It does get expressed a lot around those claims we hear that they are seeing me do extremely difficult matters of controlling violent things in society so others can enjoy life and I have no idea what it means either, all I know is that this is no news and that they have always wanted to see a Christian stuck somewhere doing difficult things to control violent things in society so people can enjoy life because he is the one that they have decided will satisfy the bad things of the world if sacrificed to it. It does nothing to change the fact that they as a persons do not matter and that I am not interested, it is irrelevant and that process of getting after my finances which is the only way to get my attention will lead to very ugly results eventually and their Politicians will soon have a date from me set out as the last point at which they build up atmospheres these idiots can cash into which involves something I should be doing and then the result after that date will be the one where we see how they are going to keep doing so from that point. I dont think it is a major crisis; those stories we hear about getting around with girls and women beyond my league is one of the cheapest example of how confident they are that they can always touch me if they wanted to and my world revolves around them as well and so it does come to a head over those tales that the Country has signed up to somebody that cannot get out of his own problems when they are the problem itself and that process where you are rounded up like an animal and end up marrying one of them eventually was long dead on a global scale, so what I will put to the test when I am not being nice and feel like threatening them out of those insolent saloon cars and so on will be the part where they can touch me if they wanted to. It shows up when I play video games and they spy on me of course – the equities around this games speaking of which s developed by people who have chosen a moral ground to stand on for the sake of innocent people and when they are white find affinity of that security with my work, so it is easy to see how they can cause a lot of trouble by getting on it anyway, however what they say is that they will copy what they see me do and become more effective toy soldiers: whereas I play video games whenever I am angry and feel like beating some witchcraft nonsense with an army, so how they will be the ones that copy it and use it for such purposes is never clear but is an example of their big mouth wagging before it ends really badly as usual – since they will copy what you do to beat them all the time to go up against Military people as it were. This whole case of a Christian stuck somewhere doing really difficult and violent issues was never an unusual way of handling Christians anyway: the problem is that if they round you up like an animal and tie you down somewhere to make that happen, does it make them any different from the racists and the extremists, for you have to deal with these issues of social violence while there is violence met out against you are you are doing it because they cannot leave people alone and the more important half of the case being that of why is it that after that they feel they want to handle your finances to make sense of it every day when they had failed woefully, even though you do not mind handling the violent issues anyway? So it does come to the fact the fools are confident my life and world revolves around them and that they can touch me any time they want as well – so I am sure they can see they are starting again because we live with it comfortably until their need to corrupt people takes a violent turn and I come to their Country to corrupt their women – a same old story of wanting to live in deviance and then setting about attacking me whenever it affects them in anyway because I have got it for that; it is the faith they have a problem with and not the finances; it is not an emotive issues how so much lazy people want to control everybody else and in my case make sure I provide money for them while they enjoy life but the degree of violence could not have been made up in a tale – it is fair to mention they have started again as it were.

Of course we do hear the part where all I say and do works with Labour ideals which I vehemently oppose and hate but that has no bearing towards the truth; which is that whilst I believe a Country where people have what they need means they are not susceptible to all that witchcraft stuff and will therefore pay it no attention and afford it mobility thereof, Labour works on the idea that the witchcraft stuff is necessary to bring about wealth equality and we all know that is the devil himself as it were; you know when I say I will get to a point where I am going to consider that stupid state of affairs they set up over me like an atmosphere that people can make use of which is about something I should be doing already and then I will offer them an ultimatum and after that find a way to hurt them seriously should it continue and they think I am bluffing too. They love their stories about it of course – stories like how the witchcraft stuff is necessary for a new country, then if not then it is about how it is necessary to ensure Parliament is powerful and if people are not taken more while they are advocating the benefits of persecuting the personal lives of religious people for good feelings which then offers a state of affairs they can apply to anybody that does not give them what they want, soon after which it moves straight onto wealth distribution because that takes much, much longer to make sense; My point being that they need to put forward their arguments about wealth distribution and let the people decide – keep the witchcraft stuff away.

We hear the part where trials on phone hacking is over (24 June 2014) so nobody will ever notice what the media does with me, which is news; I mean I always am aware they spy on me endlessly of course but I do not live in the same world as they do and am not that deluded; it’s a matter of twisted people with damaged personalities and you can go through the list if you want to- nature, nurture, upbringing, whatever, none of which is good in anyway whatsoever doing what they do best. I do not think they are the ones watching me, it is the government that does that but of course those who are responsible for me only need leave their desk and get to the toilet and they will be all over it and it is all a game – so it is a matter of what Politicians and applicable royalty think of my office but that is not something they will want to discuss in public at any rate despite this need to be seen to be in the right while I am in the wrong all the time. I do not think it is a major issue, it simply comes down to the fact they love to make use of other peoples personalities and have fought tooth and nail at the cost of everything to make use of mine because they need it so which as we all know is annoying beyond any limits you can imagine and this is  how and why they do not get to confront themselves and correct these nonsense about it – so that when you actually look at that fact it becomes a better option to taking the route of them getting involved with you to which causes you failure and the fact they are stupid damages every single thing they touch around you. So it is nothing that serious; the truth is that they know what they are doing at any rate and at any time, its just that they know what they want and how to work for it but never want the right thing and never work for the right thing – the rest of it is all a commotion around their need to extract an income from your purse and nothing more than that – clear reasons we as a country always tend to deploy their lives and that of their Politicians to get things done because when it really comes down to it, all these trouble makers come from families within the same political ideology. I do not think of myself a victim of wealth distribution of which they are the successful overlords, that is something they have made up; I think I am on one corner and my company in the middle and their Political parties and royal dispositions on the other side who love to attack my company all the time and my finances thereof because they are getting the kind of good feeling you get from persecuting a good person from it – so whilst I have not yet begun a programme of revenge as well which is the only language they understand otherwise an explanation of what is happening becomes varied enough to last a lifetime, it is apt that I do what I have done and the outcome is always the same, whereby they claim God does not exist when we all know that they can simply chase me around to ensure they had put up an explanation of my faith and my personality because of it as something else to a point where they believe it themselves so that they might be satisfied – hence the problem being that they want to decide for others too and if I dont kick them I do not suppose anybody else will either; hence when we say recalibrate reality and I dont feel I am a victim of wealth distribution – we hear them speak of it all the time, it is the very heart of their colloquialism, when you go into their communities and see how hard they work to wreck my finances and keep me where they can access me and feel they have got British identity out of me, then expect me to feel it is right I should find myself on state benefits but have come to think over the years I spend too long on it because they are convinced they can do and undo as well or when you hear them speak of attention I get and how that attention will belong to them in the end and how that means they start off stories of how I look like I am pampered but I am somebody who gets beaten up by my overlords a lot, including my parents and so that if that is not the case set out to make it happen by their own hands and if we remove these kinds of reality the question lingers as to who seems to have been their equal for the insults in the first place and what exactly seems to have been the benefit of their colloquialisms of violence towards younger persons trying o get by bearing in mind already that they get this whole process of using peoples personality to get things done so they dont have to confront what they are by abusing people in their teens, which makes even more sense of that complain they make of how we use them as a Nation to get the problems resolved. I mean it’s not unusual, that is not what I saying, it is a matter of the reasons we as a Nation always think that there is no point dealing with gangs and organised crime like we were dealing with it in our own families when it happens in their own, just because it blights all our lives i.e. what exactly is the purpose of their colloquialism of violence towards young people that are trying to get by? They do say it is because they want a new country, they do also say it is because young people mess around with them and need to understand how bad they are – so it gets better I can tell you that.

Talk of the ECJ is very common these days with the Tories saying there are flaws in it and these idiots saying those flaws are what makes it perfect; what they speak of then has something to do with using the ECJ to process a condition where they cannot let people rest into a fraternity of Nation that they own by cases of human rights abuses, which of course is utter nonsense since the directives and regulations of the EU are very clear in their purposes and therefore largely a matter of what nature of cases people go there to try against them so they can win those because I wouldn’t hesitate to table one about how they live their lives in deviance, wrecking my finances to make money with which they bring all night long for five years straight and start to attack my women and my friends and my company to get a feeling about their stupid lives that they have lost which they now want the ECJ to sanction by a privilege of injustice for them. So it is nothing serious; the same old case that blights the lives of young people about big gangs and smaller gangs and female gangs; where the smaller gangs and female gangs and the main trouble makers but are also certain that the space and future on the left is to be kept pristine for them otherwise there will be trouble with that big mouth, so it is clearly of course the mob justice that work so much that is being dished out for them by the big  gangs which seems to be the biggest problem of all: they do say I support them big gangs to that effect as well which has no basis on reality since the truth is rather that the big gangs do what they do because these fools wreck people’s lives and go off to start campaigns on how everybody should chose what makes them feel convenience and not what is right, so that when it is not my problem it is not my problem but when they attack me I cannot deny that the problem exists and that is what there is to it i.e. the mob justice people dish out for them as well seems to have become the main problem and they cannot stop talking nonsense about what they clearly cannot do to me since the main problem with that part is that Military jobs are for those who like a lot of manual Labour but not manual Labour lovers tends to make the better soldier – because of that they want some of the power as well and that is why they cannot stop attacking the entire world in order to spend mine. It does come down to that old case of how they need to stay away from me as we are not mates and the blacks especially need realise early enough that I only share skin colour with them and they dont own me and the girl ones need to know what I say is final and nobody cares since none of them, even the males ones are relevant around here and their game of me being appreciated in my absence they love so much is completely pointless since I want nothing to do with them. I hear they say I talk but they get the better of me financially, which is the same as those things they do being all about using their mob justice to control people and have things because they simply cannot be satisfied as it were with anything in this world: they are not getting the better of me financially, what they are doing is grabbing my possessions to run off and make an Industry people give them money as quickly as possible and I am getting really fed up with it as it is enough to drive anybody up the wall and will completely lay waste everything that facilitates its occurrence before they tend to think I am serious about it – okay what we are talking about is that every Industry goon that has been a party to the whole thing is now stuck in a no asset no liability economy that I built for the entire world while the rest of us move on, so they must be talking about getting the better of me financially because they want me to get out of here and find I cannot operate my office in any other mode but that of building a public life for it, which everybody knows is a rather simple way to find out what they are really made of as it were. Hence eventually it is never clear what they hope to accomplish getting after the ECJ either. I know of a question about what I am going to do about them of course but it has always been rather simple as the part where I collect those cultures to show who is in charge and who is not – now we are getting to the stage where I start to give it away to others.

It’s the Mob justice they complain about but right down to the very basic personal life their behaviour is still the same; because they always get what they want and feel they will have a need satisfied over getting involved with me, I am only keeping them out because I want everybody to get involved with me which means they will in the end anyway and so how bad they feel they are continues to get a turnaround in their eyes and in the eyes of the world while how bad you feel you are and the world does as well continues to get a turn around as they work it endlessly. We hear the part about being troubled over media of course, of which there is nothing to be troubled about since everybody already knows what happens is that the media really have a drive to seek power these days and so it is all about how they can make you jobless and homeless: the problem is that they sense that they can have that power over me but the price of course is everything they need to accept they have to take and take all of it along with doing that – so my relationship with them has reached an unknown degree at this stage because it is much the same old issue where I am jobless on account an idiot started a campaign of how there will be power to be gained if a Christian had a penis up his bum on account he was trying to find work first before he does and they want these cultures to continue to exist and wax strong while they have a problem with the faith and go after my finances with them and then there are the evil women who want the entire world for themselves too to take with them and everything else in between including the extremists and the gangs – it does go a long way to justify how much of their big mouth they can back up when it comes to that nonsense that they can touch me anytime they want. I hear they say the issue is largely that a member of the Royal family really hates my guts but of course we all know the sole purpose of HRH The Duke of York getting a position of trade envoy for the UK from a collection of socialist idiots was that my entire career existed to serve as a pre run for what he will become in his future and therefore what I will give up once he had thought I was doing his job – so they do need to fight their corner and he will fight his own. I mean they would say these women that want the world run my life basically and that they rule the roost to that effect but of course that is never true since I know these women are rebels but they cannot leave people alone and think they are good looking and also ideal candidates for marriage and so on, so it is exactly how I should be doing my career and when finished hand it over to the Duke of York or idiots can get involved and touch me whenever they want and these are the things we will put to the test as well – dont know what they are worried about when they have their own fights to win anyway.

We do hear way too much about what they hate and I want to take advantage of this opportunity to put it in order as well; the part where they are incredibly stupid and their activities beat the imagination all the time, do not get told that and therefore believe they can turn up here and handle my work and damage it and my finances to turn up on media and build themselves a publicity for being important which is later followed by one that will ensure they can determine where I end up and who I am, then turn out to talk nonsense about what they hate which makes no sense whatsoever. I mean they do not get told they are thus stupid but the evidence speaks of itself and everything they touch gets damaged, except money – which by the way is not actually entirely accurate because what really happens with money is that is moves away to somebody else as soon as they get their hands on it while they get something they really want, most of which makes no sense whatsoever, for example a music piece of five stanza which is about abusing others, made by an idiot just like them, which is then designed to ensure they feel good about themselves and thereby the process where money exchanges hands for such thing leads to the outcome of grabbing other peoples work and going off to industry idiots to help them make people rich and famous. I mean I am not necessarily onto something here, just a case of putting their stupid hate where it is supposed to be as it were; so we can see it is the mob justice others dish out for them we hear all the time – we hear the ones about Islamic extremists but the Christian one is a write off on account he does not do violence while they want to do their boy gangs and girl gangs and control him because it is what the gangs of deviance are for i.e. controlling others like animals in order to extract a living from their purse setting up a contraption that looks like a job – hence the fact discounted that the Christian has no wish or plans to control those stupid gangs as well therefore seems to have been the great idea despite their need to attack him all the time because he understands their insolent mob justice games really well indeed. I hear the case of how I am just as stupid as they are which is why I mention it but that is rather the important part of this conversation because I am only making sure I compete with Politicians, so the abusive insult I am stupid must have indicated I have won again: you could never have made up if you dared, the part where people spend tax payer funds at the highest levels of government to force you to react you deviance, but that has been happening in the UK for the last decade, full of excuses that are exported overseas as well, not that it does matter if it is anyway by the way. I do not wish to put up with anymore nonsense from them and I feel it is important they put their stupid hate where their mouth is and try to shut it. I do not otherwise think it is a crisis as such, it’s a same old case of what people do because they need to extract an income from your work – they claim spending tax payer funds on these deviant idiots to make you react to them for 14 years of your time that you tend to give away like that all the time, is designed to create equality and these are the sort of nonsense you could never have made up if you tried and so those claims they make themselves better off by leaving their other enemies to pick on me is utter rubbish; they have only made themselves a new one – the number of times you sit around to see some stupid witch destroy everything around here to secure an International community appointment, especially the African ones and then the villainy dance and all that nonsense shown off, it does mean so much to them and it does express why they do what they do to get there but soon it turns up on my door step to talk nonsense at me all the time and pretend they make themselves better off; same old case of playing games therefore I dare say. They cannot leave me alone as it were and feel like these things all the time, so it is never really clear what their complains seems to be about the mob justice they get as well.

They do think they have had it all worked out and the Christian has had his finances and academic work pillaged and now they have their hands on everything he owns and it is garnished with a publicity about how he fosters the idea to the world that the UK is all about morality and religion, while they compete on the other hand with the claim it is about money and riches and decadence and so on which makes no sense because what the world really thinks about them to that effect is that the UK is about competition, so they are in and so am I. The part about all my problems being a function of messing with white people who actually look after black people is very well understood; I mean I can say it is the mob justice people provoke them and then dish out for them as well we hear of all the time and not the ones they turn up to pretend they can do and undo with using that stupid media every day. Here it does appear they are saying they want new ideas and that can easily mean that the Africans they help have no ancestral link to me in anyway and to know them as persons or acquaintances is something that has never before happened but it has continued to be a reason to rummage around my anus and penis thing they like to do to mess me up and look good in public all the time – so Europe is a big continent as well and blaming British people for what Europeans do will soon become a popular thing. The claim that it does eventually come down to the fact that they get to get away with using other peoples personality to do their jobs which means they do not have to confront the fact they are sick people and need medical help becomes something we all have to put up with, implying everything I do to fight them is based on personality pleasures while they have all the money, is very well understood but if I think that this process of putting up money as leverage to cash into my royal property and company markets has stabilised, I will have my own economic crisis because they have listened with those stupid gangs and deviance and have heard me discourage people from supporting such things after all – I mean they can buy the music CDs if they wanted since they are stupid but this is not a bluff. So I am rather okay with the part where only those that are strong enough will be able to do these things thereby providing a means by which women can get some respect – because it changes nothing about maintaining a status quo after being insulted by their ugly stupidities until it is settled; the questions and questions of who is the fucking mate and whether or not they do not have their own stupid kids and husbands to pass them insults at for the feelings they need so much etc.

The part about dancing around my pain isn’t really something they have worked out in the real world; what happens is that of their insults, if the women especially keep that away for I take stock all the time and cannot get used to them, then all will be well and I am not talking about an exception for their stupid children like they assumed I will make for them over the trouble they find themselves in when the UK is all about competition for example etc and how I therefore set mine out against Politicians and win all the time. I dont care what they think, it is not important, they do not matter; it used to be because I am a Christian, now it’s just social and there is nothing they can do about it. It is never true that I open people’s emotions up so they can be provoked all the time – no I shut down the women because I dont appreciate their lazy idiots insults that much and open up the men because I have had enough of their corruptions of involvement and inability to dip into the evils of the world to hurt me with it – the journalists really do put it into context because whenever they get a word into your conversation, the outcome is always that they want to say something about their personal lives so there is that real world need to handle them that way all of the time.

So is the one about stolen civilisation which isn’t really applicable either; what is, is the fact when they see a Christian they want to compete with him and that means starting a fight they will have made sure they win at the end – so when I in order to ensure they are relevant leave the Christian thing and live their own lives and they complain about what I do being a process of digging their history because my parents were not wealthy enough to allow me money responsibilities which means I have no knowledge of the world and like to talk at people to get my head around things doing what they used to do when they were kids and making them feel they are wrong, it does apply I have won again.

So is the one about how I get involved with them – about which these are male gangs and female gangs who do nothing but think of how they will control everybody to the function of their own ends and how they are an indomitable deviance to that effect: so they are always after the Christian that has a good grasp of mob justice because the girls want to abuse a good man and ensure he is never appreciated until he is not around anymore, while the boys just want to mess around with your private parts and make out they link it with a process of getting rich: the outcome of course is that the Christian wants to control them as well for his own aims, so, bearing in mind they are always getting off to parliament and media to secure a place where I am offered to them as something they are guaranteed to oppress in order to have their own power in the world of which such a parliament and such a media does not exist as it were and never will, sometimes I do feel unjustified for writing books that are all about their lives and about pillaging it and about giving it away but then again if that is put in the context of their stupid children speaking of civil rights but being convinced they can touch me if they wanted and the general idea from them that they want to live an existence where when they get angry it matters and when I am it doesn’t around my possessions and my existence, which does put real world meaning into what I mean when I say such a media and such a parliament does not exist, then writing those books and selling them as well always tends to make the perfect sense because we never hear that they are bullies as much as we always hear they are civil rights victims; of course I have no wish to get involved with them and the books they wail about so much is the source of finances that will guarantee that they do not have to worry about it too.

It’s all an old story about how people want to handle a Christian; the media are always off to a corruption of involvement that will run along the lines of a need to get involved with great evils and then with his personal life until he is either dead or a victim of an ideology of religious extremism – so for them as well each time they get involved it means they want to talk about their personal life and that is why I open it up. The women are incredibly lazy you see and speak of civil rights but are even too lazy to work on their relationship with others, so that they all turn out to pretend nobody knows they know what they are doing at every turn that they do it as equally as they know how bad what they are doing really is – hence they proceed further to build these communities of deviance who work it so intensely they feel alienated from their own country so they can market out those who have country they can or want to confiscate and hence that behaviour of when I am angry it matters over your life and possessions and when you are it does not which shows up are celebrity industry all of the time, to look for famous people to ally themselves to and buy with some money to persecute me, the blacks however, the blacks had their stupid lives all worked out before I came along and are going to start all over again too. It is never true I think what I am doing is stressful – it is stressful for them to turn up here and wind me up of course, I know I have one job – they on the other hand have several especially the Politicians: there is the one they do for a living and then there is the one that is my own that they are doing and then there are all the small ones that keep that going in-between chiefly of which is the one that ensures that the ones they do for a living are used to fight people bit. It’s simply another area of their mob justice of course i.e. I know you are a Christian but I want to get around stealing and cheating and hurt and lying and so on to get what I want which must have something to do with you as well whether you like it or not – that part isn’t usually a big matter because it is the part where deviance always ends with violence but where you act becomes the other part i.e. when enough people had gotten involved with areas of your life I am being barred from it means that it will be opened wide enough for me to get in as well: after which they control me and can permit me to sell my books after, knowing exactly what the Christian thinks about those stupid cultures in the first place and of course a lot of the times they want to be able to work this on a sexual basis before they had started working it in the first place. On mentioning it like these they will say it is the influence of the US and that they are really powerful but that said, we are talking about it because they are checking how fatigued I am as it were already – so it keeps going from the part where another meaning for my books is sought everyday to stifle the sales and the need to gather as a community and cherry pick other people’s lives including mine as what they need to fill the gaps in their own foolish ones of course: nothing new from when I was issued the first threat of how they will do my stuff for being the Christian that understands mob justice well enough to round them up like animals and seek his own interest as well, whom they feel should be extinct: I dont discuss it, their Politicians have simply spent so much tax payer funds to make me react it is a competition about which I must beat them every single time so they might be the losers they are in a legitimised way: thus feeding right into how I rent people’s homes and deploy it as a means to an end with no respect whatsoever, of which they wreck my finances to ensure I am renting their rackety cheap homes as it were and by the way of which renting their stupid homes is a writer nightmare as it were – never the less of which we never hear they are bullies, we hear they are civil inequality victims. So it is never true I cannot roll with the name calling of Politics; the reality is that of digging peoples weaknesses – if you have one and people dig it that is not such a problem but if they turn up around you to create some they can dig all the time, you have got a real problem and if they do create some they can dig but will not dig unless media controls your finances, then it can only get worse – they were in the work force since I last tried to find my first job of course and have since sought to own me for such purposes and have been armed with their excuses and international statements for it too and I need to behave in the same way with their retirement or idiots like them will never ever understand and thus continue to do such things never the less, then blame it on extremists and talk nonsense of how I need to do things with measured control so they can do whatever they like. I dont think other people’s homes to rent are a bad thing as such – the reality is a progress from bumping into people doing things with me in which they were my boss, to everything I write being spied on and read by others already; so there is something they do not know about me which they wish to find out starting from how people cannot hate British and be British at the same time.

It is said that I have gotten off to take over what government should be doing to serve businesses of which there is no truth attached, since I only did set out my business and company and drew them a line they cannot cross with all that noise making about economic crisis which will hit me hardest: they always love to be seen to look like they know what they are talking about and know nothing of it in actual fact and cannot stop messing with my livelihood and thus now have something of a stick that will ensure they are doing economy properly so to speak; yapping about a new economy that will be based on getting it out of those who can get things done until it became a state of affairs etc. Just like they claim I have wasted all day being angry while popular culture goons pillage my office and property which is never true as nobody knows what they are doing with them popular culture goons anyway, considering if they trade with them only it would have nothing to do with my property equity and likewise more responsible people, so they must be making progress.

They do like to say I get up in arms when I know I am about to get a beating by those who know how to do my stuff but that is never really true, it’s just really annoying and you want to settle for the next best thing of getting away with hurting them in broad day light and right before their eyes; what they do is feel they can handle my company everyday and set out on media that they have done my stuff, it’s as though they cannot exist unless they do my stuff and it is incredibly infuriating too – hence the cost of it to them and then the counter costs to me like I am playing with them or something; I mean why the popular culture people always need them with that their world where people are nice if homosexual and bad if organised criminals who need their help with the fact organised crime has become less profitable on account I want to write books and so on. They have been giving me a beating for the best part of fourteen years so far of which the years of my time I give away just like that as it were and it has done them so much good that we can see today too.

I hear of the part where I am a huge failure and disappointment and a burden at this stage which of course is utter nonsense since my work is actually as simple as, write books and concentrate of my academic work and get the book sold to finish the job; nothing about it requires any help from any Politicians that cannot and could not help themselves in the first place and I need none of it – they say I am a burden but they are firing zeros from all cylinders all the time. it’s like the case of the question of how a work Court of female journalists is supposed to have helped me, which is not an issue of course since they are there to put forward facts and figures about their Industry stupidities from all over the world to preserve my equities especially those at British Government office – therefore not a huge or demanding task either, just an expression of the fact idiots like these always think that backs stage media abuses of theirs and popular culture perversions means they can do anything they like and that is not the truth – the truth is that when they screw up people lose their homes because they cannot continue to pay mortgages, so they might want to put their money in the bank as savings and enjoy their interests rather than turn up to bother others running a business and wrecking things about for a living to talk rubbish about the irrelevance of my company because they are making use of it which is a typical example. I really enjoy the part where the existence of the Court means that the fact they think Asia is a place where they can do and undo continues to fail and fails all of the time too – Asia where people bring it out of you all the time as it were – the part where you really feel like calibrating the length and width and height of those cities and the windows in those buildings and the offices behind them as it were – so it really does come back down to the fact they cannot do as they like such that paedophiles and rapists being given access to my personal life like they think they are doing will not help them, only fill me with a resolve to measure what it is they have detached me from and taken up with that big mouth they think everybody finds amusing in that stupid global Industry. It is not just a work Court as it were – it is a lot more complex than just a work Court: they control what the Pornography Industry gets up to and the pornography industry checks the working class and their female rebels, so if I get myself involved with the sex industry it is always because there is something I have lost a grasp of as it were, so that when Pornography out there is because somebody attacked the moral fabric of society fact number one will be that I am a genius and fact number two will be that it is a step towards recovery as I do wish they were doing something different or something else more like and yes we do hear the question of how it is exactly the Court serves the British Government which is then the same old story, tempered only with what people want to talk about in terms of how my position compromises their ability to report news without fear or favour of which there is no such thing as my relationship with them is personal which puts them in the Court which comes with obligations to co-operate with my every whim when it is time to put in public the equities of a trouble making company and rip it until it is completely destroyed because of course we can see that when the fact remains people can be violated, economic crisis does not tend to wake these fools up as it were.