We speak of things that American Politicians do with respect to the creation of the corporate world; I have no sense as to how this is something we did not previously realise – I mean when somebody is very fond of wrecking your finances so that it might make sense to you what he is saying when he suggests that he is the one that gets elected by a popular majority and therefore those electorate are basically his property or indeed that it is important to him to wreck your finances until he brings you up to the depths and tether of your thoughts and workings of your mind so that he can dominate you when he wants otherwise resistance will mean leaving his country or being a vagabond? They continue of course and it carries on for years so that they might be able to obtain it with no thought as to how I get by, in fact the only thing they think about what how I get by means is that it means I am coping well and they can therefore take more. So unless you are going to lazy about it, there is no point pretending what belongs to the president of the world is safe for you when he does such things; I always say their own is bigger is it will satisfy me more when I get my hands on it and there is no point planning what to do when I am a pensioner. As for their people on the other hand, they are the bane of how and where the idiots start that expensive nonsense; begins from people power and then access to your finances and then media and once it gets there then you are told that there is nothing you can say which will prove that anything you work for or own actually belongs to you when they feel the way they feel in their own minds about what you own with a big mouth and so it is the same old story of how popular culture scum always think that they are the soldiers of the corporate world and that when others live off the country and for example survive of things that leaders of the country do, they really actually have to right to exist; fact being that the corporate world does not want anybody to share their money and or property but if you are offering them security they will take it anyway and more so especially provided it is free of charge. These guys must always be found somewhere between you and some attrition with an opposing side, so that they can gain from both sides as gangs that like money knowing perfectly that they belong on the opposing side and should have nothing to do with you in that big fight they organise and tease off with media. For me what I want is as simple as a process where they stay off my books and off my market place i.e. government operative wants popular culture soldiers of the corporate world to stay far away from his finances and so it is simple to understand, in the same way it is to understand the phrase ‘or else’. It will not do to suggest I put out my books to sell and when they prepare themselves to buy it into their lives I have an opinion; I mean if people can buy those stupid music CDs, I am certain I will not be earning money from my work from the grave, like a misunderstood genius. No point suggesting I need help from government either; I mean the main issue is that when they prepare themselves to buy my books into their lives and family I have an opinion about it and that is why they make sure it does not get sold, the reality is that their preparation has to do with popular culture and vandalising my royal estate and company and earnings because they think of themselves as bullies and gangs that like money and so the last time they got on media to be free of me, this time I will take the media over before I begin. From a personal point of view, it is all pure evil; their lives revolve around the idea of what power the 40 year old man with a job has over a 15 year old waiting to get employed and runs through to the fact your victories over what happens to be your personal struggles in your personal life can never be left alone or recognised with a big mouth and then shows it hands clearly on the destruction that ensure they keep such a power but the destruction itself must then be respected by the victim that does not have revenge for it and in the end means that nice guys finish last because the people that will pick up the pieces will be those who have struggled their way through all of it and made things work for themselves at the other end and are now being made to share it, on account they started you off and you were lazy about it and decide civil rights was the better option, rewarding them for the destruction they have already caused which means they are free to do so again and you can decide what to do when it is too late and you are a pensioner with no pension and they have won a great trophy fight for wicked people because they cannot leave people alone and with respect to me of which I had already won such a fight against them and have been making a living from it and it is this kind of livelihood they envy so much that they want to ensure they have as well and that they have power over me in the sense that I when they do have it will not have mine, the original and it is such tough talking I always say they are not rioting yet while I control how much of that stupid anger they can express which of course is just the beginning of an evolution. I mean when they say I speak in such ways but cannot do anything about anything when in actual fact I really do feel like getting hold of black women and beating whatever possesses them out of them for those things they do (i.e. how about when you are trying to work or study I have gotten close enough to distract you following the insults of my husband on account I want to make you feel like it feels to want something and not have it, on account I want sex and you do not discern that and get round to giving it to me and these are the ones that want to talk about the things they do about racism as it were and what they can do when you feel like preventing people from wrecking your livelihood so evil men can use that glory for purposes it was intended but there are others that publicly dole out punishments and make out your very essence is doing something wrong), it is simply a matter of the problems you are prevented from protecting yourself from and how it breeds the anger with which you do it while avoiding the law but as for the media currently it is a case of how there is a girl version of all I do and I have got it for their beach parties and orgies and so on and high life with it and they have got access that will let them spend it, which has created the result of telling women they might work with them but it does not  necessarily mean they want to hear anything about me. These two were not enough apparently and we could have dealt with the popular culture issue along the line as we followed it up but for them the matter of the soldiers of the corporate world and their Popular culture had to be played out in its own merit as well and this is what I mean in an overall sense they are not yet rioting while I deploy recent evolution to control how much of that stupid anger they are allowed to express. It is the same old issue i.e. I had a democratic victory and am now earning a living from it and their desire is such thing they must have one as well in a condition where I no longer have the one I used to have and in that way take up my livelihood and own it with a big mouth. It is never true I am a problems freak either and that has the same answer as what they say when they claim I play around with peoples wives when in actual fact it is the women that play around with me – the tough working environments and then the complains of I work with you or employ you but it does not necessarily mean I want to hear anything about him but the means by which they do is entirely their doing and of course such complains just as well while they know where my books are and how to use them for their own ends and deny me an income, without any apparent reason of course like it normally works. I mean I work with you or employ you but it does not mean I want to hear anything about it and when I say five minutes later he is tired of holding out being a nice person and not wrecking my books and business and reputation to create suspense on media to get rich with, I am not talking semantics of colloquialism, it is five minutes in the real world (looking for trouble). Naturally the big claim is always that of how I hurt myself with women that are beyond my league but in actual fact the truth has more to do with a certain follow up provocation from telling people all I do is their stuff and how I handle matters around me is showing them and their stupid children the future and how they should do their stuff, which has to do with vandalism that is concerned with the fact women that are out of me league have men out there that are suiting for them; it is how the story of I work with you or employ you but it does not mean I want to hear anything about him came about in the first place i.e. the girls locate a Christian that will show them the right men to be married to or make their husbands connect with them and become their breach between the world of men and the world of women so they can have better sex, while they have set me out for this, which I always say does indicate they are aware the present outcome was always predictable – the following me around everywhere I go to ensure they extract such things was always provocative enough to see to it and of course they never listen so they must have known. It eventually comes right down to complains of corruption of which they are the biggest help that black idiots who normally think they rule in African and can get here to do whatever they like with anybody and will carry on until they see my take on globalisation which I am certain they will recognise undoubtedly. The fact of it and their freedom of information shenanigans, is that with every freedom of information shenanigans lies at the other end a desire people have to abuse and hurt you in a way in which doing so is connected in a process by which they get rich and or important and it is always explained away with the idea that there are cultures that provide power for these things and collect people’s property for them provided they play to the tune of those cultures. So when you speak of human decency you say that the fact a person uses your products without paying for them is not to say that he does not want to know what it feels like to get a receipt for one that is certified as his own legally but I for my part am saying it because I am playing their turf as well. Bearing in mind that when they take my apples without paying they make out my soft drinks are available to them as well so to speak and then knowing it isn’t make sure they have media and that my business is known for giving people soft drinks free of charge, so they can take over the business and get rich, so what I am supposed to do is stop them from taking my apples even though I know that the fact somebody takes my apples is not to say he does not want to pay for it and get a receipt; it’s the old stuff of how I am surrounded with all these stories which say that I do things in public which should be available to everybody in the name of freedom and equality when I am really trying to run a real and serious business. I do not think it is a serious matter either; even the process of doing only what you can do and not what you cannot do especially when successful with it winds up these stupid feeders intensely, they always must see that you are doing things you cannot do so they can feed and so the way it translates with respect to the Christian faith is that they are the people who have girls and tourism economy violence and vandalism and like to ensure that they have power to and are forcing you to commit sins – it gets violent all the time too i.e. what do you mean Christian, have that sex, steal that money and so on and only when you do or show you fear them do they ever move off to somewhere else and this is also why they hate me so much too since I am not their mate for such a purpose, bearing in mind more so it is where the media idiots get all their relevance and of course it is worth noting as well that if there is to be an improvement then that will involve a process where they are the superior Christians in the service of the Queen and when you ask the reasons then whacking you over the head with their insolent powers begin on grounds they have more experience and have been through more problems than you have and are therefore the Christians that have given more and hence superior but of course the end product is always hey government operative lets go on holiday, hey banker lets go on holiday, hey stock market person lets go on holiday and when they complain the way they do suggests the things you do to them as well have no real reason or foundation. When you happen to inquire about why there needs to be so much hate from them for others, then you are met with claims of cultures that are no more because they have been taken over and then it all goes around in circles and the media idiots are relevant here yet again.


So there is that matter of the claim I seek out some work I make available which makes no sense because it is not paid employment and then I make it necessary and leave the hard parts for anybody who is stupid enough to buy my work; I have no idea what it means when I have said repeatedly that what I write is equity released from my work and property and so the idea is that the uncivilised goons who make up such ideas are going to afford the work when they cannot pay a token for the equity. On the great matter of men at the British establishment and how much trouble I am into however, there is no such thing; they met me when I was between three and four years beyond the age of consent and they know even now 12 years on that I faced the same challenges as they do in life and still do at present but have continued to be convinced that people cannot get fed up being insulted by them hence I am always in trouble, when I face the same challenges as they do with success I am in trouble because they cannot and the fact they cannot means that they are powerful – so I guess it comes to a head over the delusion of a boy here that will do their bidding. So do I feel as though I should be concerned about the abuses of their children? Of course not, it’s the old stuff when you ask yourself what you need to do with yourself to make yourself into a person that doles out punishments for others and what you need to do to reduce others into people that are good for taking punishments; it never seems like something serious to them when you say you feel like taking hold of black people and beating that stupidity out of them sometimes, so they think they are really powerful and when you sit down to study and work, their familiarity of feeders pays off in the sense that they successfully distract you and leave stress to your medical heart for fun which ends up being power to kill you at the other end but my personal favourite is that of when people attack me and I defend myself and they intervene to make sure I don’t so they can continue to feed, when I put it in the context of the fact I feel like getting hold of them, especially the women and beating that stupidity of power out of them mercilessly. The other side is of course media goons and a female version of everything I do, for those we understand each other very well and then the final one of popular culture goons who are the soldiers of the corporate world. It’s all things that will come up very often when I am married with a family; what I am using it for at the moment at such things as the fact the talent and unique style in which I handle my career is mine and not theirs, my books are mine and my websites are mine etc, things I do to reinstate myself as me i.e. things like the aesthetical way I handle my career being what belongs to me and it does not necessarily mean that when up to 80% of what I am thinking about is their existence it becomes their own and other things too that get people to trust me enough to give me a job. It leads onto the matter people bring up regularly of how it is impossible to speak to a particular person that is in charge in Europe; I have no idea as to why anybody would – Europe is all about the changes after the second world war; things like people who live in a village here and there being said to have opinions that suggest others of a different skin are inferior to them or travelling to the UK and handling yourself properly so you don’t look like you are after other peoples girl friends etc ; these things have meant that like it is in the UK with the part of the UK that is society and the other that is what the world knows as the UK, where there is devolution and the English vouch for their own parliament and before you had settled on what is needed in the Country somebody else had already been part of the violent setbacks you have to deal with as well as a Scottish Nationalist and so you feel like killing yourself, In Europe it is more about Europe as a society and the Europe that the rest of the world knows as Europe; so considering all those organised Christian religion and the relationship people have with communism for example, perhaps the best way to find who is really in charge in Europe is to go clubbing and then the person who is most in the groove is the person you need to talk to – it is what Eurovision song contests try to achieve as a cultural event. I am not saying it is a huge matter for me either, like it is that Europe is only a problem for the British that have made it a problem for themselves, there is that part where Europe is not perfect i.e. if you have squatters in your living room and they have access to your safe you know what to expect but if you have squatters in your living room everyday because a certain group of politicians that are certain their title of politicians will come through for them in every case have put them there, whether or not they do have access to your safe, it is the worst possible feeling of insecurity imaginable and in this case of course its these group of politicians and their media scum and the fact they know where my books are and how to stifle my income. Not a huge matter, it is what I have dealt with and results that have made them tell me I will reverse the effects i.e. put up with it for a while until it boils down to the ones they do for intensely personal reasons and then confront them for it that is a time which is way too late. For black people I always say they have got children and I am impressed, especially when you feel like hurting them seriously for those expensive stupidities that hurt you with all the time to chase trappings of power; the experimentations of evil and devil worship that makes them poor as they deserve and sets them up for extremism is what it is all about and the Politicians and so called old idiots always need to be made to understand they should never handle your property and spend it thus on such things out of their own extensive goodness as well; no such thing as me in trouble with anything – I always say it is those things people do because they are at this point of the absolutely certain delusion that they are more relevant or important to me than God is. Getting stuck somewhere financially is as getting stuck somewhere financially does, I am aware I am being punished for the crimes of the British Monarchy against the idiots of this world with their big mouth; I myself think that as a Christian my mode of handling the part politicians play in it has to do with their fame and a part I played in it which is not clearly defined, while for their own it seems the British ones always tend to make out they are making sure the Americans see why they should not have allowed me to get published, whereas what I have done such as publish my websites and then publish my books with publishers that are not necessarily meant for first time publishers but those who want to advance their already existent book sales, first of all is not free save the book publishing which of course I fund by commission and there is no such thing as learning from my publishers how to get published but it seems I exist to be overwhelmed because slavery and slave trade and such things as oppression happened to people who are still at present an incredibly stupid lot. Isn’t it marvellous that when people figure they want to do damage to your property they come up with these sort of excuses; I always say what I have done to them is not hurting badly enough yet which then makes the other question of what it is they want from me really obvious – they cannot see that talk about the evils of people letting me have money because I am being manipulated by them has got nothing to do with anything I do or own and likewise cannot see that handling such material or property is a crime and so I suppose their bafflement is that I am setting up my own structures for arguments that are above the law which I can hurt them with too as it were.


It is normally said by them that I have no regard for that which is equal to something else other than myself, the reality of this fact however is rather that if they do not like it my way, then they can simply leave me alone and get jobs for money like every other normal person does and nobody here gives a toss which fame freak gangs or violent gangs they belong to or which country. Those insolent comparisons to me with a process of feeling good from seeking something better off will be killed off as well – it is incredibly expensive and the insolence is out of this world too. An education and an impossible stupidity for the black ones, is always the winning combination because it means you can never listen to what people tell you if you can express how you feel about what they think because you are predisposed to wind them up and at no point do we ever hear them say they are wicked people and do it to foster racial extremism that will help them take advantage of others through civil rights in order to get rich, since wickedness which nice hard working guys who earn their own money that they can hand to others to not practice as well as money and women is what it was always all about. Now it is never true that my view of the destruction politicians wreak around my income is something that I am terrified of or have an explanation for which has to do with how powerful they are; they seem to be really fond of it you see – pre-fascist political idiots and their madness over money and alliances they make on the basis of what their fabricated enemies tell them about who and what they are on account they have greater powers of violence. The truth about my views of it is that everybody simply wants to squander everything I own and so I have come to realise this has been making me a very dangerous individual as well and taken steps therefore to manage it; so it ought to be stated I wrote my books to settle certain matters and those who found the books useful refused to make use of the security system of the product I share with them and got involved with it to determine what my life tends to look like, so instead of buying books and telling those who bother you for getting involved with the Prince they want to squander that they can buy it as well if they want, so that when and or if people want to buy my books to fight me with they can do so, decide that such things would have been a process of offering me privileges; whereas as it stands the fools are living off my democratic victories and at the same time having difficulty realising that they are never going to squander anything and so need to shut up – we all know they move to the left because they have not got the skill or the strength or intelligence to provide settlements of freedom for themselves and then for the female folk in their generation as well, while I have done so for the female folk in their generation and did so some 7 years ago long before I was anywhere near a 25 years of age; never clear therefore what exactly they think they are going to squander here anyway, especially the Americans. I do suppose that if it comes to crunch time and they are terrified of me as well it will express better how far off they really are from squandering anything and of course make sense of all that stupid noise of there being some large war if I rounded them up and tightened that noose permanently.