The story of male professionals becoming more racially prejudiced is utter rubbish – I mean the whole conversation can never be had around the premise of anything else except racism when we know the largest point of operation for prejudice in the professional world against others is women; you feel all the time that when you walk into the tube or trains, you had better not sat next to a woman that is their size lest you begin to feel like getting married to one and robbing them thereof of the kinds of women they ought to get married to – for my part of which most of the time these women are flirting with me and not them and those of them that are women who know what they want hate my guts in an equal measure as they are enemies of my personal freedoms. The trigger for reacting to it is of course when the provocation enhances a lack of respect for women along the lines of the fact this stuff about women their size have seen them wreck your property in order to prevent a process where you try and fit in enough to pick one and get into a relationship with, so when they get all over the place like they do all the time they are robbing that in and they know it is bound to secure a reaction as well.

I dont think the blacks are a major concern for me either, they like to think that they are when I am not paying any attention to them and it never makes any sense when people attack me all the time because a large Nigerian Community in the UK would mean idiots that cannot get on unless they steal my money will have a real problem when I feel I want to tap into such leverage to squeeze the value out of their communities as well – I mean there are so many white people that will love this as a state of affairs because black people are hard of hearing and it is not surprising racism happened the way it did decades ago in this country when that is put into assessment. There was a trigger for this too; I did door to door sales and some black female idiot whose territory I worked without knowing of course picked my sales and kept my catalogue as well so that I might pay a personal price and she might be better off and so it has brought home to me that I need to do something about not paying them any attention when I should wring my sales out of them and ensure the whites understand me to be a real problem at the global markets as well because of course I do not solicit all the doors I pick, I only go after the need to look after the poorer people who see things the way I do from where I am at Industry, so this whole working other peoples territory therefore being utter nonsense but I suppose it happened because they had located somebody that will break it through for them and an excuse to pillage such a person for it as well. Of course they do speak about violence all the time which is not a new story; they cannot handle me while I attend church at present as it were, what they are saying is that they want me to grab their stuff and play a game of killing them for it as well – makes no sense either but it will end very well too as far as I can see: I am simply not making a decision to deal with the matters in a physical way – that would have involved factorising them as well so that they might feel that the noise making about starting a fight to copy other peoples fight and end their cowardice might be proven when they make the first move and it kicks off thereof; it simply isn’t something that I am thinking about, never the less of which they want a piece of me and will get it as well.

I hear they say I keep the issues I am supposed to deal with until they are cold but that is not true; its much like Politicians tabling statistics each time they are told to confront the problem of an unbalanced population in the UK that cannot carry the burden of its economic needs and now they are getting more frantic and discussing immigration a lot not because all I have has been taken away from me while I am told to leave their Country but because they need to patch up the problem. It’s much the same with Nationalism as a whole – none of them are making any sense but dealing in the most recent fantasies that tickle them. I dont have an issue with these things, I am a Christian that does not live in a manner that means there is wickedness I support which I then try to be safe from and certain black people from certain small tourism based countries that want to see me put up a gang face against their problems do not have any wish to understand that as well which seems to be their victory of wickedness and they will never be free of me nor will that stupid culture and society and perversion at Church; the part about government being that I am responsible for the fact Politicians do not have any more traction to do what they have to do but in reality of which the Politicians think people commit crimes on account they would have acted differently and have hence continued to make out they will cause them to attack me in order to be on the right side – when questions regarding the matter are put to them of which the response is always that they are on a high until you do them as well and they think the health and safety and wellbeing of their silly families have become your responsibility and then somebody will move left and have a decadent lifestyle while you are still alive, which is why I intend to put an end to those stupid intimidating insults from their celebrities and finish it off with a public life of my own as well: they do need to stay off my book sales and try to keep their insults to themselves as they will need it for a better purpose than this – for now winding them up as well should suffice.

Eventually their case always seems to make sense over two issues; one being that I only need be pricked by media before I had given up as much information as possible being a weak man that makes noise all the time – the reality around that is that I do not eat half as much as I need to in food and certainly not exercise half as much as I should to build up my muscles and threaten them with it, so I am comfortable with not reacting in violent ways to threats of violence and they should be too but the part about being manipulated by media is a simple case of manipulating media by making sure the full story of what they seek is always out there and every out let can get their hands on it and then pillage the value for personal gain every day and all day long. The other side is largely a matter of Industry people making noise again whereas the reality is that I have built my literary empire and I cannot seem to be free from seeing somebody else’s product on it to wind me up and they are not getting their stupid selves and products out of the markets in Asia and in the Middle East and in Europe and in the US and in Africa, their media idiots are making it into a good feeling and feel good factor hate item which brings us back to the same story of staying off the books if it annoys them that much. The whites do what they do because the need to goad and bully you on account the blacks do what they do is how they operate and hence a real need to make them view me as a proper problem at the global markets, the blacks on the other hand have anuses and penises as well and when I start to handle and factorise them with that as well bearing in mind their temper is always God’s gift to the world they will make the first move and it will blow up – so it is nothing I cannot handle like they claim that it is most of the time – bottom line being they are still not staying off my books and are even talking nonsense about how I am being tortured which is self explanatory anyway but eventually in any case I am a Christian and each time I see that stupid culture and society I will always destroy it completely – I know others fighting my battles for me is their strong point and where they win of course and the need to get on my temper all the time is the reasons they complain about their own all of the time as well; these things are an entirely normal way for a Christian to behave and I do not expect not to make enemies thereof – it’s the same old self harming scumbags that make so much noise and when you handle them a bit get Politicians to spend tax payer funds to make you cash strapped because they have not got enough money of their own for that in the bank and it will completely ruin them if they tried and then after that cannot shut their big mouth for it from then on. The third part being the fact that deployment of my Royal Order to help Americans manage organised crime, en-route to recovery from 9/11, is not the same thing as the idea that others can keep it for themselves permanently and claim it is civil rights; off it is the other issue of the fact that if the idea some were the slave characters that did the hard work and others were favourite children of the system that got the celebrity lifestyle was not derogatory it would have been wickedness to me because I am a Christian and so this claimed involvement with media that does not exist is largely a matter of being able to catch all of them and to stifle the whole thing as well – for no other reason other than the fact I have got the talent and there isn’t a reason I should not be using it; telling me where I am supposed to be can only lead to another kettle of fish that we have become very familiar with over the last decade already. They need to get out of my life and my literary empire and take their products with them and build the decadence on the left with their own lives and then they can have it, I will always wreck totally anything set up in an otherwise manner – self harming goons apparently – who the hell are they anyway? It is never true that I simply have difficulty getting on – they rather claim people like me look like sweat and smell and all that stuff – it’s the stuff of heroes and villains where they end up telling the heroes they are usually more ordinary than people normally think they are for example and everybody knows villains are all about the appearances and the glory and everything etc: they tell me I smell them insert their products on my literary empire and crush my finances doing so which I deserve as well, like the case of professional men being racially prejudiced when we all know it is an abject lack of respect for women issue, hence my leadership is available and anybody can take a dip, except they do not like the punishment so much for every occasion themselves. There is no such thing as digging up the lives of women here, it’s the same case of something to say in order to antagonise me and exasperate me violently, just one in the league of cultures and societies I have stolen and so on; it makes no difference whatsoever as the reality is still that I am a Christian and these things are not born out of what is Godly and I will not stand the sight of them or their involvement with me in anyway but I enjoy running with it because making them stop creates a price they pay that is so high and so satisfactory and of course they know I am a man like they are and crave power just as much as they do especially when I have a little of it to go by presently. Of course it is said I have gotten myself stuck in an impossible situation and am now blaming others for it – utter nonsense: these are all things that end up at the office black people being a pain, those who hate my guts, Nationalism and republican activities etc – so unless these idiots run their own jobs and offices in some sort of it comes it goes fashion while the media tells them what to do with distant bullying, then the fact that they have shown we need to live very useless lives as a community of people need to be followed up like I have so that they might tell me what to do and order me about. They speak about how I like Mrs fatty and create a consortium for them which is utter nonsense as the reality is rather that there are women who run this Country at the civil service and the public services and the NHS and the education system and will exchange allegiances with me for nothing else in the entire world which I want back the way it was before all these violence so they might get the peace they crave so much as well thereof, not leave open to their leadership dip like we have not had enough of it at this stage. In which event people do complain I pay no attention to people in my own sex community but of course I do; I will have anything to do with them the day there is enough respect expressed by a process where they stitch back my finances the way they found it – some of us do not like to pass through existence being hurt, they might but some us dont. As for the women causing trouble thing; apparently those who see you get around with women their age still think they can play with your feelings and that they would be in charge of a relationship if they went into it with you, while the other strong women who know what they want think they are physically good looking and therefore it must certainly be what I want and cannot live with the fact that it isn’t – just one of many issues to consider in the light of what to do with a sense of attrition. It does not cause me any nightmares as such, its cruelty when it really comes to it because I never did ask them about a relationship so as to figure they would have led in it for example – all in a day’s work whenever they want to feel nobody would notice their behaviour and hence become convinced they can do as they please. It isn’t true I pretend to like women but despise them; it’s their side of the same things men do where people like you in a violent way and hate you in a violent way and like your work in the same manner and hate your work in the same manner – in their case they are convinced they can do whatever they like and I am not interested.

It is never true that I am concerned about more and more people becoming racially prejudiced, I can be concerned about the welfare of women in my care not that – in which case as it applies they ought to be informed that when these guys are done attacking women scum like them who do jobs using makeup will be next but until they are violent to such an extent we here have nothing to work with yet, so all we need is scum like them on media to keep pressing and keep pushing. It can become an impossible task apparently to tell peoples culture and society and communities to stop distracting you from work that is important with teases and very violent and intrusive ones for that matter too, instead of being able to tell them off they want your penis and your anus all together as well and this is something we will ride to the very end as it were; I mean I am said to have started it all but of course I was under the impression they do what they do because they do not have a temper as well which is why they have such trouble getting off mine. You have been beaten with money and you cannot be allowed to make any – beaten by media and cannot be allowed to be seen anywhere near it and a big mouth all over the place all of the time with it is what we put up with endlessly. I do hear it is said that One is not a real writer but it is never clear if people would say such things with careful consideration of the implications or just say them because they are bleeding idiots - either way of which it does mean that it reaches a point at which there needs to be a response. In the form of the fact to be precise that it cannot be worked out what seems to be the problem with Men in this world and so if One is not a writer or a real one, there is something they have done to intimidate the rest of the world into thinking and agreeing to that which means looking for trouble which they will surely find as well. It is never clear how difficult it can be to tell people to keep their insolent cultures and media and society out of Ones Personal life - why it is impossible to make them keep it out of the office and out of the bedroom and so on - so that if they like me it is violent and if they hate me it is violent, if they like my work they relate with it violently and if they hate my work they damage it and their girls say they need a man that cannot be fucked and point in my direction so that whether or not you are set up to be fucked according to problems they and their fellow male idiots get themselves involved with is something that can be sprung on you at any time they please whatsoever  and then whether or not you do something about it can be enforced on the Media of which I have no idea how it tends to mean that when I set up the atmosphere and state of affairs where absolutely everything wants to fuck them, they want to do something to undo it with media all the time and turn out to talk rubbish about how I am not a real writer rather than keep away from me and keep away from my books as well; and we all know the celebrities are rather hard of hearing and for them it will end very badly as well indeed. When One is not a real writer men need to be kicked by him to create new facts for an alternative product, otherwise they had better cleared it up and stayed away from the books - there really should be two worlds in any case and one of them being the one in which I live while the other the one in which they are their cultures and societies and what have you live - otherwise people ought to make use of their ears and keep it away from the job and the book sales and the personal life or stop talking nonsense. We know they hate women and I have done my part to keep them away from women - they will not keep away from women, they want to make me hate women like they do as if it is up to them and I care for my part: so this is implication of me not being a real writer who has found out my work should not have existed but still refuse to take it off the market - I do not believe each time they mention it they do think about the implications and consequences and the next time will lead to trouble as well.


The part about how I am royalty that has been beaten and bullied and used to set an example of how better the lives of the common people can be has no real basis on reality in anyway; what does is the fact that I think that in order to ensure there is always balance and equality between the society of men and that of women means that I am not certain and more so at this stage that if I had not a product I sell to those who have the same views as I do as the main corner stone of my income, I will not be able to extricate enough accountability for the public office itself. So that is the challenge – the story of how women must not be treated like Children but if you leave it to them without any assistance it will blow up and blow up in your face as well; the challenge of the fact that their wickedness are so diversified that it is impossible to live in a way that means you are not aware of any of them occurring. So in terms of the really diversified wickedness however their problem is rather that they think others cannot be comfortable with the fact it has nothing to do with them no matter how much commotion is going off all around but I am perfectly okay with myself as it were and it is therefore not something I tend to think about. If I must take extreme steps to allay fears on the matter then what I have not mentioned is that some of them have military training or have served in the Army and from those I will not tolerate nonsense from, especially along the lines of being intimidated and bullied by their celebrities. I mean the Politicians as well do like to support them when they find somebody to bully like they think I am for example and they are doing very well too as it stands – since when it is happening to others they are civil rights scum that have uses for other peoples tolerance but when it happens to them it becomes the truth, that they are twisted evil fools that can never be satisfied with other people office and only have any respect for anything if it is them at the top. I have not got a clue when exactly they actually got to bully the certain royalty they claim they have anyway – all I know is that people have very deep misunderstandings about me and what I do and how I live and so that when I speak of my personal life and some other royalty that may be interested in my activities, there is capital for these idiots to exploit when people are interested and have no information that can be verified, which by the way I dont want people to be if they can buy the books instead like every other author. Yes they say I speak of helping women but women are the ones ripping me up – of which the reality is that the assistance I offer to the female society must be offered and nobody can do anything about it and it must not become something that I end up doing for the rest of my life unless they have got the fucking guts as well: In the end of which it is what women do, get around with your allies and talk of personal life matters and women will be certain to rip you up because of course it is how their own side of society comes through with a sense of conspiracy against them and therefore extricate the existence of female inequality but I do not see what part they are playing in the matter either, it was entirely a self resolving issue until now, tinted only with a need for me to met out punishment for thinking it has become fun and means for fame and fortune to damage important or expensive possessions in my life, so there is no point complaining. I understand they say there is a problem with my right to sell products and earn a living but of course it is a problem that has always existed i.e. Essex people and others with the Essex mentality – there is always to them another purpose for your job which involves the essential item to telling you what to do which is so unfair at all times on those who are actually paying for the process of making use of your skills and knowledge and training etc; so everybody knows that at some point where you had built your office around that their stupid society and every process of trying to earn a living involves teasing them, it will improve – and we all know it is a slippery slope in the sense that once you are locked in the outcome becomes that they do not need to provoke you for you to attack them because doing so is how things work and doing so is what works no matter what else you try with your extensive experience: I am not too concerned about it because they do it on account that somebody else had done these things to them already – it is always an expression of their immeasurable stupidity and nobody knows which royalty they bullied around here anyway: we do know of the semi-fat bastards with a temper and uncontrollable greed who have alliances with those who have had some military training with a big mouth and so on and their obsession with media and a need to handle other people’s private and intimate body parts but it comes right down to that other group of them that are used to starting wickedness that will cause outrage in society as a whole: so that if there was murder they must have started it at some stage and more so with media and if there was robbery they must have started it etc – a lot of them turn out to be homosexuals because they think everybody who has had trouble getting a job on account that despite growing up in a society and culture people are still happy to set out legitimate means by which others ought to wantonly see how far they can push the boundaries around other people’s private and intimate parts, so that every idiot can use it as a means of torturing and pressuring them from a distance to secure what they want from anywhere they can get it especially the Country – think everybody feels that men can become female and women can be lesbians and that it is not an act put up to ensure people do not do their own as well. I have made it clear they do need to keep their privileges off the poorer people and keep their games away from there because it can get very personal indeed, personal because it is pain wickedness to rip up early plants in somebody else’s farm kind of feeling – personal because I am watching the situation and hoping to sell my books for every extra cash that poorer people earn because they are doing better and yes they do say I think that way but the poorer people will turn on me in no time at all which is utter nonsense, everybody knows if I have enough of that their Politicians will get it again, so that they can help twisted evil scum with habits who have added wickedness to their stupidities that have already brought them ill fortunes to tax payer funds and expect poor people to claim job seekers allowance and attend work programmes to make things happen – so that Politicians can just feel my personality is something they want to deploy to make their careers better and so because of it travel off to Africa where they find other idiots like them to bring here who will pretend to be and play the part of my Fathers and Mothers making me behave the way they want and so when I have not fucked their side of society as badly enough as that yet, they are telling me I cannot sell my books and every fool at this disposal says the books provoke them but I will not withdraw them from the market – it provokes them but they must be seen around it like the self harming scumbags that they are as it were. When it really comes to the trading issue however they do ask how tough it can be to handle the Essex mentality people but it isn’t – I mean at a local level I have already mentioned what ideas they furnish me by abusing me into thinking about it but at the international level it is the same story; that for every tyrant that controls the shipping yard in their Country whose business decisions determine the exports and imports of the Country there has got to be an Essex mentality scum trading with it and making family friends – so that when their family friend idiots come to the UK what they think should be the state of affairs is that I behave the way they want and that is where the trouble starts; when they handle your products you sit up, when they insert their products into your market you take note, when they want your income and try to find out whether or not they have rights on it you have got a problem – so it is not a matter that would have taken me up to a day to resolve. We hear it is something they do about a relationship I have forged with HM but of course I have always been aware of that behaviour being a factor of how that particular aspect of HM’s life is a function of something that belongs to them which others only get involved with if they are mad enough or think they can roll with it but I have not seen them keep their stupid selves off my income and off my books yet – even the homes I rent once full of Ghanaian or South African scumbags will be all about my penis and my anus until I tend to look sick and tired all the time so they can talk rubbish about people doing my stuff with that stupid media and will find no other ways of making progress with their stupidities. I have not yet seen them keep their stupid selves off finding alternative uses for every job or academic work I get myself involved with yet – so we will put it to the test because it is really difficult to work out how hard it can be to tell people whose cultures are only nice to them and nasty to you that bringing it down your office and personal life is abusive and distracting and that you have important things to do every day for 12 years while they continue to make fortunes from threatening you as well.

They say I love to get involved with fights that are not mine of course – not true either, everybody knows what happens is that they sit back stage media and plan out a life of young girls and boys being made famous at my expense while my life is so damaged I envy them and that becomes another set of publicity based on controversy for them; this will not pay off over hell and high water since if they wanted it that way they should never have crossed the line of civil rights using my personal life and more so apparently it is a case of girls and boys whose fame I envy and make assumptions about because they have done better than me in life everyday for 12 years and counting – it gets to a point and I will not tolerate them either as well – I am not here to save them from finding trouble when they seek it that much and they definitely want some of mine. I know they say I make people nervous but we know if they are not saying that then they are saying their problems are greater than mine because I am such a low life nothing bothers me or I am privileged to that effect and need to be laden – so they have these explanations for everything and it eventually boils down to their part in twisted idiots at African culture that have shared it with them and everything they do therefore works around the benefits of abusive and violent seniority with a big mouth. Their celebrities apparently are nervous being seen around my books and websites and social networking but turn up there all the time because they will be protected and this is what must be put to the test because they consistently have a very violent way of making their stupidities more important than they needs of the fans and customers and then looking like they have won a great battle at the other end and I intend to break them as well. I was under the impression that celebrities being nervous about me could mean that they stay off my books and off the fans and off my work and because that rather leads to the need to get involved with me because they will be protected I need to terrify them all together: I keep an open sensibility because of my relations with my Court, which by the way were rejects on account they object to doing something sexual for the media where idiots dont understand how they expect to be as successful as men when they have no wish to flaunt it but the same idiots are now on account of me an integral part of their personal lives – such is the provocation and the fun. We hear the women ripping me up story but isn’t it what women normally do – no idea which part is any of their business anyway – I mean I do like to set off other peoples own too so bad things might happen to them but all together only do when a self resolving issue like this enjoys so much media and Political corruption of involvement that such run on a global scale.