The story of China and how I am expected to respond to it all the time is not an emotive one, everybody knows that this is not the first occasion we have witnessed an upsurge in Chinese economic activity but what we all agree on is that on each occasion the American led media always creates a different view of it from the reality which is people doing tourism, mass production of goods and services and some exports in a reclusive Country somewhere in Asia and it is much the same with the Russians too – we all know the crisis in Ukraine was created in that way. What we hear these days is a story of my problem with people to go along with it and how Politicians will have conversations with them to get around those issues and we especially like the part where they speak of a place where children and vulnerable people can run to in order to be safe – it makes no sense whatsoever when everybody knows they do nothing with their time but turn out to find out if they can tie me down somewhere and build up my life on media which they then claim for themselves. The ones that play football we see regularly turn out to seek out friendships they can strike up with me in my absence but everybody knows they are really good at supporting the wickedness and evils of black people, then attacking me because of it only to make out that we travel to the UK to make trouble and then some of us will solve it for a price and that it is a problem that must be curbed, so anybody in their right mind would immediately assume they want these friendships they speak of because they believe my world revolves around them. The ones that speak of a place where children and vulnerable people can be safe being the ones that need a place where they can run to in order to be safe and need to leave alone the children and vulnerable people; as we know they have all these secret powers that they apply on people all the time and every time they are seen, especially the ones that have something to say on civil rights because theirs is more public, they are gritting their teeth at somebody that looks like they wouldn’t come to harm if they took their problems out on, gritting their teeth, gnashing their jaws, punching, punching in the tummy and so on, while their women want my penis and my tummy and my head and my chest every single moment of their foolish lives and their stupid children think and are raised to think I want to get through life taking rubbish from them so they can make progress with their stupid lives and so even when somebody stands in front of a racist to say I am scared of you and want you to leave me alone, a three a year still has been raised in such a deviant way that it cannot get through to anybody and does not make any sense and of course the big wish is that I was the one getting hurt so I might do something about it to keep them safe and decadent and rich every single time; this then becomes the prognosis they follow up on media where we get to see what they mean by Police racism i.e. set out a few years of people’s lives and get on media where you can find every aspect of it that means something to them to build up a perversion with and when you feel that atmosphere is palpable, apply it as a means of pressure and of ruling them and of bossing them around and of making sure you never have to work for money, when considered in terms of how violent it is, then the Police racism really makes sense as well as it were; it’s never enough anymore to simply speak of Police racism when that is the only time when we hear somebody has taken them on as well. I mean for my part I do not think it is a problem even though they think their media perceptions about me has allowed them to create me a life they in their opinion think I should be living so they can have whatever they want from me, which they can enforce in a violent way if they wanted – I have not yet reached the point where I feel that every result of them getting involved with me must be paid for, right down to the quality of life issues associated with it but we are getting awfully close – they are not a problem for me, it’s the same old case of what gets you to cling harder to your religion, stay calm and quiet and let things go by and they resolve themselves in short periods of time never the less more so any way, its only that they keep making that noise about how that tends to be the only way I can handle them, that tends to be the cowards way and so I can sense an escalation running wild with it thereof. The point is that these idiots need to get off that media and move on, not talk nonsense about a conversation they want with me because they are sure Politicians will be in collusion over some need to build up perversions with my life and use them to show how I can never clean soap unless I use it to clean myself putting their filth in me all the time which is why they need me to be angry all the time as well, then of course produce fame and fortune with my possessions from it at the end to get around causing more trouble and changing realities about what really matters: I have already taken that stupid culture away from them right down to the homosexual one as they can see this is a Christians work and what he says goes unless they got it as well and not staying away from me and ceasing to pretend I need a conversation with them about these matters all the time could lead to more serious issues – it’s the reality of it i.e. that the UK is a diverse society, it means that black people from every place where black people exist come here and some of them come from Countries where they have no values and need to stay the fuck away from me and away from my work or it will get a lot worse. When I say it they love to make out they are enjoying their civil and criminal disobedience and I am talking rubbish, which then makes so much sense of their police racism talk since this was never a Country if it could have been their toy instead and those who have to administer the law will not take it personally if somebody in hand cuffs is still playing civil and criminal disobedience with them when they already know he is a thief and there are people he likes to target and nonsense he and his idiots say on media about those whose lives need to be deployed to make fame and fortune for everybody but it gets even worse because these fools have continued to make out civil and criminal disobedience is the prerogative of the elderly – so it becomes a toxic mix of what you arrest and are provoked into roughing up so that you might get into trouble if it does die on you. So they do say the Police racism targets me as well which is utter nonsense because they are referring actually to the police officers that are thieves like they are and it is never clear therefore when that is the case which ones are the racism ones anyway: I mean racism is something as serious as a certain party in Germany getting off to the idea that killing people will swords to create their uprising would be labour intensive and that doing it with guns would be an advanced labour intensive work and so they got to it with gas and covered more surface area in that way and not something people speak of lightly – these idiots do think I believe that whenever they have trading relations with communist countries I am happy about it but time again we see me break it to bit and their intense hatred of me continue but their men cannot keep their need to punch me to their insolent selves and their women their foolish hands off my private parts or indeed getting involved with me and their stupid children off the need to have a hate figure who will take rubbish from them while they make progress with their foolish lives. When it really comes to it, this is what it looks like when the Bible says there were people Christ beat and chased out of the Temple, people who get hold of other people’s children and abuse them until they sit in a corner telling their fortunes for them while they become traders and merchants and this is what their media perception about me really is; it does not control me – there is me and there is my work and there is them and that stupid media and I know I should be turning off my telly because it winds me up but I am keeping abreast with the fact I was not published on it and so I will the day I am not anymore. It’s not enough to simply accuse the Police of racism anymore, there has to be facts about where and how and why alongside it – they have all the secret powers and are accountable to nobody with it – are thieves and I am very good at what I do too.

I know of the question of where I am going with issues, where one moment I sound moderate and the next exactly as an extremist because people do not like to face  facts and pay the price for peace and security if they have always had something else in mind they hoped to get away with using the troubles they create – but the reality has always been obvious about the fact I will not be lectured by moderate villains who think I am one of the biggest beneficiaries of a process where they have not been bad and therefore owe them a debt to that effect with a big mouth, about what I must do. So it feeds into that sense people have that I am unable to be a happy person whereas the reality is that somebody might have ten years left in the work force, had a mortgage five years ago and has lost the home to a recession but his situation is still seen by these fools as some money to be spent in a condition where the owner is unable to turn in any direction and that is just nasty and cruel but they claim they must do it in order to create jobs as if we have ever told them we need those sort of jobs – I have my own products I sell to such people and apparently these idiots have decided those products do not settle well with them which is why we are here at all; so it may have been ignored like it should be but they have continued to make out ignoring them is the only way I can deal with them hence an escalation going on and there needs to be a response as well. Take Google for example; they say it is an innovative entity but the owners will regularly show they have no respect for my literary empire full of people from business people to journalists and everything in between doing nothing but equities and so they pay the price for that all the time and continue to provoke me further by cashing into the damage they do to my book sales in order to sit around collecting facts about how I live and what my financial situation and personal life situation is, in order to assess how they can use that against me, which does create this sense they think it is a game and when I had successfully protected all I own from them the difference between such an event and the ones that occurred before that moment is that they have been able to make me very uncomfortable and will therefore have an incentive to do it again if they get away with it – so they do know how to look for trouble as it were and there is no reason they should be saved from finding it. Even now the drug crazed underworld idiots with media connections are still talking nonsense about the security issues in a Literary Empire full of people doing nothing but equities which does set out they are thieves and need to keep their case about Police racism away from my business and concerns and of course when they bring it up at government set out clearly where how and why since we are all fed up with it, gets to mean that I gather people and make them do my job for me – so it is opinions like that and the results when people are surprised about how I get hold of connections they make with traders in communist countries and cut them to bits then get a grip of that stupid popular culture and assess what the process of what I have lost for being abused by them especially when it is sexual has achieved so we can find out where we go next along with their stupid women that gets noticed.

It is never true I pay less attention to a case of Top Royal Family members feeling HM lets me get away with anything I like – the reality is that I dont; I have five websites and one of them is for managing security and theft at my Royal Estate and Equities literary empire and its global Intellectual space, the other is the Company website and the other is the office and the other two are for the most important women in my concerns. Having made that explanation I guess royal idiots who have achieved that by constantly stifling my book sales which they have daily for the last 7 years must be thinking they have achieved something great considering that without that such things would not have been happening and the need for them to have a go ahead from a senior member of the royal family to lay claims of ownership to my possessions would not have existed which by the way is completely unnecessary. Now they think I would not last a minute with them when we all know they take advantage of the fact I have not committed myself to violence which means I become concerned about the activities of moderate villains because of the fact that my women might be in a position where I have to protect them and with it want my anus and my penis and my body around absolutely everything I do and have linked that to getting rich and connected and important too which means their media and Political idiots are always at it – their bigots have ended up in Church of course and are claiming that they do their own because of the need to make me do something about a Country that has become all about people laughing at other peoples misfortunes because of me which then makes so much sense, but it is never the less an indication of how not so personal it will get when it does kick off. I mean I do remember telling them the next time they screw with foreign policy around my office and work I will burst their insolent British balls and they never did take the plunge so they are royal idiots off to another side talking nonsense of how I think I am royalty when I am not whereas the real issue was me selling my books while the part where I am Royalty is something HM is happy with and none of their business. It is not a major issue either, everybody knows they want to watch me when I play video games and make out it is how I am likely to fight them which only has but a certain percentage of truth to it and nothing more, however which the real question is that it is important as everybody would have hoped that they are taking stock of their insulting abuses especially the sexual ones and the provocation that comes with it too; I mean an example to be the matter of Scottish referendum whereby 15 years ago the arrangement was the England was the dominant country in the Union and reserved the right to sabotage certain activities it does not appreciate in the others so as to maintain the Union but in the last ten it has become obvious that London has become too rich for its own benefit and the money is moving elsewhere in the world instead of spread around the Union and hence the devolution has begun and was from what we can see and where we are heading inevitably going to lead to maximum devolution eventually – nothing like the National and referendum on independence we have today because some royal idiots can punish anybody they bloody well wish, I mean it’s only a forethought to mention such facts in case they think nobody is keeping records. So yes seven years of stifling my book sales has given them all they wanted when top members of the Royal family are showing HM lets me do whatever I like but I am sure they will realise it is not going to get any personal at all as it were, along with their black idiots who screw around with whether or not I have a private army and they are likely to be bloody thirsty and whether I not I am the one controlling them or somebody else can be explored, just like those their stupid Asian friends who seem to behave exactly like Thailand democracy which has now been taken over again by the Military.

The story of the murder of those who are not masculine and therefore inferior has no basis on what is real – the truth and reality is that it is a matter of the messages our Politicians put out there: some people just play a lot and for those of us whose lives are tied to duty, we may not appreciate their activities that much and may even call them social ills, those who kill them for that are deluded, first about their lack of masculinity and secondly about their inferiority, apparently a lot of the times they are murdered because they will never back down anyway, so how inferior is that? I mean I can either say Politicians and diplomats think they can stand up on International circles and talk rubbish about who did shoes stuff to prevent wars and diplomacy is full of Politicians doing that to an extent where they cannot even decide what they want to do over the environment or I can say it is deluded to think that people who play a lot are inferior and or more so to murder them for it too. It’s the same old case of when like in the UK they bring up something about pushing in a more muscular way British values which I have no idea who they expect should or will anyway – we are all getting on together perfectly well from all races in the world, they and their friends in their political circles most of whom are rich children of tyrants keeping their communities where they ensure organised criminals have customers and bankers have somewhere to make money disappear, who attack me all the time but I get my finances damaged by treasury funding and they get treasury funding for community programmes when I kick them as well – so it is not clear who is supposed to muscle this British values while they continue with their big part anyway but it is the usual stuff – sales, sales, sales, stock market, money, money, money, get rich, get rich, play games with peoples finances and there is an idiot here who gets in my eyes because he does not want to get off that his stupid religion and do something evil to make money and racism will kill him: when I respond to it with the fact racists will want to know about their communities where they ensure bankers can make money disappear and organised criminals can have customers the Politicians do not yet think it serious, it is when they are being radicalised that they think they need to cause further damage here and get hold of those who can get things done, talking nonsense about how it affects everybody which is not true either.

Now the case of how I am so worried about people getting married into the Royal family and thereby settling for a better deal than I have got is not actually based on reality – the reality is that I dont care whom they married to provided they do not pick up things and use them for purposes they were not intended at my cost or claiming I am linked to such processes that occurred and of course if they had complained ended a process whereby those things picked up and used in such ways were mine, they will have had nothing to complain about even as we speak. I really hate the case of people talking about getting married into the Royal family, people who believe unlike me they have always gotten what they wanted talking nonsense about how I am fancied by royalty that they will marry and it is a story that does not go away when we all know what wealthy parents are like and how much their minds think about how hard they worked for their money when it comes to the bad behaviour of their children, it is the one issue that deludes them about their importance especially as a matter of comparison to me which is why they speak of this better deal than the one I have got all the time – however we all know that I for my part may have had a various point in time in my life where I wished I was each and every one of my sibling and that is how I grew into this condition where I think it is utterly stupid, while those who hate my guts because I am always right, easily satisfied and lack drive and ambition which is utterly false end up the way they do if they do not incur my wrath all together as well – these goons have not yet satisfied their parents on the part where they have been made to feel the dog gets more affection, what they want to do is get married into the Royal family at my expense. I am actually a very complicated person in terms of my personal life – an example is that most people believe God does not exist but I have actually met him many times and so have made covenant with him which means certain areas of my personal life are exclusively his and I will not be able to stay in a relationship with somebody that does not agree with that, certainly not if they are Princesses; this is an example of the reasons it does not bother me if people are marrying into Royal families, I mean what they see of me is another aspect of a gift I have been given by the God they claim does not exist in my personal life and it is more about a power to protect female journalists who it does appear have been favoured by the existence of that gift that has been given me to deploy for their good either because I have been favoured for them or because they have done something that pleases God well enough for him to give me that gift of being able to transcend television and of course we all know that because of it men cannot sit around  carrying out filthy sexual acts that abuse women that work on media anymore and a lot of the times they get abusive back stage media, it is that power they seek – which by the way they can practice on other women if they wanted and not my Court – those are not available, so it is not something that came along as a result of lots of wishes and lots of practice it was a gift from God because I and he both share a certain aspect of my personal life with these women. Now I dont know if a Princess will be happy to get married to that or simply set about showing she knows what she wants in the world winding me up, so I would rather be happy marrying somebody I can get around or work with and not a Princess. I know to whom they refer anyway when they say a member of the Royal family fancies me which is not actually true: that a member of a royal family fancies me but will be too embarrassed to get around with me in public and therefore wants to fancy me and get around with somebody that has enough money to tag along with her is true. So apparently the Princess of York has got this guy from the US who seems to have the one and only plan of making sure an American was married into the British Royal family before an African was and his people see no reason to stay off my finances as at present yet. I hear they say our case has hidden secrets that people want to see as well as they are fed up listening to what they are made to believe about it on the outside; the reality of that of course is that the only thing they will see of the inside is that making a case in response to being told I have no way in which I can handle women less violently is entirely false and that liking me but getting around with those that have enough money for you to feel comfortable with it violent and these things are facts I put forward because I am not homosexual or indeed anybody’s alternative is supposed to have shown we have been fighting each other for years now. We are not talking about men seeking to strike up friendships with me  either – they do such things as competition to find out which is the best men because they have a problem with a respect I deserve for being good at what I do and my friends will be female until they think they want to put my finances back to the way it was and there is no point whatsoever getting on my temper when they have got one of their own as well that can be exploited, by seeking to get friendship from me by the back door and more so through media pressure.

This brings us squarely to the part where Politicians have been seen making statements about how the invasion of Iraq never made a contribution to the outcome of the region, when we all know that invading Iraq and informing the local imams of how you will run their affairs on the basis of western protestant Christians who are convinced that it is a good thing for girls to get around talking nonsense with everybody, while retiring without pay very well trained soldiers who worked for a previous regime was a well planned recipe for disaster – there is no way of denying however that a process whereby this provocation continues is not linked to the terrorism that is going on there and the civil wars as well: I mean did the US actually realise the Arab Spring was fostered as a way of controlling and containing American influence in the Middle East when it becomes a mirror for the US to look into each time it meddles in their affairs? I mean what does an Islamic State of Syria and Iraq mean and which one was first, terrorism or the invasion of Iraq, which one was first the CIA most wanted terrorists list or the bombing of the World Trade centre? These are the questions that answer back what it seems the Politicians did in Iraq and Afghanistan but for me, when they wish to speak of terrorism I can only say that we were born into a world where there are Muslims and Muslims have always believed that Jihad is a personal turmoil but those who trifle with it can be dealt with through deathly force – this applies to all Muslims, the ones attacked by ISIS and ISIS itself, so it does not take a genius to work out the rest of Muslims in Iraq are not just going to sit down and watch ISIS take away their choice to go to a Mosque and sit down and do their Jihad without interference, it does not take a genius to work out that it is agency that is at the heart of what these people are fighting for and there are no other group of people stifling that to make them carry out terrorist attacks like Americans are and Blair is their biggest UK ally denying that his support to that effect is causing the terrorism we see today. The bottom line in all cases being that people are dying while what I say is subverted by American journalists authorised to pass their insults at me by their Politicians to chose their self improvements of decadence which can be tolerated but not on these matters of life and death as we all know for example. So if they are prepared to take terrorism as a serious matter and talk about it and do something to end it, then they might want to think about these facts but if not then I have no idea why they are always asking me: I mean it does not do them any favours anyway since we all know there is now a sense that there isn’t anything I do not hate about the west as it stands whereas in actual fact their insults detach me from other royalty and make me a plaything for their idiots which stifles my earnings and provides the means to chose self improvements and they celebrate it all the time while their black people are off to another concern talking nonsense about history of slavery and slave trade and why they must be deviant to avenge it using media and money to shift the consequences of their deviance somewhere else thereof, which is clearly not linked with the fermenting of terrorism as well, never mind the part where these wars were created on the buds of the best these generation had brought into being to make it violent by a collection of idiots who want something fresh to clean the effects of their stupidities on and pretend the world is dominated by men, of which One isn’t one of them as well thereof with a big mouth – so it is rather impossible to deny these facts if they are prepared to talk about terrorism. I do not hate the west, I can simply sit down and do my Christian stuff and all of a sudden their entire existence will be based on a need to see me flushed down a cause, looking for insulting peerages that will result in an advantage for them all the time and the end product will be a process where I am tossed hither and dither and they move into my right hand and remain in the place of power pretending it is a social issue and not a provocation – the idiots even think it is fun when they make out I steal their personal life while they are at it or that I am being punished for turning up to change their lives about which it is not clear they have weighed up the realities about the fact it can easily go on forever or that a soldier must die in battle and give up the space he occupied in the world to them after fighting me over the notion soldiers need to be made to offer to fight for them specifically when soldiers are always of the opinion they are fighting for every single person in the Country in the first place and hence thereof their enmity with the role I fulfil for the Armed forces – they are aware of these facts and they do understand the claimed hatred of the west by me has no basis on reality.