The thing about how I must run away from dangerous and useless people is not a matter about which I have any control of the situation. Obviously if people when they are nice when it comes to intoxication and narcotics they drink themselves silly at least 4 out of 7 days a week, know that another is a Christian and clearly wants nothing to do with them, it is what they want to do i.e. get involved with him and wreck his job, academic work etc whether he likes it or not and in conditions he cannot control. However this running away issue s largely attributed to stupid girls especially Americans that like to show they know and have people that can and have promised to personally show me the underside of violence for them and therefore they can take anything they want from me on media about which I dare not misbehave or act in a provocative way. Some say it is a drive to be successful I call it bullying, so it not exactly clear where they want me to run to. I do not think it is a major issue at all, I mean as it stands today I know gangs exists somewhere, so do racists and criminals etc and I have decided that one thing is the way things are to happen but the media cannot do anything unless they get on public television to offer such people prerogatives in a way that is my liability and also threatens me, they breathe it for crying out loud while they complain all the time as well.

The first issue over the matter for the media ones and the fame ones was that stupid culture and I had completely sacked that alongside society with respect to their Politicians, the toll that time and effort spent to do that has had on me is a process where their intrusive insults have meant I have cash strapped and now spend a lot of time making a mess of the way they want the civil service to be, even though they claim it is where they have their greatest victories yet. So the question now is what the next best thing is; maybe murdering them so that there might be an improvement, I don’t know yet but it is probably an option. For now they are still doing all their community parties and insolent children on the basis of gathering facts about me.

They love their stories of course about what I am incapable of doing but it is the same old thing; 24/7 it is the small business meetings and parties for their stupid children where they brew mad opinions about me that are concerning because they are violent and play it out all the time to provoke me and do parting shots thereafter, while their media idiots get to tell me I need to run. Contrary to Popular idea there is nothing to fear about them and it is not the first time I have handled them and clearly will again severely as it were. In the end I suppose people are three times my size all the time, so I guess it is a matter of when I feel the threats in the air, when I feel beseeched and when I am bigger than them, most of which comes when they have retired to bed in their homes and then the fourth element will be a bit of luck as well, such as when they go out and return home drunk on the day I strike. I have mentioned it of course because I have had enough of the insults and intend to apply the lesser methods of achieving the same result.

The lesser methods they mock all the time of course which have to do with the fact that I believe that their income should only stand at a certain cut off, just like the limits of what nonsense I will tolerate from them stands at the wrecking of my academic work which is cheap of course to pay for, on account that it will force me to try to raise funds for my needs in areas of job market they control so that they can ensure I never get to meet such needs. So I understand when some people say I speak of the needs of small businesses but say the things I say as such; these are not small businesses, these are families – they hate my guts already as it stands but wish to make it worse and I am tired of a condition where I get told by their media idiots that I need to run when they know I have no control of what they do with respect to my personal safety and well being and it is therefore not actually clear where they suppose I am meant to run to and irrespective of whether I refuse to harm them bearing in mind opinions that have about me is already concerning currently, there is also the clear fact when I say things about how economic exists on one area and ideologies that should be left unexplored exist on another, I am saying it to my close friends and allies but they hear it and pick it up and move into my right hand to tell me to mind my business; which is why nobody moves into my right hand and gets away with it.

As I have mentioned on other occasions I am not somebody that recognises their right to exist; I am a Christian I know that the means to avoid all the problems has to do with people living in their own lives and not in other peoples own. For them this fact applies with respect to when they walk along the streets or drive past me in their bully cars that do not have one panel on it that was created in the last five years and those same cars and used to bully me in the neighbourhood as well, such that it is possible to drag me into their lives and make a mess of me talking those stupid demagogueries, the follow it on with those violence as well. So the reasons for the parting shots in the first place had to do with what the Christian does to people that he shops with and then progressed to a scramble for my so called beauty and now it has become the media idiots telling me to run when I am threatened thing. So I do not recognise the rights of their Politicians to make me give up any means by which I control the situation and I will give it up somewhere in hell no matter how far reaching it may be; its mine.

The parting shorts was concerned with things that the Christian does to people when he walks into their shops to buy things, started off with plans to get rich with a process where my personal prayers and Bible study was their topic for scandalous demagogue in a multicultural setting which became violent because they are invincible and got even more violent therefore as the result became the parting shots in place of communities disappearing. It’s like the other stuff about how I set up an Intellectual property administration business because my company was taken up by those who are older and know better than I do and then taken away from me and given to others who need it more; it has no link with reality or truth of course but that is not the question, the question is how I prove that it does not.

They say their behaviour towards my business is measured from my behaviour towards women but that is rather about corruptions of involvement and the subsequent insolent violence that comes forth from it as lucrative and therefore never goes away. The idea that when people they can beat up have an arrangement and they need money badly they can get into it unwanted and in-invited and do whatever they like with it and for it I have yet changed their world and still set to rock it as well, alongside their stupid girls whom I have made into cultural items people must appease to do business like their insults suggest I am. I am not suggesting the main issue is broken up from it, it is not; it is still the case that my friends and allies who were throw away human beings by them before I came along are aware of facts they are aware of which means they are no longer available to be dominated because I planned to provoke them by freeing their slaves with a big mouth and so because of it, for the reason of these corruptions of involvement and abuses and the personal problem with anything and or means by which my friends and allies are braver and more human, I will make myself a permissive tyrant and persecute them especially the media, then leave it for any tyrants that will want to borrow as well. So that when they do their stupid gangs and violent narcotics families they will need to be sodomised each time they ask for that stupid popular peoples help with violence before they get it.


Problems with respect to their American friends are not a major issues on the other hand; the reality and truth with that is that the insults I put up with from Americans got personal and I decided to take steps to ensure they do not do economic recovery by working already poor Americans even further and it turns out that for all their modernist insolent subtlety, they have not got any real intelligence to do anything about the state of the economy and I intend to keep it that way as well, it’s my own part after they involved me, in the American dream where anybody can be anything if they work hard and deserve it. It is not because I like poor people as such but simply that their madness is a Policy of economic contraction, based on fools amassing other peoples earnings to themselves with a cost attached to the process of doing so, like their friends in the UK and all over Europe want as well. Such things of course can be condoned when the economy is doing well because of the fact that the small businesses community will be a lot more confident, that will then translate as economic progress being based on serving those that have money in return for a payment and when people work hard others get to live a life and they get to have money and it is simply a different way of doing things but the economy is skinned to the bone as it is and they are not interested in avoiding things and property that is none of their concern instead they believe their sense of recovery to be based to collecting more stuff. If Mr Obama has a meeting now the invites will be worth at least $2000 each, so there we do not have a problem but when it comes to a fight with corporations, the beating that American Politicians get is second to none in the world and they always make out it is the problem of the American people. Now it is as though they have certain set out enemies that they wish to pick on by cashing into Political history i.e. they get the jobs by election and the people pay them to do it and then of course after they cash into the job done and the tax payer has to fund such things more so on the guise of economic recovery; the incompetence is astounding but here it is their insults that got me involved in their case; it hurts and so do the idiotic experimentations that their President is most fond of about which he loves to look like he wishes to gobble me up as a person along with my books.

Hence in the general context of addressing people that are more academically qualified than I am, I have always maintained they are educated idiots who can spend years climbing up the Political ladder and years still working in a job without being able to tell other people where their academic qualifications fit into the job. So they turn out to believe that I should wake up every day to the worst possible day imaginable in order for them to continue in that way and thereby do whatever they like and pass around profitable insults in my direction for fun. It is the insults that lead to the revenge and it is the revenge for the insults that are happening at the moment, in the end as I have mentioned before maybe they will get off their war mongering and think about the economic needs of that country and then will they have things to say to me that will prevent me from having revenge for the damages I suppose.

Of course they claim I say what I say and anywhere so that anybody can pick up on them but when people do I have a problem. It is not something I like to discuss because I rather prefer handling them at that stupid advertisement industry where they tell me I will never sell my books unless I buy their services so they can complain. What we are talking about here is the localism and localisation of the company as well as the company’s market presence being attacked by a group of people that stifle my income until I pay them to have some of their advertisement services. It’s the fathers of course and it happens like that every day with my work about which there must be momentary teasing delay for all I do until somebody institutionalises on the power with which I did it which makes the business worthless and indicates they can go anywhere and do anything with the property of anybody. So there is no point for them to go away is there; they have got money and I am nothing without it and we will see too how much of that is really true.

Of course I did mention things about the poor condition of IP administration at the London 2012 games and that is because I know what I am saying and not suggesting either that the leadership of the games management is not doing a good job. The point to be cleared up being of course that of the fact the icon that is to be patented is the 2012 logo which belongs to the ODA, not the government or the Politicians or anybody else, even the IOC. In the end it is impossible to patent the Olympic rings, the result can only be lots of costs in lawsuits where people tell the judges that they did not take the rings or own them but only used them to convey an information and it was all therefore implied, so such things are impossible to enforce on one hand and on the other it does not make any sense to suggest the only company that can make use of the rings is the ODA, that is unenforceable too but the main issue here is that I don’t want cultured people abusing fathers getting on media to make out my work will be tested on the crucible of whether it can make people rich like I promised playing around with my work. I will happen to have ripped to pieces media bosses before they had woken up to the fact that their employees cannot do anything they like as they suppose.


I do not know why they are of the opinion I am afraid of Bankers and stock market goons anyway; those idiots. When you tell people that there need to be manufacturing firms and high street firms and construction firms on the ground before they can make much money on stock markets and bank dealing, they think that a recession is rather the best time to get a bigger mortgage which will tantamount to creating their own problems and adding it to existing ones for you because they think they are small gods or something; I mean what kind of money is that anyway and who told them they are making more money? The fact on the ground is that when people find out customers have depleted or the customers that come through the door spend less than they used to, they tailor their stocks accordingly and we have no idea why this cannot be the case of the debts that Bankers acquire for their operations as well. They tell us money disappears off the stock market like it was magic and in actual there would only in the worse case eventuality have been two bail outs; first one to cover their losses of the occurrence of an unexpected credit crunch and then the next to get them going again if they did not have enough cushions to land on and that is an end to it. Nobody here is scared of any thieving bankers and stock market goons  and I intend to simplify the economy so much that they will find out I think the recession is an opportunity for government as well, minus the Politicians and the fact when it comes to new beauties and screwing up my finances they are top dog but a fight with corporations and it’s the beating of their lives already, I intend to make it such that any lay person can understand what CV for a business is and therefore when banks continue to lend to bad businesses it will amount to a criminal activity or we will make up one on the basis of damages it causes. Nobody is scared of them; talk is talk but when it is time to work it is time to work.

I have been very clear about what I mean here, media bosses will need to wake up to the fact that their employees cannot do anything they like and all those stupid games with respect to which my business can never ever, ever grow because the fathers are sitting around somewhere close to your broadband to ensure everything you do to put up something at your market place is met with some temporary resistance that allows them to institutionalise with the power with which it was created and the joy of the success in order to sit around somewhere handling something to make money with in which they have not got a clue what they doing and so rather prefer making so much noise about bullying kids to get money; I will eventually not be responsible for the things I do with media as this continues.

The Politicians on the other hand like to make out they are a real problem; I am not scared of them as the truth is rather that when told to make policies about American vandalism of the economy they tell people it will be like using their own stuff to do it for them, so I never do anything about royals that do what they like with the economy either. It has got nothing to do with our various jobs or indeed running a successful business: talk is talk and work is work and I am not scared of them. they say I make mention of big money rules which has no meaning because it is something they that are more important should be doing; it is never what I did, what I did has more to do with the fact that when businesses make a lot of money it becomes a community where the only way to shoot people down is to bend them over with violence the other way by wanting their income when such a thing does not make any sense – so instead of spend your energy to acquire another person’s income the intelligence as well is better spent in a world where you have enough money to make things easier in that when you do something right the millions will stay and when you do something wrong it will go away and so you do not have to cheat or harm anybody. I am not working for any idiot who wants big business except the rules and if they feel like it can come round here and tell me so.

I mean it’s all violet cruelty and has nothing to do with the success by which they want what they want and that is the problem with idiots that want business without the rules. Now they spend their time showing there is nothing I can do by insulting me and building on it, pushing my business into violence they have invented and building their own profits on it with a big mouth. In the end I have no idea how they expect me to lose everything I have without doing something wrong by which I do so, except that stupid cruelty and it is the reason no scumbag moves into my right and gets away with it – they want to do business as well indeed, the idiots really do need to get a job. Of course they say I am always on the move and it is my shame but I am not, it is made up on media; the fact is that I am doing my stuff to the very pinnacle – if I don’t like the fathers moving into my right to sit around trying to get rich doing business instead of getting a job, then why should I be reserved about it, normally it’s a matter of living in a neighbourhood you end up being treated badly in and then moving to another that you may be treated well in but they have got media and for it they are moving instead and of course when I mention such things get to remark I sound like a human being for a change which makes life much clearer and not a Golden King ; clowns obviously (apparently being that the title is that of somebody who has enough power to settle those their stupid evil wickedness from which the Queen extracts clarity of thought and all those film people all the way to theatres and Ballets get their livelihood – they love to say they will take all that stuff over and use it to get rich in the way they want and I intend to cut up their stupid modern life so badly it will become unrecognisable as well – for those of them in royal circles, it seems fighting me for the Prince of Wales over the title has just taken a turn for the better as it were since they themselves want clarity on issues; they are really, really going to want the title more than ever now).

It is mostly a matter of the people in my life and the people that have no right or reason to be in it and of course those always know that their activities are very violent things to be doing whenever they carry them out.