Of course people now want to talk about their class as it were. I for my part don’t mind since I do all I do with what I was born with and when it comes to taking it away from me I always think they have not got it. What we are really looking at here is Politicians with their incredibly stupid and destructive pals that they have handed the National Economy to and then pretended they do not notice these individuals are very stupid and destructive scum and so it is important for me to be the voice of reason and the voice of morals. How it then applies with respect to their class is mind blowing as well for my part because I asked them nothing of their class in this country where the class system is shut down tight at the top and bottom of each class that you are only in when taken in by somebody and cannot get out unless the person lets you no matter how bad it gets. Hence what really winds me up therefore is this idea they can pick and choose which government matters they allow to appear on their table and the reason is what kills me all together i.e. they are older than me and of course have businesses of their own while I have not got a clue what I am talking about, whereas if after I had finished IP administration they had deployed the political platform for what it was meant for in order to manage the tax system sending out the message people cannot grab British interests to make profits with and if they have a country where they are doing so without being troubled it is not a safe bet, then whether or not they have these destructive pals because they are big boys with their own businesses, it would not matter at all. The trouble with self harming middle class idiots like these is not just the fact that they are certain other people are terribly impressed by their existence which is rather contrary with respect to me since I am rather certain they are loutish, Godless people whose condition of making me uncomfortable just by the way they are is not helped by the fact they have got money for binging and clubbing and Pop life and all that stuff – they do not impress me in anyway and need to stay far away from me and anything that belongs to me. We can already see the results of a process where I write books from what is a half monastery and half chief of staff office and they get all over it when they know it will make it harder for them to impress their friends if those books became a serious matter with respect to how they live their lives but then do it anyway in order to stifle my earnings and we are not even talking about their veteran lesbian mothers who can handle any body’s property they want and have no respect for anybody especially those that are younger than they are which of course is the only forte they have got or indeed the fact their media scum spend all their time deploying my books and work and property and everything I aspire to after the books had been published including my daily schedule to make riches and fame for themselves or indeed the fact that they claim it is a sign of power on grounds they come from a high class than I do which in a different circumstance would have been incredibly and ridiculously funny but is not on this occasion because it has taken up all my time which seems to have been a worthy use of it for as far as they are concerned. I don’t like them in anyway and they do not seem to get the facts of the reasons either i.e. they think they want to own the money of the world but then again if they do that would still be counted among the general money that circulates in the world hence the only difference between them and anybody else is if they deployed that money to own things which of course is something people are not interested in as well, thus the only means of getting attention for the money is to actually use it to harm people and cause the most destruction to what is going to do the most damage i.e. other peoples earning power, other peoples economy and this is not the first occasion in which this matter of the fact that their middle class rubbish does not impress me has come up; the first had to do with not staring at their cars as though I have one like that about which they have got penises and cunts, which immediately as made clearer by the process where the fact I am good at what I do to aesthetics means I have stolen what they thought of doing bearing in mind they look more like it than I do and that I have stolen their beauty as well, which then develops into something that happened to have been their new democracy so that the entire country can be handled by me in such ways as I can ensure I get my property back and of course if that does not work the entire country becomes some experience I put down to my history as per I have got somewhere else to go. I am saying that what I said on a different occasion about tax revenues was put forward the way I did because it was terribly incompetent of a government of the day to get around with a set of incredibly stupid people who have no idea what they are doing with themselves but want to have a business, then tell me to stay out of a certain part of National interests they have ear marked for their purposes and tell me when I finish a job and pass it to parliament they choose to fulfil their offices as a matter of choice and not profession while the result is that tax revenues disappear in the millions on one hand and a group of veteran lesbian idiots get around playing games with parts of the world where the UK gets imports to make the population pay more for goods, create their own inflation and then get rich, only to tell me they are older than I am and have got their own business and I don’t know what I am talking about and that I am creating panic in the markets. The idea that I feel as though people generally like what I do is misplaced as well; the truth is that these are terribly incompetent people who need my help but want to own the fame of the help as well and the part that kills me if the bit where they happen to have been so desperate but will not be caught dead buying the books. The other side of this story has to do with the fact I talk too much and that it makes me weedy but I know this and do it because I expect that stupid culture to have a go at me so I can rip it to pieces along with anything that is behind it, since being weedy is what the insults are all about where people think they can play with my job and office and tell me for middle classes that I am being rude to leaders which I guess they do because they have parents who think children should be raised in that way thereby creating the need to remind them to get off my books and out of my life and remind them such nonsense only tends to create matters that get physical and must be settled and that they seem to be deaf when I say they do not impress me and we are not talking the girls that seem to be connected to lower class scum that they turn themselves into veteran lesbians with later on in order to beat up people, which is where the first issue was settled when I took it all away because it got in my face all the time and more so to threaten me too like it does everybody because they want money and for the lower classes that I am somebody people will get pleasure from beating up which of course is utter nonsense because they are godless people that will never be found anywhere near church while their Politicians claim they are good people each time they handle my property to make money hence creating facts that must be settled. In the end the facts which emerge are such things as that of when I am older than people but they are more rooted in the land than I am which is the sort of thing that extracts the maximum and intense levels of attention from other people which I must make the most of so that when I end up killing the scumbags they will thank me for it as well. hence stupid tinny weenie girls that are certain I am the kind of person people like to bully therefore really makes so much sense as well (those small arses, that should be used for prostitution so people can soften it up but they are certain I will allow them have fame and fortune on the left hand side and more so with my earnings if they want). I mean things like parental love comes up as topic for conversation bearing in mind these insolent veteran lesbians have the back stage media to play with and I bet the reason is not just that we have these conversations with them because the results will be very fruitful but also because since there are laws on parental responsibility and we carry on like that eventually we will make some incredibly and terribly complicated set of laws on parental love as well. As I said, you will never find them anywhere near the church; a little prayer and a little bible reading and a little sermon will heal these things but they clearly do not believe in it, what they will do is extract their needs from me through my books which they claim is something I have created so that they can have and hurt me when they want as a means to their own sense of revenge and equality and restitution for what I have done to rob them of and over the things they think are right, for of course these are the reasons people write books. I mean I am not saying that my books are not a process of some idiots that is younger than me being more rooted in the land than I am so I can make the most of it of which I really have no other source of income but I don’t want to hear about any of the problems if they are not going to Church and I bet it is that their surprise fuck that will kick it off as well to get me to take up that stupid gang and do it for them. Of course people will say what I do know is the reason I never get angry but I suppose I guess so too. They are too fond of that their wickedness, they feel like intensely and physically hurting people 24/7 and so do they feel like forcing people into dangerous errands for 24/7 of their time with that stupid media to make fame for themselves as well and I always consider all these matters to be a career issue; threats are just as well but I bet they will make paragraphs in my books too where they stand, about which it is the sale of the books that will be their undoing.


There is this process where they are so keen on knowing what I think about mental health patients but in actual fact the truths behind those were never a complicated matter i.e. mental health patients are feared and hated in the same measure by those who treat them because the Labour Party assumes a relationship with them and as a result politicians can use them as a weapon whenever they want other peoples fame, then on the other hand there are those they trap in the mental health system, whose fame they want hence the use of the mental health patients therefore as a weapon against such people. They brag all the time of course but I always think that it can only carry on like that until a day arrives when you want control of your life back and somebody ends up in a place where there are no lights and there is nobody else watching. I had removed completely this means of settling the matter from my life; it is the alternative that breeds questions these days i.e. to take the means of conspiracy to harm and hurt me away from them is to take away from them their entire political party. I am not saying it is a serious matter as per something I am unable to handle, only saying it is a serious matter as per a matter of urgency and with specific answers to matters of my opinion about mental health. Close by it is the other question of course of where the origins of my bully adventures really started which of course is being thrown to the world by my parent because some parents do not like the idea of a child being a Christian i.e. starts out with this idea there are girls to sleep with in the UK and money to be made so they can take whatever they want from you without being questioned bearing in mind they come from the party above as well which represents people who believe that if everybody in the world was a thief, so that everybody would be stealing from everybody else, then the world would be a better place and then soon it will develop into matters about women that can throw men out of their homes and becomes some kind of personal therapy to feel that they can do so at any time and progresses to intense and violent wickedness that never sleeps all of which is none of your business, except of course that for a certain group of Politicians, it becomes the meaning of life itself. Thus we see their followers everywhere with ideas about what others should do with their lives; you must sin against God, have sex, do this and that and so I always have to make it clear that whether or not they are homosexuals and or have alternative lifestyles will soon become my choice since we are currently asking what it is they suppose they can do if I do not commit sins and do evil things. The result of course is this idea that I am vulnerable to the media due to my so called dominance – I never was to the Politicians all the way to the White House in the US, nor was I to the secret service but they are convinced typical of making sure they are forcing errands on me which are dangerous despite other forms of abuse and violence whereby their politicians want to run a kind of Politics that is concerned with my humanity i.e. pros and cons about what happens to your person depending on the way you behave and according to what we want, which I always think is something people with big mouth do until it goes badly wrong which is why I believe this occasion will end badly as well. This is where we have all that throwing questions and issues into the air on the basis of access to my finances which if I don’t respond to will see me get what is coming to me thing which I always view as a process of grooming me for the sadomasochism of their stupid children in the delusion that absolutely everybody likes their stupid city and the under belly of it and the stupid identities which is really far off from the truth. They say it is about what I have done and the right others have to compete with it but I have done nothing except check the royal estate for the parts where I can release much needed cash about which I write books to do so, it seems that when people want my books their feelings about it should be expressed by being given a chance to top what I have done and it is that stupid insolent violence they feel like for 24/7 that will be settled over this matter as well. Yes the royal estate belongs to them as well and they are using it too whether I like it or not and from where they are now into it there is no turning back they say but I believe I have made myself clear about their delusion that absolutely everybody likes their city and the underbelly and the communities of it, absolutely everybody likes to be groomed by the media and their stupid fame freaks for the sadomasochism, therefore it scares me and scares people around here – especially so when they feel like making money. The truth about the security matter is that I am not white and have no chance at all and the same applies to their black folk who own the society I am trying to take over with the existence of the colour of my skin, so the idea that I will allow it come to a direct fight with them without initiating a total annihilation for them that will ensure no body is left with the trauma of bearing witness to any rubbish is misplaced. They need to stay away from me and anything that belongs to me, far, far away – hence the answer to the question of why I never get bothered about how deep into my income they have dug themselves with a big mouth and of course a reiteration of the fact all I want is to sell my books and take a long holiday away from them about which I have warned them about their stupid insults that amount to death threats and I do so all the time: they do not impress me, what they are makes this worseThe source of anger it seems is that I set up a company out of my own will to handle government matters but the real way it actually works is what the Queen invested in with respect to me and how I sought out areas of the royal property from which I can earn a living which I cannot do unless I have a recognised establishment for it. It’s the same old story about evil people that will do anything for money; it has got nothing to do with me, they just want it to. Like the economy where they blow everyone for themselves rhetoric which really means them and their stupid women for themselves but they make out is something that must be said the way I would or else there will be hell raised, so I cannot make sure evil people that will do anything for money do not exist and they need to understand that by my standards all their social, culture and political needs would have been completely ignored while I gave less than 1% of my time to the fame freaks and pop stars but that since I am a Christian and the Church would not necessarily agree with that, that time percentage given would be dramatically reduced by more than 50%. They say I encroach on their lives of course but it has not got a shred of truth to it, what does is how they feel and consequences meted out to those whom they have perceived have made them feel in such ways, so it is a process where I am besieged and they cannot make money without me knowing that they are idiots who think of themselves as forces of reaction. The other side of where I am directly involved is that when I write books and put them out and aspire to a process where I sell them and meet the fans and consummate the job, this processes of what I aspire to becomes what they want to own and deploy for their fame and they know it is the wrong way to be famous, will not get out of it and get out of my life and so prefer to tell people I interfere with theirs. It is not true that I do not take this seriously so I might do bad things either, the truth is that when they are able to, these are questions of competence to be answered and if I answer all those questions and they are still at it then they will have kicked it off, hence the only way to do it and get away with doing it is what they are doing now i.e. determine what people think about my work while I myself think it is perfectly fine like it should be. The process extends to trying to impute with and through their insolent bullying into my head what is to be written in my books which makes it a monumental task to complete any projects and concentrate on any academic work, while all they make from it true to form is irresponsibility that create money because they make time for financial success and parties to exist side by side, bearing in mind the vices they spend all their energy on and indeed spend any systems by which they can look after themselves and these needs through employment. They speak of an avoidance of my relationship with women that is actually the main issue but of course the truth reality is that the relationship with women is born out of a process where they attack the Christian in order to create a more just, fair and equal society and it will never make sense to me the victim no matter how much I suffer but at some point they will make the sense of it clear to me in the sense that they intend to create a new democracy from it and all the ideas for that are to be extracted from me and if I am not forth coming with it I will get what is coming to me. So the result of course is that I get hold of them and bend them up the other way as well so they can never develop and wait for any idiots that emulate and mock me who want a piece of me as well but while I do, find things they have grown out of and bend them back into it all over again – natural outcome of this being that they want anal sex and there we have it, my relationship with women – the greatest problem there is. There is therefore the idea that I have destroyed all the means by which these trouble makers can be controlled and now it will be a monumental task to rebuild it which may cost lives, it is a reputation the Labour party were determined to create for me but has really not got a thing to do with the truth. The fact of it is that since my achievements happen to be things others want and I am not worthy to achieve hence the reasons it is okay to abuse and attack me for the greater good, like I worry about whether or not I have become one of them spending so much time outside of mainstream employment and academic work, they get this false sense that they have created a society where they can do whatever they want and be inspired as well, so it is all fake, like that process where I bend them up the other way and they get themselves back on track with media and set out to boast and instigate violence. In my view I think I have brokered a good price for the mess their socialist and liberal Politicians make and they will get out of their culture and live a life where money comes through jobs and not partying, instead of make noise all over the place because I took care of the extremism for them and they love to tell me stuff about what can escalate and that I talk like their stupid children for refusing to co-operate, whom they claim are those to whom all I own and my reputation really belongs. In the end enlisting in the military and the Police and the services can only be what it is i.e. a job that has to do with a club you want to belong to which stays with you for the rest of your life, bearing in mind they get worse and worse all the time and it will not go away.