality and then a process where they ask me later – these people are very well aware their price of disobedience and value of insults nonsense will lead them to a bad end such as these, it beats my imagination they turn up on Media ever so regularly to secure privileges of injustice and that is not to say that even though they have never been to Church in their lives, when they see me attend mine, their opinions will not get scary, looking for more trouble and their Politicians telling me I have secrets which if I told people concerning what my thought of them really is, nobody would allow me keep a Royal Office and we all know it means nothing else but chasing my anus and penis and is a behaviour they are going to have to end very soon indeed too, so that I might have secretes as it were, the secretes which preserve their civil fucking rights in the first place; we see them do these things all the time, none of it should be amazing.  

It’s not the end of the world as it may seem; just a process where people feel investors have lost all investment systems and need new ones - we all know that in Asia for instance that will involve selling products to Asians while running charities to look after those that are really poor in that part of the world - so they can complain about losing it all and handle my Books again, then pretend Media and Political insults will suffice. I have spent everything on this Trust and need to maintain the assets that have been placed on customer will to buy the Books I write - I have given them the advice about running their business to benefit the fans of their trends in developing and under developed Countries if they want to rebuild the investment base because I know I can cut it up again for my part too. Show less. They do say I have preferred to do this rather than attack the real trouble makers but everybody knows you have to take each trouble maker so called according to their own merit; so that if it is the Industry power madness kind, I am at a loss as to how any person a magician can actually deal with them without going through what an idiot used his journalistic job for and what the goons at hand were told and it is something that happens so frequently that it becomes more and more amusing to these journalists for the number of times they get away with it.  


Of course we hear that story of the source of all my problems which I blame on others being my arrogance but the reality is that there is no such thing; what happens is that their eyes are kept constantly peeled on me to secure some inspiration, their politicians do nothing with time except obfuscates that build up a sense that I can be a celebrity if I wanted, so others can make use of that which I have made clear I don’t want don’t, anything I say or do about government is immediately followed by them using the part where they get to get given some government funds by crooked means which I did not get as well because I was excluded, every social thing they do is based on opinions about religious persons such as me who are hated by them, they have a need to get rich quick and it does not work in any other way save using my public life and any work I produce or company I own to prioritise their clients and then there is my party piece where they have to get a higher authority to make me acknowledge them as famous, now that they are found on my public life all of the time and it’s not just the one where they are fundamentally interested in my work but not the products because they want to profit from their insults and are afraid of the Books getting sold and it is all because they are modern. So there is no way that a need their Politicians have to try and force me to allow people do homosexuality on me that tags along with the one they have to use everything I do for a living and everything I clean up and set straight to solve their personal problems, is not going to lead to more problems and then there are the really stupid completely useless ones that are mainly female who want to be rich by being useless and those cannot leave people alone, talking nonsense about being famous. So this is what it becomes after it has gone through the violent begging and then later on developed into accusations of insulting those who should not have their feelings pricked story, well garnished with a need to use my job to solve personal problems and clean up their lives when they have had the part in which they secured some money to do popular culture with – knowing that the kind of background that they have really means that they can never be famous and that the money is all that matters but assuming for their part that those they want to take advantage of are stupid every time or should be made so. I don’t think that it is a crisis for my part all together as such - they hate my guts as it stands over using my financial endeavours to solve their personal problem and having made out it is amusing but they are still doing it. My business is built on gathering every prognosis of Book sales and securitising them as asset because it is intellectual property administration, so the means by which they provoke me contrary to their claims, has never been that much of a mystery; every penny this Firm makes is fundamentally built on an inadvertent need for them to stay the hell away from me and all my concerns and we all know when all energy is put to making that happen as a business they will have something to complain about again. It’s a simple tale of people wanting to make use of my Books without getting copies of their own – the reasons causes depression i.e. it had long ago become a trend to make use of my Books without buying it and I need to keep a promise I have made; so we all know this is what Media has done and that it is an eventual result people having jobs in which they can get away with being so lackadaisical as the Media does, we can see they have time for this but there is equally the question to answer of why they are full of so much rubbish all day long and why it is always being channelled at me. It’s never really been an issue, they build it up like that and it’s like another personality that will eat up the real me and then tell me the real me is worse than the personality they have built up and that is because they are always issuing insults and abuses on media at me and going off to gauge if criminals and taking note – the reason causes even more depression i.e. they want to get involved with me and make use of me to solve personal problems that make me appear superior to them which is why they want to move into my right hand; where they had their own history and friends and family and neighbourhoods have been sold on for ruthlessness to get rich quick and rise to the top as it were, now they want mine and if they end up hating my guts for it, it is my fault that they do. So it is important they understand every penny this business makes is built on an absence of their involvement and this behaviour will lead to more serious problems yet; it is not a matter I have no idea what to do with either – what they had been doing between 2001 and 2004 when the fight eventually broke out at University was to set out female journalists who want to be a part of my life so often and so constantly that I end up wanting to use civil rights to make money which they then prevent and ensure when I say anything about them when I don’t know and have never met them, the result can be a Court libel and it simply had no reasons whatsoever like we all see their minions do on the streets on account they think they are really important – it was at the University that I decided it was going to wreck everything if I did not take physical steps to get in charge of the situation and now what we have ended up with is every gay master and nasty fool at popular culture, television personality idiots and back stage media scum actually thinks he has a sub culture where he refers to me as gay, not because he fancies me or wants homosexual sex but because it is the nature and prognosis of violence in their world. It’s never really been a crisis, just leadership as we all know that what happens in civil war is that people blow their brains off and they have to blow peoples own as well – so this is the worst that can happen if these fucking idiots use my livelihood to solve personal problems with wives and kids and criminals their way into government buildings etc; so this is where they need me and the society ones that like to get involved with me and are now thinking that they are building me criminal records that will prevent me from getting famous are just another story, when I am done with them and the public transport system we will find Politicians answering questions on their behalf too, they simply know nothing about it and I would like an end to their involvement with me too; if they think it would hurt them should I do it, they shouldn’t get to play with me in such ways too. what happens is that you walk around normal streets feeling as though you live in Sodom where people can see your anus and touch it and finger it and so on – so normal people do not behave like that and you do accept where it is widespread is an area of endeavour where somebody is employing them and hence has a lot of crowd control problems to deal with but that noise we hear them make about me making trouble for them is something they really do not understand; I do not want people to wind me up and exasperate me to build up obfuscates of my person, so as to create the sense if I followed a certain path in life I will definitely be famous, I do not want it done, I am not a Celebrity; what they are now complaining about is that I do their own as well thereof and it means I have made trouble for them. It goes far deeper than that all together anyway – what these idiots actually believe is that they hate people like me because we like to get involved with them and do something to point out their stupidities and that even when they bully us the result is that of a state of affairs that makes us famous which is a favour still and when we are famous we do not share the proceeds with them, which is a loss they have to pay attention to and let go in life; the problem with this being that it is currently my fault for giving away information about my Books when people are obsessed with moving into my right hand and using my livelihood to fix filthy grubby personal problems to mess it up and make the products unsellable every blessed day with conscience – so that the outcome of this favour of creating problems for me which makes me famous is always the inevitable i.e. that being myself comes with punishment; so it is the only thing about them that I will tolerate. They do say I am completely unable to do anything about Celebrities watching everything I do and using it to clean up a mess in their lives but still want to chase up the issue and I don’t think that reflects fact either; they have settled up on what an Arch Prince thinks about most of the time and I am ready to handle celebrities and their vandalism too; what they have come to at this stage is what I think should be happening to their fame and fortune communities and how much of it they should tone down and live like everybody else, what they have found out is that if I get hold of them I can actually police the process – so our little game will continue to be the one where they cannot tell when my coming and when my going is going to be, which makes it really difficult to stand up somewhere public to use my valuables especially what I have done at my job to clean the filth and personal problems in their lives, so that they might be decadent and therefore famous. The case at the moment is not that I cannot manage them, its rather that whenever I do a Media idiot whose involvement with me is the most fun he can have, which I also acknowledge that he has the right to as it were, cannot be trusted to keep his Mouth shut, now that he knows things about me that can compromise my position. So celebrities are never really interested in that fame stuff we see them kill people for – they are interested in being wealthy, interested in Industry and these problems can be resolved when Media idiots cease to be seen on public places making extra cash with my work and or public life as if this was the 1990s.  It is not true that I am at War with the Media either; of all Court Members, the journalists are still most trusted allies because they do not handle the Royal Estate whatever they do, it just does not work with the Court system itself all together – the Celebrities do but what they give me in return is running a small business around the Royal Estate which helps to keep out Medium size business idiots that feel their cars are safe places from which to finger peoples bum and drive past and the person will be holy but n ever know who did it, then link the prerogative of being able to do whatever they liked so, to making money and getting rich, which is how they cannot do anything unless they use my job to clean up their personal problems and handle my possessions to prioritise their clients – what is left is war on Men who cannot handle staring in my face but get involved with the fact I transcend media to get through to my Court, to hurt me for corruptions of power and seek sensations of convenience and until they are complaining in a big way it does seem like a problem of insolence and intense abuse that will never go away. Of course I understand my Problems is mostly with Men but it’s never the way people think; where they see Men behaving badly I am  a Christian and what I see is criminality – apparently these men have found the Women that are good for them with a personality like the things that criminals hit with you and incredible insults and an assumption of a right to teach you lessons along with it – so they are off to sort their own out as it were; so it’s the tale of how all I say about government must mean them having access to government funds which I didn’t because I was denied and a need to clean up messes in their lives with my Job to go with it and as for wrecking my Book sales, that part is to make me poetic because I am a religious person and they are modern. There are these questions of people’s rights I happen to be a threat to of course and it makes no sense at all; the reality being that of the same old story about how Conservative people are Cunts but then again the fact they make policies for welfare of the Female folk generally makes them architects of all bloodshed as per women and money and the Evils of the world etc. The rights bit is just the one where you see them having had it all twisted up and covered up and off to the left to show themselves off to the world which generally means that they cannot do or say anything unless their hatred of authority and its moral imperatives are defeated and corrupted by alternative lifestyles or plan fame based hate – so in my case it has now come to the point of making use of my Books to leave me with administration that concerns talking adjectives and adverbs and pronouns all the time while they secure funds from Politicians to ask questions of how they can have the same life as me on Media where they are now spending peoples time to force me to see them as famous in order to complete the process; which I have responded to by making them read my Books instead of the News on Media, which means I have revenge for my writers solitary existence being abused in such ways thereby rubbing me of funds and making me abuse it even more by trying to get a job etc and now that they have been getting a headache from reading Books instead of news, perhaps they will be able to think deeply enough to become writers when they are finished with their journalistic careers, I personally am counting on it too myself. In the end they think they have convinced whole populations there is neither God nor the Devil in existence because the annoying context of an all seeing God initiates a fight they have to win for evil too and that is why we never ever seem to be free from Liberals and Socialists turning up on Public places to speak of how we think the Devil does not know how we do that stuff but in actual fact he does, all day long, hence what makes me angry too as they have worked out they get my attention by damaging the finances the Politicians kept damaged for them since I was 20 years old, so that they can fight back like this etc, bearing in mind my person is theirs to handle and my property theirs to damage for advantages of wickedness – this however being to take revenge for all I have done to move their wickedness out of normal living into this choice environment, which then means that keeping religious people from getting jobs becomes a matter of negotiation with those who have jobs and not their trappings of power/privileges of injustice etc but it is the targeting me violently over the tale of how I think the Devil does not know how I am doing it but he does, while at the same time making sure I cannot have my writers living so that people might by my Books, which causes me to lose my temper over their complains about what I do to them as well. So they speak of how people like  me have used them to get by because we have always been unable to fit in with Conservative people; the reality of which is rather that stories such as me being blind and covered up by a Crown that is too big for me signifying a tale of how they need to know their own truths first and then address me later when they are settled on it, thinking mercy and grace is perpetually meant to be the responsibility of other people – in practical sense  of which is the old story of needing to be where the power is, so much that when it is the Conservatives that have the right Policies and likely to win elections they turn up at the Conservative Party and leave people there with a hatred for winning elections and a love for it because it means a new job – enter Margaret Thatcher who then turned the whole thing on them on the Global Stage, meaning that socialists and Liberals now ended up with hatred for winning elections and the love of the job they get because it meant that while they spent huge sums of money to educate their children in private schools and force others to open up a life to homosexuality, they wanted to preach against inequality while preventing people from getting into Houses of Government to abuse them and so we have this twin stage where they express inequality to a fault on one hand while on the other keep a simple living in their Homes, so when people see that people understand they are in tune with socialists roots and do not punish them for it; this is what they mean when they say they are being used to fix other people’s rights and inequities; in the end they do call me names which suggest that they want to have the same kind of life I have and that it means I now exist in a condition where no justice or sense of legal right can apply to me but so are they aware if I become the law that will mean a greater problem has befallen them; I mean they do claim I am not accepted by the Monarchy but of course everybody knows those who make those claims were the Royals that were meant to deal with the problem of Celebrated idiots getting out of hand all over the Country, they have done nothing of that sort The Prince of Wales has also given them the Princes Trust to play around with, hence they have an unprecedented amount of funds to play around with giving a place at the Monarchy to Celebrities on a regular basis; I for my part am doing what I am supposed to, supporting The Queen at Government and it is not that I am unable to handle the Celebrities issues either, I am one of the best at it, I would not have been chosen by The Queen at all if I weren’t. The absurdity of this matter is such that I am renting a Home with a Black person at the Moment which is why Black people are the biggest source of disobedience, soon I will change it and rent with Asians or even Muslims and I really have no idea what will become of that too. as for the Celebrated idiots, whole communities now exist over their finance problems and difficult living but in the end they must rip up another person’s livelihood to set a stage by which their voices are heard when they complain of it – it will never ever make sense unless the bit where their problems are a function of their laziness and wickedness is placed in the picture i.e. if you think of a well organised clan and then of another clan that is effectively a rodent clan that thrives on raiding the rest, what you end up with is conservative people on one hand and Liberals/Socialists on the other.

It’s all like the tale of my hate for people of my own race which has no foundation on fact; it’s never really about hating anybody, it’s just that they are twisted in every way and this is not the 1990s where living was all about dresses slanted on one shoulder and clubbing as a fundamental lifestyle and even if this was the 1990s I am sure they would have learned to not seek to do it with my personal life too. It never ever listens to what others say to it, every Industry community has to deal with the same problem – first you set up and then they come with popular culture and all worth not and its purpose is to ensure jobs  change hands from one person to another whenever they want to have a go at getting rich and then in my case I am the one they have set out to be homosexual so that they might seek even more trappings of power and they never ever want to allow their master the Devil to use their own to get things done because it hurts, they want that of a Christian to be used instead at all times. So I cannot stand them right up to the international community and if I see anything of that stupid culture and society I will cut it up and peddle anything of value that I find. I mean when we do speak of what exactly it is they think I prefer about White people, they will likely claim its sex; sex, sex, sex let me in and then the big manly voice saying I have got to let him in etc (obviously saying it means I have something I have to follow up at the International Community again as it were).  It’s like keeping them secrets to preserve their civil rights while they need to search me all the time for secretes to ensure I am not a threat to their civil rights at the same time.  They do say I can do nothing about the violent problems but will not stop attacking those that can of course but the reality is still that they want to resolve personal problems with my job every time I have had it organised and I usually find it by the way by being lazy, hence they are making me poetic on account they are hard working and modern and I shall find those their jobs as well and then there will be another eventuality in which they understand how one of their stupid behaviours turns up on other people’s lives as an experience. They have various excuses for the reason it happens but my person favourite is usually supplied by the Blacks who claim they were hoping I will be the kid brother that will set the stage for equality between them and their White Counterparts in Hollywood so they can get rich without doing any work. Eventually it comes down to the leadership that Journalists want to provide which means the controversies that lead to an outcome where my life is interfering with what people want to talk about when they read my Books, meaning others share their privacy each time they handle my Books and therefore the preview backfires every time – the one where goons driving around keeping their eyes open for babies with candy find one in the form of me an Hour into the start of work every single day and I could never tell from where they are coming, only certain the day is going to end up in hell throughout – it’s a matter of little inbuilt reminders in their lives or jobs that put a stop to it – where they tell me there is nothing I can do to that effect and will likely end up on a case concerning Industry goons that are never interested in any other part of Industry activity save the power bit and like to make me feel they are supplying me with ideas to suggest they want absolutely everything I do not to be done unless it is done hurting them in every process; its apparently the kind of leadership that Journalists which to provide at Culture and society, just as their jobs can be done professionally except they have built it up on media as per whom concerning which they want to be more important and are now waiting for something. Besides which these society goons are actually so stupid that they think the problems they create for others makes people famous and hence amounts to a favour, which is why they become obsessed with spying on me to build up a scandal and share some on account I have been insolent about it – so I really do not need their insolent and abusive help as well. Obviously it’s the one I do for a living they want to deploy to fix their personal problems apart from their narcissism greed and valuable stupidity and everybody knows it stops when they get seriously hurt, not when I am always made to fight one thing after another. I have not in any way lost my perspective and attitude - they simply never listen; it’s not the one I do for a living they will deploy to fix their personal problems and the media especially wants some of mine all together – it is a warning here and not a conversation. It is not the end of the world, its just reality that my Books are good enough to get sold without advertisement and that will never happen when an idiot wants to show me who is senior at solving problems I stir up but can do nothing about while he has the strength to do it, none of it will get sold when Journalists have to be this insulting and their jobs really do not have to be as insulting; it all now hinges on what a Journalist said; The Royal Office is not in any way too much for me - these people can only become more and more daring, more and more inventive - I simply need to know fully what I am dealing with in all the cases and yap yap yap all need to remember that they have already found out that damage is not competition and that I can do anything I like in London and the UK and that competing with me will lose. We hear endlessly that I need respect but cannot be bothered to give it to those that are more deserving than I am - nobody knows where people find enough stupidity to come up with such things anyway; all I know for my bit is that they have devised a World of murky and twisted evil where people are judged and punished outside of the system of the Law and this means that it is only the innocent that get punished depending on what they have been denied chiefly of which is sex most of the time, while the colloquialisms of doing peoples stuff because the dispensation  of rules itself, so that it must be that if they do organise their stupidities again and look like they want to get around to gather and see me get judged while everybody enjoys a fantasy of seeing me naked and more so with that stupid socialism, I will kick them again and take full responsibility for the complains after as ever. I am not in anyway gagging for respect, the truth is that I really do not care what they think - I mean that I do not have to explain that it is clear that when I do care about what they think, I tend to get into more trouble, which is much the same with most people anyway and a typical evidence is the question of where it is supposed to stop when their involvement with me has already caused me to drop out of University study, while they need respect. 

It’s the same old case of offering home as a place of growth for their children and the outside world as the place for a competitive edge that is second to none for show off and abuses all the time and when they see me, right from the moment I step outside of my door, I am made to feel like an orphan because they are ripping mine up for the fun of it as it were. It very soon develops into the need they have to drive cars past me on the roads fingering my bum because it will make them feel they are important. It then goes right up to where I work for instance and when I stand guard as security in a shop they drive by stealing security guard image and when asked talk much nonsense about being so insecure the answer to their problems is hoping that one day I will come to their homes to guard them; the kind of leadership that Politicians want to supply these days as it were – the case of their need to be able to predict which politicians to support if they want to be rich and which baskets to put their eggs and how to secure somebody that will amount to a hate figure that they can cause suffering to, if they are wrong and need to switch sides to a better place until they find the right one and it is the same with Industry one where I am spare leader but if they are wrong invite themselves into my concerns and it all comes with bum fingering and tummy punching fantasies all day long.

It has never really been an issue, just self glorification that I am in need of respect when I am not; I mean the English Mans home has always been his Castle, so a respectful Christian is probably likely to be a fraudster in disguise – very well of course, as long as their children are not homeless if they tend to agree that the way I like my life is something they can look up to because what will come of it is a process where I asses this risk and try to work hard and earn enough to contribute towards alleviating it, so they can turn up to seek respect on the premise of ripping up my finances, just in order to pretend nothing will happen at the other end – where they get into a fight with me and when they end up in heaps of trouble for it, send in their children who are my mates as equally as they are. In the end it is worth pointing out that I have been working with Families and they have been setting aside some money to invest in a life I have affected with them, which I can earn by trying to sell my Books to them as much as I can and if these goons know what is good for them, they had better stopped trying to steal it, pretending it is what economy and jobs have become - find their jobs and profits somewhere else where people appreciate their insults better as it were (it is the Politicians that love to claim that it is one thing for me to blame others for the effect of my deviance but the reality on the ground is that the fact it is costing the economy is a far more serious matter - it is utter nonsense of course since the story runs along the prognosis of the tough girls I cannot take advantage of while I seem to have an inability to allow the easy ones get on; the truth however is that if somebody is a journalist and has to maintain National image at work while work at the same time means that on account she has a bum, there is always somebody that can come and go as they please, then braving it for me, has to mean allowing them into my Court if I am interested in the responsibility, while the so called tough Women are the old story of not being able to control my temper when some female idiot gets involved with me, so I might get told to relax as it is a Water and Milk issue. The other side of the story of course is that there are other Women that want to get involved with me in terms of the violence and brevity of moving criminals and terrorists towards their own sexual mates but which I have to make clear to them young Women that while that may matter, the Court is still at the helm on the issue and would require them to behave in such ways as does not mean somebody at Court does something to damage their relationships: this is actually the deviance that damages the economy while the fucking idiots spend tax payer funds on UK film Council, so that their fools can turn up to tell me that when people start talking about matters of feminism being a function of insults passes around in my direction, which is actually correct, that I am gagging for it but cannot be bothered giving any to those that are more deserving than I am - like the Arts; since the part where she rips up your finances and Public life to put their name on Hollywood Hall of Fame was not just the fame bit considering what she really wants to do with herself is to become a business tycoon and it is not just your health that will be flushed down the Toilet for it as it were.). We are not talking about the American ones - for those, it is a Country where there is such freedom to an extent where I have written a Book and it needs to be unpublished and taken off the market because it has created nostalgia: for whom the Books have created nostalgia that facilitates the bad things that happen to them of which nobody knows but we see that this has already grown into a global campaign within the last five years and of course the fact I have not been talking about it, is not to say the fact on the ground is that enough of them have not died yet as well as it were - at which point I would get told I am happy for the Police to kill them of course whilst I cannot even explain what they are doing with my Books, whereas in terms of the former, it is a matter of telling a Police Office by subliminal messages, that they are aware he or she is watching them and that if any silly games are played the person being protected will be found dead and in terms of what I cannot explain, it is about a Royal Estate and a group of idiots that really love to steal the renaissance whilst they live in a Country where they do not have a Welfare State all together: recently the cowards have begun to spew this nonsense about a threat to me that they pose of course and I wonder what with all the time too as it were. In the end they say I think I have controlled the Media but am only stoking racism and it will never make sense - as far as I am concerned, I was there when the teenage years of the idiots were spent on clubbing and partying and binge in Pubs, now they want to move into my right hand and have created a state of affairs which suggest it is the meaning of life; they have ripped up the academic work and the finances and are after my Book sales Company now, having set up a daily system of lies that Mean their local idiots ensure their neighbourhoods end up as an atmosphere in my personal life, as though there is something wrong with my Personality all together; so now we must find out what kind of leadership these Media scum and Politics idiots and Industry bastards are going to provide here as it were and nobody moves into my right hand, which way I will find out what they intend to do as well (we hear that their security guards will figure me out and it is a new story as I am aware my risks are that my State provided security is based on surveillance and I will end up pulling those stupid intestines of theirs so they can do security work that way as well.). They do say that nobody is to move into their right hand as well of course and I am comfortable with it being declared on Media only too - just like those claims its all my fault when what happens is that they rip up the academic work and when I have a job, although I have my Book sales business I look after, because of the way I raised, somewhere around the second or third hour at work everything will cave in due to a lack of academic stimulation and I will suddenly be left with a sense of extreme fear and anxiety about being somewhere else while I have five or six more Hours in the work place before that even starts to look like a real prospect and yet the answer as as simple as the fact there is nothing wrong with my personality and this was never their own lives as it were. I have heard that since I password protected my websites it has become a plaything for Americans but I fail to see how much of it is a case anyway - after all Americans like to damage my Public image because they want those who wish to use it for entertainment and merchandising to appear as though they are doing me a favour - which is so as they have a very large Civil rights community and will fight the battle later, I only have to wait and figure which damages will mean I make that into a real problem as well. As for how these things are partly my fault and how most of my duty is to Politicians and not Celebrities, in terms of the former, none of it is my fault at all - this is not the life this people live in and I do not have to suffer intense sudden fear while I am at work on account they have been ripping up my academics - my duties are to Politicians I am aware of it but they are so certain of the absence of consequences if they throw public funds at deviance and celebrities and so have I shown I am capable of throwing my public image at deviance and celebrities too and now my bottom is not hurting quite as much as their own is. I understand the main problem to be that I say anything I like anywhere which is a problem for them and not for me; I mean they enjoy throwing money at celebrities and deviance, so that when stupid people have Cars and they had deployed government Office to rip up your finances you can never tell people they are useless, so when damaging mine has become such a preoccupation, it was time they had these guys follow them around as well and we are clearly not talking about Women that had been denied opportunities by Men in the matter at all as it were. They do speak however of my problem being with competition and that omits the story of ripping up my family support in order to feel superior and keeping their competitive edge with money and lots of cheap, easy, quick and violent insults, white killers getting in my face with their skin to turn my tummy upside down all the time, to find out if I will stoop low enough to abuse them by calling them white trash and so on - which I never mention because the blacks will secure self improvements and hence have only done so when people are starting to deal with some real and proper racism; it seems that it is when I do mention they are killers that they try to stay out of trouble by using their own lives to seek a perspective on the left and stop issuing threatening accusations at me for celebrity self improvements. Speaking of competition however; it seems that I have a problem with all of London as it were and damage is clearly not competition on their part too but there is a competition that they will win to glorify another set of older idiots - same old story; Christians do not like competition because it distracts from prayer and meditation, except people want to find out they are actually the underdogs in order to set about seeking prerogatives of injustice by which t cheat all the time; I however need to ensure all rich and powerful people that need my equities are detached from them, so there might be clarity on this issue of the fact they can buy anything they want and maybe star in any film or Media arrangement as long as they do not get to claim my property belongs to them but on the whole, what happens is that they speak of competition, get off to those statements about wanting to have the World as well and when it starts they start with damage, while I want nothing to do with them because it is a less attractive offer compared to State provided security leading to them Women at Diplomatic circles finding me friends, which spurns all those person and equitable security systems at Children's entertainment and Films and documentaries and so on, besides which I clearly do need to control my own world; pivotal matter being still that they need to keep off my Books; not doing so is bringing the solutions to a real prospect of financial repression i.e. I get out of bed and check my renaissance and my Court systems and what happens I try to manage on a website, at some point it will no longer be management but a process of getting out of bed to ensure they have the worst day of their lives (all very well saying I think people are stupid of which they actually are, such that I think sometimes that my activities are so relevant to the extent of a process of making sure when they are done with University, they leave it alone for the younger generation; because of course what happens is that they are so stupid they find academic work which is really what is fact from the point of view of somebody else who put it into writing simple - so that they absorb it including everything that the other person that stands in front of the room to guide them on how to approach matters has been doing and get out into the real world to dominate everybody making people feel like orphans all the time).