Now all misunderstandings based on the notion that I spend more of my time thinking about and working on the concerns of those that are below my class is based on a misunderstanding. The truth is rather that it is a sense of self expression not a process of serving them. I am aware that when Royalty end up saying or doing things which are way below their class they run to my place, I am well aware therefore of who I am and what I am and it is the irony of the matters that creates this misunderstanding i.e. that when there is a sense that I serve the needs of people below me when I do things to express myself, it turns out that it gets to mean that it is what I am doing instead of a public expression of who I am and the fact I am at liberty with enough power to say anything I like whenever I want. The reasons for it being the old issue of the need to move the media and those money and fame freaks and their plans to get rich and modernisations to the left. I do not desire the publicity; in fact the process of getting books sold in order to earn a living depends on the condition of staying close to culture and out of publicity, besides which anything that was left over has been taken up by the working Court and there is nothing left i.e. you certainly do not want to be a female reporter that stands up in a public place to say something at the top of your voice into a microphone on National television with an absence of the feeling that the air around you up to the skies is free enough for you to go where you want and do whatever you want with.

The popular point of fear and apprehension remains the same i.e. when I speak in such ways they will make out where you are and choose to be in a factor of who you are and not whether or not somebody is royalty and you are not, about which I never were talking to them in the first place, we are not referring to culture applying in their lives and of course nothing about it is said or done with reference to them, especially those that play football and like to back up such nonsense with the fact people never change what they think about other peoples physical appearance but of course it remains a violent and really insolent corruption of involvement that is based on how they feel carnally about what I say and or do and therefore feel they ought to act to ensure my life hinges on such rubbish but of course the way they will put it with play off the law in a completely separate direction with the use of Politics. They say these days that people are not scared of indigenes of the UK anymore and so if they have things like compulsory sports for primary school children the fear for them will return. I have no got a clue for my part what it has to do with reality which is more about the fact they cannot help doing things to people that hurt them and then making up stories about it, which is why I do things to them that hurt them and make my own stories about it as well or indeed what it has to do with the difference between reality and their claims that people will be afraid of them either. The point is that these are very wicked evil narcissists and sadists and the problem is that the law says that their desires and their pleasures and their addictions are things that are unacceptable unless somebody they practice it on expressly gives them the permission to, the main issue with that is that those they want to practice it on are not necessarily those that have given them consent for it and so we end up with a problem and their big mouth as well with it. That compulsory sports for primary school children will mean people get to fear them; unbelievable. I am not of the opinion there will be any such thing as economic recovery when they are free to run amuck, I am therefore very proud of myself and things I do to ensure they are completely fed up with living as well.

Claims of conflicts between my interests in the film industry and that of the Queen is not a matter I like to speak of either, I do where to clear up important matters i.e. if people feel that when they deploy my very expensive property which I use for the purpose of diplomatic work and currently a means of settling mix ups between east and west due to the things media and the digital age does, in order to mastermind recovery bearing in mind such things cannot really be settled by quantifiable cash, in order to make films, that when I do something to manage it at the company they will have a problem with that, there is no point deploying those properties as they belong to somebody and a business as well. I need them to be as exclusive as they need to be for those that deploy them. when I broker those equities I expect that the customer will get the most out of it and those that make the films will be just a handful but that is what they do, they get into things, they mess them up then tell stories that are also violent as well, like deploy my property to make films and have a problem if I manage it and it has not become a fight yet and they already get a round yapping all over the place. I put up with all kinds of rubbish from them on media, I will not with respect to the Monarchy as well, it will cross the line if they do. Of course I am aware that suggesting all they do is get involved with things and mess them up is haphazard a description but the other side where all they do is get involved with things and mess it up and then try to make money from messing it up is Political, so that when you tell Politicians not to get involved they decide that you have by so doing told them what to do and they need to take steps to control employment so they can put you in your place. I am not of the opinion there will be any such thing as economic recovery when my royal property is still their latest preoccupation. Of course the ethos of all they do is the quality of opposition and conversations about it, along with both claims I promised to provide that quality and that people should be more concerned about those whose politicians is about extremism than they should be about them.


The main issue rather continues to be the old matter not just of connections with other peoples parents in order to control them but of course the rage of vandalism and sponsoured violent irresponsibility by which they make money through destruction and claim it to mean seniority and this is where the idea has come forth that they have connections with families who buy films while I just do strange things to people to get them to listen to me and think I am important; I am still a prime target therefore in their plans to control certain strategic kids that they need to in order to be where everything is, especially money and they tell no body that is what is happening nor do their stupid kids place such facts among stories they tell with and for their great insults. We say nothing of the drugs gangs and narcotics yet of course; its media and fame freaks that use those, in fact they control my relationship with celebrities for good measure and their own celebrities control me for power.